T-Shirt Memory Quilt

By Kate Riley April 10, 2017

Happy Monday friends! Today is my stepdaughter’s 25th birthday, I’ve had the pleasure of having her in my life for over 20 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but I’ve watched her grow from a little girl into a beautiful woman and I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way.

I had an idea to have a special quilt made so I asked her to gather up all of her T-shirts that she’s saved all these years, everything from elementary school through college. She put them all in a big bag for me before she moved to San Diego for nursing school.

For her birthday I had them made into a memory quilt and sent it to her last week. She texted me this morning saying “BEST GIFT EVER!” I thought I’d share how simple it was with all of you in case you’d like to have one made for yourself or a special person.



I had it made by Project Repat, a company that specializes in memory quilts. Gather up all the T-shirts from sports, summer camp, various clubs and activities. Ship them in a box and a few weeks later you’ll have a memory blanket that has meaning. Find all the information on how it works here.



I included among the T-shirts a collection of everything from so many years including her sports, her sorority, and even her favorite Tweety Bird nightgown from when she was six.



The back is gray fleece but you can choose from several other colors too.


So many of her memories collected in one blanket. She loves it! :)





The quilt will have a lot of different colors and a patchwork quality since the T-shirts come from so many different sources, but it’s a blanket with meaning that she can snuggle up with forever. :) Great idea right?

Find our more on how to have yours made by Project Repat right here. Makes a great graduation gift too!



  1. I have one of Project Repat’s quilts and I LOVE it. It’s well made and I love that it’s a US company.

  2. I made the same thing for my twins when they went off to college back in 2004. They STILL use them!
    So fun to see a snapshot of their young adult years!

  3. Such a great gift. I made a t-shirt quit from tie-dyed t-shirts my children and I made. It’s our favorite picnic blanket.

  4. Great idea! I have made pillows from my kids special shirts but I love the quilt idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely idea. I wish I had thought of this sooner before donating some tshirts. Oh well something to remember for the future pre loved tees!

  6. You gave me a great idea! My daughter (almost 20) has quite a collection, too. I have some sewing projects pending, but I think this one will be prioritized to first place, :)
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. I have saved t shirts for years just to have one of these done. Thanks for the info. I am not sure why the links in your posts never work for me anymore? I did find the website however and hope to do this for her birthday

  8. I love this! Back in 2009, my middle daughter was getting ready to go to Ukraine with the Peace Corps, and I wanted to do something special for her, so I made a t-shirt quilt. I sent blank squares to her two sisters and her dad along with fabric markers, so she would have special memories from them.
    Fast forward to 2017. That quilt still is folded on her bed and is the perfect tv watching blanket.
    While it was indeed a labor of love, part of me wishes I had known about this service!

  9. This is such an amazing idea and so easy to make. I love it! I have so many old t-shirts that I don’t wear anymore, but can’t bare to thrown them away neither. Going to try making a quilt out of them too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ve made a few myself, primarily because didn’t want all the panels the same size. Plus had SO many shirts, it became two-sided king size! Sewing was soooo difficult but worth it.

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