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By Kate Riley November 15, 2016

I’m feeling under the weather today, I’m fighting off that first sign of a cold so I’m taking it easy. Zicam + homemade soup + hot tea has worked for me to block the onset of a cold in the past, fingers crossed I can escape this time too. I’d like to focus on something positive, like all the merry making with friends and family that will take place over the next six weeks during the holiday season.

I was browsing around the web checking out all the new holiday decor, looking for stockings that were a bit more unique or charming. (These are my favorites this year). If you’re looking for something new for your mantel or staircase, consider the ten unique and charming stockings below!



tasseled stocking / knit + fur / mistletoe felt / highland plaid / embroidered otomi (multiple colors) / mudcloth / knotted snowflake / hygge knit / pom pom monogram / watercolor botanical

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P.S. I started watching The Crown on Netflix, I’m three episodes in. It’s somewhat filling the void that Downton used to fill, though not quite :) Are you watching too? Opinions so far?



  1. I’m watching The Crown too. It’s good but not Downton good. Are you watching Poldark? It is my current favorite on PBS. So good!

  2. You should look up Victoria, which will air on PBS in January. It will nearly fill the Downton void, to be sure, because it’s just a sumptuous and dramatic.

    The Crown was a little bland in my opinion..but the cast was great.

  3. I watched The Crown – really enjoyed. Had to keep reminding myself that this was mostly true and she is still going strong!! Amazing

  4. Our current fav is Shameless, but after that hubby turns on The Crown. We’re about six episodes in. I confess I spend more time looking at my iPad than the tv while it’s on. If it holds any interest to me at all, it’s because it’s mostly true events, but it doesn’t compare to Downton in my view.

    Hope you’re feeling better today!

  5. I have watched two episodes of the Crown. I am still finding it a little slow! I have heard it is so good so I am waiting for it to get a little more exciting. :)

  6. I hope you’re feeling better today Kate! Sending get well wishes up your way. Love all of those stockings especially the felt poinsettia and blue knit stockings. So hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

  7. I’m watching The Crown and I’m on episode 5. I’m a Royal watcher so I’m enjoying it.

    But my favorite series this season is Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime. It is about a group of women working for a national news magazine in 1969. They were not allowed to write the stories, only do the research, so they challenged the powers that be at the magazine. This is based on a real group of women at Newsweek.

    • Thank you Barbara, I hadn’t heard of that until now, I appreciate the recommendation, will add it to my list!!

    • I just finished Episode 5 with the fog, I’m not a huge Lithgow fan but he’s killing it as Winston Churchill!

  8. I liked The Crown but you are right, it’s not DA. I am liking Bletchley Circle, Home Fires and I absolutely loved Indian Summers. All BBC of course.

    • Thank you Laura, I love to hear about new BBC productions that others are watching! Putting those on my list.

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