Dining Room Benches

By Kate Riley October 19, 2016

Is there a more versatile piece of furniture than a bench? I think not. I added one to our dining room recently (see my last post) knowing if I ever wanted to go back to the old seating arrangement I could find a spot for the bench elsewhere.

A bench makes the perfect accent at the end of a bed, in an entry, or as a practical perch in a mudroom, but it’s also a handy solution for seating at a dining table. So often in a dining space we think individual chairs are the only choice. Not true! A bench helps gives it that “collected over time” look achieved by mixing a bench with chairs in a different style. The medley works for any style of dining space, from formal to casual, cottage to contemporary.

Adding a bench to your dining room is an easy way to give your space a modern look, and also provides the luxury of squeezing in a few more people at the table during the upcoming holidays. If your ideal dining space is one that is casual, cozy, and welcoming, the addition of a dining bench in a complementary style may be just the thing for your home too.

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 rustic dining bench

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  1. My husband really wanted one of these but our house is a bit too modern at the moment! Future plans!!

    Rachael xoxo

    http://gatsby and glamour.blogspot.com

  2. We do most of our entertaining outdoor, and have half a bench on either side of a large picnic table along with individual chairs. I usually take one of the bench seats, and leave the chairs for guests. While versatile, if sitting for an extended time, ones back does tire on a bench, and for some, there could be a “personal space” uneasiness especially if the bench is at capacity. I addressed it by adding round cushions to each sitting space on the bench. It adds a nice decorative element, and makes the otherwise firm seating more comfortable. The half bench seats two with plenty of elbow room, and there isn’t a guest “stuck” in the awkward middle wondering how they gracefully exit (or enter) the seating particularly if wearing a dress.

  3. I just bought a trestle table like yours Kate and am currently using a smaller bench than the new size of my table. I am torn between buying another bench and Banquette!!!! I guess it all comes down to the height of the seat and buying online is tough! Any tips?Thanks!

    • Those are trickier to find but they do exist! I found one years ago (can’t remember where, it was online) for my kitchen peninsula to sit on one side and I have two counter height barstools on the other. If you do a search, they pop up it just takes some research!

  4. About 5 years ago, I made the decision to sell the black (formal) chairs for my dining room table and purchase two benches in their place. BEST DECISION EVER!!! You can hold more people, move the benches anywhere you need additional seats, they are great for parties and kids love them.

  5. While benches provide more visual space and photograph well, I think benches are not comfortable for a long, relaxing dinner get together. They’re fine for children, but for adults, not so much. Rosemary

  6. Love the look but for us getting up in years, we really need back support. So as an alternate, I’d go for a settee or banquette.

  7. I agree. My parents can’t sit on benches and I need back support. But if you put the bench up against the wall, there is some back support for younger folks. So I like the idea of mixed seating for dining, but I don’t think I would get rid of chairs since the benches remind of having a picnic table in the dining room. I’ll use a bench when I need extra seating.

  8. Though pretty, I don’t think they are practical. I want my guests to be comfortable. Getting in and out of benches are a pain. Usually you are ahead of any designer in your ideas and I love that about you.

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