Tropical Fabrics

By Kate Riley August 8, 2016

Aloha my friends! I’m spending this week at the beach, soaking up the sun and living in the present. I feel so blessed to be here, dipping my toes in the sand.

So many of us have turned our attention to fall since the kids are going back to school, that’s what we do in August. To be frank, it’s one of the things I find frustrating about this industry, how the catalogs begin to arrive, always looking to sell us something for the next season instead of embracing the one we’re in.

It’s business, I get it, but it’s left me feeling unsettled because life is to be lived in the season we’re in, not the one that is coming. Yes, autumn is lovely with its warmer hues and falling leaves, but can’t we embrace summer just a little bit more?

Leafy botanical and bold florals are a trend still going strong. We’ll see more of these tropical inspired prints in summers to come since a day at the beach on a tropical island is the definition of bliss! Bold tropical prints went out of style in the 2000s because the old prints looked dingy and dated. It’s nice to see them make such a big comeback because now they’ve been reinterpreted in cleaner more modern ways.

Today I’m featuring prints from lesser known designers and their tropical inspired fabrics found on Zazzle, Minted, and Spoonflower. There are a lot of talented artists out there that deserve to be highlighted because their designs are #imho far fresher. Being one myself, the exposure is welcomed!

Here are a dozen new favorite tropical fabrics which keep the spirit of summer going.

modern tropical fabric

 banana leaf / flamingo frenzy / ferns & berries / pink pineapple / blue fronds / stripes & flowers / minnows / welcome to the jungle / parrot ikat / palm fronds / forest summer leaves / protea paradise

Find a few more island inspired prints in my Summer 2014 fabric collection inspired by Hawaii. Two of my favorites are the Balmy palm print and the Aloha floral.

kate riley palm print

 kate riley aloha floral print


On a completely different (and serious) note having nothing to do with island fabrics,  do you follow Humans of New York on Facebook? If not, you should. This week they are highlighting stories from military veterans. Very eye opening.


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