New Summer Fabrics

By Kate Riley July 8, 2016

For these new prints I found inspiration in my recent trip to Fiji and Australia, by the tropical climate and the colors of summer. Exotic flowers, vivid sunsets, beautiful beaches! In those vistas I observe such beautiful colors and want to recreate them in textile form.

I ran out of time to pull together a lookbook this season since I’m boarding a plane for Paris today (bon voyage!) so I’m sharing some styled images here. In addition to the Go With The Flow print introduced yesterday, I’m excited to introduce these new patterns to you!

 summer fabrics kate riley


I had a lot of fun designing these new prints in a variety of complementary colorways that you can mix together.

 kate riley blue summer fabrics


 pillows krd


Hibiscus is available in two colors, Apricot and Blue. It’s a brushstroke version of the exotic flower with floating leaves in the background.

floral krd

 hibiscus fabrics

 pink hibiscus fabric


I do so love this Shibee print (my shibori wannabe) in a gorgeous navy blue, I colorized it to give it a watercolor effect, it’s so pretty as as curtains or a tablecloth.

 shibee navy krd


 shib krd


I also love this Inked pattern, the dots mimic ink blots! It’s available in eight different colors to play with as fabric or wallpaper.

 navy dot


 aqua ink dot pillow

 inked colorways


Kelp is a smaller scale repeat inspired by time spent in the ocean, it’s available in five different colors.

 kelp fabric krd

 kelp apricot navy


Its sister fabric is Kelp Ombre which gets its look from watercolor brushes and is really pretty up close, also available as wallpaper and fabric. The blue one reminds me a little of a peacock feather.


 blue kelp ombre pillow

 kelp ombre krd

 kate riley seaweed kelp wallpaper


Glassy was inspired by mid century modern glass windows, and also cement block patterns, this fabric is available in three colors.

 hib grid krd


 glassy blue pillow

Yay, a colorful new collection!

 krd blue fabrics

 kate riley fabric collection

Find these prints in my Spoonflower shop and more images stored over at my Kate Riley website. Au revoir!


  1. WOW!! Just wow!! These are amazing!! Can’t decide which ones to I want first!

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