Shapely Statement Mirrors

By Kate Riley March 16, 2016

I so love a great statement mirror as a decorative choice, especially ones with unique frames. They are focal points in any space, one that draws your eye to that corner of the room and says “look at me!” Just like great art, a mirror is a no fail option for placement above a dresser, mantel, desk, or bed.

Round mirrors are a nice contrast to angular furnishings like desks or dressers, it makes sense to contrast the many rectangles found in those pieces with different shapes like hexagons or circles. Instead of a plain frame, consider an eye-catching one, something shapely or textural, or in a metallic tone or jewel tone.

 black and white desk gold chair


 cream dresser gold mirror


I’m a big fan of the round statement mirror especially one with an interesting frame, most recently I hung a gold chain version in the studio and a faceted mosaic mirror above my mantel.

 kate mirrors


I rounded up a dozen more focal point favorites:

 shapely statement mirrors


From top left: lilliput / vector gold / metal shrine / hutton mosaic / hanging hex / double scalloped / rope mirror / gloss white / eternal whitewashed / gold geometric mirror / geode / nailhead linen


image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 – some affiliate links used



  1. Please tell us about the chair from photo 1; the one with the black seat, gold struts, and round gold back. Thanks.

  2. You gotta love a great statement mirror! my favorite is the one above your studio desk. And speaking of the studio, you did such a great job in there! I really like the built-in shelves, and the way you styled them (no one would ever guess they are from IKEA). When can we expect a book from you? :)

  3. But that chair in the first photo! Be still my heart. Love these mirrors, especially the blue double-scalloped one in your round-up. Too bad my decorating budget is strapped right now.

  4. I sometimes struggle with scale. Is it possible for a mirror to be too big for the space? Are there any guidelines for how big a mirror should be above a bed or a mantle?

  5. thankyou for doing the “mirror thing”, please share more when the inspiration hits.We mirror divas love it!

    • Sim:the quickest way I can add some help to you, is the 1, 2, 3, method. If you say the mirror is above a couch, say it’s bulk is a 3. the mirror would need to be a size 2, and say the two smaller pictures you’d place on either side of the mirror would be a size 1, so to speak. hope this helps.

  6. What’s your opinion on mirrors facing doors? We’ve got a weird entryway wall that begs for something to fill the negative space, but it would mean you’d look directly into the mirror as you stepped in the front door.

  7. The second mirror ‘image 2’ pic is linked to the the BHG website, can anyone trace it down?? I cant find it…. and really need it in my life! :)

  8. Love the different unique mirror designs.I din’t know mirrors came in so many different shapes and sizes. I personally like antique or vintage inspired style mirrors.

    Nice post.

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