Paint It Black…Outdoors

By Kate Riley October 13, 2015

Yesterday I mentioned I use black mulch with my plants to make the green leaves and colorful blooms pop. It got me thinking that using black outdoors is just as effective as using touches of black in interiors. Too often we think of white as the default paint color for outdoors – white fences, white trim, white pergolas, white white white. Not that we don’t love white, for picket fences, arbors, and trim, white will always be timeless.

However I went in search of fencing, pergolas, dividers, gates, and trellises that are painted black instead, and you can’t argue with the drama created in the examples below. Just as classic as a glossy black front door, these structures and fences showcase just how beautiful black as a backdrop can be.

black painted pergola

house and home

black doors and arbor

source unknown


black painted arbor

austin design

black arbor

source unknown

Arguably nothing is more classic than black wrought iron fencing – but who says your wood fence can’t convey the same drama as iron? Black painted fencing and lattice are sophisticated and form a striking backdrop for botanicals.

black patio divider

house and home

black painted fencing

alcro trend

black garden gate

timothy lee landscape design

black fencing and gate

garden design magazine

black fencing and planter

the guardian

black fence arbor shelving

interior dec

Horizontal planks are another fresh approach to fencing and dividers, painted black the look is custom and contemporary.

black siding patio furniture


sanderson design 1/2

stylizmo black fencing bench


If you’re thinking of making a change to your fencing or adding a new improvement to your yard, rather than exposed wood or a painted white surface, you might instead consider painting it black. :)


  1. I was already planning to use black outside. I have a privacy fence that is going to be black/espresso and the AC cover-up that is in the works will end up black too.

  2. Love everything you pulled together here. I have a black arbor and lots of black pots that go with my white and green. Love the look of black outdoors. Pinned these to use in my new house planning. Thanks!

  3. I love black outdoors and in, but I think it’s a color you have to be very thoughtful about. If it’s used too much or in the wrong way it can quickly go from classy to a horror show set.

  4. I love black, it’s always classy, when it’s black – clothes, shoes, interior, exterior! Much better than white for sure.

  5. I love the black/charcoal look…however… I feel it is too dark for a tropical and extremely sunny environment on an all around yearly basis (South Florida) Any thoughts? It would be great because you can’t see the dirt and everything here gets dirty overnight. All of your inspiration ideas were great!

  6. I would like to try this…anyone found that using a stain instead of paint to help with durability on fences?. .

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