Moving our HVAC Vent + Dremel Saw Giveaway

By Kate Riley August 20, 2014

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share the brief tale of how we moved our HVAC vent in the guest room with the help of the Dremel US40 Ultra Saw and offer one up for you to win today!  We don’t advocate doing major changes to your home’s HVAC system without professional help, but in this situation we found moving the vent a few feet wasn’t too difficult and a project we could tackle on our own.

I didn’t want the vent directly under the fan, I wanted it three feet closer to the closet wall and away from the fixture for aesthetic reasons so we moved it ourselves.

moving hvac vent

Our project required opening up the ceiling (after we removed the popcorn) to shorten the conduit. We also shut off the power to this room because we were working around the electrical wire to the ceiling fixture.

cut open sheetrock

Once the ceiling was open Matt cut the conduit with the Dremel Ultra Saw and its metal blade attachment.


dremel metal blade

Sparks were flying so we made sure to have a fire extinguisher near just in case, he also wore protective eyewear.


We then reframed the section of the ceiling to support the metal duct, we recycled the old one and used FlexFix tape to seal the duct in its new location.

flex fix duct tape

moving duct

We reused the old sheetrock cuts to patch, tape, and retexture the ceiling with the vent in the new location. We then painted the walls and ceiling and installed the new fan.

hvac moved

Now the vent is no longer an eyesore and the ceiling fan gets the spotlight!

moved hvac vent

The Dremel US40 Ultra Saw is a versatile tool with many home improvement applications. It comes with 4 cutting wheels/blades and can cut plywood, wood trim and baseboards, metal pipe, rebar and conduit. It also strips paint or thinset adhesive under tile, and can cut tile without water. Read all about what the tool can do here.

dremel ultra saw

Today Dremel is giving away one; eligibility to win the Dremel US40 Ultra Saw:

1) Name a project in your home where you’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw. Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win.

Giveaway ends Saturday August 23, 2014 at midnight PST. One winner chosen at random. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.  Winner #412 Carrie E. notified via email.

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  1. Oooh, that looks super handy. We’re about to put in a bunch of trim, so that would be very helpful.

  2. We’ve recently moved and are gearing up for some home improvement projects in the garage. The Dremel tool would come in handy for the garage shelving as well as some projects I have planned for the Mister in the front yard.

  3. I’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw to cut out sections of rotted subfloor in my bathroom remodel!

  4. I would use it to reinstall baseboard and trim in our bathrooms. We had water damage back in February and still have not gotten every detail back together.

  5. We would love to use the Dremel in our neverending basement reno! Thank you :)

  6. I would use it to tear up the tile in my kitchen. I also have a vent I want to move, but the PO used vinyl so no need for machinery.

  7. take out a partial wall that divides the family room and kitchen, remove soffit in the kitchen area, add one extra vent to a room that does not have efficient cooling and heating,

  8. We are planning on putting a bathroom in an existing storage room. You never know what kind of problems you are going to run into, and this tool looks like it can help with just about all of them. Would make a potential headache or a remodel into a dream bathroom!

  9. We’ll be renovating both of our bathrooms in the near future, and something tells me this tool would come in handy.

  10. I’m working on a bathroom remodel, so this Dremel would definitely come in handy!

  11. The ceiling fan looks great! I’d love to win the Dremel! I’d use it for many projects, but I do have a tile backsplash I’d like to get done.

  12. I NEED this tool! We’ve moved into a 70’s house which is still living in the 70’s. We are trying to bring it into the 2000’s and this Dremel saw would be soooo helpful!

  13. The dremel would give my husband the kick in the pants he needs to finish the baby’s nursery (due in three months!). I’m thinking he should start with bookcases!

  14. While we don’t have our own home yet to really get full use of this tool, I’m sure my husband could find some woodworking project he’d love to use this for!

  15. I need to replace most of the base boards in my house and this would be extremely helpful!

  16. I have some wire shelving in the garage I’d like to cut back so I have room for an upright freezer. This sounds like the perfect tool to do that!

  17. We’ve been updating our entire first floor, still have some work to do in the kitchen.

  18. I would use this saw in my laundry to mudroom renovation. Especially to cut out the baseboards around the new built in bench and storage units.

  19. I’m sure we would have no shortage of uses for a Dremel saw in our basement remodel/renovation project.

  20. goodness where to start

    I want to artify up my chicken house. it needs a new roof, new roosts. I have been saving old windows and cool doors hoping to make it look like the taj mahal of chicken houses!

    my husbands honey do list is 3 pages, single spaced!!

  21. I have a few annoying baseboard and door related projects that this would be a LIFESAVER for! I’ve been putting them off specifically because I need a tool like this…

  22. We just bought a home that we now realize is much more of a fixer-upper than we had originally thought. This would be handy for replacing all of the trim, updating the bathrooms, and gutting the kitchen.

  23. Where do I begin… We have an upstairs bathroom that needs to be finished, two rooms that need tile flooring, crown molding throughout house, and on and on on ;). This would be a huge lifesaver!!!

  24. I’d love to use the Dremel to put built-in shelves around our fireplace and to replace our kitchen counters (currently 4×4 ceramic tile).

  25. Actually the project I would use Dremel on is not in my home, but rather at the school where I am a teacher. I have been wanting to build a garden complete with raised bed gardens and compost bins.

  26. We will be cutting baseboards to install wider door trim around the door frames. The Dremel would let us do that without removing the whole piece of trim. Awesome!

  27. I would use the Dremel Ultra Saw in our kitchen – a remodel covered up our floor vent and we have no air going into the kitchen because of it. Everything is in place, we just need to cut into the floor to access the vent!

  28. I would use it to fix the extended overhang of our front door threshold & to fix some tile issues in our master bathroom.

  29. I would use it to repurpose some wood floors in our house, from one area to another!

  30. I’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw in our bathroom…we need to either re-grout or replace the entire bathroom!

  31. I am planning on creating “buit-in” bookcases and a faux coffered ceiling treatment. I can see this tool being very handy for those projects!

  32. We need to rip out old tile in the bathroom. This tool will come in handy for that job.

  33. No question about it. Our 70’s era basement needs a serious remodel. This awesome tool could be used in a myriad of ways. Thanks for including your Canadian readers!

  34. I need to expand my closest – and this looks like it would be perfect to cut the drywall and the new trim!

  35. Would love to finish trim work in kitchen that our hired “professional” never finished.

  36. I love that fan its so sleek and modern. I have ceiling fans in all my bedrooms and I am in PA, they don’t look as sleek as this but its great for air flow, its about time they start making nicer looking ones.

    I would use this saw for so many projects, we are re-doing our kitchen, an cutting out cabinets to add glass, then installing butcher block counters ourselves so cutting out the sink hole will be a lot more fun w this awesome saw!! Among all the other furniture building projects we tackle, thanks to Anna White plans!

  37. Just bought a fixer upper so this would come in hand. I would use it to make shelves and customize the closets.

  38. We are completely remodeling our bathroom ourselves…this would be so helpful!

  39. I’ve got some oak flooring to repair at my house and a huge kitchen remodel to work on at my dad’s house coming up :)

  40. I’d start with a couple things I need to fix then I’d make the side table I’ve been dreaming of for the reading area in the master bedroom.

  41. Were wanting to build another chicken coop out of scraps and this tool would be perfect for doing so!

  42. I’ve wanted a Dremel for awhile, this would come in so handy!! We could use it on new baseboards and molding around the house, putting planks on the master bedroom ceiling to cover the popcorn ceiling, making shelves for our master closet, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom…..I could go on and on. Basically everything in our house needs to be redone!

  43. We just bought a 1948 house with some 1948 bathroom tile that needs to go, this would be a dream come true.

  44. We’ve got a bathroom reno on deck for Labor Day weekend, with lots of tile repair and trim installation!

  45. Great giveaway! I would use it for cutting wood for various projects and I’ve also had a kitchen backsplash update in mind that this would be great for!

  46. I’m planning to put up beadboard in my bathroom but don’t have a table saw. It would be nice to be able to use something like a dremel to cut the boards to size.

  47. Oh, to have my own Drexel! I have been borrowing power tools as I need them. This would make spontaneous projects doable!

  48. We just bought a new house – so many projects. First on my list is to remove a half wall between the kitchen and family room. Drywall, trim work, tile, it’s all there and the dremel would make it so much easier!

  49. I’d use this saw to do things in nearly every room of the house we’re moving into next Friday!

  50. I’ve been dying to remove the expanded mesh from our driveway gate and replace with some beautiful redwood panels. The saw would cut through the welds holding it on to the gate in no time!

  51. I would use this to move a ceiling fixture in my great room. Great instructional post as always!!

  52. I have four closets to organize and the dremel would be great for cutting supports and trim work!

  53. My husband is doing so much work that I think this “Wonder Saw” would make
    this project and many more so much easier! We would love to have this
    saw. Thank you for featuring it.

  54. Oh my, which project would I do first?! Bathroom tile, kitchen backsplash, wainscoting, or plank the walls in our new party shed!

  55. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

    I’d think this tool would be a great addition to my very limited toolbox. I need to expand my DIY projects and getting additional tools is one of the things that’s holding me back! I think that I would likely use this to update and add some trim in my home. I have a modern/traditional home which has some large entryways and doorways with no molding. I’m determined to change this, so I could use the dremel tool to cut into the existing baseboard in order to add some door trim.

    What do you think ? Can I be your winner? :)

  56. Oh gosh, there’s so many projects I could use it for: replacing a tile floor in our kitchen, finishing an office space in our basement, installing outdoor tile on top of our plain old concrete patio… The list goes on and on! Thank you!

  57. I would also use to move a few vents in my home. The one in my living room is placed in the middle of the wall so I have to keep my love seat in an off-centered position and it has driven me crazy for the past 5 years!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for the win b/c this would be a great tool to own.

  58. Baseboards! Well, actually crown molding and baseboards. I’m wanting to update the basement (finished in probably the 1970’s or so. . .) and it could definitely use some help in the class department. It would help make that task so much easier!!!

  59. I’d use it to make some more garage organizational spaces with metal piping.

  60. Installing bookcases to look like built-in in the home office – would definitely help with the shelves and cutting out the existing mouldings!

  61. We are going to be replacing trim throughout our house, so this tool will be very useful.

  62. We would love to use this in our bathroom remodel! Also, replacing ugly tile countertops and flooring in the kitchen..

  63. Hi!
    We could start by using the Dremel tool to help remove and replace a few windows. We plan to update our Master Bathroom with new vanity, shower, and floor soon also – thank you very much!

  64. Awesome!! I would’ve used it to make my industrial curtain rod! (Does that count?) Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. We’re about to buy a new house that I’m positive will need a ton of fixing– and dremel-ing!

  66. We are hoping to do a kitchen reno sometime soon – I have a feeling this would come in very handy several times with that project!

  67. I would love to use this for when we add can lights to our dining room/living room!

  68. I’m dying to replace the backsplash in our new house. But not having anything to cut tile has made me shy away from the project. This would definitely push me towards the update.

  69. This would be very useful seeing as we’re trying to add trim to our living room.

  70. We’ve been working on the dining room trying to make it seem more elegant and this dremel would be a dream to have to trim and to make a dining room table from scratch.

  71. I’d love to use the Dremel Ultra Saw while tiling my new shower and for bookcases I’d like to build.

  72. We are itching to put hardwoods and new baseboard throughout the first floor of our new home!

  73. I’m not a building expert, but I am a desert dweller, here in AZ. I was told that builders often place the vent directly above the ceiling fan to help circulate the AC better. When placed on the side of the room and away from the fan, cold spots and hot spots tend to occur.
    Let me know if that does happen, because I agree that the vents are ugly but I’m afraid to move them for fear of sweating all night long!

  74. We want to add tile in our recently renovated kitchen & this would be perfect for the job!

  75. I’d love to make a coffee table! I don’t have a saw at all yet (tiny apartment) so the dremel saw would be perfect.

  76. This would be so helpful in adding baseboards to our newly remodeled 1/2 bath and to add some shelving.

  77. It cuts tile? Without water?! I am planning to replace the broken tile on the front porch area. This would be perfect!

  78. I need to move the strike plate on a door just a smidge so it will cut tighter, and I think this would do the trick! I also need to cut down the door to our under eave storage in the bonus room, and think this would work. So I am sure that there are a number of ways I would use it, once I had it!

  79. Soooo many projects that this would be handy for!! Need to replace some trim, a small tile job, oodles of little jobs that I don’t have the big tools for.

  80. We need to add tile to our fireplace surround – the dremel saw would come in handy for taking up the current hard-wood!

  81. I would use it for a lot of different projects: tile in the kitchens and bath, replacing the wood trim on the house, sprucing up the back patio! This would be great!

  82. yes please on the Dremel UltraSaw :) I can see this would be so handy (if not simply necessary) on our upcoming kitchen DIY (1) removing granite 12×12 tiles used as a backsplash, (2) replacing the backer board after cutting the tiles out, and (3) installing a subway tile backsplash (would use to cut the tile). We keep thinking this DIY is gonna be a large one but the Dremel UltraSaw sounds like it would cut it down to size {see what I did there?} I sure would love to win this, Robin

  83. we are moving into a reno and everything needs updating. floors. tile. hardwoods. this tool would probably be attached to my husband for months.

  84. Oh I sooooooooooooo want, want, want, NEED one of these! Bathroom is on the hit list for the next project reno and this little piece of magic sure would be a handy tool to have!

    Awesome givewaway – thanks so much for the opportunity! (BTW, I noticed there was already a poster named Susan M…. hence the addition of “#2”).

  85. We moved a wall and a doorway between the dining room and kitchen. The Dremel would come in handly to finally put down the baseboards and toe stripping.

  86. this little guy would get a lot of use helping with one of our next projects: moving light fixtures to be centered! I wish it were as easy as just replacing and upgrading light fixtures but unfortunately, it’s turned into a project of moving them as well. it will all be worth it in the end though!

  87. I think this saw would be perfect to cut a small wall between two adjoining closets that I have been wanting to make into one big closet.

  88. What wouldn’t I use it for! Probably I’d start with cutting a new piece of wood for the back of a bookcase that’s in desperate need of repair

  89. I’d love to re-do our downstairs which would require moving some duct work and removing the existing tile floor. I love Dremel tools!

  90. I would love to remove old, dingy white kitchen tile and replace with a solid surface.

  91. I would use a dremel saw for, well, everything in my almost-90-year-old home! It seems like I’m always needing to cut holes in walls/furniture/etc to run cords and so forth, and this would make it a lot easier.

  92. This would be a tool I could feel confident using that way I can save those really big projects for my husband while I tackle all the smaller ones! ;). My first project would be a tile backsplash in my kitchen.

  93. I would use that saw to rip out the broken corner fireplace that our builder installed that hasn’t worked from day one.

  94. We so need this to cut out some plywood on the exterior of the house to check for wood damage!

  95. How can I pick just one project? We live in a 1954 house that needs all sorts of renovation…we’d start in the bathroom & this wonderful tool would certainly help. Tanks fr the chance o win one…we’re on an extremely limited budget.

  96. I followed your tutorial for making built ins out of Ikea shelving- but I need to cut back the base molding on the wall to finish the project. The Dremel Ultra Saw is exactly what I need!

  97. I would use it to work on our kitchen renovation that we are currently knee-deep in!!

  98. I would love to remove all the tile in our kitchen that the original builder did not lay correctly, and put down some new flooring. This Dremel would make the task a lot easier!

  99. We would use this in redoing our master bathroom. Big job to tackle so we need a Dremel saw!!

  100. We are hopefully going to buy a fixer upper soon and we would have a myriad of uses for this!

  101. The tile in my back entry is cracking. I need to take up all the tile & lay a better subfloor. This would be invaluable!

  102. We own a couple Dremels. They are so handy. We are ready to start on a small bathroom. I know the Dremel Ultra Saw would get this job done easily! Thanks for the opportunity!

  103. I would use this in just about every aspect of my hourse. I have a complete remodel currently under way in my house. Every single thing in our house needs done. We started back to bare bones with the studs to add insulation (there wasn’;t any) and to update all the wiring), so sheet rock, routing new HVAC (adding in A/C) and adding tile floors. This tool would be a life saver for me!

  104. This would work perfectly for our upcoming powder room and entry renovation — removing wood floors, replacing tile, and updating plumbing!

  105. I’ve got two closet organizers I want to put in, and I’m starting to think my jigsaw isn’t going to work like I need it to and that a dremel saw would be the perfect new tool to complete the project!

  106. I would love the Dremel for finishing up some built-in’s I have planned for my new-to-me 1959 home!

  107. Hello! I would love to win this Dremel because we are about to install new butcher block countertops and this would make installation so much easier.

  108. We live in a 1950’s house that has a thousand projects going on at once- I could use it in a million different ways! I hope I win, I’ve been eying this for a while

  109. Not sure I can name just one project, but I have a LOT of ceiling trim to cut, so that would be a start! Thanks for the chance and also for letting us enter by just leaving a comment.

  110. Wait, it cuts metal??? I need this for my DYI pantry, where I need to cut and install metal rails. Please. :)

  111. The Dremel would be great for cutting up new baseboards for our bedroom! Also, for cutting tile to be used as a kitchen backsplash.

  112. I want to build a banquette in our kitchen and this would be perfect for me to do the job! We don’t have a garage so big saws have no place to live in our house, but this would fit just nicely!

  113. We are re-doing our closets to make custom shelving. We’re doing it DIY and learning as we go. This saw would definitely help make the work a cinch. We live in a small NY apartment as well so the size and usefulness really add to it’s allure! Love your blog. Thank you for keeping it up!

  114. I’ve got a section of tile in my bathroom that I need to redo and this would be perfect for it. And for building some pipe and wood shelves. . . . for installing tile on my fireplace. . . .the list goes on!

  115. I’d use it to extend the slate we recently put on our porch all down the walk! I’d wait for cooler weather though!

  116. I’m nearly finished a bathroom reno, but one thing left to be done is to install a bathroom fan, which the room doesn’t currently have – the Dremel would be perfect! Thanks

  117. we just moved into a new, but dated, home and we have a “to-do” list a mile long, including the (also slight) move of a HVAC vent in order to open up a wall!

  118. I need to replace a damaged tile in the bathroom, or cut out space to make a cubie between studs, or….

  119. This would be great for making ducting cutouts on the upper cabinets for the range hood.

  120. My husband could use this Dremel to replace some broken tile in out kitchen. I also want to replace the tile with wood in our foyer.

  121. For starters, tiling the kitchen backsplash. Followed by replacing broken tiles in laundry room, adding baseboards to basement office and probably more I’ll think of when I win. Fingers crossed.

  122. I hope to have my very own house at some point in the future, and I could use a good tool :)

  123. So many uses for the dremel, but first on the list is cutting out drywall between studs to recess a shelf!

  124. My font door needs a sanding and it has a lot of curves and crevices. This would be great!!!

  125. That Dremel Ultra Saw looks amazing! I live in a rental, but in our tiny hallway they left the old baseboards instead of installing new ones so I would like to make it all match. Plus my boyfriend & I could use that dremel to work on our 3 vehicles as well so it would do double duty!

  126. Our finished attic had a dresser that was built in against the chimney in the 50’s. I removed the warped dresser but now need to put in some supports and a new section of wall. The dremel would be great!

  127. My husband would use it for about a million things since we’re in the middle of a whole house remodel.

  128. We has been plannig on making a door on our garage roof and turn it in to a mini attic to use it as storage.

  129. We have some built-ins we would love to keep parts of them but would love the ability to remove the parts we do not like easily. Maybe if we win I could finally convince my husband to take it on.

  130. I would use one of these all the time! We are renovating our home and constantly need to trim up pieces of molding, or cut some wood for a furniture project…would be way handier than bringing out the circular or miter saw each time!

  131. Where to start: put in a bathroom ceiling vent, tile a backsplash, add a medicine cabinet in wall, fix a radiator cover,…. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  132. We are renovating our master bathroom and this would be the perfect tool for my husband to finish our vanity!

  133. Im just woman that instead of asking for perfumes, lotions and clothes I am asking for tools for holidays and birthdays. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway.

  134. We are about to renovate all three bathrooms and put new floors in the entire house. I’m sure we could use this giveaway any number of ways!!

  135. My husband is moving a doorway in our garage and a Dremel would be really useful for that project!

  136. I’d use it to remove soffits in bathrooms. We are renovating our entire home, so I could write a list of uses. Thanks!

  137. cutting new tile for kitchen & bathroom backsplash etc. this is indeed a great tool.

  138. We’d use it to build a farmhouse style table for the kitchen, and then go from there!

  139. Tiling the master bath.
    Finish tiling the kitchen.
    Basement overhaul.
    New siding…the list goes on and on!

  140. I need to cut some molding to trim shelves that are going in the master bath. Can’t tell you how long they’ve been languishing behind my closet door…

  141. Would be nice to use one to plunge cut openings for outlets in our upcoming dining room wainscoting project, as well as our bathroom & kitchen remodels. Nice job on the ceiling btw, looks professional.

  142. One project?! We are gut renovating a two unit building and this little jack of all trades would come in handy for cutting holes for new doors, plumbing, framing, and of course controlled DEMO!

  143. I would use it to cut out a shelf in a thrifted cabinet that I’m planning on using as a sideboard. The shelves aren’t moveable and one of them needs to be moved to accommodate taller things I plan to store in there.

  144. I’ve had a Dremel for years and this last weekend my son used it to cut a rusted pipe off the bottom of an old hand operated water pump that he put in my flower garden. If I had the saw I would use it in the same way. We also used our Dremel to cut the bolts holding a radiator on the side of an old lawnmower. They are just invaluable tools!

  145. I have different baseboards throughout my home. Three different styles in my living room alone! This tool would help me achieve my goal of getting it all replaced with one style by the end of the year.

  146. Just what I need to start my kitchen cabinet remodel. Need to modify existing so new oven fits. Right now I can’t open them all the way. Och.

  147. I would use this phenomenal Dremel tool for my tiles install project in my kitchen. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  148. We’d use it to redo the tile in both bathrooms! Great job with moving the vent by the way!

  149. The Dremel US40 Ultra Saw would be amazing to have for a kitchen island we will be building. It would be great to use to cut through tile and concrete to help us redirect plumbing to the island.

  150. The Dremel Ultrasaw would be great to use in laying down hardwood flooring in our basement renovation.

  151. Is use this saw to cut tiles for newly made space between wall and old tiles ( since we ripped down a wall to have an exposed brick wall)

  152. I have a few projects that this would be great for, including the bathroom tiles we are hoping to replace in our bathroom.

  153. I have a couple projects where I need to cut baseboard on the wall – one in the living room and one in the bathroom.

  154. Okay the list is really really long, but most immediate need would be baseboards

  155. So…many…projects!! I’d use it to cut out the wood flooring I laid over a heat floor register—NOT KIDDING! :)

  156. We are about to tackle remodel of two bathrooms in our house & this dremel would really come in handy with demo.

  157. I’d use it on replacing the cheap paneling in my daughter’s room with drywall

  158. I’m currently installing a few closet systems, but the shelves and rods all need to be cut to custom sizes to fit perfectly. This saw would help SO much!

  159. I have a couple of cracked tiles in my mud room. This would be great to remove them so I can put new ones down.

  160. I’ve got a number of projects lined up that would be a perfect candidate for this tool. First is to install the moulding around a closet door that has been on hold because we don’t have the right tool to cut away the existing baseboard trim. Then it’s on to the main hall closet renovation!

  161. There are so many projects I could use this for! The first project I would use this for would be to use it for my current bathroom remodel.

  162. Oooh boy, I would use the Dremel saw as we finish our kitchen. We completely gutted it, knocked out a wall, changed the configuration and now we are putting it back together. We have learned so, so much! It is going to be a big, beautiful, functional kitchen for our family!!

  163. I would use this saw for a bathroom redo and the addition of a closet to house the washer & dryer. What a relief it would be! :)

  164. I’d use it to convince my husband to finally put in the trim I’m waiting for.

  165. I would use this to remove a couple of cracked tiles in the kitchen and to help my friend install board and batten in her entry. This would make those jobs so much easier!

  166. We are just getting ready to redo a bathroom and this looks like it would be handy in a variety if ways.

  167. Wow! I’ve been lusting after the Dremel saw for some time now…. It would be perfect for a handful of projects on the “to do” list: crown moulding, tile backsplash, and replacing some floor trim. Thanks for the chance!

  168. Just one?! I have narrow, developer-installed baseboards throughout my house so this would be very handy to take them out and install nicer replacements. That’s to sell this place. Then when we move into our new (to us) 1941 adobe, we’ll be tiling the bathroom and kitchen.

  169. We’d use it to replace the tile flooring, put up some open shelving and install some crown molding in our kitchen.

  170. A dremel saw would be perfect for our upcoming coat closet turned mudroom project!!!

  171. Would use it trying to cut tile for a new backslash we so desperately need in the kitchen!

  172. My two linoleum floored bathrooms are calling out for an Ultra Saw!!! Can you hear them? “We want tile! We want tile!”

  173. We would love to add back a beautiful arch that was replaced with a door a room in our house by a prior owner. Your renovations to your Nevada house look great.

  174. I can think of so many uses for this great tool, but I’d probably start by replacing the three broken tiles on my front steps. Darn you movers!

  175. That moved vent location looks so much better! I have been eyeing Dremels lately thinking of redoing the tile floor in our kitchen. The Dremel would make that project so much easier.

  176. This tool would be so handy for our laundry room makeover…new tile, new cabinets!

  177. Where do I start? I have some horribly outdated oak cabinets, with strange raised moldings in the center of the panels. I’d use the Dremel Ultra Saw to cut out the panels in the doors and replace them with something more simple and updated. That’s the first of many, many projects I’d do with this saw.

  178. We would definitely use it for our bathroom remodel which involves cutting some walls out.

  179. We are planing on replacing our tile in two baths, and the backsplash in our kitchen–what a help this would be…

  180. I would use the dremel to cut out and replace several broken and cracked tiles in my bathroom.

  181. I would use the Dremel to build the platform bed we have planned for our master.

  182. This saw would be awesome to start the renovation on my beautiful little house that I purchased after my husband left me with my father’s help! Life can be good!

  183. We’re putting a HVAC vent in our living room and craft room. This would make putting the vents in so much easier.

  184. I would totally use it to do a small re-tiling job in my bathroom and maybe even a kitchen backsplash. That thing looks awesome.

  185. My husband could really use this tool. Your posts continually make projects for my husband. :). Since reading your post, my husband has repaint the interior, painted kitchen cabinets, granite counters and subway tile back splash. Next is base boards and a banquet for our kitchen, flooring and a master bath redo.

  186. Well, we like to pretend that we’re good at building small things – like little benches, crates, etc. So, we would use that for our all our wood creations!

  187. There are so many projects that I could use that wonderful tool. I’d probably start with some crown molding work in my dining room. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great prize!

  188. I’d love to win this for my husband…ie for me for our many home projects! Base board upgrade for sure!

  189. I would love to use this saw for cutting wood for DIY projects! I live in an apartment, so there is very little room for large projects or tools. I usually recruit my dad to do my small woodworking projects!

  190. My first project would be to open the soffits in the kitchen and use the space for extra storage. I’m a little scared of power tools, but this one looks workable for me.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  191. So many projects but for now will help us to tackle the partial reno we want to do in the kitchen.

  192. We have sooo many projects going right now that I’m sure we could use it for every one of them!!!

  193. Oh my Dremel!!!!!!! Looks like you’ll be busy with the garage organization project! Pegboard, anyone? Thanks for the give away!

  194. My hubby could finally make the footrests I’ve been wanting for the back patio!

  195. Oh, I could so use the Dremmel Saw around my house.
    I have lots of projects and lots of half finished projects I could use it on.
    Finishing up the garage…installing work benches and peg boards.
    Finishing up a half finished basement…building shelves, walls, etc…
    And lots of craft projects that I do!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  196. Oh..this would be great for the the daybed porch swing I am starting. And a few hundred other projects on my to do list!

  197. We can use the Dremmel saw for so many projects..changing out the outlets, new baseboard, tiling to name a few.

  198. Would love to have the Dremmel saw to assist with our kitchen demo and remodel.

  199. We will be tiling the shower soon and this would be wonderful!! Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  200. One project? We have a bathroom remodel – so definitely tile work among other things.
    We need new flooring upstairs and are planning to make wood floors out of plywood – so there’s another. I’ll stop now…don’t get me started. But what a super cool tool. Thanks for sharing!

  201. I’d use it to redo the tile in my entryway and also with the tiling that needs to be done in my main bathroom.

  202. We are removing tile around kitchen cabinets. I think this tool would help the project proceed at a faster rate.

  203. I think may husband may enjoy it and it may just motivate him to finish some of the items on his honey do list. That being said, I have wanted to add molding to our family room!

  204. We are remodeling our entire home, starting with the living room. This would help with the wood flooring we will put down, changing the outlets that are totally in the wrong place and everything else we know we will run into.

  205. I’d use it to open up a duct in the floor that we just realized the flooring guys covered with hardwood flooring in our house when it was built.

  206. I would love love love to have this saw for my passion in redoing furniture and upgrading rooms in our home. Working on the kitchen next so it would come in very handy for the nook bench I’m building, backsplash, etc etc.!!

  207. Oh, wow! What an awesome tool, which I can think of so many way to use!! Our next project is removing & replacing the bathtub in our full bath, also laying porcelain floor tile and new tub wall, vanity/sink and medicine cabinet. So, this Dremel would be an invaluable help with all of that!! I have actually been researching tile saws for rental or purchase, but had NO idea a Dremel saw could cut tile?!!! So cool! Your fan/ceiling looks great and love the whole remodel, thanks for sharing!! I have been working on putting a little blog together, I thought it would be fun to share our progresss on this project we are getting ready to tackle ….

  208. Great project. I would use this tool to replace all the floor registers in my 1960’s home. I have beautiful hardwood floors and baseboards and super ugly metal registers. However, the new wood registers are about an inch too large and currently this project is on hold because it took me several hours to sand down just one opening…

  209. I’m building some picture ledges for my master bedroom and this would be SO handy for the small cuts needed!

  210. There are a ton of little jobs, but since I am currently working on a dining room/kitchen update I would use it for cutting trim and baseboards – as well as any other misc cutting job that comes along!

  211. Oh my! Soooooo many things I could do on my own without the husband being around with this little beauty! Not many tools scare me but that big circular saw is the one! This would be mine all mine!!!

  212. i have a builder installed built in wall unit that accommodates the large box TV’s. I intend to cut down and alter the big box portion of the wall unit to accommodate a new flat screen TV.

  213. Posting the terrific improvement of your ‘ceiling eyesore,’ reminds me of two bedrooms in my home. What were they thinking when they slapped this stuff in, originally? In one room the ceiling fan, which now has only 2 blades (Don’t ask!) twirls across a pot light, giving a disconcerting strobe effect, AND the vent is in the wrong place. In the other room, we need to move the vent away from the center, as you did. Come to think if it, every room in this house has a ceiling eyesore. And having just seen how great my neighbor’s new crown moulding looks, I’m hoping to add that to several rooms…I could go on and on. This would be just the motivator we need! So thank you (and good luck to me!) PS…your reno is looking amazing. It’s fun to see the transformation!

  214. We just installed a closet system in the guest bedroom of our old house, and we sure could have used a Dremel saw – we ended up making some tricky cuts with a hand saw (argh!). Our next project is creating a utility cabinet in a hall closet (no prefab system) – the Dremel would make this project a breeze.

  215. We would use it in our dining room to put down tile. I wish we had this when we were replacing the tile in our kitchen…it looks like the job would have gone a lot quicker!!

  216. We’re getting ready to re-do our bathrooms and I can see LOTS of uses for the Dremel tool on that project. What came to mind first was using it for thinset and tiiles.

  217. I want to change the trim around all my doors and change my baseboards. This little tool sure would come in handy.

  218. We just bought a new home and our first project is to renovate the kitchen. I’m sure the dremel ultra saw would come in handy!

  219. I would love to have this to cut baseboards I am currently replacing. Also, next on my list is a master bath tile job. Your reno transformation is looking amazing!

  220. We have a huge job ahead of us changing out all the old trim in our house. We’d love one. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  221. I need this saw for tile projects for our bathroom remodel! I would also use it for some wood trim projects I would like to do!

  222. A Dremel would be great for doing a wall cutout between our kitchen and dining room!

  223. Could use this to cut beadboard backing for some bookcases once I paint/distress/glaze them! Looks like a great tool.

  224. I have been dying to replace the dated backsplash (think snowflake pattern in my beachy home!!) in our kitchen for years, but my husband wasn’t budging on it….until we finally just had our oak cabinets painted white and our walls redone, and he agreed that white subway tile would be a welcome improvement! The only caveat? I have to do the tilework myself :) So…..great tools would make the job much more manageable ;)

  225. Name one!?! I could easily name 10, but the first would probably be tiling my bath. Sounds like a tool everyone should buy first because it does so much! Thanks for the giveaway.

  226. I would use it to relocate the ugly ceiling access pull-down stair contraption in our hallway as seen from our entry foyer! Any ideas you have to camouflage this sucker would be appreciated too! I so badly need this Dremel saw!!!
    Just saying…?!!!

  227. Oh, I would use this in so many places in my home! We recently bought our first house, which is a fixer-upper (and that’s unfortunate because the previous owner apparently did tons of renovations before it sold, but they were done so badly that they need to be redone! Lots of crooked tile everywhere, electrical outlets in weird places, uneven door trim, and so much more…)

  228. I find so many things to create. I would use the Dremel to replace the tile in my master bath. After that I would use it in all my furniture projects. I love to build things and this would be a great edition to my tool collection.

  229. Planning on installing new hood in kitchen to vent outside and have a tile backsplash that is causing some concern. Hoping the Dremel could come in handy there!

  230. It will be a toss up between taking down cupboards over a peninsula or replacing the double sink vanity! A Dremel tool will definitely be helpful on either project.

  231. Getting ready for a much-needed kitchen update in 2015 & this little baby would be the perfect addition to my single woman’s tool collection!! Love your blog – always inspired :)

  232. Where should I start. Hoping to remove old tile through my whole house, redoing some interior doors, then moving on to my daughters house to help with all the projects on their older home. Great giveaway !

  233. Youngest of five kids leaving for college tomorrow and this stay-at-home mother is trading in her chauffeur cap for a construction hat. Fifteen years of “real living” has taken a toll. Bring on the Dremel Ultra Saw: leaking upstairs bath (and corresponding kitchen ceiling repair); cracked tile floors; garage door frame battered by a steady succession of 16 year old drivers; and, finally, a master bath renovation just for us when I’ve honed my skills on the rest of the projects.

  234. This dremel looks great. I would be using it to cut tiles for my backsplash in the kitchen. I plan to start building birdhouses to decorate in a Victorian style…this is my Plan B!!! Also want to build a dollhouse to my specs and this would give me the ability to do it ‘without help’!!

  235. I’d love to have a Dremel to use when I redo my basement powder room! I know it would be super helpful!

  236. Great giveaway! I must enter without my husband knowing because if I win he has a big job to do! Re tile my ensuite. The Dremel Ultra Saw would be a great help to remove the existing tiles.
    I’m feeling lucky! Thanks Kate!

  237. So many places in our home we could use this. Probably in the kitchen to take down ugly cabinet s and ugly lights and ugly flooring and ugly backsplash -did I mention my kitchen was ugly?????

  238. My husband and I are planning to tackle a homemade couch….found a really nice set of instructions that can adjust for the space we have available.. really excited for this giveaway!

  239. 6 months in our new home and still have plenty of projects for this bad boy! Biggest project would probably be installing kitchen tile back splash which i never would have thought I could do without renting a large tile saw and making a huge mess. This would be great.

  240. I am planning the last update to my home (after 27 years) and would love to use this on my last project in getting the tiles up in my spare bathroom…this would tool would certainly make it easier to get the tiles out around the shower and only one on the floor that is cracked…

  241. Would love to be able to replace cracked tiles from bathroom easily so they stop staring at me!

  242. Love this post! I would use this saw to improve my teeny laundry closet and install the ironing board into the wall.

  243. I have a bathroom which badly needs new tile (among other things!) The dremel could make life a lot easier!

  244. What wouldn’t I use it for? Working on several projects now in my kitchen…backsplash removal, new sink in existing formica, etc… that it would really come in handy on!

  245. This dremel saw looks amazingly useful. The first thing I would do is redo the floor tile in powder room. Would love to win this. Thanks for the great post.

  246. The Dremel Ultra Saw would be a big help in remodeling my master bath with new shelving and light fixtures

  247. I need to install a tile back splash and this would be perfect for trimming and cutting the tile!

  248. Our home was built in 1935, I always have a project that needs to be done. The Dremel Ultra saw would help us get the job done right.

  249. We are in the midst of renovating our basement and there are some furniture diy projects I’m planning on tackling myself. A Dremel Ultra Saw would definitely come in handy.

  250. So many uses come to mind! First, would use tool to cut sink opening in granite countertop in bathrooms – replacing hideous vessel sinks with a more traditional drop in ceramic sinks. Then would use the tool to cut through marble tile floor since we are making an unnecessarily huge master bath smaller and want to save the existing floor! Then on to kitchen backsplash tiles and the list just keeps going!

  251. I would use the saw to finally install a tile backsplash in my kitchen. It might also come in handy for a bookcase project I’ve been contemplating!

  252. I am a home project girl. So I would use it many places. Plus it is smaller so makes me more comfortable.

  253. The next project on our list is re-doing our entry way and it’s going to involve cutting molding – perfect for this little saw!

  254. I am about to install two Kneewall dressers through the kneewalls in both upstairs bedrooms and this saw would be perfect for that project.


  255. Oh, I’d use it in some of my repurposing projects. It looks very manageable:)

  256. We are renovating a lake house right now and I could use this tool on all sorts of projects. This week I’m cutting plywood to make shelves for our kitchen pantry and a Dremel saw would definitely come in handy!

  257. I would love to do exactly what you did. The homebuilders put our family room vent right in the middle of the ceiling!

  258. I would use it to cut into the walls to create more built-in space in my bathroom!

  259. Which project to use the Dremel on first ?! I have a tile problem in my newly built master bath (grout is cracking and tile is lifting up), a bookcase that I want to turn it into two shorter bookcases instead of the tall one it is, build closet organizers for 3 bedrooms, and build a big girl bed for my 5 yr old. Fingers and toes crossed my comment is picked. :)

  260. This post gives me the inspiration I need to finally dremel out the gunky paint the previous owners used the “fix” the grout on the bathroom floor. I would then be able to re-grout. I have been a little chicken of the dremel, but am way less intimidated after seeing what you guys did! I would also use one to cut down a the disused pipe from our old water heater so I can re-finish the closet!

  261. I would love to have this small saw! I am getting ready to do some board and batten trim in my living room and hallway as well as beefing up my wood trim around doors and windows. This looks like the perfect tool and just the right size and weight for my hands! Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway.

  262. We are renovating our lake house kitchen and we would use the Dremel on the backsplash, countertops, wood panelings, etc.

  263. I have a phobia about saws – and that prevents me from doing a lot of DIY stuff that I’m perfectly capable of doing. This little saw appeals to me – the way it’s constructed and the size make me think I could wrap my head around using it.

    If I’m not the winner (and I’m really not likely to be) I think I’ll trot off to my local store and have a look at this little thing. It may be my next purchase.

  264. We could use the Dremel to repair the tile area in our bathroom, remove wood flooring to fix a water problem, or cut crown molding for the living room. What an amazing tool!

  265. I would use it to strip paint from some older built in closets and drawers first (project I’m currently wanting to work on) and then many more things in the future!

  266. Oh, this is awesome tool, would use in any project, but next one is the new floors, defiantly would be very handy. Thanks .

  267. I could use this to add some new shelves to an old hutch-style entertainment center that I am now using to store my daughter’s toys. The Dremel definitely looks less intimidating than a Skill saw.

  268. I’m ready to DIY some wainscoting in my dining room, and this would be the perfect tool to help!

  269. Love this tool! Planning on redoing bathroom tile in master bath and looks like this will do the trick!

  270. Uh…hello… tile?!?!!! I had no idea, and that’s exactly what this baby would be used for! I’m trying to save my kitchen & bathroom tile projects for when I’m ready to do both at once to rent a saw just once. Psh! Not if I can snag this!

  271. I just redid my kitchen counters and wanted to add a subway tile backsplash. This would be perfect!

  272. I love to see fearless DIY projects. Thanks for reminding us how the right tool makes all the difference!

  273. We’re packing for a cross-country move to a temporary rental while we look around for what will be our “forever” home. My husband’s an avid DIY-er and rehabber, but we no longer have a working Dremel. I know it would be used heavily–but won’t know where/how until we settle on our next house. This would be a terrific addition to the DIY tool arsenal (and much more portable than the heavy table saws we regretfully decided to leave behind and replace when needed again).

  274. If we ever knock out the wall between our kitchen and formal dining room, we too will have to move a register. Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway!

  275. I would use the Dremel US40 Ultra Saw in my home to help put new flooring in my daughter’s bathroom.

  276. For EVERYTHING in our house. We began building our home 7 years ago and once we had it done enough for the inspection to switch from a construction loan to our regular mortgage nothing has been REALLY finished. You kick a baseboard a little too hard and you will quickly noticed it’s just laying there against the wall, not fastened, ha! A Dremel will be used nonstop, it looks like a wonderful tool for all of our DIY projects.

  277. Number one on my list is installing a cat flap into the basement door so Kitty can do her business! We won’t have to leave the basement door cracked open all the time, and it would be a great energy saver!

  278. The many adjustments around my kitchen would be so much simpler with this! Whoever wins this is certainly in for a treat.

  279. Your relocation is a huge upgrade. A Stengel would be so useful at our house. We need to remove a small section if tile. This would be the perfect tool for that. We are also considering a pass through in the kitchen and there is no better tool for that job either. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  280. I would use it in my guest bathroom! I have been wanting to toally redo the entire thing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  281. Oh my! My husband and I just bought our very first house and there are so many projects we would use this for!!! Adding baseboards to our little house would probably be the first move. Even though the house is over 60 years old, no one ever put in baseboards!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  282. I have two sets of twins and a jack and jill bathroom that the towel bar is placed so low my kids are accidentally going to ripe it off the wall. I would use the Dremel to some sort of of wall treatment (beadboard, board and batton, etc).

  283. I have so many projects planned that this saw would be perfect for. One of the first projects is building a sofa table because I can’t find one with the dimensions and style that I want. I have been thinking about tiling the table so this saw would be perfect since it can also cut tile Second, I want to add trim to our very plain (and ugly) interior doors before painting them white. Third, I want to add crown molding to a couple of rooms in our house. We bought this house a little over three years ago and have a long list of updating projects. We have finished a few but have a lot more to go.

  284. We’re planning a bathroom remodel after we install a new tile back splash in the kitchen. This tool would be perfect for either!

  285. I could use this in just about every room in our outdated ranch. We are in the midst of a kitchen reno, and every other room will need help too! Especially our yellow hallway bath and powder blue master bath!

  286. Oh gracious, we’d use this all over the place! We’re in the (slow, painful) process of re-doing nearly every room in our house, one at a time. First up is a former carport, now enclosed as an additional room. It was an apartment for my brother and his wife for a little while, but now that they’ve moved to their own place, we’re reclaiming the space as an office for my teacher husband, and a craft room for me and my daughter. There was a ceiling leak, however, that requires patching drywall very much as you’ve done here.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  287. I’d use the Dremel for everything around the house, both inside and out. The first thing I’d do is use it to cut up the disgusting subfloor in our kitchen that has been plagued with years worth of “gifts” from the previous owner’s cats.

  288. I would use it to remove the hideous box fluorescent drop light fixture THING in our kitchen. I wish I could put a photo in the comments so you could see how ugly this 1990’s light fixture (it’s a drywalled, wood-trimmed, box that hangs down in the center of my galley kitchen. I have a “fat” galley, with one side being curved, and they made the light fixture curve on one side to follow the countertop, even though the upper cabinets above are square. It’s just strange and huge (contains 4 long and 4 short fluorescent tubes) and drops down about 8 inches into my kitchen making it feel so much smaller. I can’t wait to demo it!

  289. I love to do projects and we are just in the process of taking a wall out of our bedroom. This would be perfect to finish the job as we need to cut out the pieces close to the ceiling.

  290. We’d begin with buidiong a new guest bathroom vanity, but I can think of a thousand more projects around the house!

  291. I feel like I could use this in half the projects we have queued up. The one that we really need it for now is a small tile job. Those pesky edge pieces might be the death of me!

  292. I would love to have this Dremel saw!!! There are so many projects in my house I could tackle; baseboards, tiles, drywall, etc. It excites me just thinking about it!!! :)

  293. I had a Dremel saw about 45 years ago. It finally wore out from use. I would love to have another for around the house projects.

  294. I want to make a mud room area in the basement and would use the Dremel saw to cut the tile and add baseboards. Finally a place for all our stuff!

  295. We could use this in a million places! More specifically, we are getting ready to put some built-ins in our guest bedroom, and this would be so much easier to bring upstairs than our ancient table saw :)

  296. Installing Kitchen backsplash tile of mine. I should be able to convince hubby if I have something to cut the tile with:)

  297. How awesome is the new Dremel tool?? I can think of a million things I could use this for, but the first one would be to use it for some new ceiling light repositioning in our living room. Ugh… ceiling drywall repair is the worst!

  298. We are going to remodel our master bedroom this fall. The Dremel Ultra saw would be fantastic when it comes time to remove old flooring and install tile and hardwood. What a versitle tool!

  299. A Dremel is totally one if those tools you always wish you had mid-project, amiright?!? Haha right now it would be pretty handy for installing our new herringbone slate backsplash! LOTS of weird cuts going on!

  300. Hmmm, this Dremel saw seems like a true work horse for the tool box. Tiling will be first task to attack…Woo hoo, hopefully, no wet saw rental for me (fingers crossed)

  301. This tool can do it all!!! I like that it’s so versatile, and not crazy intimidating to me. I think I would be much more confident about taking on some seriously daunting projects (like re-tiling our shower… ugh I would LOVE to do that but renting a big tile saw scares me!)

  302. I would use it to cut tile for my bathroom. I am doing a bathroom remodel soon and will cut out existing door frames. Drexel is a great tool

  303. This Dremel would come in handy when we remodel the upstairs floor, including tearing down walls, building closets, and installing all new electrical and lighting.

  304. wow, that is one serious project! i’d love to have a saw to do things like that… if i had the courage :)

  305. My husband and I would love one, he is doing so many little projects around home. Love what you are doing with your new home

  306. We are gutting our master bathroom and this tool would be awesome to have I these projects!

  307. Oh man, the projects I could do with this Dremel! We’re currently in the process of buying our first home so this guy could come in handy!

  308. We’re planning on DIYing as much as possible in our kitchen remodel this winter – the Dremel would be so handy for removing thinset when we demolish the tile floor, cutting wood for trim, and so much more!

  309. we need to pull up old terrible tile in our bathroom…and put down new….oh, what fun a new tool would be for a project like that :D

  310. Say what?!?! That little baby can cut tile without water?!?! My kitchen is so getting a new backsplash!!! After I arm wrestle it away from my 16 year old and all his projects….

  311. I want new tile backsplashes and to finish our trim. Trim is all re-done, but the master bedroom.

  312. Tile backsplash in kitchen just to start. Then on to the walls in the bathroom.

  313. I’d like to add our microwave above our stove (yay for getting that counter space back!) and then adding some great tiling in our kitchen rather than the odd minimal one layer of boring white tiles we currently have.

  314. So many things! We have to cut a section out of our baseboard to get bookshelves to sit flush against the wall for a “built-in” look. Also need to add a HVAC vent to our newly-finished laundry room, so this tool would be great for making the hole in the ceiling. Oh, and we need to cut the metal screws down on the base of our toilet so we can get the decorative caps to finally fit… the list could go on!

  315. I would love to have this to redo our builder-grade master bath and our laundry room!

  316. I think often that I would love a dremel. The first project would be replacing bathroom tile!!

  317. Wow – narrow it down to one choice? I have a friend with this tool and he helped me cut the base of all of the door trim off at just the right level to install flooring under them for a seamless look. I would LOVE my own Dremel to continue the improvements!

  318. What a fabulous Dremel tool!! (And what fun it is to witness the transformation of your Vegas home…) I’m the construction person in our household; my husband and I have a perfect division of labor along lines of talent and interest. I completely replaced the mouldings in our 1980’s house several years ago (can you say “ugly yellow oak”??)…and now long to completely redo the master bath from the studs. Curiously angled walls (all four corners) and the ubiquitous light soffit above the vanity would be the first to fall under the Dremel blade.

  319. I bought my first and presently only saw whan I learned how to install crown molding. I have only just begun on making our home our own and although I am just beginning, to me good tools are like good art supplies and well worth the cost. Only issue is the cost can get up there so slowly building our resources is the only option. Next on the list is a small bath renovation, and filling in the space above my kitchen cabinets! Thanks for the giveaway!! Your blog is both smart and rich with information. Thank you for that too. :)

  320. Moving to a new house soon and I can think of many, many ways to use it!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Charlotte T

  321. Both of my bathrooms need remodeling. I want to build the new sink cabinets myself and also pull up the old floor tile and lay new tile. I am adding to my tool chest little by little and would like the opportunity to learn how to use the Dremel. Please and thank you!

  322. Our entire basement is unfinished, so I can think of many projects to use it there!

  323. I would start ripping up ugly tile in our entryway. Then tackle molding throughout the house!

  324. My house is 55 years old with the original kitchen (ugh) so plenty of work for the Dremel Saw. I would probably use it first in my tin work to cut tin and copper. I like to create light scones and crosses using Mexican tin work techniques. Thanks.

  325. I need this thing! I want to remove and replace the tile floors in both my bathrooms. But first, I am renovating a screened porch and the first thing I would is use it to help me in removing framing elements that need to be replaced. And I can think of so many other potential applications–I hope having more than one doesn’t disqualify me!

  326. Shelving in the laundry room and cutting tile for the master bath…..this saw would be an awesome help!

  327. I LOVE this tool. For starters, I would use it to remove some cracked tiles on my living room floor that were improperly installed spanning a concrete joint (instead of 2 pieces with caulk over the crack or that crack joint spanning fabric underneath). Since I have radiant floor heat, it’s especially important to be careful about the concrete underneath and the dremel saw would help me do exactly that. Thanks for this opportunity to enter to win!

  328. I would LOVE this for my craft/ DIY projects! I always have to use my hubs stuff, and this would be mine!!!!! :)

  329. We are putting in a new laminate floor and doors in our guest bath and this will be the perfect tool for our tight space

  330. I can think of projects in nearly every room of my home that I could use this in, but top priority would go to my kitchen!!

  331. OMG! We’ve got a kitchen remodel coming including moving cabinets, etc. and I’ll need to use it throughout. Thanks!!

  332. This would probably become one of my most valued tools! Looks like a handy gizmo. Love your new ceiling fan. That was a great decision to move the vent!

  333. I would use this to cut out and replace some tile that has come loose in our master bath! The tile itself isn’t broken, it’s just come unstuck from the thinset and the grout is cracked. If I could get all the thinset and grout off with the Dremel, I could just replace the one tile and save our bathroom floor from a big demo job!

  334. I’m thinking tile work, a/c vents and all kinds of DIY jobs that have been put off…the right tools would def make it easier and more incentive to tackle them!

  335. I’m about to start a Laundry room reno. I want to build and put in a wood countertop. This would be so helpful!

  336. I have four projects that I could finally start and finish. I ripped the carpet off my stairs and need to install the shoe molding, bathroom tile needs to be re-grouted, and this would be awesome for some other tiling jobs that need to be done.

  337. I have a vent right by a fan and would use the Dremel to move that and a bathroom in the middle of remodel.

  338. Our garage entry door needs a new stoop built. And that is just one of numerous projects!:)

  339. We have a bunch of closets with useless shelves that keep falling down because of terrible installation by the last owners. I have been bugging my husband to work on them, but he has so many projects started already! I wanted him to tackle them because I am so intimidated by the big heavy table saw, but I feel like I could handle a Dremel! I need to cut both the metal supports to the proper size and trim the shelves themselves.

  340. We’re replacing the tile in our master bath and this sounds like it would be a life saver for that job!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  341. Where would we not use a dremel? The most immediate is a bathroom remodel. We need to move some of the pluming and need to cut out the wall to get at it. My husband has one, but I want my own ’cause his is not always available and he gets kind of touchy about me using his tools :-)

  342. We’re about to start putting down hardwoods, so this would definitely come in handy!

  343. We are in the midst of remodeling the downstairs of our old (100+ year-old) home. It was last remodeled in the early ’70’s. We could use this in SO many intended projects! Wow – what a great give-away! :)

  344. We put in tile flooring but then we found a few had popped up. Husband wants to fix himself, he really needs this tool!

  345. Right now, several projects. Moving the laundry room dryer vent; furring out the walls in the basement; replacing backer board in bath and installing subway tiles!

  346. We’re about to start renovating out master bathroom! Lot’s of tiling and some wall removing. Would certainly be a huge help!

  347. We have a small old Dremel tool that we use all the time. We are at the end of a major remodel, but still have many little projects to finish. I am sure this tool would come in handy. We still need to do stairs, trim, doors and the kids’ bathroom.

  348. Wow, where to start is the question! I’d love to have this to trim up our door trim in preparation for wood floor installation! It is one of many tools I have on my wish list!

  349. We are hoping to start a kitchen remodel by the end of the year- this would be such a huge help! These little saws look sssoooooo handy!

  350. Would love a Dremel. We are redoing all the baseboards in the house and this tool would come in handy!

  351. This would be awesome for ANY of the millions of projects we have – including : changing all the baseboards in our house, installing new trims around the door frames, building a coffee table, and so on….. Good luck to all ! :)

  352. We have a small dremel that we use for all kinds of things. I love it! This bigger one would take us to a whole new level. I would begin by using it to repurposed furniture. The possibilities are nearly endless!

  353. I need to replace grout in my bathroom. I can use it for that, can’t I? Great giveaway; thanks!

  354. We have the ugliest old bathroom which is slated for a DYI remodel this fall. I’d put it to work on the tiles, the shower surround, drywall… you name it!

  355. I love Dremel tools. I’m getting ready to tile in my laundry room and I would use it for that. Imagine – cutting tile without water!

  356. Hope to install a stacked stone fireplace. Also a window bench that would require moving heating vent. This is something the Hubby has been wanting for years.

  357. I would love to have that fabulous Dremel S40 Ultra Saw to replace the baseboards in my home and use it when I restore furniture.

  358. We moved into our home about a year ago and I have MANY projects that the Dremel Ultra saw would come in handy for! Wainscoting in the dining room, built-ins around the fireplace, building a custom organizing station for backpacks, shoes, etc. and, we will be finishing our basement this winter… I could go on forever because I love DIY projects and I would LOVE a Dremel to help me with them! Love your blog, too, keep it coming! :)

  359. I’ve been wanting to redo my kitchen back splash (right now, it’s just wall and nothing else), but I’ve put it off because honestly, I want to do tile, but don’t want to have to rent stuff just to cut a few pieces of tile. This would be perfect!

  360. I would use it to remove a shelf from one of my kitchen cabinets. The stupid thing is glued in place!!

  361. Oh! All the projects I could use the Dremel Ultra Saw for……cutting the nosing off the front of the stairs I’m going to remodel, the tile in the bathroom that is coming out soon, the kitchen vent hood we are putting in to replace the above cabinet microwave…I could go on and on.

  362. First project that comes to mind is building a headboard for our daughter’s bedroom which she recently requested. I’m sure we could use this nice little Dremel saw for all kinds of needed DIY home projects!

  363. I would give it to my son. He and his wife bought a new (old) house with many projects in store. The Dremel saw would be most appreciated!

  364. First on the list would be removing the 1980’s decorative curlicue cabinet detail in front of my kitchen window! I use the term ‘decorative’ loosely, because to me it just looks like ugly horns!

  365. Would love to use this for a doggy door, well really it is a kitty door so I can put his litter box in an unused closet and still keep the door closed

  366. Oh I could use this on so many projects around the house, but right now we are putting up a metal fence and this would be great for cutting the fence to the right size.

  367. I would use the Dremel S40 Ultra Saw to notch out some cuts for our kitchen floor tile.

  368. We plan on replacing our tile with the tile that looks like hardwood and this would surely come in handy!

  369. I have a list a mile long but…the first thing id use it for is to revome tile in the master bath! I hate it!

  370. I have multiple projects around the house! Tiling the backsplash is # 1 right now though.

  371. This would be a perfect tool to help refinish my old fireplace. Between the tile and the mantel, it would be a huge help!

  372. I have been a huge Dremel fan for years. I have one of their multi-purpose tools that I have used for everything from cutting pinecones in half to sculpting a big Uncle Sam out of a block of wood. This saw would mean I could do projects myself and not have to ask my husband to drag out his table saw or circular saw. Hooray for Dremel….another awesome tool for DIY women like me! I need to cut a number of pieces of wood for a garden club project and this would make it so much easier for me.

  373. We are planning to install all new baseboards and trim around doors and windows to the second floor of our house. The Dremel Saw would help make this project so much easier!

  374. My husband and I just bought our first home so having a dremel would be a dream to have! First thing I would do with the dremel is to cut tile for a back-splash in the kitchen!

  375. Would love to win this for the next project in our home. We are planning to redo the floor tiles and backsplash in the kitchen.

  376. We will be making 4 American Girl doll houses for Christmas this year and two GI Joe Commando barracks. The Dremel US40 Ultra Saw could cut our time in half and make this a really easy project!

  377. We’re planning to add lattice to the top of our fence. Sure could use the Dremel US40 saw.

  378. Oh my, I would love this tool! We have plenty of projects going on. I would use this to change out the wood trim in my home.

  379. I would change the trim in my house, add moulding to my walls/ceilings and make custom picture frames for my house – However, the possibilities for projects are actually endless!

  380. Oh, man we just rehabbed 2 bathrooms, a bedroom, the kitchen & dining area, ad we’re ready to start on the living room, another bathroom, and the master bedroom. Sure could have used it 6 months ago but NOW would be good too!

  381. This is one tool I’ve been thinking about getting–I can see it for so many projects, especially the ceiling tin projects I’m about to begin (why I’ve been looking into this tool)!
    I’m crossing my fingers—

  382. So many! Right now, kitchen back splash is calling my name (since we had to re-do the kitchen due to a faulty pipe..), then one tile around the fireplace cracked after we moved in (a friend helping us move broke it), so we need to replace it and maybe even do a facelift (chim-lift?), then we have carpet in the basement that needs to be removed due to water leaks (previous owner didn’t maintain it) and I would love to have tile there. Like I said… so many!

  383. I have so many projects and this would be a great tool to add to my arsenal! I’m currently working in my son’s room (he just started college) and have trim and flooring to do.
    Gosh I hope I win that tool!

  384. My husband loves his regular Dremel, so I know this would be right up his alley! We could use it to repair some tiles in the breakfast room that aren’t looking so good!

  385. I’ve had a dremmel on my wishlist for soo long! I’d use it for both tile cutting and wood trim cutting in our home. So versatile!

  386. We are changing out the bathtub in my guest bathroom for a deep soaker tub. The tile flooring and the tile surround will have to go. Perfect projects for this neat little saw.

  387. This would come in so handy in replacing the crown molding in the kitchen when we renovated…five years ago. ;) Fingers crossed!

  388. We’re going to add some tile outside our front door this fall and don’t own a tile saw, so we NEED the Dremel Ultra Saw!

  389. I could really use this saw too help install trim and baseboards throughout our house!

  390. We recently purchased a home so we have plenty of projects going on at once! But, this saw would be especially helpful in our restoration of an old outbuilding that came with our property. We are hoping to turn it into my workshop! Thanks for the opportunity!

  391. The first use of this saw would be the projects in our master bath which include framing the mirror, shelves and flooring.

  392. I’m an artist that works in 3-d paintings. I keep my Dremel working all the time and would love to add the saw to my repitoire. The first thing that I would tackle would probably be some styrofoam heads or babydolls.

  393. Where wouldn’t I use the Dremel Ultra Saw? We’re remodeling most of our house ourselves, including moving air ducts like you did in our basement. It hadn’t occurred to me to use a Dremel until I read your post. Thanks!

  394. My husband would love this to help with installing trim or cutting plywood for his projects.

  395. I’ve been eyeing a dremel for widening a doorway and re-reouting an HVAC vent to make an open concept between our dining room and kitchen.

  396. We are replacing our flooring and will be adding new base boards. The Dremel would come in so handy with that project!

  397. I want this DREMEL!!!! I do all the DIY’s around the house. The Dremel US40 Ultra Saw’s first project would involve re purposing a new store bought frame ( marked down, but wrong size) to fit an existing canvas painting. This Dremel will help complete this project in a snap!

  398. I have some tile that needs to be replaced. This would sure help this big job. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  399. this would work for the tiles that need to be reset in all the bathrooms and the kitchen! honestly, this would be perfect for the so many little projects that have popped up since they found a sinkhole under our house!

  400. I am planning on rehabbing my bedroom closet doors with some new trim – and the dremmel would be pretty handy!

  401. I am planning to change all baseboards and also add crown molding in all rooms. This would be the prefect tool, thanks!!

  402. I don’t even know! I would give it to my husband and he could decide. I do like one of the previous commenter’s idea to add frames to their bathroom mirrors!

  403. I think the fence in the back yard would benefit from a tool like this. The molding around the kitchen door could also be improved with just a bit of work if this tool were in my possession. Thanks for all the great posts!

  404. I need a new tile backsplash in my kitchen, AND I need to cut new laminate for my bathroom!

    I LOVE that ceiling fan, btw.

  405. We are wanting to redo the basement bathroom, so this would be great to do the floor with.

  406. I would love to have this handy little tool! I am getting ready to re-do our master bedroom and want to install wood planks on one wall, but there are so many other projects I would use this on. Thanks for making this give-away available!

  407. I need to cut some metal legs off a table base to turn the side table into a coffee table. A dremel would be the tool for the job!

  408. I am a DIYer and could use this tool on a variety of projects. I’m working on a patio addition right now and this tool would be great!! Thanks.

  409. Which project to tackle first? We just moved our HVAC into the attic and are repurposing the heater closet into a pantry. The dremel would be a big help!

  410. What wouldn’t I use it on!?! I want to replace an old vent in my house with a skylight, the hardware is there, the hole is there, it’s just adding the sky light, and probably some sawing.

  411. Some strips of trim hang down from my cabinets. They need to be cut off so that the bottom is even. Dremel, please!!

  412. My family room/Laundry room makeover which will include lifting up carpet, ripping out tile, putting in baseboards and crown moulding just to name a bit of it.

  413. I’d use it to cut through the metal webbing around our plastered kitchen ceiling that needs replaced after a leaky roof. My hubby has tried cutting the stuff before with wire cutters and ended up needing stitches. It’s very sharp!

  414. We’re thinking about adding a bedroom to the basement, this would help immensely.

  415. I would love the Dremel for a tile project I have planned for my ugly old 80’s bathroom.

  416. Wowie- Tike removal in the kitchen would be a breeze when we move the island! Awesome job on your vent move, BTW. :-)

  417. We have some cracked tiles from? Kids, dog, dropping heavy objects that this tool would work make my husband finally replace! Love seeing your before and afters. They inspire me!

  418. We have some tile installatio and trim work to do…this would really help!

  419. Where would I start?! Tile install in the upstairs bathrooms and kitchen backsplash, making frames, cutting my diy curtain rods from conduit. Kate, thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love what you’re doing with both of your home’s!

  420. I too have shelves that need edited. Since so much is being done around here I’m sure there will be many other times to use it.

  421. We are remodeling the kitchen from soup to nuts, so I’m sure we can find many uses for this saw.

  422. Oh goodness….The projects on my list are endless that I could use this fabulous saw for. “Dremel means quality” as my hubby says, and I would first use it to cut the drywall in my master bedroom to make space for a built-in shelving unit. I would also use it to remove the yucky tile in our laundry room and replace it with something more modern and sleek. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  423. My dad and I have done lots of tile work in the past with his wet saw. He recently moved and I always joke that I don’t know which I miss more, he or his wet saw! I love the versatility of the Dremel saw and picture myself working on further tile work and molding projects with it.

  424. Would use this for a number of my DIY projects including cutting plywood. I like the compactness of this saw as compared to a cumbersome circular saw. Also to be able to cut metal…hmmm…..that would open up some new projects for me. Thanks.

  425. ooo ooo ooooo!! We are redoing two of our bathrooms! I would love to cut through some tile and sheetrock!

  426. What a wonderful tool. I would use it to remove a rusty, old metal cover on an ancient outdoor in-cement garbage container.

  427. I need this! I have 4 Ikea cordless blinds for my 4 front windows. Problem = One window is slightly narrower than the other 3. I need to chop that sucker down to size.

  428. I would love to use the Dremel saw to redo my bathroom! I have horrible hunter green tile and desperately want to change it out. It would be awesome not to have to rent a wet saw for the project!

  429. We’re needing to remove and replace the tile floor in our main bathroom. this tool would sure be helpful.

  430. Too many projects to name individually, but suffice it to say that until we sell the home that we just moved out of we now OWN TWO HOMES. My immediate solo plan in our former home includes removing carpet from a small room and replacing it with tile. The Dremel Ultra Saw looks like the perfect tool for this and soooooo many future projects!!!

  431. Hmmm . . . so many uses for the Dremel! I think the next project would be the Billy bookcases to built-ins in the basement!

  432. The Dremel would help us when we redo our kitchen and lay tile in our laundry room. We’ve been eyeing one for a while, this would be great!

  433. To start, I would use the Dremel saw to cut the marble tile I want to install as a backsplash in my kitchen. Next, I would use it to replace the baseboards in my house. I have so many projects on my to do list and the Dremel saw would make almost every one of them 10 times easier!

  434. We’re currently redoing our basement, which includes a lot of basic carpentry work that we’re learning how to do as new homeowners. We’d probably use the Dremel to help with that!

  435. Anywhere my handy husband wanted to use it!!! Kitchen update, bathroom addition, toddler bed making… Lots of options!

  436. We are planning on changing the tops of the door frame moldings on our 2nd floor to match the 1st floor and I know we’d need one of these to get it done! xox

  437. We’ll be building a fireplace surround and shelves. This tool will make the job a little easier.

  438. I would love this Dremel Ultra Saw, first project is replacing the baseboard in my mid century modest home!

  439. I’d use the saw on tile in our main bathroom for sure! Ohhhhh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it! :-)

  440. We’re renovating our entire house, so we’d use it EVERYWHERE — the bathroom, kitchen, hallway closet, etc. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  441. Hmmm. So many choices I’m not real sure but I think I’d start with my kitchen tile backsplash. Hoping, hoping! :)

  442. I am planning to make a padded headboard. I think this Dremel saw would make quick work cutting the plywood.

  443. I am planning to tile 2 end tables for use outdoors. The Dremel saw would be great for cutting tile as well as the countless other projects that I have in mind. I love Dremel!

  444. I’ve got a bathroom remodel planned. There’s lots of work for something like this Dremel saw.

  445. My husband and I are currently adding a mudroom to our rehab house. Though this Dremel saw could be added to our growing Dremel family in our ever evolving home, I think we would put it to work first in our mudroom.

  446. I don’t need a Dremel but would really like to know where the ceiling fan came from!

  447. Oooh, this would definitely be helpful for the built-ins we’re thinking of doing around our fireplace!!

    Also, LOVE the ceiling fan upgrade!

  448. We’re in the process of buying a fixer-upper and I could see us using the Dremel saw for updating trim, baseboards, and molding!

  449. If I win I would use it for the same as you. Every room in my house has a vent close to the center ceiling light-drives me crazy!

  450. We want to put new tile in the bathroom! This tool would definitely help with that!!!

  451. What a great little saw, I have some plywood pieces that need to be cut for a nursery project and could use it for several other projects around the house.

  452. I have plans for a major 3rd bedroom/office overhaul complete with an entire wall of shelving! This Dremel would make bigger tools unnecessary, and I’d love to add a 2nd power tool, to my one electric drill collection :)

  453. I would love to update our tile. This tool would certainly simplify the project. Thanks for the opportunity.

  454. My husband, the handyman, could find too many ways to use this nifty tool. Thank you! Love your blog!

  455. We’re finishing our basement ourselves and would love it to help with drywall and flooring!

  456. Great post! Would be awesome for several projects in our home…! Re-tiling bathroom and surround of fireplace. Would be a huge help in Kitchen counter top re-do.

  457. I would love to get my hands on that Dremel saw! I can think of a million projects it could help me with around the house, including the kitchen tile backsplash I have yet to install!

  458. I’m working up the courage to tile a backsplash… so this would be a great tool for trimming tile.

    BTW… I am loving this series on the house in Nevada. Looking forward to seeing all your ideas come to fruition.

  459. I recently started writing a DIY blog for the newspaper where I am a staff writer. I’m sure I can find some use for this saw. As for a specific project, I’m thinking of the child’s desk with metal legs I just garbage picked off the street yesterday. Maybe by cutting the legs off I could re-purpose the desk and the legs into two different projects.

  460. This would have come in handy for the kitchen backsplash that I just tiled, but I have a list of home improvement project is never ending. Right now I could use it to cut off the anchor bolts on a toilet I just installed and used bolts that are too long on, cuts for plywood that I am installing on the floor in my garage (1924 home – wood floors in the garage!), and to cut MDF for a board and batten project I’d like to do in my bathroom. Thanks for offering this giveaway, Kate.

  461. I will be making custom square lattice to attach under our deck so I don’t have to use the pre-fab diagonal lattice from the big box stores. The Dremel Ultra-Saw would make this project so much easier!

  462. Oh, I could totally use the Dremmel saw to remove a 12″ x 12″ square of mosaic travertine tile in my master bathroom that does not match the surround tile…it’s must more yellow-toned than the surrounding tile, and drives me nuts every time I notice it. The Dremmel would allow me to expertly and precisely remove the offending tiles, and then I could replace it with matching tile!