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By Kate Riley April 23, 2014

In our yard, we have five white Iceberg floribunda rose topiary trees that are twelve years old, and they bloom without fail each and every April through September. Floribunda in Latin means “many flowering” which is so true with ours, these roses bloom in multiple clusters of widespread petals. They also possess that intoxicating garden rose scent that fills the nose when you approach a bouquet so naturally the garden spiders share my affection for these blooms. 

floribunda roses garden spider

One of my favorite things to do with Adobe Illustrator is design flowers, there are endless ways to do it and countless blossoms to inspire. The latest project and printable was inspired by those roses just outside my window, the printable quote border was given a pinkish coral tint and includes a favorite garden quote.

if you have a garden printable 8x10

Also an embellished flour sack towel in a yellow colorway for the kitchen.

yellow floribunda rose flour sack towel

The flour sack towel was created with an iron on transfer which I’ve avoided for years. I’ve always had mixed feelings about iron on transfers, the pro is they allow you to apply any image you can create to fabric but the con is so often you’re left with that shiny glossy patch like applique that feels plasticy. But I tried it again, and this time I got a better result. To avoid that plastic glossy result, try these two tricks which worked for me:     

1) Trim your design as close to the edges as possible. With delicate or intricate designs, sharp but small cutting scissors work best, I used queen crafter Martha’s scissors. (Reverse printed pattern shown.)

trim transfer


2) After applying heat with the iron, peel off the transfer when it’s still hot, it gives you a matte watery look that feels more like part of the fabric (right) instead of that glossy patchy finish (left) you get when you let the transfer cool down.

glossy v matte iron on

*I used the Tranfermations product for white or light fabric, purchased at Michaels.

yellow rose kitchen flour sack towel

yellow rose kitchen towel cg


Download the pink 8 ½” x 11 (for 8 x 10” frame) floribunda rose printable here.

if you have a garden quote

Help yourself to this pretty citron yellow rose 8 ½ x 11” printable for recreating the flour sack towel. I reversed it for printing to achieve the pattern seen below.

yellow floribunda rose cluster

*All printables for personal use only. 

floribunda rose printables

Happy crafting and creating! .



  1. Beautiful Kate! These would be lovely to give as a hostess gift with a homemade loaf of bread or even by themselves. I planted iceberg roses in our garden last year and am really enjoying them in full bloom right now. Love the garden quote!!

    • It IS hard Kathy! I struggled in the beginning, but as you get to know the tools, you just get better and better!

  2. Love your site, and we are nearly neighbors. Think what you have are Iceberg “standards”, not topiary. Topiary are always evergreen plants pruned into particular shapes. Rose Standards are a “trunk” with the graft of the beautiful rose on top. And Iceberg is the gold standard, being such fabulous producer, and all but disease free.

    • Good to know Kim, I’m always learning when it comes to all things garden! And these trunks are so tolerant of everything, a great rose to have!

  3. So creative! Where do you get the flour sacks from? I know Amazon carries them, but where’s your favorite place / brand? Thanks much! XO

    • Hi Tamara, I buy them locally from a mom & pop Ace Hardware downtown but yes you can get them online!

  4. Hey Centsational Girl.. Stopping by from the link party over at Serenity Now and wanted to check out your blog. Love what you are up to.. The printables from this post are great.

  5. Would you ever consider an Illustrator tutorial on how you created your graphic? I use Illustrator but I have no idea how you got from point a to point b. I would love to know the steps you took.

    • Hi Jennifer! Wow, tutorials in Illustrator can be complex, that floral took a lot of steps, from the pen tool to the brush tools, but I’m considering an eBook later this year since that may be a better format for more involved digital designs :)

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