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By Kate Riley February 3, 2014

Greetings friends! We had quite a busy weekend with family coming to stay for a memorial service for Matt’s grandmother and then the Superbowl yesterday, no doubt you were all as disappointed as we were with the game (snooze) but I LOVED Bruno Mars during the halftime show, he is so talented!

Don’t you think Downton Abbey is finally getting better this season? I watched last night’s episode and between Rose’s shenanigans and Alfred’s new opportunity and Mary’s suspicions and Edith’s predicament, I can’t wait to see what happens next. The banter between Isobel and the Dowager is so well done don’t you think? I have to rewind it each time they engage each other to hear it again. What do you think of the season so far? (No spoilers!)  

But back to business, I was browsing Etsy again for a few gifts and inspirational quotes and stumbled across several more artists that specialize in typography (this one strikes a chord with me) so I thought I’d feature some favorites today. Lovers of poetry, words, scripture, and inspirational sayings will appreciate these shops!   

Find beautiful poetry and frame worthy lyrics at Riverway Studios.

riverway studios prints


I’m a fan of the whimsical combination of photographs and type in Susannah Tucker’s shop.

susannah tucker


Love literature? Find elegant prints of lines from novels at NeverMore Prints.


nevermore prints



Modern florals surround scripture and sentiments at Just a Bird.

just a bird printables



Find motivational prints and favorite movie quotes at Latte Design.

latte design



There is also plenty of inspiration to be found at The Motivated Type.

motivated type prints



Download beautifully illustrated Bible verses and quotes at Printable Wisdom.

printable wisdom



Couples with a special song might find yours at Domestic Notions (or order it custom made, such a great wedding or anniversary gift!)

domestic notions



Get inspired by the movies and the words of authors at The Bella Print Shop.

bella print shop


Painterly strokes form the letters for favorite quotes at Rachillustrates.



Do you have a favorite Etsy shop for quotes or typography? Please share!


  **A note about my schedule over the next two weeks: my days are full with a few professional and family matters that are requiring extra hours of my attention (all good, nothing to fret about!) but I will have less time for blogging, so I do appreciate your patience with me and my infrequent posts over the next two weeks. I’ll have more to share and be back to a regular schedule later this month. Thanks for your support!  



  1. I wish I could come up with a Violet witticism regarding your comment on yesterday’s SuperBowl game. It is all about perspective, I suppose, and I thought it was a fabulous game. A nice “Congratulations Seahawks” would have been gracious.

  2. Yes, yes, yes…Downton Abbey is great this season. I am really enjoy the banter between Isobel and the Dowager also. That letter to Edith went by so fast I had to call my daughter and get her to do an instant rewind so she could read it to me. Suspense at every corner. Vikki in VA

  3. As a native of Seattle I thought it was the complete opposite of a snooze fest! The Seahawks ruled the Super Bowl! Best one I’ve ever seen!

  4. I guess if you are a 49ers fan it might have been a hard pill to swallow (not sure if you are just guessing based on your location). Seattle dominated and it is (finally) our turn to celebrate!

  5. I love typography and quotes, maybe too much. I do a Sunday post with my favorite quotes, poems, songs, etc. I could easily make a whole blog out of just that. One Etsy artist I love is this one: She does collages with some words mixed in, I heart them.

    Oh, and I was rooting for the Seahawks but found the Super Bowl to be a bit if a snooze fest. I mean the Broncos were snoozing…it would have been nice to have two teams playing to add a bit of excitement. ;) sorry Broncos fans

  6. Being from Minnesota, I had no vested interest in the SuperBowl winner. I felt bad for Denver not being able to close the gap a little but Seattle sure played a great game. Have yet to watch the latest Dowton Abbey but will soon. Addicted to it. I absolutely love the quotes and want one in my office for inspiration.

    • Ha, I know you Seahawks fans loved the game! I just wish it was more of a game than a blowout….

  7. I must be missing something from this week’s Downton Abbey. I don’t recall Mary having suspicions. What did I miss? I, too, had to rewind to read the letter. Poor Lady Edith. She just can’t seem to win.

    • Suspicions about the true intent/nature of the visitors Tara, I shall say no more!

  8. Your love of Etsy and these stores sucks me in every time! By the way I’m a Washington native living in Bronco nation. As a way of saying neener neener neener to my office full of Bronco fans I bought a box of skittles with kleenex for them. It was a great game in my opinion! :)

  9. Stop posting these! I believe I’ve ordered from one of your featured artists every time! Your taste is too good and I’m going broke!

    Seriously, really enjoy these posts. Great, affordable art. Thanks for the effort you put into finding these artists.

  10. I love Typography art! You have chosen some great ones too!…I skipped the game completely though I would have liked to see Bruno Mars!

  11. CoCoStine Designs on Etsy! So great to work with and she will customize to your needs.

  12. Have you seen the web site “fleamarket gardens”? Great ideas, I love it, getting ready for spring while I hunker down here for another snow storm. I have a small round table that I want to paint silver and add a mirror top. Any tips?

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