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By Kate Riley January 9, 2014

January can be so dreary, can’t it? I try to think positively and remember it’s a season of rest and dormancy and that spring is not far away, but this week is proving to be a somber one, with a family recovering from the flu and sadly Matt’s 104 year old grandmother passed away a few days ago (remember sweet Verna?) so we’re grieving and handling details with the memorial and estate. In these times, the Project To Do list has to take a back seat to life’s more important priorities of wellness and remembrance.

Looking at lovely spaces does cheer me up to some extent. Every now and then I stumble across a house that is so beautifully decorated it makes me want to move right in, today I thought I’d share it. It was photographed by the talented Rikki Snyder and is a grand estate in New York (the Hamptons I think) belonging to Iris Dankner.

The details I love: light and bright spaces, mostly neutral, casual yet elegant furnishings, dark wood plus plenty of white molding and trim, manicured botanicals, designed for both indoor and outdoor living. Here’s a peek at a few favorites:

shingle exterior with porch and planters


dark stained wood and white entry


neutral elegant bedroom


sitting room desk and fireplace


bathtub and statement mirror


neutral bedroom with mod floral textiles


ladder easel printed cowhide rug


white sunroom dining space


console with coastal accents



white kitchen dark floors and barstools


traditional white kitchen black knobs


neutral furnishings on balcony


outdoor table setting


See dozens more photographs of this beautiful estate over at Houzz, enjoy the tour!

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  1. Hello, Kate. Sorry about your husband’s grandmother. Please accept my condolences in this difficult time.
    I have been your regular visitor for quite some time and share the same taste in design to certain extent. I too adore warm and homely looking spaces that offer elegance and calmness and are light and bright at the same time. But I always like to add a little bit of Asian touch to a space that blends in well. But I love your taste in design and it helps me a lot to understand design more and more.
    Thanks for such a great blog.

  2. So sorry for your loss, Kate. This is a lovely home, and very similar in style to yours, but I like your home so much better because of the personality you add to it with color and your diy projects. This home looks too perfect.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. I love this home and added many pictures to my idea book on Houzz. Thanks for the share!

  4. Wow. It’s like something right out of pinterest. I think I would take more baths if I had that tub.

    Sending sweet thoughts to you and your family, Kate. :)

  5. What a difficult time this must be for your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers this day.

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry about your husband’s grandmother.
    The house of the moment is awesome. I have a vintage red ladder like the one pictured and I love those draperies in the sixth photo. That print is awesome.
    Saying prayers for your family.

  7. What a sweet lady Verna was, and how lucky you all were to have her with you for so long. I’d have loved to have had my Gammy for 104 years! How beautiful that Verna was treasured by your family and that she truly knew how much love and appreciation you had for her. Tell them and show them while you have them. You have my sincere sympathies.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss Kate. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you are able to still lift your spirits. That home is amazing and perfectly “Hamptons.” The art in the kitchen reminds me of the shots of the new art in your kitchen posted the other day!

    Hang in there!

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband just lost his 104-year-old grandmother last Friday. Such beautiful long lives!!!!

  10. Thinking of Matt, you and your family. Grandmothers are treasures, sorry for your loss.

  11. Somber weeks are hard! You and your fam are in my prayers. Funny how pictures of beautiful spaces can lift our spirits but it does. Was this home’s art display what inspired yours? It is a beautiful home. As always thanks for sharing and inspiring!:-)

    • How kind everyone, thank you so much.
      @Tamara why yes! That and some favorite prints recently acquired :)

  12. Kate, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband’s grandmother. I know she was a very special woman from you had shared earlier on. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Love the paint color in the bedroom. Do you know the make and name of the color?

  14. That’s a painful loss. i know you will miss her.

    The rooms are FABULOUS! Someone has LOTS of money. Beautiful design to keep in mind when shopping at Goodwill and flea markets. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Kate,
    I want to offer my condolences on the passing of your husband’s grandmother. She sounds like a very special lady and I’m sure she will be watching over all of you with much love and pride.

    I really enjoyed “touring” this home and find myself so relaxed and happy when involving in any kid of decorating project; even it I’m just sitting and looking at photos. Your blog makes me so very happy and I am truly inspired by the beautiful work you do – the way you restore furniture is awesome and the finished products are breathtaking. I have at least 3 pieces that you would love – 2 of which are quite similar to pieces you’ve already worked with – now I just have to get up the nerve to jump in there and get started! :-)

    I wish you and your family all the best for the new year and look forward to being yet another of your devoted followers! Best wishes……………..

  16. Sending sympathies to your family Kate. I have a dear friend who is 101 and I have found such admiration for her generation of women (Julia Child is among this generation). I hope your family finds ways to keep her spirit and memory alive.

  17. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s grandmother. I remember reading your post about Verna and the pictures – it was such a loving and beautiful post about her.
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful home, thanks for sharing such beautiful stories with us. Sharon

  18. The house definitely evokes a feeling of calm, so it is understandable that you might be drawn to it in a time of sadness. Every room looks serene. I think that’s one reason our homes need to reflect a sense of serenity – to help us detox from a hectic, stressful world.

  19. Your husbands grandmother must have had a wonderful strength about her to reach such an amazing age. Nevertheless, a long lived life doesn’t make the passing any easier – my thoughts are with you.
    Love the featured house – the restrained colour scheme is so elegant. Thanks for the tour.

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