My Holiday Gift Wraps + Fabrics

By Kate Riley November 4, 2013

Hello friends – big surprise today! My October has been filled with all things Christmas and today I announce a collection of my holiday gift wraps and fabrics !

cover 6

What started out as a whim turned into a few craft projects and then a Holiday Lookbook. I designed and printed all 14 fabrics and gift wraps and I’ve been crafting and photographing behind the scenes to inspire you in anticipation of another holiday season filled with mirth and merriment.

I announce it today in early November simply because it takes time for the fabrics and gift wraps to arrive, so if you want to order any print from my collection, it’s best to do so in November! All of the paper projects were completed with a single roll of gift wrap and all of the fabric projects with a fat quarter of fabric (except the tablecloth – that required 4 yards of basic cotton).

kate riley holiday crafts

In the collection you’ll find a whimsical snowflake pattern called Winter’s Day in two colorways, also three variations of the Confetti pattern – bouncing polka dots mimicking tossed confetti. You’ll recognize the Sprig pattern from previous posts and now it’s available in three Christmas colorways. I really love the Mingle pattern, a fresh take on chevron, reinterpreted as imperfect pinstripes in a zig zag motif. The Ribbons pattern is a nod to traditional plaid but made modern with a repeat on the diagonal. 

Surface and textile design has been a dream of mine for over a year and when given the chance to combine it with my favorite holiday and crafting, the ideas and my glue gun kept me up late at night, but I decided to go for it and have fun by releasing a personal collection this year, available at Spoonflower.

Browse the Holiday Lookbook published at Issuu which includes creative projects and also links to all the fabrics and gift wraps if you’d like to buy them. The gift wrap is amazing quality, thick and substantial, not like the cheap stuff at discount stores. :)

I could write a book on everything I’ve learned about the fabric design industry and right now I’m in the process of working with both digital print methods and traditional screenprinting methods, I like both for different reasons. I’ll answer any inquiries in a future post about the process, feel free to ask questions!

Meanwhile enjoy the 2013 Holiday Lookbook!




  1. Kate!
    Wow.. what an accomplishment! Your fabric paper designs are great. Love all the projects you shared. I especially liked your pinwheel mantle garland. Vikki in VA.

  2. love the looks! wish i could buy some paper, but $15 a roll is a bit much for gift wrap. looks beautiful, though.

  3. Aaaahhh! So happy and excited for you Kate!!!! love the Paper wreath so much, really will make that one using your moss gift wrap!!!!!!!

  4. CONGRATS on your collection! It looks so cute!

    I’m so curious about your experience with digital print vs screenprinting methods. I’m in the process of trying to figure out what would work best for me and my little design business. It seems like there are trade-offs and advantages to both. I’d love your input!

  5. I don’t see the gift wrap as an option from the drop down menu. Please advise.
    Thanks… LOVE THE COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was wondering when you where going to show your fabrics! Love that you chose to start with a Christmas collection, it is so fun and YOU! Congratulations Kate, I wish nothing but success for you.

  7. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I am so excited to make our first stockings with your pattern and one (or two?!) of the prints…the hardest part is picking a favorite!

  8. To say I am impressed would be an understatement!! LOVE your design aesthetics, so fresh and happy and you always stay true to YOU!! One question, Love the papers, where can those be purchased as gift wrap?!
    Congratulations and KUDOS to you MISS KATE!
    Happy Monday,

    • Thank you so much Kathy Sue (and everyone) follow the links to Spoonflower, all fabrics and gift wraps available there under my designer profile!

  9. Wow! Your fabric and gift wrapping line is beautiful. Congratulations on your new business endeavour!

  10. Hi Kate!

    I’m so so excited for you! Ever since you designed the fabrics for your daughters room and the guest bedroom I’ve been waiting for your line to come out on Spoonflower! Do you know when you’ll add everyday fabric designs to your line?
    Congrats again!

  11. These are gorgeous! Last year I bought a red Christmas tree and decorated it with silver and aqua ornaments so these prints are right in line with my look. Too pricey for my budget but gorgeous!

  12. Holy moly youve been busy!! This is fabulous Kate! So excited for you. LOVE the lookbook and the beautiful photos. hmmmmm do we see an online magazine in your future? You have an amazing eye for detail & love how you style your shoots!

  13. Kate – you have inspired me for years. I don’t comment often but my stop here each day is one that I always look forward to. You never cease to amaze me not only with your projects but your staging and photography. I am simply in awe of your Lookbook and amazing projects. Simply stunning!

    • So kind Megan, and everyone thank you! Not sure there’s an online mag in my future Amanda but definitely more patterns – everyday ones coming in January!

  14. What a fun undertaking!! Each and every one of your designs is fabulous but I am especially loving the green ribbon plaid fabric you made the stocking with!

  15. So exciting, Kate! What a great collection of patterns! I love the paper wreath but how do you make it?

  16. Kate,
    I absolutely LOVE the colors and patterns of the fabric/ wrapping paper you designed. What a lucky girl you are to have this opportunity!
    I love the snowflake fabric but then I love all of it! It would be hard to choose just one! Congratulations to you! Enjoy the ride!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous fabrics and paper. I love the red with the light blue. By the way, I have no idea what a ‘fat quarter’ is – is it a quarter of a yard??? You must have had so much fun putting the projects together.

    • Ha yes Grace, a fat quarter is a quarter of a yard as if the yard has been split into a grid, it’s always 18″ long/tall, but the width’s can be different since some fabrics have a 44″ width and others have a 54″ width depending on the type of fabric. Yep the projects were a lot of fun, look for them in the coming weeks!

  18. Hey there Kate, I know that you are looking for comments here regarding your textiles. Forgive me though, I just want to say how beautiful you look in the photo you published on Lookbook. Very, very lovely.

  19. Congrats, Kate!! Your designs are just gorgeous! Love the idea for the wrapping paper wreath! I can’t wait to see your everyday line in January too!

  20. You have done a remarkable job. There’s a lot of love and an extraordinary amount of hard work put into your Holiday Lookbook. The minute I opened your email I was wanted to see what was in Holiday book. Very inviting, the photos are gorgeous and makes me want to go out and buy.
    Thanks for giving us such inspiration.

  21. Congratulations on your fabric/gift wrap unveiling! The colors and patterns are all so fresh and fun and your lookbook was gorgeous.
    I could not find the fabric width listed anywhere on Spoonflower. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place?

  22. Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing your work and wonderful holiday ideas. I’m impressed that you put everything together yourself. That takes vision, creativity, and lots of hard work. I’m inspired by your passion and commitment to your design and business. Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us!

  23. Lovely designs! Definitely an offering for your more affluent readers, though. $15 a roll for gift wrap? $27 a yard for cotton fabric? Wow.

    • I know the price point seems high Catlady, but I don’t set the prices. I had a long conversation with the folks at Spoonflower about it and even though the cotton starts at $17.50/yard it turns out their profit margin is not high, they’re offering a unique service Made in the USA and there is a higher cost to the consumer for that unfortunately for product that is environmentally friendly, printed on demand, and not mass produced. Thanks for your compliments on the designs!

  24. I jumped right over to see and share your new FABULOUS COLLECTION for the holidays! Amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing these and the lovely DIY photos along with them!

  25. Congratulations! what a lovely fresh collection . love the combo of old and new , especially the one with the blue . When the holiday season arrive i’m always envy those who celebrate, Here we celebrate Hanukkah which is more about food and candles rather then tree and decoration

  26. Love your collection! I just bought some of the aqua and moss chevron fabric! I may have to come back for some of the more “Christmas-y” stuff later.

  27. Wow Kate. Once again beautiful. I’ve been in this industry my whole life and grew up in it. I’m now 50. It’s changed a whole lot. That’s why his Spoonflower is such a gift. If you can’t go overseas to print you CANNOT be competitive in any way. What you see at Joannes etc is generally made in more than one quality. About 20 years ago if you could purchase 5,000 years you could not buy from the major fabric houses. Even as a mfg that is a lot of fabric. There were distributors for each region and then converters and importers. I designed and imported but we had the stores to supports plus we were the major distributor across the USA Now the mills are closed the fabric stores are gone. The distributors are gone and the major fabric houses in are gone. Dan River, etc. there are new ones but they are devoted to quilt and children’s mfg’s. Spoonflower allows us to be able to all use our talent, give the usa jobs, and every mfg on Spoonflower’s site has to charge the same thing. That’s why there are only the fabric options that you see. Yes it’s expensive. But it’s also a piece of art. It’s not in every walmart, etc. these are creators who are all trying to share their talent and produce their dreams. I applaud you .Kate for supporting usa. I’m sure you have other opportunities but it’s nice to see you make usa your first introduction. Best always

  28. Lovely designs and quality looks great! I agree with Catlady, the price point is higher than I would spend on fabric. But I do love the integrity behind the Spoonflower company! And your designs are just beautiful.

  29. Kate, I am literally blown away. Congratulations, this is beyond exciting! Your hard work paired with your endless talent is shown in every last detail within your look-book. It is so inspiring and beautiful and I am really excited for you. You are a superstar my friend!

  30. Oh my nellie!! I saw that Christmas ribbons, moss, and olive paper on Spoonflower last night, but didn’t realize it was yours! It’s GORGEOUS!!!

  31. Congratulations Kate. As usual, your knowledge and creativity are very inspiring. Keep it up, it makes me push me limits also.

  32. I’m thrilled for you Kate!! I love the fresh modern vibe, and looking through the Lookbook at your styling and photos was just what I needed to get excited about the season! You’re always such an inspiration in so many ways! Congrats!!

  33. Wow! Just wow! Since the first time I read your blog years ago, I thought she’ll be on tv! In the stores is far superior. You remain exquisite with your impeccable style and humble heart! I bet martha would like your number! Bravo, Kate! Well done!

  34. How can I order the gift wrap? I can only see how to order the fabric on Spoonflower. Love the designs!

  35. Congrats, Kate! I’ve been waiting for you to do something BIG like this, you are truly a talent and I can’t wait to get my hands on these new products.

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