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By Kate Riley October 30, 2013

Oh the gallery wall, we love it so. It seems everyone’s got one these days including us. Last month I featured a group of Etsy artists and today I’m back for more in a new monthly series. Last time many of you suggested favorites in the comments, plus I discovered a few more myself. Enjoy the roundup, and I hope it inspires you to add something new to your collection!

gallery wall theeverygirl


Find vintage natural history and botanical prints at Belle Maison, plus unique art nouveau prints too.   

belle maison vintage prints


No doubt Albie Designs has illustrated a city you’ve visited, preserve the memories with one of her unique works!  city illustrations albie designs


Cathy Hillegas watercolor landscapes have exquisite detail, it’s as if you’re really standing there staring at the view.

cathy hillegas watercolors


I’m smitten with the illustrations of Brittany Lee, each sketch tells a story and her birdies are a favorite!

brittany lee illustrations


I have a weakness for abstract art and loving the vivid versions spied over at Color Rich.

abstract art colorrich


Clare Elsaesser paints the feminine physique so beautifully, I love the ethereal quality of her work.

clare elsaesser paintings


Obvious State combines quotes from authors of the classics with unique illustrations, witty and wonderful.

obvious state literary prints


I’m as enchanted by the titles of these prints as I am by the subject matter at Janet Hill Studio.

janet hill studio paintings


What talented artists have you been admiring lately on Etsy?




  1. These are beautiful! I think it’s fabulous you support the small businesses of Etsy. :) I also make abstract art. You can view at Love the blog!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I just discovered Janet Hill yesterday, and I am in love with her work! I’ve actually been surfing the Etsy site trying to find similar art, but so far I haven’t come across any. Thanks for sharing these artists. ;)

  3. I LOVE those city prints by Albie Designs! My hometown is KCMO and she has a print of the city I’m dying over! I love the Etsy features on your blog. Thanks for helping me discover a new artist or two!

  4. I love Katie Daisy, Pink Pagoda, Lara Harris,Elizabeth Mayville and Siiso! Thanks for sharing your faves Kate! Loving Brittany Lee’s work, reminds me of the PIXAR short films. :-)

  5. I love this! Is it a regular thing? I remember you did it at least once before and I always favorite almost all the shops you share. Thanks for scouting them out!

    • Hi Christine, I do a lot of browsing over there, but some of the picks are recommendations by readers !

  6. Thanks to your suggestions, I think I gave found some new favorites! I recently found and posted about Gallery Wall by Sarah Swanson Designs. $10 for her artwork. Just trying to pick a piece or more for my home!

  7. Thank you for showcasing such great artists. I think one of Albie Designs would make a great wedding gift….maybe of the couple’s honeymoon or where they met.

  8. I have to say, I’ve never done a search for wall art on etsy. I’m always looking for jewelry or invitations, or baby stuff. Wow, so impressed with the abstract. Ive been looking for something like this to put in my living room. Stunning!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. AGREED!!!
    A definite Etsy Addict here!
    See my (design) blog, you’ll find tons more great artists shared there too ;D
    Some of these I actually hadn’t heard of!
    Thank you for the incredible share ;D

  10. Great article. I always love stumbling upon new artists. Here is an artist who sales her wares on Etsy as well. I found her shop back in 2011. Her name is Emily Winfield Martin and her shop is called The Black Apple. Here is the link to Emily’s shop.

    I in no way have any affiliation with the Emily other than just love her artwork and hope you enjoy it too.

  11. These are wonderful! Thank you for promoting Etsy artists. Sometimes I feel like we get lost among the millions of fantastic crafters.

    Linda Fehlen
    LF Gallery

  12. How am I just finding your blog?! Love it. I shopped on Etsy for years before realizing it might be the perfect venue for my own work. I’m still amazed by the massive selection of incredible, unique photography (and artwork) being sold at affordable prices there. So, if you can stand one more “shameless self promotion” here’s my own shop:

  13. I absolutely love these posts! I love having original art directly from the artist. You’ve even inspired me to post and pin my fav artists and pieces. I’ve even encouraged my readers to check out your Etsy posts!

  14. Thanks for sharing your finds. Like others have mentioned, I get overwhelmed looking on Etsy sometimes.

    I really like Lyrical Artworks for fun prints. And I have a couple of pieces from Sherri Conley Photography.

  15. I’ve purchased from Janet Hill that you mentioned, and also Amy Lee Weeks, Fifi Flowers, Red Letter Words, JimAmosPhotos22, Maggie Marsek, Lucius Art, RozArt and ChatterBoxArt. Yes! We have walls full of amazing art found via Etsy. Love it all and always looking for more!

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