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By Kate Riley September 17, 2013

I’ve taken a few art classes at the local junior college on painting and color theory and really want to take more, but it seems I forget to enroll with each new semester, so I have to live out my dream vicariously through the talented artists I find on Etsy. 

Art can be a jumping off point for an entire room’s design, whether it’s the palette or subject matter. Art in all its mediums is subjective, but I always say if you’re truly drawn to a piece it has touched something deep inside and you should make it yours (budget permitting). I love discovering artists from all around the world on Etsy and the fact that this forum and community makes it possible for artists to sell their creative works to the world. 

blue sofette and gallery wall above

Etsy is one of the first places I turn when I want to fill a wall, so today I’m starting a series (probably irregular and on a whim) that features prints, photographs, paintings, and artists you might consider for your growing collection. All of these prints would be cool in the right spaces, let’s get started with today’s favorites! 

Watercolor botanicals at The Joy of Color.

watercolor botanicals joy of color


Beautiful pressed leaf prints at Flat Flower Designs.

pressed leaf prints flat flower designs

(I bought this print for my home – thinking I’ll use it on my fall mantel !)


City love art by Lucius Art.

city art lucius art

(I bought this one last year – see it here.)


Abstract prints by Parima Creative Studio.

abstract prints


Astronomy prints at The Curator’s Prints.

astronomy prints


Cities of the world illustrations by Anna See.

city illustrations annasee


Football team and lyric typographic prints available at August Park.

typographic prints


Abstract landscapes by Kamara Larry Studio.

abstract landscapes


Do you have a favorite shop on Etsy where you’ve purchased original art?  I’d love to know about it!



    • Thanks for sharing Cathy’s work Kylie, she is wonderful!

      Ha ha Kathy! I love the vibrant prints at Cozamia too!

  1. Wow! I love this series (whim or regular)! I always hear of people buying art on Etsy but I’ve never tried. I have a wall in my sun room that needs art work and now I’m headed straight to Etsy to fill it. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  2. Oops! Cozamia is not an Etsy shop. Sorry about that, I am not allowed to make morning comments before my coffee/tea anymore….=)

  3. Love, love the abstract landscapes! Thanks for sharing this posting. As you know, I am a big fan of using art in rooms. So this all is a valuable resource for all of us.

    Have a great day – BE CREATIVE!

    All the best, Stephen

  4. I LOVE this series! Etsy can be so daunting for me because there is so much to look at, keep the suggestions coming!

  5. Love these prints! The hubs and I have an antique map of Baltimore from the 1860s and I have no idea what to pair with it.

  6. MarydeanDesigns has the cutest art prints for a kid’s room, but also some great stuff for adults. My sister and I both have some in our house and we love them!

  7. do you have a source for that “golden” California shaped art print? I grew up in the Bay Area and would love one of these in my home

  8. What a lovely group of artists from Etsy! I have so many favorites: Laura Amiss, Corrine Gala Fine Art, to name a few. I am actually an artist myself so it is always a great source of inspiration to see all the talented artists on Etsy, and did I mention that I have a little Etsy art shop of my own? Clever Fig Studios is the name, please feel free to stop by and say hello!

  9. My son is an artist-his ETSY is a bit bare right now( that’s a good thing !) but

    here’s a link to his FB page as well-

    He concentrates on portraits done in oil paints , but also does watercolor landscapes/cities ( they are somewhat less expensive). Hopefully he can make a living with it :)

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my art Kate,
    You are so right Etsy has opened a new way for artists to sell their work globally without any middle men . Its really exciting to know my work decorates home from Norway to Texas , from Australia to Alaska,
    You have grouped here beautiful works of wonderful artists, I’m honored

  11. I too like finding original art on Etsy. Photography, specifically travel photography, has become my latest obsession. A couple of my favorite shops are Eye Poetry Photography and the Paris Print Shop. Vita Nostra and Melanie Alexander are fantastic as well.

  12. Oh I love the abstract landscapes!

    I have only at one time bought some prints. From Despina who ownes thelittlefox. I fell in love with her Little Prisoner series and I bought a original doll she handpainted. After that I bought 4 of her prints (Fairytale series) and the Little Prisoner series as postcards.

    I’m currently lusting after Flower Vision. A print from Elsita. I think the limited editions will be sold before I can buy one :(.

    Here are some more favorites: (I think you should really look at this one Kate.)

  13. My sister purchased a piece from Parima earlier this year, just to tie her room together. It is “stop you in your tracks” perfect for the room.

  14. I, too, love your Etsy discoveries. I have such a hard time choosing who and what to look at on Etsy – so many choices! Love Flat Flower Design’s work.

  15. I’ve loved Sarah Jane Studios ever since I saw the boy swimming with a whale print hanging in your son’s room. At the time I contacted Sarah Jane to see if she had a similar print with a little girl, and while she didn’t she agreed to create one! I love it so much and have since bought several more prints from her. She’s also designed a collection of fabrics sold under the Michael Miller banner, and I’ve used several patterns on projects for my daughter. They are all so cute.

    Sarah Jane’s Etsy shop:

  16. Really really enjoyed this. I have no vision to do things with art so really do rely on others to come up with ideas plus the art. Thank you for the article and the ideas…PL

    • Thanks so much Rachel (and everyone) !
      It’s so nice to get all of these incredible recommendations for great art.

  17. What did we do before Etsy? It’s my favorite source for unique items and artwork. I fell in love with Sharon Montrose’s American Buffalo print but it’s out of my price range, so I searched for buffalo photos on Etsy. I found one that I liked but it didn’t quite fit my needs as-is, so I worked with the seller to have it converted from color to B&W, and cropped in. Now it’s the perfect in-your-face art for my small powder room!

  18. Love this! I bought old sheet music on etsy last year and framed it in classic black frames. The whole project was less than $150 and filled a large wall in my apt.

  19. This is a beautiful and unique curated post. I have now discovered new art favorites in Etsy. Thanks for the marvelous post and your generous time.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing! I ordered 6 prints from Flat Flower designs. The pictures of the prints don’t do them justice! They are absolutely gorgeous in my daughters bed room! Andy was very nice and I received them in a couple days!

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