The Stud Trend

By Kate Riley September 16, 2013

Ever since my recent trip to NYC, I’ve been crushing on studded trim. Maybe I’m feeling a little edgy or just craving a bit of glam as the holidays approach. Studded trim is a cousin of our favorite nailhead – it adds a raised textural and metallic touch to accessories which is why I’m drawn to it. 

Studded trim is everywhere in fashion and it’s one of my favorite trends right now on handbags, shoes, belts, and jewelry. I love that studs are appearing in home decor too, so after I discovered a stash of studded trim last week, and I couldn’t resist embracing the trend in a small way with my own version of a striped studded accent pillow.

diy gold studded pillow

The pillow is a combination of a simple zippered linen pillow cover and some trim I found last week. More details below, but first a peek a few ways studs are appearing on other pillows.

Jess Lively’s bedroom is a favorite in shades of white and gold, featured here on Design*Sponge. Notice the trim on the accent pillows on her bed, you could mimic the look with gold pyramid studs and plain white pillow covers.

studded shams withintention


West Elm has a collection of velvet studded trim pillows in yummy colors.

west elm studded pillows


Right on trend, there are several versions of studded accent pillows from high to low you can buy. high and low studded pillows

 metallic linen $249 / jaime young $265 / hudson at cleobella $366

zara home $59  / rectangle studded pillow $39  / nate berkus for target $25


I created my own combining linen fabric and champagne gold pyramid trim.

pillow cover and trim


I was inspired by the studded pyramid trim (and chain) I spied at Joann last week – the fashion and home decor possibilities are endless my friends!

studded trim


The studded plastic trim I bought was ultra mega shiny gold (top left) so I toned it down with some champagne spray paint. Yes, I sprayed painted my bling.

painted studded trim


Some hot glue was really all I needed to secure it to the pillow cover, which renders it dry clean only, but better that than then trying to run painted pyramid trim through my sewing machine, no thanks.

hot glue trim


The trim gives the linen pillow cover a unique look for just the cost of 2/3 yard of linen fabric ($5) and 2 yards of trim ($16 with coupon).

diy studded pillow


It’s easy to just use hot glue but there are other methods for adding studs to decor.  Kelly at Fabulous K created a gold studded acrylic tray inspired by a high end versions using hot glue like me.

diy gold studded tray fabulousk


Use E600 glue to add them to a clutch with I Spy DIY.

studded trim clutch


And then there’s the one tool no one wants to talk about.

But you know it’s out there.

C’mon you were thinking about it too.

bedazzler ad

Be Dazzling!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever owned one.

Yes, twenty years ago counts.

You can still buy it and it works!

Says the girl who rocked a faded denim miniskirt

with BeDazzled gemstones in her teens.


What say you? Are you a fan of studded trim trend in fashion and home decor? Did you ever own or use a BeDazzler?  Discuss. .


  1. I know studs are a bit trendy, so this simple project of yours is a great way of incorporating something without breaking the bank! Thanks Kate!

  2. While you can’t machine sew studs, you could certainly hand-sew them! It would be done pretty quickly. Sometimes, technology is *not* the answer ;)

  3. I like the studded look. They add a bit of sparkle in a toned down manner I think. But for the most part they are just decorative, I can’t imagine using a studded pillow to lay against lol I love Jess Lively’s space, such great taste she has.

  4. Of course. I actually had a children’s wear line for years and I used one then too. I have to admit that was only 10 years ago.
    Ha! It was my 2nd one.
    I rocked a chambray shirt that I studded and embroidered! Oh did I think it was the coolest ever!!!
    You are as always, amazing and sensational.

  5. Oh, I totally had a Bedazzler!! It was one of my favorite Christmas presents back in the day. I’m sure it’s still kicking around my parents’ house somewhere.

    The pillow you made is so cool! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that trim at my local JoAnn.

  6. I think I like your DIY pillow the best. It has a more classic look to it! Oh, and the Bedazzler reference comes close tom home. Loved that thing. We must be close in age!

  7. Lol – not only have I used the bedazzler – i actually did an informercial! In payment i received 5 bedazzlers and the various boxes and boxes of studs.

  8. The pillow is gorgeous! When you get a chance, update us on the comfort factor. They now have a fabric hot glue, I wonder if it would be washable? Or “Aleene’s ok to wash it” glue might work well here too. The bedazzler reminds me of Betty White. In some show she was trying to prove her artistic ability and said, “This track suit didn’t bedazzle itself.” Sometimes Darren and I just say that to each other and then laugh like crazy.

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