Beautiful Linens Giveaway

By Kate Riley October 2, 2013

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for visiting and linking up to the party yesterday, I can’t wait to finish looking at all the links this weekend!

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by one of my favorite shops StudioPatró. I had the pleasure of meeting owner Christina at a West Elm + Etsy event in early 2012 and I’ve been a fan of her linens ever since. Studiopatró tea towels and aprons are handprinted one-by-one, using ecologically friendly water-based inks. They are simple, elegant, and many include a dash of whimsy such as the Devour tea towel (that I keep meaning to frame for my kitchen!)  studiopatro linens

Useful and beautiful, these linens make the most lovely gifts, for you, for a housewarming, or for anyone playing holiday host or hostess. Wrap up a bottle of bubbly or a book or a homemade treat with one of these tea towels to make it extra special. Today Studiopatró is giving away three $75 shop credits to their online store !

studio patro linens as gifts

Eligibility to be one of three winners of a $75 shop credit:

1) Visit Studiopatró and pick out a favorite tea towel set or apron then name your favorite in a comment.

2) Share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter for a second chance to win, then name where you linked in a comment (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen at random. Giveaway ends Sunday October 6, 2013 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: #3 Heather E, #292 Carol C. #517 Kay

Winners notified via email.




  1. Love the Equal tea towel! As much as I bake I sometimes forget the conversions.

  2. I love the COOK & EQUAL Tea Towel set I can’t count how many times I have had to stop and try to convert gallons to oz OR tablespoons to cups.

    This towel could have given me hours back on my life! =)

  3. The “Oakleaf – Copper” tea towels are the perfect design for any kitchen in the fall.

  4. It’s hard to pick one! I love the Blanc Tea Towel set, especially the arabesque print.

  5. I love Today and Collander. Also, Cook, Bake, Devour, and Equal. Those would only be for show. I would never let anyone touch them. :)

  6. I love the Oak Leaf tea towels, but the Dot tea towels come in at a close second!

  7. I love the Piece of Cake towel and the Simple and Oak Leaf set.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. I love the Gio Stripe tea towel set in slate. I LOVE tea towels for some strange reason. My husband thinks I’m strange :o)

  9. I absolutely love the “Bake and Devour” set. What a fun giveaway to get ready for fall!

  10. Ooooh, I adore the aprons, but I’m having a tough time deciding between oatmeal and bark, they’re both so lovely. What a tough choice!

  11. I love the ‘Today’ and the ‘Colander’ tea towels. Such wonderful designs!

  12. I adore the oak leaf in copper! and the colander! and the gio stripe! They are all so cute!

  13. Beautiful! I love the the oak leaf tea towel in slate. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  14. Thanks Kate. I love the Equal tea towel with all the measurements – so practical.

  15. I love the Blanc Tea Towel Set especially the “Life is Delicious” towel. Thank you!

  16. They are all so lovely! I can’t decide…guess the Surprise Me Seconds is perfect for me!

  17. Another lovely giveaway! Thank you! I love the “Easy as Pie” and “Piece of Cake” tea towels.

  18. LOVE these!
    If I HAD to choose, I guess I’d go with the Blanc Tea Towel Set…but I’d be happy with anything!

  19. Copper Oakleaf tea towel(s) for me! Love anything having to do with trees…that includes leaves!

  20. Copper Oakleaf tea towel(s) for me! I love anything having to do with trees…that includes leaves!

  21. I love the “Today” tea towel and the “use cloth not paper” flour sack towels.

  22. Love the subtlety and simplicity of Life is Delicious. My kitchen is painted Dovecote gray; these lovely towel would fit right in.

  23. I like the simple and oak leaf set as well – such a classy look. Why am I so weak for tea towels?

  24. I love the “Keep it Simple” tea towel. It was my father’s favorite saying and it holds a special place for me.

  25. I like the Pie and Oakleaf set. I also really like the random seconds. That would be fun and I love the idea of small flaws.

  26. I love them all, but I think my fav is “Delicious Stripe”! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Love your idea of framing one of these tea towels! In honor of that I would LOVE the Equal tea towel. I also love the Piece of Cake and Mis En Place :)

  28. I like the tea towel that says ‘Today is a good day’. Nothing like some positivity in the morning.

  29. I love the Devour and Cook t-towels the best but everything is so beautiful.

    Wow, gorgeous line and love every item and now I want one of everything-lol.

  30. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway. I love the site and what they have to chose from. I really like the KEEP IT SIMPLE tea towels.

  31. I love the Colander dish towel with the black dots. Would look beautiful in my kitchen

  32. As I have to choose one, I would pick the Blanc tea towel set. So simple and natural.

  33. Oooh, such a hard choice but if I had to choose one, it would be the oak leaf tea towel in slate or the devour tea towel.

  34. I love the gio striped set in copper! It would be a fun pop of color for my kitchen!

  35. I love the Arabesque – blanc tea towel! Gorgeous pattern!

    I will also share on Facebook.

  36. Love the Oak Leaf tea towel in slate. Would be pretty in our kitchen or to add to a homemade bread as a gift for a neighbor .

  37. I love the blanc tea towel set! My favorite individual towel is the ‘life is delicious one

  38. I love them all so making me choose isn’t really fair. but … I will say the SIMPLE + OAKLEAF SET is gorgeous.

    What great designs!

  39. Well this sounds to be a perfect idea of Giveaways to be given for ‘housewarming, or for anyone playing holiday host or hostess. ‘ as said by the author. I do really appreciate the work, seems to be a real beautiful.

  40. Love them all! The just dots. – raspberry would go perfect in my kitchen though. Thank you for the giveaway!

  41. Big decisions- but I’m loving the big dots in slate tea towels at this moment.

  42. So hard to decide! If I must…I like all the dots and stripes. Thanks for hosting this give away!

  43. I think the Cook + Equal tea towel set is divine! It would look great in my kitchen, which I have been trying to redesign without replacing anything major.

  44. I would LOVE the Café Apron Set in Oyster. The huge pockets are the aprons is a thoughtful touch!

  45. I loved the blanc tea towel set! But everything on site is wonderful!

  46. I LOVE the CAFÉ APRON SET in BARK – (though I also really love the Devour towel…)

  47. I love the whimsy if the “just dots” tea towel in mineral. Polka dots are always fun and make me smile! :o)

  48. GIO STRIPE – COPPER would look fabulous in my new kitchen! I have a serious weakness for tea towels!

  49. I love the Equal tea towel. I have been wanting one of those for a long time to frame. If I don’t win, I will plan on making one of my own.

  50. Oooh, I also love the “Devour” tea towel, but they are all beautiful and original!

  51. How can I pick a fav? Love, love, love “piece of cake” and “mis en place” tea towels!!

  52. Wow, absolutely gorgeous work. I love the simplicity of the oak leaf tea towels.

  53. The Bake and Devour gift set…that way I wouldn’t have to decide between the two:)

  54. I LOVE the Equal but different, I am always going to my iphone to look up measurement, this would be so usefull!

  55. Love the BLANC TEA TOWEL SET so elegant and pretty. Just painted the kitchen. Love to update towles too.

  56. My favorite tea towel is MIS EN PLACE. The colors are beautiful and the sentiment fits me very well because I like order in my kitchen!

  57. Hard to pick a favorite. What gorgeous linens! I am drawn to the noir tea towel set.

  58. “Cook Everyday” to keep my husband motivated :). Thank you for hosting such a great opportunity!

  59. I love the “Bake” and “Devour” tea towels — they’re adorable! I also have a hard tim choosing my favorite apron!

  60. As someone who practically lives in the kitchen, I love the look of the aprons especially the Bark colored ones. They look beautiful and functional. Great combination.

  61. I watched the video on “12 ways to use a tea towel” – beautiful! Especially love the Lime Check.

  62. My favorite is the Noir tea towel set. Love the 3 patterns and the crispness of the black against the linen.

  63. Great giveaway. I love the Equal and Oakleaf copper towels. All are so beautiful!

  64. Oh…..they are all so beautiful it was difficult to choose just one item! However, if you twisted my arm, I would have to go with the BLANC TEA TOWEL SET (Oak Leaf being my favorite pattern.) I love that color combination and those tea towels would look wonderful in my kitchen!

    Thanks for turning me on to a fabulous product!

  65. i love the aprons but i will always wear the one my mom made for me so tea towels it is – i love both the mis en place and the just dots towel in mineral

  66. Lovely pieces. Great for gifts and also for oneself. I like the Delicious Stripe.

  67. I love the bake + devour apron set!!! So cute…and my kitchen is in orange too!! Love!

  68. Can it be possible that I can’t choose because they’re all my favorites? A difficult decision for sure.

  69. Noir Tea Towel set is darling, I got a kick out of the colander one! Thank, Kate!

  70. I loved so many things! The simplicity of the flour sack towels is nice but also like Just Dots!

  71. It was so hard to pick just one. The dimensions were larger than I expected. Yes, I want them all. Since I have to choose only one, it would be Equal but Different.

  72. I love these towels! So cute. The flour sack towels seem so perfect! I love the Life is Delicious tea towel! :)

  73. They’re all stunning. Love the simplicity and “tailored quirk” of the designs. But the oak leaf copper was my favorite…with the others only a half-step behind.

  74. I love the fall oak leaf towels and the colander noir towels. They are all so beautiful!

  75. So adorable. I am in a bit of a polka dot faze these days, so I would choose the Colander Noir. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I just posted the contest on FaceBook. That’s another entry for me. I really adore these towels.

  77. I love all the tea towels but especially the ones in Copper. I am so in love with orange right now!

  78. I like the “Equal but Different” tea towel – it’s informative, useful, and adorable!

  79. The prints are all amazing – I love Check, Gio Stripe and Colander – thanks for offering!

  80. Totally love the noir tea towel set. And I’m a shorty so the kiddot apron in mineral would fit me a lot better than the huge one I currently have

  81. I posted the giveaway on twitter-“Always trying to win from this website bc it has the cutest little home things ever…you can try too- …” via @nickigreenhalgh

  82. Lovely kitchen linens. I love the blanc tea towel sets. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  83. I love the simple/easy as pie/mis en place/piece of cake design and would love ALL of them!

  84. Easy as Pie! Well, it is even easier than that I like them all.
    Thanks for the chance.

  85. I adore the Equal tea towel! Such a great idea and struck a chord with me because I am always looking up how many tablespoons in a 1/4 cup, and so on.

  86. The arabesque tea towels are neutral and would match anything and everything!

  87. Oh my goodness! This is TOO hard! I love them all!! But if I have to pick one, it would be the Blanc Tea Towel Set. If I could pick another, it would be the Kitchen Apron Set in Bark. Oooooh, they are so very pretty and so useful! I never dreamed of tea towels so large and that can be used in so many ways! Thank you for the chance to win.

  88. That linen apron in bark really caught my eye. Would love to wear that around the holidays! What a
    Luxury, a linen apron.

  89. I love the bright color of the CHECK – LIME! As I have an all white kitchen it adds some pop!

  90. Beautiful! I think my favorite is the simple “Today is a good day” tea towel. Though, I do love most anything with a stripe or a polka dot . . . Thanks for the chance to win!!

  91. “Today is a Good Day” tea towel. Makes me smile even though it is raining outside :). Would love to see more items on their website in that beautiful green color. Several items featured on your blog appear to be sold out. Will check back to see if they make a reappearance. Hint, hint StudioPatro.

  92. The simple + oakleaf set is the bomb! Love the color mineral too however, fewer items were available in that color.

  93. First I chose the kitchen apron in bark and then I changed to the mis en place tea towels and then I saw the sets. Oh, dear ….

  94. I can’t decide between the slate gio stripe or the blanc arabesque! Hmm… I’ll say the arabesque since it’s a bit more unusual. Very cute stuff.

  95. I have loved the “Easy as Pie” tea towel since you first featured this shop on your blog. I would be so thrilled to win the giveaway and finally get it!

  96. The Blanc Tea Towel Set is lovely, though there were several others that caught my eye! Wonderful giveaway – thank you!

  97. Love them all but pick the “Devour” tea towel. I’ve just gone on the website and ordered a wedding gift and I think I just solved some Christmas present questions :). Thanks for sharing this site. I love it!

  98. I absolutely adore linens, and theirs are fabulous!
    I love it all, but the slate leaf tea towel is a favorite of mine…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  99. LOVE these. Shared it on FB. My favorite is either the Oakleaf set (how did they know I needed orange and grey?) or the “keep it simple” and “easy as pie” set.

  100. My favorite is MIS EN PLACE – I love the color & wish I could have everything in it’s place. Joyful & inspirational.

  101. I love the Cook + Equal tea towel set! Those measurement conversions would come in handy!

  102. Ooh! I love a lot of these but my favorite just might be DEVOUR (it’s so original)!

  103. I’m such a sucker for tea towels. I just love them! Consequently, I have a LOT of towels and no aprons. I love the KITCHEN APRON – OATMEAL

  104. Love so many of them. I would frame the “equal but different” towel. Beautiful fall colors.

  105. I adore the “EQUAL” Tea Towel! It appeals to my inner engineer. Unit conversions ftw!

  106. I really like the oak leaf tea towels, but it’s hard to beat the timeless flour sack ones!

  107. They are all so lovely, it is hard to pick just one…..I really like the bake/devour tea towel set.

  108. I’m loving the Oakleaf….perfect for updating for fall in the kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I love the Just dots in Mineral! :) Not to keen on the aprons, a bit too boring for me. Should add some brighter colours to that collection!

  110. Love the Oakleaf – especially in copper. Close second is the blanc colander – I just love polka dots these days.

  111. I want that mineral polka dot apron. I’ve need a new apron for ages. Also, LOVE those leaf towels for fall!

  112. Wow – beautiful items! Anything copper is wonderful – leaves are fun and the blanc colander also was a favorite. Thank you.

  113. Oh my goodness the towels are amazing! I love them all. I would totally go for the arabesque blanc, delicious stripe, and mis en place. To die for!

  114. I love the flour sack seven! You just can’t beat flour sacks for drying dishes!

  115. I am loving the Blanc Tea Towel Set as well as the Oak Leaf Tea Towels. They would both be perfect for Fall!!

  116. Love the Oyster apron set, but the Bake and Devour tea towels, Oh boy hard to choose.

  117. I love the aprons — especially the combination of rich color and practicality of the bark color — but the leaf tea towels are tempting too.

  118. OAKLEAF!! So lovely. My mother’s family homesteaded in an oakgrove and I was married there. I will always be partial to the Oak Leaf!

  119. They are all so tempting but the Noir Tea Towel Set is the most tempting of all.

  120. I would love to frame the BAKE tea towel. It would look great in my kitchen for fall!

  121. Hi. I love so many things. I love the toast wine bags. They are so fantastic and it’s hard to come up with something new in a saturated area! Thanks

  122. KITCHEN APRON SET in BARK is gorgeous! I am sharing on my facebook profile too :)

  123. I really, really liked a lot on their site. My favorites were their Cafe Apron in oatmeal and bark. I also really like the Just Dots tea towel in slate.

  124. Good Evening……so many nice things……I really love that: CAFÉ APRON – BARK. Many thanks, sincerely, Valerie.

  125. so many favorites :)
    Love the COOK tea towel, I would frame & hang in my kitchen
    (share on FB)

  126. Oh boy. It’s really hard to pick a favourite (or 2 or 3). I love the tea towels, especially Piece of Cake, Arabesque Blanc and Delicious Stripe. I also love that the linen towels are sturdy but soften with time. Thanks for the opportunity to win such nice towels.

  127. I luv the Kitchen Apron set in Bark. That is just classy. Thank you for sharing!

  128. Blanc tea towel set!
    i love the suggestion for using it when transporting a dutch oven. Elegant and it’s only a towel!

  129. Oh, I love them all!

    I think my favorites are Bake (reminds me of my grandmother), Devour, and Piece of Cake!

  130. oh love the idea of wrapping a bottle of wine and giving as a gift SO cute!

  131. What lovely tea towels! I’m especially drawn to the typography ones – Cook, Equal, Bake, and Devour. :)

  132. I have to agree – it’s the Devour tea towel for me. I would totally frame it too!

  133. I love Arabesque!

    Thank you for the giveaway, I’ve just found your blog but you have so many beautiful and sophisticated ideas! I can’t wait to learn more from you!


  134. Love the noir tea towel set – we just finished our backsplash in grey/black mosaic tile.

  135. The Noir Tea Towel Set is really nice but I also like the Bake and Devour set.

  136. Like the colander, gio stripes & Easy as Pie tea towels. Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. I really like the Bake and Devour tea towel set or the Flour Sak towels. Actually, I really like everything!

  138. These are beautiful, if I had to chose one it would be the arabesque tea towels in white.

  139. I absolutely love the Devour tea towel, and would frame it for my studio – it’s a reminder to take the time to enjoy what I love – paying attention to shadows, reflections on water, architecture of old buildings, and conversations when the topics wander but make complete sense.

  140. Great shop – I love it all! Especially taken, though, with the Oak leaf tea towel set….the “Keep it Simple” companion towel and the grey color are perfect!