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By Kate Riley February 27, 2012

This weekend seemed to fly by quicker than ever and I ended up asleep in front of the Oscars last night, completely exhausted. I had a fantastic weekend though, on Saturday I treated myself to some retail therapy by making a special trip to West Elm – it’s over an hour away – but I made a trip due to Victoria’s announcement that there was a West Elm + Etsy event, so I met up with my blog buddy Courtney from Courtney Out Loud. We mingled with a few Etsy sellers and had a lot of fun checking out all the new goods in the store.

I’m loving their recycled glass bottle collection this year, all those watery blues and greens look fantastic in a group together.

west elm glass bottles


It’s been around awhile, but I’m still loving the graphic bull’s eye pillow and that carved wood side table together. That multi faceted wood ball is such a fantastic decorative object but I can’t find it online so now I wish I’d grabbed one at the store.

west elm brick wall chair endtable


I’m always drawn to the white ceramics and this years are so pretty, especially that large porcelain hurricane.

white ceramics west elm (2)


Here are some of my other favorites this season . . .

west elm favorites

1. Duck feet napkins  2. White wall clock (only in stores)   3. Battani stripe pillows  4. Alphabet trays  5.  Honeycomb bath accessories  6. Modern bowls  7.  Battani stripe rugs  8.  Stripe favorite throw  9.  Retro Ikat pillow cover  10.  Carved side table  11. Zig zag bath mat  12.  Flower print tray   13. Sahara Ikat pillow cover


I bought one of those fun items above, will show you soon! 

West Elm regularly invites Etsy artisans into their stores as part of their We Heart Handmade series, and I made a new friend with Christina from StudioPatro.

christina etsy studiopatro


Her shop carries the most beautiful  hand printed linen textiles including tea towels, aprons, and market bags, you MUST check out her collection (online shop here, Etsy shop here).

studiopatro logo


I bought the Devour tea towel isn’t it charming?  Also the ‘stripes make everything better’ towel for a friend. 

studiopatro tea towels


These linen textiles are a unique way to wrap a housewarming or hostess gift.

studiopatro linens


I also finished up a pedestal table makeover, that’s coming up later this week.  Have you spied any new favorites at West Elm or on Etsy lately?  What was your latest round of retail therapy?


** this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing a few favorites from my latest trip!




  1. I looove Studio Patro. I have a couple of their tea towels and hope to add to that. By the way, in the West Elm photos, #8 isn’t in the list of items under the photos?

    • You’re so welcome Christina, so nice meeting you too, and I’m a huge fan of your linens!

  2. Love West Elm! Need to make a trip, fortunately ours in only 30 minutes away. Going to check out those fantastic linens…I am in need of a new table runner and haven’t quite found what I am looking for!

  3. I LOVE west elm! the emeryville location is literally a block from my office, my coworker and I make at least a once-a-week visit LOL! My favorite item they have right now is their floor pouf, but $250 is well out of my price range, so what did i do? I hacked it! I made a few of my own and a tutorial, which you can check out here: http://www.brittanymakes.com/brittanymakes/2012/02/pouf-tutorial-the-west-elm-pouf-hack.html
    so bummed I skipped out on the event!

  4. Wow, I am loving ALLLL of those tea towels! Gorgeous coloring & style, loving her work. I see some retail therapy in my future at Studiopatro. I can’t stop thinking about those subtly rich colors. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m actually taking home the brick wall in the background. I think everyone considering painting their brick wall or fireplace should take note; looks like it’s about to make a come-back! It really adds such warmtn and textural interest.

  6. I bought my husband the honeycomb bath set (the guy just loves all things bees!), and the set is beautiful in person! The pictures online do not do it justice. Plus, they were on sale not too long ago which made it an even better purchase! :-)


  7. I’m having a lot of trouble viewing your mobile site. It’s tiny and hard to use. I just wanted to let you know. I’m guessing others are fighting with it as well. Thanks for always providing incredible inspiration!

    • I’ll take a look Melissa, and maybe a vote next week, some others are having trouble with it too….


  8. I wanted to attend that event but had family in town. I am having a love affair with west elm currently. My favorite is the white ceramic clock. Anyways I was speaking to someone who works there and found out why all of a sudden I am loving west elm. (I never used to like it. It being so modern and all) A few years ago the president of Anthropology went to run WE. That is why the look has changed a bit. And good news for fellow lovers. They are opening quite a few stores in 2012. We currently only have one in the Bay Area but are supposedly gaining four more by the end of the year. Thanks for the post and how cool that they are etsy friendly!


  9. Love her Etsy line! Alissa Jacobs has a great Etsy shop too! Her cosmetic bags and clutches are fabulous.
    I’m also in love with all the jugs you had a picture of… I just stood in the store staring at them. My other face thing is the gray stripped shower curtain. Love the simplicity of it and think it could make great curtains…

  10. Love West Elm. I wish I lived closer to one. :( I have had my eye on those modern bowls for forever–I like the combo of patterns! And those towels are beyond adorable.

  11. I love that you got to meet some local ladies! I am also a nor-cal girl…live near Sacramento and would love to know about more type of Nor-Cal meet ups! You are just the lady for organizing something?! {wink wink!}

    • Ha! I know Ashley, we should do another meet up, maybe closer to you in Roseville!


  12. Just thought I’d let you know that I have become obsessed with Pinterest and can’t get enough of pinning your ideas.

    Thanks for always inspiring me!


  13. I love those zig zag bath mats. We have a long hallway in need of a runner because our dog is still figuring out house-training and has ruined our pretty wool runner. Thinking of stitching two of those grey zig zags mats together to make an easy throw-in-the-wash runner. They didn’t look too “bath mat” in person, more like a pretty, soft rug.

  14. The tea towels are awesome – They will find a home at my next outdoor party. Maybe those modern bowls as well. Thanks for the post

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