Takeaway Tuesday: Southampton Living Room

By Kate Riley May 14, 2013

Hello all, how’s it going? Yesterday was Matt’s birthday so we went out to dinner and a movie, and how cute is the chocolate cake my girl made for her daddy? So sweet! We saw Gatsby last night and I was left feeling ‘meh’ about it – loved all the clothing and cars and all the swoon worthy art deco settings but the story felt a little empty. What did you think?

Today I wanted to share a beautiful room decorated by designer Steven Gambrel, I’m such a huge fan of his work – his spaces are flawless. This living room appeals to me for its ocean hues but also for these five takeaways.

southampton cottage sr gambrel

To see more of this gorgeous room and tour the beautiful Southampton home, visit Steven’s portfolio.

southampton cottage chairs and table sr gambrel


Interior design & images courtesy of S.R. Gambrel

What do you love about this room?



  1. Great points Kate! This room is both beautiful and relaxing, a difficult combo to achieve. :-)

  2. Love the fabric on the sofa and the blue upholstered chair. Is that a desk behind the couch? The dark blue bottles are pretty!

  3. Individually, I like the pieces and the colors in this space, but together they’re not working for me. There’s a bit too much visual clutter for my taste. Maybe if there wasn’t the open shelving and/or fewer knickknacks. I like the subtle pattern on the sofa, the large art piece (although not a fan of the actual piece) and the wood tones with the white upholstery.

    We saw Gatsby the other day and my husband almost fell asleep! lol. I agree about the costumes, etc. but I did not think Dicaprio made a great Gatsby. I liked Redford much more in the role. Nevertheless, we are no doubt going to see lots of vintage styles take off!

  4. Wow! I am in love with the colors of baby blue, green and white since seeing this home. Every room in this house flows with the color scheme, some more subtly than others. This designer has beautiful taste in furnishings, accessories and lighting. Fabulous home!

  5. Love the large art work on the boards…great idea for a large wall.
    While I like the colors used, it’s crowded, to me. I do like the bookshelves with their color.

    I haven’t seen the Gatsby yet…saw the one with Redford and fell in love….not sure about Dicaprio, even tho I love him to pieces, too. Can’t wait to see it…..

  6. Love that combination of blue and green. It’s great the way the colors pop out on the bookshelf and in other small pieces on the room.

    I haven’t heard a rave review of Gatsby yet. Not sure I’m going to rush out to see it.

  7. One thing I take away from this room is that he has used two different methods to balance color. The blue is in three relatively equal parts: backs of shelves, chair, and pillows. The green has one huge statement (WALL!), and then two smaller ones (bowl of apples, jar lid). What a cool way to incorporate two different colors without equal measures of everything. Nice!

    (I LOVE this new series, Kate. Who needs Gatsby when you can have Takeaway Tuesdays?)

  8. My mom has beautiful built ins. I’ve told her she needs to paint the back wall behind them. It sure does look lovely.

  9. This room is awesome! I agree with Doreen that it’s a bit cluttered for my taste, but the use of color and texture is perfect! They did an amazing job of making a space a ROOM.

  10. The colors are very smoothing and harmonious, but all the “stuff” jammed into that space looks crowded and feels a bit stifling. Take out that table and four chairs next to the painting and clean some of those shelves!

  11. I don’t reply much on this blog, but I have to say I like this series that you are doing! It really helps someone like me who sees that a room is pretty but doesn’t understand how it all comes together works! I will be referencing this as I work to complete the decorating my house. Thank you very much!

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