Takeaway Tuesday: Pink + Orange Living Room

By Kate Riley May 21, 2013

First I must say my thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Oklahoma after the devastating tornado in Moore and and the heartbreaking losses at the Plaza Towers Elementary School yesterday. Donate what you can to the American Red Cross here.

I spied this beautiful room on the pages of the Wisteria catalog last week and fell in love with all of it, the textural elements, touches of warm metallics, and the fruit punch palette combining shades of sangria and tangerine. It’s a great example of decorating with analogous colors, those that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Here are this week’s five takeaways!

wisteria living room takeaways

Image source Wisteria


What do you love about this breezy beautiful space?




  1. I am in LOVE with the wall…linen or burlap anything in my book is great! Though I cannot decorate with it because my husband is determined it is only meant to potato sacks. But beyond the love of that wall I am smitten with the flower prints. Is there anyway you could tell us where to get them, or something similar to them. I am decorating my DD’s room (4 and almost 6) and these would be the perfect prints for one of the walls.

    • Follow the Wisteria link below Cassandra, you’ll find the series of prints there!

  2. My current obsession is orange and pink together, so of course I love this. I like how sophisticated it looks mixed with tan. The only thing I would change is the angled couch. it looks great in photos but I don’t think my left brain would let me have a diagonal couch in my home.

  3. Love the grasscloth with the wainscoting! Really loving this new series too!

  4. I love everything about that living room! I love orange and pink together, but it doesn’t work in my house right now. I actually have my couch at an angle in a tiny living room and it really opens up my space. My husband did not want it that way, but I moved it while he was at work and after a couple of days he decided that he liked it better that way! I even have the 3 pictures on my wall, but they are of my kids, all in matching frames. Great post and great room! :)

  5. Very pretty! I’ve noticed that BHG has pinks and oranges on their two most recent covers.

  6. Very pretty and pristine. Although, to me, the pink chairs look like they were made for a doctors office!

  7. Beautiful and great info. I really love the wainscoting with grasscloth. Do you know any great sources for great wallpaper at very affortable prices, please? I love Wisteria but I wish they would start to carry some less expensive furniture. They really have beautiful things though.

  8. I love the color palette. Pink and orange with white makes anything sheerfull either a fabric or an entire room. The linned walls makes such a great accent.
    Hopefully my home will look like this pretty soon :D

  9. Tangerine and sangria seem to be the rage this season. This is a nice medley of neutral and bright shades. I love the linen wall paper. It off-sets the fruit punch palette, yet brings out the charm of every element in the space. The pillows make a bold statement in the seating space. The hues are repeated on the wall, maintaining the fresh look.

  10. I love grasscloth wallpaper but it can be very expensive. Any ideas of where to find it at a resonable price?

  11. I am an avid design blog reader… and an Oklahoma girl. I was hurt when not a single one of my favorite bloggers acknowledged the Moore tragedy. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouraging people to donate.
    For some reason, your blog has never been a daily read for me. I don’t know why, because I love your style! Now I love your style and heart. From now on, I’m reading your blog first.
    Thanks again!

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