Takeaway Tuesday: A Beautiful Bedroom

By Kate Riley April 30, 2013

Hello everyone! Today is another takeaway Tuesday feature, taking a peek at a beautiful bedroom, design by Melanie Turner Interiors. I saved this bedroom in a board on Pinterest as inspiration for a future guest room. I love the bright green console that acts as a nightstand and the focal point ornate headboard too. Here are five great takeaways from this gorgeous bedroom!melanie turner bedroom takeaway tuesday

What elements do you love about this bedroom?


Design by Melanie Turner Interiors.



  1. I really like the fresh color contrasted with the wood headboard, but most noted is the contrast of old and new. My husband will tell you that I often comment that a room is “nice, but it seems flat.” And what I’m noticing is that everything is one particular style and it kinda bores me, like the B&B we stayed in that had all antique furnishings.

  2. I love this contrast of old and new. My husband and I both grew up in houses with matching furniture sets, something that now looks so dated! As we get the money to slowly buy pieces that truly reflect our own personalities (as opposed to hand-me-downs that have strings attached) this is the kind of look I’m going for. To me it just has so much more character than a matchy look.

  3. Of course, not to forget the books or magazines! Love about guest rooms is that we can always go bolder and beyond our comfort zone, it’s just fun to decorate!

  4. I adore this room. I have it included in one of my Pinterest boards too!
    For me it’s the mix of old and new, cool and warm. As well as the fern and eclectic little wall gallery.

  5. Would it be possible to get some input on the beadboard/board and batten/other types of panelling? I love panelling and want to install some in my house. My question is, do you have to be consistent with the type of panelling throughout the house, or can you do different types in different rooms (ie board and batten in the dining room, beadboard in the living room)? What about the height of the panelling throughout the house? So confused – help! :)

  6. I noticed how the arrangement and height of the wall art above the green table compliments the height of the headboard. Otherwise, the table might be overpowered by the headboard. The light-colored wall compliments the perimeter carving of the headboard too.

  7. Beautiful – love the mix of old and new, light and dark – would love to know the color green of the side table – such a great spring green.

  8. I love the beautiful painting on the wall as all the colors in the bedroom start here. The light blue walls, the green of the table and the colors in the coverlet on the bed. Even the little fern to bring nature into the room. This would be a great example of how an inspiration piece can lead you to your color pallet. I also love the white rug on the dark wood floor. It’s a very lovely well done room.

  9. Absolutely love the different shades of green…and am in love with the bed! Love the antique yet modern touches!

  10. I’m intrigued from top to bottom, 1 – 5 perfect!

    Love the colours chosen, it’s so calming perfect for a bedroom

  11. The modern and traditional elements have been mixed really well in this beautiful room. The green console, white linen and the quilt create a fresh, modern setting. They seamlessly blend with the most interesting point of the room which is the headboard. This decorative headboard is a throw-back to the regal times, yet fits so perfectly into the space. The plant on the console further livens up the space.
    I love the way the green shade is distributed throughout the space- on the quilt, the console, the plant and even carried to the frame on the wall. This can be a really cozy and inviting guest room.

  12. Love the idea of a console as a night table, especially a beautiful painted piece…swoon worthy!

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