White + Blue Christmas Tree

By Kate Riley December 13, 2012

We’ve had a flocked tree for three years now and I’m totally hooked on them!  It’s the one way we can have a white Christmas in our home since we don’t get snow here.  I loved the idea of using blues and greens to complement the mantel garland, and this year the stand sits inside a gray Colonial Mills braided woven basket.  It’s our blue and white Christmas tree all decked out for 2012!

blue and white christmas tree centsational girl


I found this beautiful peacock blue ribbon with gold trim for half price at Michaels and couldn’t resist crimping and weaving it through the tree like party streamers.

peacock blue ribbon in tree


I also opted for two strings of white globe lights instead of twinkle lights… I think I’ll string them outside when Christmas is over… I ordered them from Novelty Lights a few months ago and they come with real glass bulbs so you have to be careful with them but I love them!

globe lights



Tucked inside are all sorts of ornaments that remind us of precious memories… like that trip to Disneyland the week before Christmas when it snowed on Main Street as the kids oohed and ahhed at all the lights in the parade.



And that sisters trip I took to NYC with my sister where at the end of four days we couldn’t speak our voices were so hoarse from talking and laughing non stop.

taxi cab ornament

And the John Wayne ornament we bought last year because my kids think he’s the coolest dude that ever lived.  They love his movies!

john wayne ornament


And that last trip we took to Hawaii as a couple before the babies were born because as you know traveling to Hawaii with kids and without kids is a completely different experience. ;)

hawaii ornament

And many more precious little ornaments tucked inside that I’ve saved for 15+ years.

white and blue christmas tree

I found a tree topper at Crate + Barrel this year that I loved, a silver Moravian star, I’ve always wanted one for our tree so I was excited when I saw it in their store this year.

moravian star tree topper

Our tree is the first thing you see when you enter our house, so festive and pretty!

tree view from entry

flocked tree centsational girl


More flocked trees from the past here:  teal and brown from 2010 and crimson and white in 2011.   Linking up to Sarah’s Christmas Tree Party to finish off the Holiday Home Link Parties.

holiday home link parties

Thanks so much everyone for joining in on the fun!




  1. I love the colors!!! I am in love with everything teal, blue, and green mixed with metals and white. I would decorate my entire house that way but a certain pink loving 3 year old has to have her influence too. And then there’s the husband, who doesn’t care but still has his input too… beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. It is DREAMY. I mean, girl, you outdid yourself this year. Absolutely beautiful…I’m dreaming of a flocked tree, too, but I can’t find any around here. I’m still going to keep looking, though! Merry Christmas to you, friend.

  3. Your tree is just beautiful. It’s so lush and full, and I like how you’ve combined the colored ornaments with your family’s keepsake ones. A few years ago, we had a real flocked tree on our porch, and I was still vacuuming up the flocking several months. But I would love to have an artificial flocked tree! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Wow, this is literally one of the most beautifully decorated trees I’ve ever seen! I love the colors and it’s definitely making me think about getting a flocked tree next year. You have the best taste…I love everything you do!

  5. I’ve always wanted a flocked tree, for sure I when I buy my next one, I will get it since like you, we live in an area with not much snow. I love how you tucked your tree in a basket! So unique and pretty!

  6. Your tree is beautiful! I would love to know about the container you have it in. So pretty and different!
    Charlotte T

  7. Absolutely stunning. Especially next to that baby grand! I love all the special memory ornaments mixed in. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree!

  8. I love to see what you do, Kate! It is all so beautiful and I love that you use the family ornaments even if they don’t match your over-all blue and white decor theme. I have some ornaments which are sentimental (but terribly ugly, cheap, or kitchy) and I sneak them in inconspicuously. Thanks for all the great photos!

  9. I’m going to be honest – I didn’t actually read this article. I was just scrolling through the pictures and the Mele Kalikimaka ornament caught my eye. I grew up in Hawaii and even after we left there my mom ALWAYS hung the Mele Kalikimaka banner in our house. =]

  10. Your tree is fantastic!! I love the shade of blue with the white. You always make everything lovely. I forgot, I love the bucket the tree is sitting insdide of.


  11. Hi! I love the white and gray curtains behind the tree! Can you tell me where you got them??

  12. Lovely! Great bucket too.
    What do you do with your tree after Christmas? I see all sorts of pickups and places to recycle but they all say no flocked trees. This has put me off from trying one.

  13. Hi Kate- love the tree and all the colors. QUESTION: What did you put your tree in? Is that a bin on somesort? Love the look.

    • Hi Jen, a flocked tree does not need water, so it’s on a X stand they gave us from the lot. It’s tucked into the basket!

  14. Love it! Is this a real tree or artificial! I was too intimidated to flock my real tree…I am still in mourning over my lack of confidence!! :)

  15. Kate, I love this flocked tree and the globe lights are my faves. I use small red globe lights and they have the appeal of beautiful bright cranberries to me.
    Enjoy All your trees, fun and happiness… that’s what it’s about, and love, friends, family and so on and so on. :)

  16. I was wondering, does the flocking come off the tree and make a big mess? We have a large shag carpet in the living room and I don’t want to be handpicking bits of “snow” out of it the rest of the year. One year, we made a popcorn string; the bits of popcorn everywhere made it a no go for the future. Thanks!

    • Hi Azure, they can be messy, and they’re easier to care for with wood floors so yes, be aware the flocking may be around for awhile with carpet!

  17. Your tree is beautiful. I was looking at a flocked fake tree this year, but I didn’t take the plunge . . . yet. I have a question. I have faceted glass C6 bulbs and I pulled out my last new strand this year. They are not to be found anywhere ever again. I have searched the galaxy including eBay and Craigslist to find the last vestiges of them. Nope. Nada. I was looking at the globe lights as an alternative. I was thinking along the lines of ten strands of lights or so and then I saw your post (we were thinking alike with the lights I see) and that you only used two strands. I don’t think that you turned your tree “on” for your pics as far as I can tell. With these new lights, are they super powerful that you only need 2 little strings or do you like the look of a darkly lit tree?

  18. Simply lovely! Do you get your flocked tree from a nursery? I LOVE the flocking, and would like to replicate it.

    • The local tree lots and farms offer flocking here in CA so we pay an extra $25 for the service!

  19. Your tree is absolutely phenomenal but don’t the kids want to help decorate it with their homemade ornaments and so on? I would love to have a tree like this but then I love the fact my kids decorate it too with a mish-mash of stuff!

    I figure I’ve got lots of years when they’re grown up to decorate it “my” way but while they’re young I love having a tree that reflects them too.

    Just a thought. :)

  20. Oh, I meant to say I know the kids have their own tree in the playroom but I just have gorgeous memories of everyone arouond the family tree decorating it. Anyway, they both look beautiful. :)

  21. PLEASE tell me where you got that fabulous mirror next to the tree! I love it and am having such a difficult time finding mirrors I like. P.S. My color scheme is aqua/turquoise and brown. Love the special ornaments- I have one from most of the trips I have taken as well.

  22. I came across your site through Everything Turquoise. And I L-O-V-E your whole house full of Christmas decorations! I went with the turquoise, blue, green, white, and silver theme this year! But couldn’t talk the hubby into a flocked tree. :(
    Anyways…. The real reason for the comment… Where did you get the silver mirror that is above the mirrored chest of drawers? I may have to add it is a last minute Christmas gift! It’s amazing!!

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