Holiday Decorating with Lace

By Kate Riley December 10, 2012

Hello hello, how are you?  Busy busy with the holiday season right?  It’s flying by!  I was going through some pictures from last year and realized I never shared a few pictures featured in Emily Henderson’s Holiday Guide in 2011.  Emily asked me to come up with something creative for the guide and I was loving the idea of decorating with lace.  I had no idea lace would be so big  in 2012 when I saw all the fall fashion on display in NYC earlier this year!

Lace is appearing everywhere in fashion again and in so many bold colors.  Here’s a peek at the four creative ways to use lace that I shared in the guide last year when decorating during the holidays.

Long strips of larger lace make a great stencil! I secured long pieces to plain wrapping paper with painter’s tape, then dusted it with two light coats of green spray paint to make unique wrapping paper.

lace stenciled gift wrapped package


Attach it to the base of cake stand to dress up a holiday dessert.



Line the back of your bookcases with a modern gift wrap (this is a Marimekko pattern found at Crate + Barrel) and then run delicate lace along the shelves for a snowy effect.

lace lined cabinet


And of course a bold colorful piece of lace makes lovely gift wrap! 

teal blue lace present

Have you embraced the comeback of lace this year? 




  1. Looks cool! My MIL gave me some lace bits from her mother…I think you’ve inspired me! I did your sweater pillows last year for a quick Christmas living room makeover. Happy Holidays!

  2. are those backsplash tiles clear or a taupe color? they are exactly what i have been looking for to redo the fireplace….where did you find them??

    thanks so much!!

    xoxo, cindy

  3. I am a huge fan of adding gift-wrap to the back of shelves – their easy, cheap and oh-so pretty – yours is perfect example. I love lace, but have yet to incorporate them in my home decor this year. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  4. You asking about lace reminded me of the song
    ” I was country when country wasn’t cool” except I loved lace when it wasn’t cool! Love the idea of making your own wrapping paper with lace!!!

  5. Ha! So true Mary, march to the beat of your own drum I say and make your own “cool” ! I like country too :)

  6. You are so amazing.. I don’t get where you get the energy………. and ideas!!!!

    On another note..
    can you show how you store all of your decor- you change it up so much that you must have closets full!!!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures, I love the one in the cabinet, it is just stunning. That cake looks yummy. You are a busy women.


  8. Very pretty!! Where are you finding lace as beautiful (and wide) as the piece wrapped around the present in the last photo?

    I’d be interested in a post on how you store your decor as well..

  9. Hey great idea for a post Jen and Amy! I do have one giant closet where I store aaaaallll the bins! It’s under the stairs and we call it the Christmas closet and we have to move our giant dining room hutch to access it! We make a big deal out of “time to open the Christmas closet!” after Thanksgiving. :)

  10. AND where you store you dishes and table setting stuff… you just have so much decor for everything!!!!

    • All the dishes fit in the kitchen or the dining room Amy, I stuff them in pretty good! I use a lot of everyday whites and rotate some linens and salad plates :)

  11. Oh wow! I just love how those gifts are wrapped. The lace really adds a lot. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to try and wrap a few of my gifts like this. Just the extra special ones though because it’s not going to be easy for me!

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