Trestle Table Arrival

By Kate Riley October 15, 2012

So.  IT came.  Last week.  And I’m really exited about it!!  It’s our new trestle dining room table!  You may recall this trestle table post back in August where I shared we were on the hunt for a new one and looking at all the options available out there.  I ended up buying the last one I featured and since I didn’t have a chance to evaluate it in person, I confess I was biting my nails for six weeks it took to arrive.  But here it is!

dining room centsational girl


I really wanted something light but not white to contrast with the dark wood built in buffet, and with a refined rustic feel to it – this table definitely fits the bill!  It’s 7 feet long, seats 6-8 people, and a perfect fit for the space. 

trestle dining table


This trestle table we bought is made of elm but the finish is similar to limed oak, a technique that dates back centuries.  The top has some distressing and a protective finish coat that is very much like buffed wax – not shiny but not matte either. 

limed oak finish with distressing


I really couldn’t be happier, especially with the solid wood carved legs, reowr!  

pedestal table leg


I keep the dining room palette neutral on purpose so I can play with any color table setting I fancy when the mood strikes.  This week I set it simply with our everyday whites paired with some olive tree branches in a hurricane.

olive branches in vase centsational girl


I stitched up two table scarves out of one of my work-in-progress fabric designs. (I’m creating several patterns right now and this ‘leaves and berries’ version is one of the botanical prints I’m experimenting with in different colorways.  More to come on that topic in 2013!)

green glass urn and white place settings


apples in white bowl


The olive tree branches are from my yard and the gnarled grapevine I found at Z Gallerie a year ago, but you can still find them in their stores and online.

white dishes and grapevine accent


I’m really thrilled with our new trestle table and for those of you like me who love the Restoration Hardware version, this table is a great alternative and less than half the price!

dining room trestle table centsational girl


The area rug is by Dash & Albert and the pleated slipcovered dining chairs are the Couture from Ballard Designs.  I’ve had them for five or six years and they still look great after all this time since the slipcovers wash up easily, great when you’ve got kids, ya know? 

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this post! Your table looks great, as does it’s centerpiece! Me and my fiance are getting married in December and we literally own NOTHING. However, I’m a furniture nut. I like yard sales because I like to give old pieces new life as a hobby. I’ve done it with so many bookshelves it’s not funny, but as far as a couch, a table, chairs, decor… nada. We have a bed and bookshelves.

    So these pictures are inspiration for me to create the home I want, not just the house with hand-me-downs.

    However, you wouldn’t have any tips (or a blog recommendation) for newly weds and what we actually NEED to be on the prowl for would you? I see myself getting us everything we don’t need and everything I want.

    Your home is stunning! Keep up the fantastic posts! I look forward to them everyday!

    • Hey Janille, when we first started out we had nothing! We slowly acquired pieces over the years, some were investment pieces, others were inexpensive finds that we ended up replacing. I do love thrift stores for end tables, dressers, tables and other kinds of wood furniture! I think you really just need a bed for your bedroom and seating for your living room to start – you can eat on TV trays until you find the perfect dining table someday, that’s what we did! Good luck and congrats on getting married in December! xo

  2. Oh how I would love a new table in my dining room. I have an old maple table that’s been in my family for 50+ years and would love to redo or get something else but some of the fam might kill me. :))

  3. Oh my goodness! It is even more beautiful than I imagined. I love how natural and rustic it is, but at the same time so sophisticated! What a wonderful find, and I cannot wait to see all the ways you style it up.

  4. Its looks amazing . Color just perfect
    So jealous you guys can get free shipping
    Would cost arm and leg to ship something like this to Canada

  5. It’s a beautiful table and it really fits the room well. Love the Olive branches. I grew up with a Olive tree in my front yard. Funny, it mad me a little home sick when I saw yours.

  6. Hi Kate, You have beautiful taste! Where did you get the table runner? and I LOVE those white base light fixtures on the walls. I’ve noticed you have them in your living room too. Where did you get those? Thanks a bunch! and I wish I lived in your home!!!


  7. Kate-

    It looks amazing! You must be so thrilled. I have just built with my dad a pine harvest table a la Miss Mustard Seed and your pleated slipcovers are just what I’ve been looking for. Can you tell me – are they the white or the cream?

    Thanks, Karin

    • Hi Karin, the slipcovers are “ecru velvet” which Ballard doesn’t carry anymore to my knowledge, but they are a vanilla color.

  8. Omg! LOVE this table, just checked out their site as I have been on the fruitless hunt for a headboard for my guest room. I do believe the hut has just come to a screeching halt! Thanks for leading me to their site! ;o)


  9. GORGEOUS!!! I love the finish of the table!!! So uplifting!!! Really adds to your dining rooms overall appearance!!! LOVE IT!!!

  10. A beautiful table for sure. Wish I had the space for something so grand. A great choice Kate. I remember your post about trying to decide which table. Looks to me like you made the right choice. It looks perfect. Love the finish , it’s gorgeous. I’ll bet you all already thinking about all the wonderful dinner parties you will host. IS that bamboo in the vase on the table??? Love the fabric also.

    Revamp Chick

  11. It’s gorgeous. That table looks like it was made for your room. I love your leaves and berries fabric Kate. So pretty.

  12. love everything about these photos. so fresh and clean. just beautiful!

    BTW I emailed ya at both your emails from Color Issue so hopefully you got that! If not let me know and I’ll resend it! Thanks so much Kate!

  13. Seriously, Kate, I am pretty sure you live in a magazine. I thought for sure that first pic was your inspiration. As usual, it was just plain YOU. It looks gorgeous!

  14. Kate, I love your table. It’s beautiful. I have been trying to figure out my kitchen table situation for months…and then I read your post on trestle tables. I realized this is what I was looking for. Combine a coupon and great sale at World Market and I have the most beautiful trestle table in my breakfast nook. It’s part of an update to my family room/kitchen area. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for your sharing your design ideas.

  15. the table is just perfect for your space. i love the whole look of your room.
    see ya later with my post of comfort. :))

  16. that table is amazing, and those photos are to die for…at first I thought they were photos from the magazine and then i realized it was from your very own dining room. wonderful girl! looks great!

  17. So glad you found the table of your dreams! It truly is gorgeous Kate and I love that finish! Ooh, I love your tablescape too! :-)

  18. Kate! When you started the search, my first thought (since I have long legs) was, “Oh! not a trestle table, you bump your shins on it every time you sit down!” This one IS perfect. So happy for you as I too know the “waiting” part. I also enjoy every post you have on the Alma Projects. You are truly a generous person. God Bless you..

  19. Wow. When I saw the first photo, I thought it was a Restoration Hardware table! Gorgeous. Love it. Your rooms is gorgeous. Everything you touch is magic! What a talented gal you are. Can you please tell me what your pretty wall color is? Thanks!

  20. This is perfect! L also love the tile backsplash, slipcovers, everything! Very pulled together yet comfortable! Bravo!

  21. Hi,

    I know you did a post a few weeks back about making your own slip covers. It looked similar to these ones here on your gorgeous chairs. Did you make these ones as well? Or did you purchase them? If you did make them, what type of cloth did you use that could be washed many times over? Thanks!


    • Hi Cheryl, the slipcovers are from Ballard Designs, I didn’t make them – they’re perfectly tailored to the chair and they retail at $49 but they often go on sale for $39 each.

  22. Stunning! I love the detailed work in the legs. Great job on the decorating too. Love those table scarves!

  23. Love it! I actually have the RH trestle table and that same Dash & Albert rug (as a runner in our entry, which flanks our dining room). Im pairing our table with faux bois cane back chairs upholstered in cowhide, but I love your slipcovered ones as well!

  24. Love the new table! I really love the fabric you used to make the runners. Do you mind telling me who makes that fabric? thanks!

    • Hi Anglela, that fabric is one of my personal designs, I’ll have more to share on that in the spring!

  25. Simply lovely. I love the generosity that characterises your posts. You share so much information and gorgeous pictures. Very empowering.

  26. I’m seriously considering ordering your table. We are moving in two weeks and have family coming for Thanksgiving and I have to come up with a table option fast! Can you give me the pros and cons of this table? My only real concern is the ridges between the top boards. Does food get stuck? Is the table solid wood or veneer on top? Would love any input! Thanks Kate.

    • Hi Dee, we inspected it and it is solid wood, I haven’t experienced a problem with the ridges (yes) since they are really small. My only concern for you is delivery since it took about six weeks for my table to be delivered. But it’s solid and it’s beautiful and we love it!

  27. We have been looking around for a dining table and came across this one! I just ordered it and am so excited. I had a question about the rug. I love the indoor/outdoor idea, especially so it will be more durable and wipeable with kiddos eating above it. I had a question on the color. Your link goes to the Diamond Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor but it looks more like the platinum/white rug. Just curious as to which one it really is! Thanks so much!!

  28. Hi Kate, how is this table holding up? Do you have any problems with oil/food stains on it? Is it kid friendly? I love it, but am worried about the lighter wood/finish. Would love to hear if you’re still loving it!

  29. are you still loving your table? thinking of ordering & want to know how you still feel about it? thanks shannon

  30. Hi Kate,
    from the look on the computer screen it looks almost like the table has a “glaze”/ “limed”…is that the case (i’m hoping so)…i love the restoration hardware version as well, but also out of my price range & alittle too salvaged for the style of my Im thinking this one might work…im torn between this and the Ethan Allen version also…I absolutely love your blog & your style! Thanks for the info :)

  31. Hi Kate!!
    I have a question about your slipcovers. I have the same chairs and I want to buy slipcovers – the Ballard website says to dry clean the velvet slipcovers, do you machine wash them? I like the velvet but I don’t want to get them them unless I can machine wash. Do you hang them dry or stick them in the dryer? Thanks so much!!

  32. Hi Kate!!
    I have a question about your slipcovers. I have the same chairs and I want to buy slipcovers – the Ballard website says to dry clean the velvet slipcovers, do you machine wash them? I like the velvet but I don’t want to get them them unless I can machine wash. Do you hang them dry or stick them in the dryer? Thanks so much!!

  33. Hi Kate,

    Your blog is a daily treat and inspiration. I love the table but do not have room for that size. I would like to refinish my 20 year old Ethan Allen round table (it’s EA’s outdated “honey” finish) to match the finish of your trestle table. Any suggestions on how to achieve that finish? Thanks for your time.

  34. I came across your blog while looking for teak trestle tables. I agree with your style and reasons for liking the table you purchased so I went to the site where you purchased it and it’s on sale! I need and 8ft table and it is priced at $1318 – thank you for your wonderful blog!!!!

  35. Do you have any suggestions how to waterproof tabletops like this one? I definitely want to invest in a nice piece of furniture but would rather show off the piece rather than cover it with a tablecloth for protection. I have heard that epoxy or polyurethane are good options but wanted to see what you might reccomend

    • Hi Chrissy, I prefer the more matte or subtle sheen of buffed clear wax, that’s what I’d use!

  36. Thank you Kate for your help. I am very new to DIY and want to be sure that I use the correct wax. Do I use a wax paste? Or is there a brand that you know and like and can recommend? I really appreciate your help and your blog, its very empowering and a great way to be introduced to new hobbies and activities I never thought I could do. :)

  37. How has the table held up over the this past year or so? Would it be suitable for a daily use table with kids or do you think the wood is on the soft side?

    On a side note, I love your blog. I have been reading for a long time (although never commented), and I, too, love blues and greens. Now that I have my own home, I find myself gravitating toward your blog and space designs as inspiration. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenine, it still looks great! We don’t eat there every night, more like 3 times a week, but the kids regularly sit and do projects or art there, it’s wonderful. Just be careful with water spills, our cat tipped over a vase and I didn’t find it until the next morning and even after I cleaned it there is a subtle watermark that is visible in sunlight, but it’s very faint.

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