Trestle Table Hunt

By Kate Riley August 23, 2012

I mentioned we were on the hunt for a trestle table and I’ve been looking around for months.  After spying this beauty in a shop in Montreal, I’m completely fixated on this style to replace our old traditional table in our dining room.

dream trestle table


Many of you offered up some suggestions, thanks so much!  I’ve looked at this Chianni table by Ballard Designs in Belgian Oak. chianni trestle ballard

At $1,189 plus shipping and tax, it’s a really great price, bonus that there’s an expansion leaf but I’m leaning toward a fixed length.  Plus when you zoom in it looks like the brackets are visible from the side?   A minor detail, but that one bothers me a bit.  And it’s only 36” wide which seems a little skinny to me.

Who doesn’t love the RH Trestle, hello gorgeous, but double what I’m willing to spend at $2,995 plus shipping.

restoration hardware trestle


Cottage Home Maine makes custom trestle tables for you in any stain you wish, prices begin at $1,950 but the one I want costs $2,500.

pine trestle

Here’s a beautiful rustic piece by Kathy Kuo Home but too long for my space and expensive at $3,122.

kathy kue trestle

Then there is the Wood Deighton at World Market for $699!


Reader find!  This Cameron table by Ethan Allen is $1,799 but on sale in August for $1,599 – at 86” it’s bigger than my maximum length of 7 feet but the mushroom finish with white glaze is gorgeous!

ethan allen cameron trestle



This trestle table from Zin Home is more affordable option at $1,450 but there’s a little peg at the bottom of the leg I’m not fond of.  I’m so picky! belmont trestle zin home


This one is my favorite online find so far, the vintage salvaged trestle at DCG Stores for $1,208 plus free shipping!  It is the perfect length and width and has those gorgeous carved legs.


vintage trestle dcg stores


Here’s a room shot:

vintage trestle in dining room

It has that whole rustic casual Wine Countryish feel to it that I’m going for.

Have you ever ordered a major piece of furniture like this online?  Were you nervous?  I’m usually one of those ‘gotta inspect it first’ people but ready to order this one with its satisfaction guarantee.    Decisions decisions!



  1. Love the Vintage Salvaged Table from DCG. I am also on the hunt at the moment for a very similar style.

  2. Love those trestle tables, no one has a bad seat with a leg between their knees, even at a crowded holiday–I live in Alabama, so buying site unseen is normal around here. But the larger the purchase the harder it is to do. I am sure we miss great online deals (ok well deal is relative once you pass the $500 mark but you know:) because of bad pictures or descriptions, but I have never been disappointed once it has walked thru the door.

  3. Def the DCB table! The World Market one is dinky.
    Where are you located? I am planning to head up to Canada in January for the Ice Wine Festival.
    Just curious

  4. I’m always nervous about ordering site unseen too, but with a satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. I say take the leap! I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be the only way we get to preview mid-range furniture in the not so distant future.

  5. Ditto on that last one. It would look awesome in the dining space. My favorite, too.

  6. I’m completely with you… I don’t actually buy much online because I want to touch it, inspect it, know exactly what I’m buying first.

    I love every single one of them though. Perhaps this is one of those times when you really can’t go wrong? It’s a huge decision though and definitely one you should take your time making. You’ll have this table for a long time (forever? My parents still have the dining room table I grew up at, 25 years later!) so spending some money on it to get the one you want, that’s right in every details, is definitely worth it!

  7. I think you could totally build one yourself!! Ana White would probably even draw a plan up for you! I love her plans. :)

    • Hi Kelly, I’ve thought of that too! Carving that trestle is way beyond my skill level, but I know it can be done – we’ve thought of building a larger X base too but I’ve got my little heart set on a trestle!

  8. Oh for that last one Kate. It’s gorgeous!!! I would have to say, I have not order something this large or expensive online before. That is a hard one, but as long as you can return it, it sounds and looks like a sweet deal. :)

  9. Wow, you’ve done your research well! I have bought a huge piece online – in fact, from RH! Its their french casement cabinet!!! But with one catch though – I went to the store to look at it first, then ordered.

    I have had some hit and miss with ordering online, but for the large ones, I usually have to go and take a look first at the product if I’m lukcy enough that its has a real store to go to! the other alternative for you would be going to the RH outlet store- most of the stuff there are just returned items and still look great at sometimes more than half off! Hope there’s one close to you. :-)

  10. Arhaus has a trestle table in a couple of different finishes. We are looking for a similar table, but an extending version. Thanks for sharing all these different resources!

  11. Ive been dreaming about the RH table for ages but the price stops me. Sadly no one else makes a large enough extension table so its RH or bust really. So I think Im just going to pull the trigger on it at some point. If I could use a smaller table, I would be all over the CostPlus one.

  12. When I was looking for a trestle table I looked at all of these. I was very close to getting the Ballard Designs one until I read some not-so-great reviews on it. I don’t mind spending a little bit on unseen furniture, but big pieces that you intend to keep for a long time are an entirely different thing. Because I was looking for a painted finish and I needed a specific length, I ended up picking up a table from the Restoration Hardware outlet and DIYing it (see here: )

    Wisteria used to have a great one that went on sale for an amazing price, but I don’t see it anymore. Good luck! I know what it’s like to be totally obsessed with finding something you love!

  13. By chance did you check out the beauties at Ethan Allen? It’s called the “Cameron Trestle.” That’s where I got mine and I *love* it. It’s funny, it was the Restoration Hardware table I fell in love with but when I found it cost as much as a compact car, I started searching :)

    • Thanks so much Lisa, I updated the post with your find, the Cameron is a beauty!

  14. I really, really want a trestle table, so I’m excited to follow along with you on your hunt for the perfect one! That RH table has been on my wish list from the first time I saw it – but the price has kept me from drooling too much. ;) Excited to see what you find. Good luck!

  15. I bought mine from Ethan Allen and it was around $1500 with an extension leaf, no peg or exposed brackets and it’s beautiful wood. Love it! I spent at least a year searching for the right dimensions, price, etc. (Year ago, trestle tables were harder to find….) Good luck in your search!

  16. Hi Kate,

    I just received my new Style at Home issue and they have a piece on decorating with neutrals that features the RH table. I thought you might want to check it out!

    Thanks, Karin

    PS LOVE the DCG table, best of the bunch

    • Hi Karina, that is right~ wanna hear something funny? I was actually reading that SAH magazine when we were on our way to Montreal the day before and saw the amazing trestle on the cover – hello stunning! I was even saying to Matt, “this is the look we’re going for” and he agreed, but that was just before he got pulled over by the Canaadian police for speeding – seems he was watching the miles per hour and not kilometers, oops! The kind officer let him go with a warning but it certainly made the trip more memorable!

  17. Cookie is right, take a look at that site and they offer a variety of lengths. Prices seem reasonable but I don’t see free shipping. I would negotiate that in the price, CensationalGirl!!! If the finish on top is rough, I would sand and apply many layers of AS wax – just to make it perfect.

  18. hi there – i bought a farmhouse table directly from the guy who builds and drops ships the tables for cottage maine home (he’s actually in southern california). his tables are solid reclaimed pine with a waxed or poly finish. i got a light brown wax and am very happy.

    i love the look of your fave but if you have kids you need to mind the finish and fabrication details. call and find out what kind of finish is used on the top of the table. i prefer wax because it is easy to fix (you can sand down crayon marks, rewax and call it patina) but if its a veneer or clean colored poly it will scratch and show wear.

    • Great tip Karen! You’re right, the wax is great for protecting wood tabletops!

  19. I’ve got something to add to the pot here….

    British Cottage is a favorite shop of mine. We bought our boys twin pine beds here, and more recently a 72 inch round dining room table and huge painted hutch. Just gorgeous. I was THISCLOSE to buying the trestle table (almost identical to the RH one but more well-made), but went for the round and am thrilled with it.

    Keith and Tricia are great people and they only charge their cost for delivery…. happy hunting Kate!

  20. Make sure there is enough overhang at the ends of the table for the person sitting there to place her feet under the table without hitting her knees on the the trestle!

  21. Have you looked at Horchow? They too have some great options. About once a month or so they will send out a 25% sale email (including furniture). Good luck.

  22. We have one from World Market that we love! I’m not sure what is “dinky ” about it as another reader said. It’s well made and super heavy! We get compliments all the time!

  23. You’re in NorCal, right? You HAVE to go to the Restoration Hardware outlet in Vacaville. They get all of the usual stuff from the regular store and there is barely anything wrong with it! I went there and got a $2200 bed for $200. There was a crack in it that my husband fixed for $15. I went back a few weeks later and got $2000 worth of nightstands for only $900. I bet if you’re a little patient and just keep calling them, they’re bound to get that table in stock! And probably for half the price with minor minor damage. Good luck!

    • Hi Adina, great idea, I’ll call them, they’re only an hour away, thanks for the reminder about the outlet!

  24. Kate- I sent you a message about a table I actually own, that might be just what you are looking for. It’ s possibly a little more ornate..but VERY similar. I sent a link to see photos. Let me know if you are interested.

  25. We have that style dining table too and I love the legs, but in our house, the table’s legs are kind of covered by the chairs so they aren’t really seen that much! Good luck on your search!

  26. The RH table is beautiful, but be prepared for it to show everything. If anything oil based gets spilled (like olive oil) it will stay. However, if you’re looking for a patina, that really doesn’t matter. Also, if your kids are doing homework on it, the soft wood is easily marked with pens and pencils (just some things to consider).

  27. A couple of months ago I purchased the trestle outdoor table from Frontgate. I LOVE it. It is super heavy and solid. It is the vintage collection. I don’t see it on their site right now, but it was new this year, they might be out of stock. I know that I ordered it in June and didn’t get it until August. I actually posted a picture of it on my blog today, it looks perfect with the “antiques” sign I am using as a light fixture. I hope you find one you love!

  28. Try Cost Plus World Market. It might be in a darker finish but i KNOW they have them. I saw them today.

  29. I am so happy to have a name for this table- I keep asking stores if they have a old looking barnwood table and the pics are exactly what I have in mind for our new remodel- thanks!! good luck- agree on your favorite also!

  30. Honestly, I change my mind too much about decor to feel comfortable spending $1500+ on a table. I would look into having someone build it. If you could get the supporting pieces right, the rest would be a cinch for someone to build. I had a non-trestle table built to duplicate something else for about $400.

  31. I personally would have a hard time ordering a big peice of furniture like that online. Jeez! I even have a hard time buying clothes online! I need to touch and feel, and closely inspect stuff before I buy them. That said, I have bought plenty of lamps, and small furniture items online and have yet to be disappointed (I took a gamble on these items because they were deeply discounted). I guess the question I would ask myself is, even though they have a satisfaction guarantee, how much would it cost you to ship it back if you didn’t like it? That is something you need to factor into your decision. Good luck and let us know how it all works out!

  32. In Canada we have quite a large Mennonite community and I’m sure you do too. Why not show them a picture of what you have in mind and see if they couldn’t build you one. Just a thought.

  33. Beautiful tables! We bought a dining table online last fall, like you, I had very specific requirements/wants for my table: counter height, with a leaf, round (preferably), black or espresso, pedastal and no more than 54″ in diameter. Turns out that’s REALLY hard to find! We finally found one, it was only around $600 shipped and even had a leaf that was self-storing! However, after a few months, we noticed that it didn’t go back together tightly. We contacted the company where we bought it, they worked with us for a couple weeks and ultimately, refunded our ENTIRE purchase price! I was pretty darned happy about that. It’s not a super-high quality table, but I’m ok with that for now. We have teenagers who are pretty hard on furniture, so I’ll wait to buy higher quality down the road after they leave and we downsize.

  34. A friend sent your post to me because she knew I’d relate! About two years ago, I sold my dining room table thinking it would be fun to find a new one. Ha! Talk about drama! I ended up designing my own! (I blogged about the process and labeled all those posts “table drama.”) I personally love the World Market one for the price. Hope you find one you love for a price you love!

  35. Have you ever been to or heard of the Restoration Hardware Warehouse sales? I live on the east coast and a few years ago they would have warehouse sales in the MD/DC area semi-annually or once a year. About 4 years ago we got a great deal on a trestle dining room table (as well as lots of other stuff…I’m talking a king sized full sleigh bed in perfect condition for $900 and a a leather club chair for $800…not super cheap but for rest hardware stuff really good deals). They stopped having the sales here but I remember at the time they were also doing warehouse sales on the west coast…tracy CA I think? Have no idea where that is or how far from you. The local stores and outlets told me they stopped having them here because the outlets were doing so well (bummer). You might want to call your local outlet or store and inquire about the warehouse sales. Also I remember when we bought the table I wanted the matching buffett so I would regularly call the outlet…finally one came in and they held it for me until I could snatch it up for at least half what it sold for in the store…once again perfect condition!!!!

  36. I am now looking at my hand me down trestle table with new appreciation. Your table quest equals my quest for the right chairs. The chairs with the table are clunky, heavy and a little too “early american” for my liking. Finding chairs that meet my taste and budget is more difficult than I thought. Since we don’t sit in the dining room all the time, I hate to spend a fortune on chairs. But when I try out “budget” chairs, they are so uncomfortable. So the search continues.

  37. Did you know there are Restoration Hardware Outlets…I don’t know if there is one near your area, but its worth to check out to see if you have one nearby. You can get some great deals, and the outlets do a lot of the same promotions that the regular stores do, like 25% off lighting and dining. Sometimes it’s hit or miss, but they always have a lot of furniture and you can tell them what particular piece you are looking for and they’ll call you when they get one in stock. Good luck! LOVE your blog :)

    • Hi Laura, yep we’ve got one too, I may go check out my local RH outlet today!

  38. I haven’t ordered a “major” piece of furniture, but I was waffling on a white console table – I wasn’t sure of the quality. But, then I saw it on your website, so I bought it. I just got it and I love it so much.

  39. The table is beautiful, but noticed that the 4 people who sit at the ends will have to straddle the base. If so, that would seem very uncomfortable for dining.

  40. I was DROOLING over these tables you posted for months and new the expensive ones were out of my price range and the affordable ones at works market were either skimpy in the leg or of the trestle bases looked good the top was so rough! All I could see was my family getting slivers and digging play dough out of the crevices of the grain.

    I turned to our friend Craig and his list and started looking. I found the perfect table an hour and a half away from me in Tucson. For $560 for a table that expands to 108″ inches ( I was ok with leaves) I was sold. ( ended up selling chairs do table only cost me $460.) anyway it is solid oak BUT was covered in a horrid lacquer/speckle finish. I saw they it to beautiful
    White oak underneath and planned to strip it. It was a little bit of work but so rewarding! It is now bare oak but waxed and has the most gorgeous grey ish look without being overtly grey like so many of the pieces are right now. It is timeless and will be with us forever.

  41. We bought a very expensive sideboard sight unseen, but we saw other products by the same company (Hickory Chair) in the store and thought we could trust the quality. It was fine. Can you see this brand anywhere in person to check quality?

  42. All of these tables are beautiful! I cannot wait to see what you decide. I must say I would be a nervous wreck ordering something online that would be such an investment piece. I would probably want to inspect it somehow. Also, the shipping of something like this would make me nervous that something would happen along the way, and what a pain to return. Good luck with whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  43. I ordered a table like this from Z Gallery. It has a darker finish but the style is fabulous, it is heavy and sturdy. I didn’t have any trouble at all.


  44. My mom gave me her old, beautiful trestle table and I used it in college and the few years after that but when I had to move to a smaller apartment and didn’t have the space, I had to sell it on Craigslist. It was probably 7 or 8 feet long with four chairs and I practically had to give it away for $100. It was in rough shape but I wish I could have given it to you, you would’ve worked wonders on it I’m sure. I’m sad I couldn’t keep it but hope the family who bought it gave it a loving home (gosh, I’m talking about a piece of furniture like a beloved pet).

  45. I ordered a complete dining room set from It was definitely a leap of faith, but the table was custom made with my chosen finish and dimensions. It is beautiful and well built. I was nervous up until it was delivered. I paid about $5000 for 8 chairs, a table that extends to 10 feet and a beautiful buffet. Buying online is a little scary but I would definitely do it again (in fact I now regularly buy furniture online). Good luck!

  46. This post summed up my dining room table search exactly! I have been scouring stores and online retailers for a trestle table since I laid eyes on the RH one last year. Two days ago I discovered a great option by Nichols and Stone. They were purchased a few years ago by Stickley, so all pieces are made in USA. There are several finish and distressing options. I know Stickley has stores in CA and they have floor samples. I am going to the warehouse next week to see more options. Would love to have a DR for the holidays!

  47. I fell in love with a teak trestle table made by Maguire Furniture. Expensive but so beautiful you may be interested in looking online just to see the design of it. I also just saw a similar one on either One Kings Lane or Joss and Main. It was so great, similar to Maguire but made of poplar, much less and had a really cool parquet wood top. I forget who made it, but I bet you may still be able to pull it up and see. I have ordered furniture online but only when I know the quality of the maker. Good Luck!

  48. I bought World Market’s Provence table in January and I love it! The color was all wrong for my house though. I sanded the table top down with steel wool and a sanding block and then applied a darker stain. It worked beautifully. I didn’t even have to sand the rest of the table ( bench too), the stain penetrated great. It has been surprisingly easy to clean with the rough texture. World Market just put it on sale for $264. Good luck in your search.

  49. Your last option has a great base, but the top looks a bit skimpy and like the WM table, the top is pieced together. I’m really liking the one from Ethan Allen which is surprising. I guess I still associate them with heavy cherry stain. Do visit your RH outlet; all lin all, that one is the best.CTD

  50. I just bought the one from World Market today and it is now half off for $264! Talk about a bargain! If i tire of it in a year and sell it, I`m sure I wouldn’t take too much of a lose. Good luck with your decision!

  51. I know Janell had ordered one online and the color was all wrong but the shape was perfect so she redid the finish and it is gorgeous! I ordered the provence bench from world market and love it :)
    Good lUck

  52. I have been looking for the same thing. I have a wishlist at World Market for a reasonably priced table. I have two growing boys and a large extended family…constantly entertaining. Need something in good taste, but functional and inexpensive. Won’t be upset if it gets marked up. Check out their website. Love your style! Keep up the good work!

  53. Shipping prices… I used to work for an online retailer with “free” shipping but if you returned, you owed shipping both ways which could be over $1000 for larger pieces! Eek! We also had accidents and, I had hysterical people on the phone with a broken table on Christmas Eve (which we couldn’t come pick up, and they had to store until it was returned). I’m cautiously optimistic that other retailers might be better but I’m still too scared to order online!

  54. I have the Restoraton table and although it’s an investment, we are SO totally thrilled w/it. We originally had the Ballard table you show and the quality was not great (we sold it). When I saw the RH table several years ago, I had to have it. When I took my husband to see it, the deal was done. This is the biggest purchase we have ever made for a piece of furniture but I know we’ll have it forever. People freak when they see it in our house.

    Aaaannnddddd….the first week we had it, we were having dinner and I knocked over an ENTIRE bottle of red wine … of course I freaked out and tried to wipe up as much as I could. The next day the mark was completely gone. We could not believe it. The table soaked it right now. The interesting part is that water will leave marks … which we think adds to the charm. But the wine, soaks right in. LOL
    as a fellow wine drinker, I thought you might like that story.

  55. I have ordered furniture online and been very happy with my purchases. The last thing I ordered was a slipcovered sofa and lovet seat from Lee Industries. Read reviews. Call the establishment and ask around. And if they have a satisfaction guarantee, that would seal it for me.

  56. Do you happen to know the manufacturer of the table from the shop in Montreal? It’s perfect!!! LOVE.

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