Feelin’ Blue

By Kate Riley October 11, 2012

As a member of the My Colortopia team this week, we’re all taking turns featuring our favorite color as part of My Colorful Life Project and naturally I picked blue.  A lot of things inspire me when it comes to decorating my home and choosing meaningful accessories for it.  Travel inspires me, pattern inspires me, nature inspires me, exotic architecture inspires me, and color inspires me greatly.  The first that always comes to mind when I decorate is blue.   

I’ve always been drawn to blue, and cannot resist its soothing powers.  It’s the color we witness when we go outside on a sunny day or when we visit the coast or take a dip in a pool.   

As an ode to blue, I pulled together some favorite images to illustrate. 

water blues


blue glass


outdoor blues


blue painted walls


blue collage

Blue makes me feel anything but blue, it makes me feel refreshed, serene, and happy. And that really is the key when it comes to choosing color for our homes, because color is so closely tied with emotion.  Find those colors or palettes that speak to you and embrace them whole heartedly when you design your personal spaces.

This week Glidden is encouraging everyone to share their favorite colorful images on Pinterest with the hashtag #MyColorfulLife and on Facebook for a chance to be featured in Glidden’s My Colorful Life mosaic, it can be anything colorful at all from across the spectrum, a flower, room, scene from nature, home accessory, anything in any color you find inspiring!  View the My Colorful Life video and submit your favorite colorful photos on the Glidden Facebook page to have yours added to the Glidden My Colorful Life Mosaic.

I find as much as I love pale blues, I’m especially drawn to deeper more intense blues like peacock and cerulean, especially on walls and furniture.  What about you?  Do you have a favorite shade of blue or is there another color that speaks to you?  What is the one color you decorate with the most?  


*This post in partnership with Glidden and My Colortopia.


  1. New reader here & this post spoke to me. Love the color blue, specifically turquoise and similar colors. I tell people it’s a bit of an obsession. Living in the Pacific Northwest with its grey, cloudy days, a burst of turquoise makes me so happy. We have a bathroom with turquoise walls and tan tiles. I call it “the beach” because it replicates the sky and sand. Love it!

  2. Oooh, I love it!! I feel the same way about blue! Our entire living room is pale aqua with white trim, and our bedroom is navy and white. I totally agree with you — pale aquas and deep blues are just so clean and fresh :)

  3. Blue is my favorite color too! In fact, we just remodeled our house and painted every room. I didn’t notice until we were done painting, but most of the rooms are now some shade of blue. So, I guess I like it more then I realized.

  4. I love all blues. I recently painted our laundry room in Smoke…kind of a gray blue and just finished painting a dresser for a friend in Benjamin Moore Blueberry. It’s a fun blue…intense and rich. I love it!

  5. Blues definitely allow me to say, “Ahhhhhh”. I love periwinkle blues especially.

  6. I too am a lover of blue, especially turquoise blue. Peacocks are an obession with me and I plan to decorate my bedroom in a “peacock blue theme”.

  7. Gorgeous! Always love looking/stocking your blog to see how wonderfully you coordinate the color blue! I can’t get enough of it!

  8. I just popped in to view all your latest posts, and I am so glad I did!
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty, fun and inspiration.
    And I LoVe your new trestle dining table!
    Enjoy the season,

  9. Mmmm… those are yummy blues. I especially like the middle-right photo in the water blues section. Do you remember where you found that photo? It is the kind of image I would print and frame. Thanks!

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