Summer Pinterest Challenge: X Base Table!

By Kate Riley July 10, 2012

Hello hello, the day has come, it’s time for the Pinterest Challenge friends!  We issued this Summer Edition challenge last week and we can’t wait to see what you’ve created!  There are link parties galore going on today, hosted by Young House Love, Bower Power, Ten June, and also right here, so it’s time to show us what you got with a link to your Pinterest inspired project below!

pinterest challenge summer

pinterest challenge summer edition

What inspired me for this round?  Well, I’ll tell ya!  I’m working on a makeover in the kids’ playroom space, turning it into a study, since they’re in elementary school now.  It’s a space for them to read, to do homework, or just chill with their friends.  We had a circular table in the space (seen here) but with the new window seat we built from IKEA cabinets, that table was looking disproportionally small, so I imagined a larger chunkier more substantial rustic table in that space to give cool contrast to all the white.  Time to flex my DIY power tools muscles and build a brand new table, booyah!   

Here’s our new X base table Matt and I built for this space! 

x base rustic table cg


It’s a gorgeous handmade table made of kiln dried Douglas fir that we bought from a local lumber supply company.  This is the first piece of furniture we’ve ever built together, and it’s customized for this space.  We used these five tables as our “Pinspiration” !   

the pinspiration


Pins: 1/2/3/4/5   

Sources:   Frances table; X Base Farmhouse table planstable under window; hooker table; dark stained X base table

We are loving its chunky X base legs and rustic style.  The size is customized to fit the space, less deep than a standard table since the room is small, but the width is perfect for its position in front of the window and window seat. 

  x base table cg

I turned it just to show off the legs because they’re the best feature!  I also love that it can also become a console table if we want to use it somewhere else in our home in the future.  Like I said before, this is the first piece of furniture we’ve ever built together, and since we’re emboldened by our experience, Matt is planning to build us a potting bench and a custom dining table too, sweet! 

The contrast between the thick rustic dark stained wood against the white cabinetry and bright pillows just makes me swoon!  Very soon this reinvented study will have a new rug and some tall shelving.  I’ve got a few other DIY projects in the works, like that window seat cushion I *still* have to sew.

x base table under window cg

How we built this table deserves its own post since there are many pics involved in the step-by-step (the tools, the technique, the stain, etc.) so I’ll write that up later this week. 

For today, head on over to Young House Love, Bower Power, and Ten June to see what Pinterest inspired projects they’ve cooked up for the big challenge and to link up your project over at their place too! 

Hey, speaking of DIY, today’s my day to answer home improvement related questions over at the True Value Facebook page, so if you’ve got a burning question, I’ll do my best to answer it.   

*Reminder, Pinterest is not a sponsor of this Challenge, it’s just a fun idea originated by bloggers to tackle projects on your Pinterest “to do” list!

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  1. Kate, it turned out so nicely!! Love the stain too. :) Great job! Thank you for hosting…I linked up a recipe. I wanted to try out a choc./peanut butter cake this time. :)

  2. Pinterest Challenge! What a great idea! I just found you and my latest craft project just happened to be Pinterest inspired. So here I am! Thanks for hosting. I’m your newest follower!

  3. So funny. I was just thinking as I was reading that this needs it’s own post with all the details it deserves. That is a favorite style of mine and I am blown away that you both made that. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see the step by step. Fun party, girls!

  4. Gorgeous table, kate (and matt!) I knew your project was going to be a doozy based on your tweets and instagram pics! You always hit it out of the park!! Thanks for the fun link party and kick in the booty to get ‘making stuff’

  5. Kate, I love your table! I’ve seen those tables before and they are awesome. Yours is perfect for your home! Thanks for hosting:)

  6. Kate,
    WOW! I just did a simple art project, but you built furniture!!! Great job…I love x-base tables. Thanks,

  7. Your table is beautiful :) NOt sure I am ready for that kind of challenge…but a girl can dream!

  8. I love your project! However, being the newbie that i am, I accidentally put my name (debora), instead of the project name (chalkboard coffee table). I’m such a dork, but thanks for the link party!

  9. Love the table! The legs are the best feature, and awesome that you and the hubby worked together on this one. Can’t wait for the how-to post!

    Thanks for hosting a great challenge!

  10. OMG Kate, this is an awesome project that you and your hubby did. WOW!!! Gorgeous!!! I love the style and stain color. Go big or go home I guess. ;) haha. I really love it Kate. Now my failed attempt at my DIY mason jars makes me want to get them done right. Shoot if you guys can build furniture, I can paint mason jars and have them turn out the right way. ;) You are always a huge inspiration Kate. Thank you for hosting an awesome Link Party. :)

  11. The table is fantastic! We did a built-in banquette in our breakfast room, but haven’t tried any furniture – yet. My husband has a tendency to “over-engineer” things (his words). I’m not sure how he would do with something like this!

  12. Love your x table, Kate! Great contrast in the white space.

    Btw, I totally find it humorous that I checked in all morning for the link party. I finally went to take a shower and came back to be link number….171! Lol.


  13. Oh my gosh that is beautiful! My husband is just starting to be interested in woodworking projects, so I think I might just have to borrow your idea. Can you please share your stain when you have time?

    Also ditto to Shannon – I’ve been checking since 4am PST and I still ended up being number 219!

  14. Very nice job on the table. Your table may inspire a little creativity of our own. I’m thinking about picking up some salvaged old grown lumber (taken out of floor joists from old buildings) and making something similar. Let me add that to the list of things to do :-)

    And thanks for the opportunity to link up!

    • So great Lary, it’s an internet sensation those X base tables!!!

  15. Hi Kate,

    What a great project, how exciting that you built a table. Watch out, you might be building lots more things now!

    It looks nice, I look forward to the how to. Great color on the wood also :-)

  16. That table is awesome. I would love to use some big power tools in the future so I can build stuff like this.

  17. Your table looks FANTASTIC. You did such an awesome job. I can’t wait to read all about how you made it. I just built a table myself and it was so much fun. Looking for a new project to build and this is definitely going on the list!

  18. Kate this is so fun to see! Most of the link ups I have pinned as well, scary. But so great to see so many people actually doing instead of pinning. Woohoo

  19. This table is gorgeous! What perfect piece to add with your DIY window seat and cushions :) Ok, now I’ve been on vaca and still am but obviously have been missing out on what the heck is going on with all these little parties. No DIY tools here on the beach so I’ll have to just read along :)

  20. I really would love the plans for this table. It might be just the small kitchen island I’ve been looking for.

  21. This table is stunning. You guys are so professional in all you do. If I lived anywhere near California I would have to hire you guys!!

  22. Hi Kate,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I don’t comment very often (if at all) but you are very inspiring! So inspiring that I decided to start a blog to showcase things I make inspired by items I pin on pinterest and things I come up with on my own.

    The blog will be home to food, crafts, jewelry, art, and home décor type things. I am commenting now to let you know that I have mentioned you in my blog’s first post and linked back to this post. If you would rather I remove your name please let me know and I will do so! You can see the post here:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration,


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