10 Tips for New Bloggers

By Kate Riley July 12, 2012

A get this question via email and it also came up at a recent luncheon with a good friend.  Dun dun dun, get ready, this is it! “What do you think are the keys to blog success?” My friend Natalie was the one to ask it most recently.  She and I met working in the same office 13 years ago and she told me she was thinking of starting a blog and my response was “Great!  Absolutely!”

Natalie is that gal who not only has impeccable taste but also painted her own two story house all by herself  without any help and while the babies napped because she couldn’t stand that the house they bought was salmon pink and she wasn’t going to shell out thousands to a professional, I love that kind of tenacity.

Natalie threw a few questions my way, good questions, ones that I’m sure a lot of new bloggers have so I answered them and I thought I’d repeat them here. If you want to start just a hobby blog then by all means ignore everything I say but if you’d like to see yours grow to a business or you’d like to work with brands in your niche, then here are ten tips that will improve your chances for success.  10 tips for new bloggers


1.  Be Clever. Pick a good name that sums up who you are. This is increasingly difficult these days since all the common words and their combinations are taken, so you have to put on your smarty pants cap. You can have a .blogspot or .wordpress but I think it’s better to research whether the .com or .net is available first, and also check the USPTO to make sure the name you like isn’t trademarked already.

2.  Be Smart. Speaking of trademark, seriously consider securing a trademark for your blog name as you build your brand. I know bloggers who’ve been perfectly fine not doing it, but I’ve also heard plenty of sad stories of bloggers having to change their blog name upon a cease and desist letter, and getting one of those is “zero fun” as my kids say.  So do the research up front to avoid that hairy situation. You can trademark your brand for somewhere in the $400 range with a company like LegalZoom.

3. Be Unique.  Write like you think and like you speak, because no one else can do it in that way. Write about what you know, what probing questions you have about the universe, or about your fixation on (fill-in-the-blank).  Personal experiences are unique so start there. Even if it’s just a few tips and you’re not an expert, a little experience is valuable information, so share it.

If you’re a niche blogger (photography, fashion, design, food, etc.) stay mostly on topic, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with snippets of your life, something random, or a self deprecating moment, readers love when you share the personal side, we’re all human! If you’re stumped or have writer’s block, here are 50 things to write about to push you through.

4.  Be Patient. Producing good content that is unique and useful is the most valuable thing you can contribute. Be prepared to write that good content for six months and go completely unnoticed.  Once you’re discovered, you’ll provide readers with a lot of good content to share, and they will share it, if it is unique and inspiring, so keep your focus there.

5.  Be Visual.  Good writing is great, but pretty pictures are killer. We’re blogging in a Pinterest world and there’s no denying the power of that social media phenomenon. Having shareable images is one of the best tools for getting your content out in the world and pretty pictures always always help! Wanna take better pictures? I learned how. Here are my ten basics for better home photography.

6.  Be Clean & Organized. Your blog design should not be too busy or distract from your content. White space is calming and gives the eye a place to rest with all the commotion going on with content or ads. Consider a white backdrop or subtle wallpaper, nothing glaring or flashy or too bright.  Your blog layout is a reflection of your style – clean and simple always trumps busy or cluttered. Make sure you have an About page with a picture and a 2 to 3 paragraph narrative, we want to know who you are, your interests, why you’re blogging! Absolutely have a Contact page for readers to connect and for future opportunities (see #9)! Also, I really like this article by Katrina of Pugly Pixel on Ten Tips for Blog Layout.

7.  Be Nice.  Blogging is not high school, there is zero tolerance for meanness. It’s best to treat others with kindness and respect in your comments and your writing. Encouragement not criticism has always been my motto, be gracious and give people the benefit of the doubt before judging. Unless judging is the main theme of your blog, then by all means, do your thing but expect opinions to fly!

8.  Be Social.  Make friends in your niche by socializing through comments or joining link parties or tweeting or commenting on Facebook. Most of my blog friendships were initiated through comments online but solidified when we actually met at a conference, so once you’ve been blogging a few months, consider attending one, they’re a wealth of information, inspiration, and it’s great to match faces to blogs.

9.   Be Professional.  In the online world, you can get noticed pretty quickly if you do something unique and it gets circulated in social media, so if you do get that email from a magazine editor or publisher, be quick to respond and do so with courtesy and professionalism.  They are always looking for high resolution quality images so considering taking photographs with that in the back of your mind!

10.  Be Passionate. So cliché, but so true. Don’t blog to get rich or make money, blog because of your desire to share your skills, thoughts, passions, quirks, and your unique take on the world. There’s plenty of room for blog success, just be sure you stay true to who you are, or really, what’s the point?  :)

Whether you start on Blogger or WordPress is completely up to you, personally I think Blogger is more user friendly and you can jump right in. WordPress has more bells and whistles but also learning curve to go with it. Be sure to install a Statcounter, or Google Analytics in the beginning, it’s the best way to track where your traffic comes from and those stats will come in handy in the future when you seek sponsors, advertisers, and the like.

A final note, be realistic about time management! Others who you live with have to tolerate your blogging, so set up boundaries from the start, how many hours you plan to dedicate to your new blog. (I wrote about balance and time management in this ‘Growing Your Blog’ series). Managing a blog can quickly absorb every aspect of your life, so keep it in check, and be sure to step away often because that’s where the most “blog worthy” material comes from – inspiration from living life!

Got technical questions? I recommend these two sites: ProBlogger and Blogging with Amy. They’re both great for learning the ins and outs!




  1. I am new to DIY/home blogging and have such a passion for it. I feel like my blog is my baby and I want to grow it into something great. Could you recommend some blog conferences I could attend that would fit into my niche of DIY and home design? Thanks so much! Kristin

    • Hi Kristin, I’d definitely put either SNAP in April or Haven in June on your calendar – that is if Haven happens again which I hope it will! ALT in January in Utah is a design event that I look forward to attending next year.

  2. Great tips as always Kate, very helpful for newbies like me. I totally agree with you on everything.

    I started my blog mainly for myself and family and of course, to share my ideas and things I have done around our home. But man, the “bright lights of fame” can be tempting – and hence I tend to splay away from my real ideals and reasons for blogging in the first place sometimes!

    I’ll try to remember MY REASONS always, so I will continue to enjoy exploring my abilities as a writer, crafter, “designer” , photographer and of course, a mom and friend to those close to me. :-) Thank you for the reminder! You are my Blogging GURU (Hmmmm, that’s a good title for a blog)! :-)

  3. Thanks for this post! I just started a blog (I have two whole posts – woot woot – but a couple more “in progress”) and while I don’t have grand, glorious visions of taking over the blog universe, I do want to connect with people that have the same interests as me. Although an ad (or two) wouldn’t hurt :) BTW – I followed your tutorial for making pillows and mine turned out great!

  4. #8 and #10 are the ones that I related to the most – when you’re first starting out and even moving forward it’s so important to connect and make connections with others. Find common ground with people, and reach out to people you seem to relate to. And love what you write about – it doesn’t matter how many people read or comment, but knowing that you are confident about what you’re putting out there is so important. You feel like to do need to write a lot in the beginning, but quality is better than quantity. This is a great post with great tips for anyone starting out.

  5. Thanks for your great advice! I have only been around for 3 months or so and have learned so much and obviously have a billion more things to learn and improve. I so appreciate successful bloggers like you helping us newbies! I so love blogging and it has opened a whole new world for me. I am a teacher by profession and going back to school and not being able to give my blog as much time and effort as I have been able to being off the past few weeks scares me. I need to still keep at it while still balancing it all and being a good teacher, mom, and wife. UGH! Can be overwhelming. I have a little motto I have been saying to myself. Someday I want to be able to pursue something with design or open my own little shop of home treasures. I say to myself when I am tired or don’t want to get on the computer or finish a project, “how bad do you want it?” Then I answer myself, “I want it bad.” Then I go about working. :)

  6. Thanks Kate that was really helpful. I am at that stage of wanting to grow and find my niche. I appreciated all you thoughts. As always love reading your blog!!!:)

  7. Great tips! I have been blogging with an iphone camera for quite a while. I am really sick of my photography – I am thinking about getting a ‘real’ camera, soon. Then I will have NO EXCUSES! Enjoyed this article.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog to give my personal interests an outlet. My biggest concern is anonymity (within reason). How do you blog about your home without giving yourself away? I guess what I’m getting at is: you quit your day job, but how do you go about having a compelling, interesting blog while keeping a day job and your personal/professional life private?

    • Such a great question and always a concern Audrey! You have to set your own boundaries for yourself, choose whether to blog about where you live, or the names of your families! I’m a private person so I never share my kids names, but each blogger has their own comfort level, so find it and stick to it!

  9. Thanks so much for this article ~ I agree with every single with every single point. One thing I’m excited to do is attend my first conference (sooner than later I hope!). I wish I could have gone to Haven, but I’m definitely looking to attend one in the next year. I’ve seen a few popular ones, but could you recommend a small list? Or maybe you have this on your site already??? Thanks again! :-)

    • Hi Anneke, there are a lot of niche conferences, many related to craft, food, etc. Quite frankly I’m not that familiar with them, perhaps a browser search? Anyone have any suggestions for Anneke beyond the ones I suggested?

  10. How do you like the name “Thrift Diving”? Get it–almost like “dumpster diving” but I go diving at thrift stores, and then blog about it (including decorating my house with as much of the stuff as possible!) You have been inspirational in my blogging journey; what I’ve taken from you most of all is that IT DOESN’T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT. I’ve been blogging for a while, but only seriously for the past 5 months, and I’m “only” seeing about 150 page views on average per day. HOWEVER, that rocks compared to the 5 page views I was getting when I started–and those where from probably my husband. HAHAHAHA.

    Anyhow, keep rockin’ it, Kate, and I love the clean look of your site, which is one of the reasons I choose to have a white background as well (although mine is still a work in progress!).


    Thrift Diving

  11. Hi Kate! Thank you so much for this post- it was exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been blogging for just over a year, and it seems like I’m talking to no one sometimes! Blogging and design are two things that I’m incredibly passionate about, so I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share with others. Your blog is a daily read for me- thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Great info Kate, as always. Just one quick thing – Step 6 talks about clean and non-glaring. You might want to consider not accepting ad buttons that blink and move, they are VERY annoying to have flashing incessantly while you’re trying to read text-heavy content half and inch away. Thank you, Cathy

  13. Must be plain old good luck, but I came to your blog today for the first time (seen it on other blogrolls for months, not sure why it took me so long!) and this was such a helpful post. I’m about 2.5 months into my blog, LOVING it, and still figuring things ou bit by bitt so this was incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned!

  14. Thanks for all the great info. Sometimes I am so busy blogging I forget to have a reality check. One thing I do is go to other blogs and if I find something frustrating like navigation, or I can’t find contact info etc. I make sure that I make those changes to my blog. I have found how to make small changes on my blog simply by seeing where I have a hard time navigating through other sites. And also by reading posts like this and others by seasoned bloggers.

  15. I check your blog daily because I do enjoy it. Today I noticed the blinking ads while I was trying to read your blog and I found it very distracting. Otherwise I love it.

  16. Thanks, Kate, for all of the inspiration and tips. I’ve long admired your talent and your blog and as a new bloger, this post will come in handy. Right now, I’m working on “time management.” Trying to avoid yelling at my son to put down the DS while I’m constantly on the computer myself ; )

  17. I love this post! Thanks. I am still trying to figure out how to get the Contact, Facebook, Pinterest, buttons on my blog! I probably should not even say that, but I am! Have a great day! Love your blog!

  18. Thanks for this post! I have a few blogs that I am working on and I really believe tips like these are so much help and great reminders!

  19. Kate, timely advice and just the shot in the arm I needed. I’m in the process of standing up my blog and small business while balancing a full time job and family. But this is what I’m passionate about, so the hard work and late nights are worth it.

    Regarding #6 as a recovering graphic designer, I can’t agree more. Thanks!

  20. Thank you so much for this post. I love seeing posts like this. It’s so nice for the great bloggers to reach out and help the smaller ones realize their blogging dreams. I love your blog and I read it every day. xoxo

  21. As always, a very informative and helpful post! It’s getting bookmarked.

    I had to smile at lime zinnias comment…me too!

    Just a couple of questions Kate…the BlogHer Conference is coming to NY in August. Would you recommend it? Also, are there any ‘post worthy’ flea markets in your area? (i emailed you a few weeks ago about that ?) Thanks!

    • Hi Doreeen I emailed you back about the Alameda Antique Fair, first weekend of the month and always amazing! I have never attended BlogHer but I hear good things! It’s huge so be prepared to meet a lot of people, but BlogHer is a great place to dive right in!

  22. Phew!! Can I hire you to be my blog adviser???
    Definitely feeling pretty overwhelmed right now as I feel like I’m doing it wrong…
    For a start, I know my name will have to go at some point, but it is so personal that I’m kinda’ attached. But gosh!! I almost feel like I should just start from scratch!!
    Thank you for your advice! I will have to re-look into this blogging thing :)

  23. Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions. I launched a new blog a few months ago at http://www.thecontemplativecarnivore.com. Eventhough I often feel like it’s an audience of one, it’s rewarding to know I’m putting something out there that I’m passionate about and talk about everyday anyway. Thanks for your inspiration and your wonderful blog!

  24. You have no idea how timely this post is for me and so many others! (Oh how I wanted to go to Haven!) Really respect the brand you’ve built and the quality content you graciously share with us, both here and at BHG. I marvel at how you’re able to post almost daily and it’s always a worthy read. That’s not easy like making instant mashed potatoes! Add into this mix the Alma Project. What a good heart! You’ve worked hard… and it sets a great example. Kudos, Kate, and thank you!

    – TMT of chateaurelaxo.blogspot.com

  25. Great points.
    I would add, consider thoroughly whether you want to get into sticky topics like religion, politics etc.

    When I read blogs that slam others for their beliefs [whether Religious or Political] it’s an instant and total turn off, and I have been known to unfollow a blog over it.

    If wearing your beliefs on your sleeve without keeping an open mind and being considerate of others beliefs is how/who you want to be, so be it and good for you!
    However, understand you might lose some followers over being devout in your belief, whatever it is. In effect, painting yourself into a corner.

    • Yes Ang, definitely a consideration for all bloggers, strong opinions expressed on the topics of religion and politics can have that effect, and it is ultimately up to the blogger whether to share them.

  26. This came at the perfect time – I just started a blog about a month ago, and everything (including all of the links to the other blog entries) was so incredibly helpful!! I’ve bookmarked a ton, especially the ones about photography. I’m in in the point and shoot camera phase, but I’m hoping I can afford to upgrade to a DSLR within a year or so (it’s on my Christmas list!).

    Do you have any suggestions for prompting people to comment? Most of my readers are friends and family at this point, so they ask questions/comment outside of blog-land.

    • Hi Amanda, the best way to have readers comment is to ask for input, and some will share, but I notice most readers visit to read and not comment, that’s common!

  27. Great advice. I would only add to be sure and spell check. I read so many blogs with horrendous spelling and grammar errors and it just changes my opinion a bit about the blogger. I have been blogging for several years now for clients but recently started my own blog to chronicle my empty nest remodel (http://jenrick1.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/let-the-fire-begin/ ) and find your reminders of good blogging very timely. Also clicked over and read your article on home photography….guess it is time I made friends with my camera!

    • Ha, Diane, I agree about the spell-check! I make errors all the time, I miss words, misspell them, and my grammar is not always perfect, I typically find a typo or two the next day *sigh* – but I agree, efforts should be made to make sure spelling and grammar are used correctly!

  28. WOW Kate that was so helpful, thanks so much. Some of the tips you advised I am already following. I kind of learned just from following your blog for so long. I am concerned about the trademarking bit thought. When I was in college, I took a script writing class and our professor told us we could copy right our stories by sending it to ourselves in the mail and not opening the letter. The dated letter acts as proof. So couldn’t I just do that with the name of my blog? Also I noticed that when I started my blog, blogger copyrighted my name at the bottom. Is that not enough? $400 is out of my range right now as I’m getting a professional web designers to help with my layout and design. And my name is pretty unique, but can still be thought of by others. Thanks a million.

    • Hi Debora, copyright and trademark are two different topics, copyright pertains to your original content and images, the trademark is for protecting your brand so that some other blogger or company doesn’t come along and start using “your” name – which can weaken your brand if you’ve made a name for yourself for a few years.

  29. Hi Kate!
    Thank you so much for this article! There are so many great tips in here and it’s really encouraging that an established blogger such as yourself has an interest in fostering growth in the blogger community. As I’m sure you know, being a newbie in the game sure isn’t easy! The whole aspect of learning to balance your time between your life and your new baby blog can be very challenging, especially if you want to present meaningful content to your readers. And secondly, it’s the whole idea of acceptance. Will the blog community respond to what I’m putting out there and how can I engage readers who also have similar interests as me?

    All great topics you brought up here. Thanks again for your support. :)


  30. Thanks so much for sharing all these ideas. It’s so nice to know that there are bloggers out there like you who want to help us newbies.

  31. I’ve been blogging for about a year (took 3 or 4 months off to make sure I really wanted to blog), and I really appreciate all these tips. I’ve gotten some things right, but have tons and tons of things to learn and your post really rocks. THANK YOU!

  32. I just started a new blog, so these were GREAT tips for me. I’m more concerned about the design, copywright and trademark thing. Designing the blog, using PS or Illustrator or other photo gadgets to create collages, etc. are what I’m most interested in. I have no idea if this blog will really do anything, but for me it’s a way to hold myself accountable and give myself a creative outlet from all my compliance daily work and part-time business school…drain. :) As a lawyer, I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m talking about! :) Needless to say, it’s FUN!

  33. AWESOME post Kate! Oddly enough I was just googling this topic the other day, and then I get your email notifying me of a new post on Centsational Girl. Crazy. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I LOVE it. I am working on increasing my following but really struggling with how to do that. I would also like to connect with other bloggers of the arts in my area, or even Canada. I so often see, amongst the blogs I frequent, such a positive supportive environment, that I would love to be a part of…..or create!
    Thanks again for being an inspiration AND an educator!

  34. Great tips and I’d like to add one more. Be a leader, not a follower. If people see you have a strong sense in your field, they will come to you! Everything in moderation leads to good results.

  35. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all out. What a wealth of information! While I wouldn’t consider myself a “new” blogger (been doing it since 2008), I certainly know NOTHING about making it successful or lucrative. At this point, I have too many passions (paper crafts, nails, food, and now home decor!). It’s very difficult to narrow it down! One of these days though, when I take the plunge and make the commitment, this post will be the first thing I come back to =)

  36. These are great tips Kate! I’ve been blogging for a few months {going mostly unnoticed}, and have had a few opportunities to guest post and interview for other bloggers. I’m at the point where I’m deciding the best strategy for seeking sponsors and brands, maybe even starting another blog {dun, dun, duuun}. How did you begin that process? Did they come to you or did you seek them out yourself?

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

    • Hi Ferly, all sponsors came to me! I didn’t have any until about 9 or 10 months in, I stared with just Google Ads in my sidebar, that’s a great place to start to monetize. How to Monetize your blog is a HUGE topic, there are a lot of helpful articles out there, but I still think great content should be the focus in the beginning, and once traffic builds, then it’s time to take the next step towards looking at sponsors, but in the first year, my advice is to not focus on that at all. A group of us touched on the topic of monetization earlier this year, I’d suggest this post: http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2012/01/making-money-blogging.html

  37. Thanks for this post, Kate. I’ve been blogging for just four months, so these are very helpful to me. Your #7 resonates the most with me. I’ve found bloggers are such a great, kind, supportive people. It’s definitely not high school!

  38. Thanks Kate so much for the helpful hints. I have recently started, and I am definitely passionate about what I blog about. The only thing that I am would like to be better at would be the computer, and finding ways of getting more noticed.

    I have to keep depending on my teenage daughter and her friends to help me….lol I keep asking, “do any of your friends blog?”……lol

    It seems everyday I learn something new. Thanks again.

  39. These are great! I need to find a way to track unique visitors and stats better on Blogger. This is something I need to know for affiliate programs. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Amy, I have used Statcounter since the beginning, very easy to install the code in Blogger (I started on Blogger but moved to WP later) – Google Analytics is also easy to install, do that too, it’s just a matter of copy and paste into an HTML box in your dashboard. :)

  40. This was so helpful! I’ve been blogging for almost a year, but my blog is definitely still a baby blog. My favorite thing about blogging is the connections you make with people by reading and commenting on each other’s blogs:)

  41. Great post, Kate! I’m not really new anymore, but still learn so much everytime I’m over here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and always being such an inspiration!

  42. As a brand new blogger with only a few posts under my belt, I need all the help I can get! I am still working on adding pages, etc.. I adore your blog and thanks SO much for sharing these awesome tips!

  43. Thanks for sharing your tips (and all of your terrific content). I think it helps to clarify what you mean by success and tailor your activities to your personal goals. I have been blogging since 2006 and while my readership is modest (to say the least) I consider keeping at it consistently for all these years for my family and friends a success. Others will have different goals.

  44. Great tips! I love reading your blog and it’s great to hear what makes a successful blog. I blog for fun and as a challenge I created for myself but I’d love to gain some followers in the process :)

  45. Thanks for this! I have had my blog awhile but only recently picked up to writing consistently and get frustrated when I dont get a ton of comments but I just surpassed 10k views and am excited to continue on and share about my life and especially about food. These tips are really helpful for me though!! TGIF!

  46. So glad you posted this! I’m pretty new to the blogging world and wanting to acquire readers. So, I appreciate you posting this and giving me some things to think about!

  47. As a new blogger, I feel as if I am consuming a lot of information and I can be distracted from all the other fabulous blogs. Thanks for tips. I definitely could use them.

  48. This is a post not to miss. I mean, so usefull, and plenty of good tips.

  49. Thanks so much for writing this post. I just went part time so even though I’ve been blogging for years for my day job (Fashion Editor at Ladies’ Home Journal) it was very new to me to start my own blog.
    This post was very helpful. Thanks!
    Sue at Home

  50. Super Duper tips! I’m not super new to the blogging world, but I am trying to expand my horizons and make it worth my while! These will certainly help in my endeavor!


  51. Great stuff Kate! You are so right about a blog taking over your life. I’m coming up on one year the end of August since I started to blog and am finding it difficult to comment and read blogs as much as I use to. I think summer vacation is playing a role in that. I started my blog to keep my family and friends updated on what life was like living with my parents and grandparents and somehow, it turned into a blog involving people I don’t know! :) ha. I have no idea what happened but it’s been a very interesting year and I am very thankful for my blog and my online world :). Thank you for posting all the tips and suggestions :)

  52. I loved this post. I just started following your blog and dabbling with my own. It’s a perfect time to see this post. Lots of great tips.

  53. This is so helpful! I’ve been blogging since 2005, but mostly as a personal log. If I ever decide to take it to the next level, I’ll definitely be following these great tips!

  54. I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know what a “link party” is. Kate, you’ve mentioned it so many times in various blog posts, but I don’t really know what it means. Is it an online event that you attend? Would appreciate if someone could explain it.


  55. Debbie, I can’t believe I can actually answer somebody’s question! Lol

    A link party is when a blogger is highlighting other bloggers specific (generally, but not always) work. For example, Kate recently did a link party for bloggers who have done a project they saw on Pinterest. At the end of the post announcing the party, there is a link. Click on that and it will take you to where you need to be to participate. Remember you need to add your permalink (that is the link to the actual post, not your site). Since you’re new at this, read the instructions the host has written carefully. And don’t be embarrassed about asking questions! You can email me and while I’m no expert BY ANY MEANS I am happy to help if I can. There is also a lot of info if you just want to google whatever topic you need help with (although I personally find it overwhelming and somewhat confusing).

    Thanks Kate for the advice. For some reason, I didn’t get your response but I figured you were super busy. No worries.

  56. Hi Kate!
    I so look forward to your entries your always my first stop while I browse in the early mornings :)
    I have been thinking for months of starting a blog myself but the more researching I do the more blog lingo I read the more confused I get, lol. I looked into WordPress while it all sounded good I did get a bit taken back but I’m excited about the possibilities!

  57. I love that you are so open and so supportive of the community of new bloggers out here. Sharing part of my life with the unseen world is very liberating and somewhat daunting :) Knowing that others go long periods without being noticed is comforting…I thought it was just me LOL Thankyou for your creativty xx

  58. Terrific Tips!

    Thanks for the information. I have a question…did you start on a blogging platform such as blogger or did you just do a .com and a self-hosted site with like hostgator or hostnine?

    • Hi Angie, I started with Blogger and signed up for a free account, and bought my website .com through Go Daddy. I switched to a self hosted site on WordPress about 9 months in.

  59. You can trademark a blog name?? I’d looked into that before, but was under the impression I couldn’t because I wasn’t providing a service in the way of selling goods. But apparently I didn’t look close enough! I just want to verify before I get started in the process of spending that kind of money…

    Thanks for the tips!

  60. Absolutely tremendous advice. Thank you! Like Jessica (above), I’ve found over my first year of blogging that the whole process ‘growed like Topsy’ and took on a whole life of its own, sometimes wanting to take over *mine*, too. So I’ll certainly be studying up on your sage advice regarding time management as well as the photography tips and other gifts here. I really do enjoy your work, and this is a particularly outstanding post!

  61. Thanks so much for posting this! I am a new blogger and I really enjoy it, but it is nice to imagine that someday I could have a large amount of people reading what I write!

  62. Thank you very much for this post. I found your blog about a year ago when I was redecorating the place I live in and I’ve been following your projects ever since (and implementing them too). I started a blog just last week, and in the part of the world where I blog from, the concept of blogging is still a baby, so networking with a local community is a dream:) BUT, I love to write so hoping for the best. Thanks again for the tips.

  63. Such a great post – thanks for the tips! Based on your experience in law, I’d love to see a post with legal-related tips for bloggers (such as your recommendation to get a trademark, legal speak that you should be sure to include in blog giveaways, etc.) Thanks Kate!

  64. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, Kate! These are awesome and so helpful. I’ve just recently started my own blog, and will definitely look into securing a trademark. I have a quick question regarding time management. I’ve come across different blogging planners that various bloggers use to schedule their time writing posts. Is there one that you use in particular, or would recommend? I’m so excited to have finally started blogging, and am so inspired by you! Thanks again for the tips!

    • Hi Trisha, I use an editoral calendar and that’s about it! I squeeze in my writing time when I can, usually in the a.m. between 10 and 12 and then in the evening after kids go to bed!

  65. Thanks for all the great tips Kate!! I love your blog, ever since I stumbled across it last year, while looking for tips on making my own tufted headboard. I just started blogging for fun a few months ago, but am thinking about incorporating it into a business soon (I’m one of the lucky few that loves my job already, and this would just be in addition). I always check in on your site about once a week to catch up on all your latest projects–and thanks for all the great ideas!

  66. I am new to blogging and I create unique content with my own photographs almost always. But, there are times I must use lots of pictures to prove a point or illustrate an idea for the richness of a post, which is best done if I use more photographs, that are practically not possible for anyone to have as a bunch. I have seen that you use, pictures from different places and link to them. How does this work? How do you deal with copy rights?

  67. Kate,
    Thanks for such a phenomenal article! I love it! Such great advice from someone who’s accomplished such great things! :)
    Virginia @LiveLoveDIY

  68. Kate,

    Thanks for the great article. I am a newly wed and my husband and I just purchased our first home together a few weeks after we got married. We live in Manitoba, Canada and I always had a dream of starting a successful blog. I started my blog in June and I would love for you to check it out! http://www.alliwantisblue.blogspot.com. I explained why I named my blog All I Want Is Blue in my first blog post.

    Thanks again for everyday inspiration!


  69. Thanks Kate for the great article. Your tips are helpful and inspiring to a new blogger like myself. Your tips helped give me the push I needed to start :)

  70. Thanks for all the great tips! I have been blogging for 3 years now, but I am always looking for new ways to move my brand forward.

  71. I began blogging a little over 1 month ago. I was just wondering the other day how long it would take to get a following other than my Besties and Parents–lol. Given all the time blogging takes, it feels a little discouraging putting things out there for no one to notice. I’ll keep the faith though…not looking to make a living blogging it just would be nice to have someone recognize my work:)

    Thanks again!

  72. Thanks for the great information, Kate! My business partner and I are just starting out and this post, along with the others you have linked to, have been so helpful!!! You are a very talented and inspiring woman. Thank you again!

    Wishing you the best!

  73. Good information. Thank you! I am a new blogger and I really liked the information you provided. Though I created my blog a few years back, I just recently actively started posting.
    I would love if you take a visit and provide feedback.
    I am not a very good writer and I am still working on it…:) but I like to showcase the little projects I do.

  74. Thanks! I just started my blog & these are great tips, I’m now thinking about changing my background to something more subtle.

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