Color Crush: Orange + Pink

By Kate Riley May 31, 2012

I’m totally in the mood for brighter ‘look at me’ colors these days, and my latest summertime color crush is orange and pink!  I begged asked my daughter if she’d be cool if I revamped her room in these two colors and she told me pink was definitely okay but no on the orange.  Dang! 

So I’ll live vicariously though these amazing pink and orange spaces, and feel free to mix in a little bit of coral and pops of red too – on the color wheel, they’re all best friends, ya know?   


pink and orange bedroom

Style at Home, via Marcus Design


pink orange living room bhg

Better Homes & Gardens


project nursery girls closet

Project Nursery


pink and orange girls room

Maria Barros via VT Interiors


pink and orange scarf kikis list

Kiki’s List

   martha stewart pink and orange bedroom

Martha Stewart


pink orange sitting room bhg

Better Homes & Gardens


jim thompson bamboozle

Interior Design, Jim Thompson ‘Bamboozle’ fabric


pink and orange living room bhg

Better Homes & Gardens

  phoebe howard pink and coral bedroom

Phoebe Howard


colorful orange and pink bhg

Better Homes & Gardens


duralee fabrics

Duralee Fabrics via Pinterest


pink and orange nails nymag

NY Mag


pink and orange color block dress



pink and orange color crush


From top left:  Angelica Pendant, Rosenberry Rooms; Watercolor Scarf, Target; Amy Butler Midwest Modern,, Hibiscus by Trina Turk, Layla Grace; Algiers Lotus Fabric, John Robshaw;  Spritz Paper Box, Target; Zig Zag PIllow, PopOColor; Geo Link Trina Turk, Layla Grace; Respond to Every Call Sign, Rosenberry Rooms; Personalized Chevron Pillow, Confections by Shara’s Paperie; Smartphone Planner, Zazzle; Link Bracelet, Rumors, $22; Stuart Weitzman Wedge, Nordstrom, $229; Colorblock tote, Handpicked, $48; Indian Paisley Elephant Print, The Pink Pagoda; Hopper House Little Shyla, Kate Spade, $149   Ribbon Rug, All Modern, Westley Rug, Madeline Wienrib.


What’s your summertime color crush?




  1. Oh my how I loovvveee pink and orange!!! Ever since I saw you once post a pin of an orange and pink room I was hooked! My daughter’s room is going to be pink and green but I may have to work in some pops of orange! I dream of one day having a house big enough for an orange and pink craft room!

  2. I’m on the porange bandwagon, too! In fact, my craft studio/sewing room will be done with white walls and orange and pink accents everywhere I can think to put them! It’s such a fresh feeling combination!

  3. Love the pink and orange but seriously, how does anyone get their cuticles to look that good?

  4. It’s a happy color combination! I LOVE the Bamboozle fabric. I’ve seen it a couple times this week and just adore it.

  5. I adore this color combination! My husband would just die though if I added so much pink into our house….lol

  6. oh man.. those are great color together!! that little nursery closet is so cute!! these colors make me happy too!

  7. aaahhh Kate, I love pink and orange. I have been on a lime green and aqua kick. Been painting lots of furniture in these 2 colors and people snap them up. Love all the pictures especially the Marcus Design. I could just die! thanks for the inspiration. Kathy

  8. What a coincidence, I just saw an outfit tonight at my son’s open house on a woman, I just loved it. It was……pink and orange! Orangish, coral skinny leg pants with a pink and orange striped long boatneck sweater. It was so cute, it reminded me of sherbet ice cream. Very summery and stylish : )

  9. Haha! I’m loving that color combination too! I’m Going to have a baby girl in September and the orange and pink duo keeps coming to the forefront of my mind when thinking about decorating her nursery nook. So fun and fresh!

  10. Love the Bamboozle fabric. I am currently doing my girls’ bathroom in pink and orange with turquoise walls. We love it!

  11. I adore chartreuse and aqua together – especially in the warm months!
    I have to say that pink and orange are pretty great together too ; ) The orange and paisley poof, and the amazing nails, and the nursery…sigh!!
    Happy weekending! xo

  12. I actually found some orange velvet chairs on Craigslist last night and totally want them! My husband is not so sure, but maybe if I showed him your post he’d be convinced… We have a “front room” that needs furniture and I’d like to make it our sitting room or library. The orange chairs with beautiful gray walls, a beautiful rug and I could sneak some pops of pink into the bookcases I’m dreaming of adding as well…thanks for the inspiration!

  13. This has long been a fun favorite of mine — ever since I laid eyes on and bought my first piece of vintage Samsonite in the pink and orange marbled finish. (The inside is pink on pink polka dots.) I use the color combo in my garden and have done my daughter’s room in the colors during one of her room’s evolutions. Love love love it! Thanks for featuring this happy combo.

  14. Does anyone else love the fact that your girl knows what she wants and is wise enough to be true to her own style…LOVE that!! That’s the number one step to great design is trust yourself and choose what you love! But…I DO love these colors. My daughter had an pink and orange outfit when she was little and it was my favorite, so bright and cheery!!!

  15. We used pink and orange for a candy themed girl baby shower last year. It turned out absolutley fabulous! Not sure I’d choose it for my home though :)

  16. I love this combination for a nursery but since my husband is college football crazy and considers any color close to Tennessee orange to be blasphemy, I will also have to live vicariously through these photos.

  17. Love pink and orange together! My daughter is opposite of yours. She wants the orange in her room but not the pink, so we are going with orange and brown. So not me, but well she knows what she likes and that’s all that matters.

  18. I’m super into the “popping” colors trend, too. Not a huge orange fan, but I do like some shades. I’ve already done a room or two in my home that way and mixed it up with a few yellows here and there.

  19. My summer color crush has to be turquoise and pink. I’m loving all of these pink and orange photos though.

  20. I must say I agree with your daughter. I’d go with the pink, but not the orange. I love orange (big Auburn fan), but together, they’re TOO bright. They look great in these spaces, but I couldn’t stand to live with them.

  21. I’m so with you! I found an awesome white quilt with tangerine polka dots on it (in and old chest of goodies of my mom’s and I’m thinking about a redo in my daughter’s room. She’s only six, and isn’t as opinionated about decor (yet). Clothes, yes. Decor, no. ;-)

  22. pink and orange is a beautiful color combo i think for the design of your daughter’s room really depends on what her age is and what her style is. If she’s a teenager photo #1,6,10 definitely will be a great inspiration to start, the chevron carpet/rug really caught my attention though.

  23. I did my daughter’s nursery in pinks and oranges 2 years ago. It still feels fresh and not quite your ordinary nursery motif. It hasn’t gotten old for me yet…my daughter still isn’t old enough to share her opinion. I used a wide variety of Amy Butler Midwestern Modern fabrics in those colors.

  24. Anyone have any idea where I can get that orange coffee table in the 2nd pic? I’ve been searching for 2 years for that exact thing!

  25. I am more partial to coastal blues & greens subtle colors yet my bedroom is in orange and pink. And now I have a breakfast nook in orange and blue. This color combo pops but does not seem overpowering or gaudy.
    I say go for it.

  26. I have to admit you have surprised me. Orange and pink if it was suggested to me without seeing I would most definitely say, no way. However, I have to admit that in most of the pictures it works very well, especially when the pink is a darker pink. I was not so keen on the very pale pink with the orange.

    I like to try ideas that could be deemed as colour clashes sometimes and find that surprisingly that if you get the tone right, it often works very well. But orange and pink I wasn’t sure.
    Perfect choice for a young girl’s room I thought but I cannot see my son letting me near his room with a pink and orange paint tin let alone matching cushions.

    I very much enjoyed the designs here and it only goes to prove that we shouldn’t be afraid to try a few colour taboos. I like the way a dash of yellow is added and for me it really sets it off nicely. Thank you for your tasteful ideas and designs; it really is an eye opener.

    I won’t be so bold as to try it in my living room or other areas but I think you have simply made my choice for me for my daughter’s room.

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