An Easter Table

By Kate Riley April 6, 2012

Happy Easter weekend everyone!  We’ve got family coming to town so I took the opportunity to set a festive table for the occasion.  I haven’t set an Easter table since this blues and branches tablescape from two years ago, so it felt like time to do another!  Here are few scenes from my new blue green Easter table with sources too.

easter table cg


What is Easter without a bunny right?  Kids might consider this torture – a peekaboo chocolate rabbit nestled in edible grass in a milk glass compote.  My children are begging to chomp on his ears. 

chocolate bunny in milk glass compote cg


A blue ceramic fruit basket from Anthropologie holds pastel speckled eggs.

anthro fruit basket cg

easter table setting cg


Place settings include bamboo mats found in the dollar bin at Michaels, salad plates from Marshalls, and blue rimmed glassware from Pier One.

egg place card holder


I made these egg place card holders with floral wire (22 gauge).  To make them, wrap the wire around an egg to form the shape, remove the egg then dust the wire with spray paint. Once dry, attach painted chipboard butterflies (or any other place card) to the top between the wire.  Not that it matters where one sits in our house but it’s a fun touch :) 

butterfly easter egg place card cg


A glass molcajete is reinvented as a base for a nest of robin’s egg candy.  Just beyond a stacked apothecary jar holds jelly beans, Jordan almonds and more robin’s egg treats. 

blue glass molcajete easter nest


The napkins are these square print dish towels from Crate + Barrel, cut and stitched to form dinner napkins instead.  Koosa candleholders from the same source hold blue hydrangea buds.

easter table setting side cg


A butterfly on a twig is on display under glass – that used to be a nonworking faux brass clock that I found at a thrift store but I dismantled it and painted the base white, now it’s a unique bell jar.

butterfly under bell jar


We’re serving glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, a big salad and sourdough, followed up by my sister’s creme brûlée.  Can’t wait!

blue green easter table cg


Wishing you all a very happy Easter weekend.

See y’all on Monday, enjoy!




  1. I love it! I think blue is the happiest, most soothing color to work with. Your kids aren’t the only ones who want to gnaw off that bunnies ears. :)
    I am working with blues for my Easter table too and just made a long wooden container to hold the centerpiece today!

  2. Kate…..once again you have inspired me! It is after eleven, Friday night on the East Coast, and I have been cleaning this house for hours. Before I loged on to your site, I had thought to myself, well maybe I will just do paper plates! My grandmother, probably rolled over in her grave with that thought floating around! After seeing this beautiful table, I am definatly inspired….I guess I will be up bright and early to decorate that dinning room table!
    Much love and Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Really pretty tablescape Kate! The choc bunny wouldn’t last 2 seconds in our house! Ha! I love the colour of your eggs in the basket from Anthro…and the flowers…gorgeous! The whole tablesetting is absolutely wonderful! Wishing you a wonderful long weekend and Happy Easter ! Angie xo

  4. Hi Kate! I am loving your fresh and whimsical table setting! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  5. Adorable! Adorable! Did you make the tablecloth? I’m having such a hard time finding nice, affordable tablecloths! Thanks for the inspiration….Happy Easter!

  6. Beautiful table. Beautiful!

    I’m not sure what your equivalents are in the US but we have gone for a Fairtrade Easter this year, meaning our children won’t be enjoying chocolate produced by child slaves. That certainly does make Easter feel a little better, for me anyway.

    Now off to contemplate how to set our table for Easter tomorrow… I’m sure it won’t be as lovely as yours but I’ll do my best to make it special. Thanks for sharing your ideas – lovely as always! :)

  7. It looks lovely! The butterfly in the jar is so cute! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Jenn :)

  8. I always think Easter has to have lots of pink – but your combination of blue and green is so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! I need to go rummage through my table decor stash, to see what I can pull together!

    Laurel at SoPo Cottage

  9. Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous. Your tablecloth is perfect! Love the little pleats…did you make that?
    Enjoy your gathering!

    Kris at Cricket Acres Studio

  10. Looks amazing. Love your creativity on the napkins, bell jar…love it all.

    I too wonder if you made th tablecloth? It seems a custom fit?

  11. WOW! You did an amazing job. I love those berry containers from Anthropologie; I saw them when I was in the store yesterday, and the only thing I could think was “cute for berries”…not eggs! Great ideas. :-)

  12. I’ll be enjoying soft pink and green this Easter. I do adore your blue and green tablescape. Lovely!

  13. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. That looks so lovely, your guests will be so pleased.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I have been really into yellow. With spring coming so sudden and early to CT this year, the daffodils were a welcome surprise of bright color in an otherwise winter landscape. Now I want everything yellow!

  15. I was never a big fan of yellow, But I saw a pic on pinterest of black outdoor furniture ( which I have) paired with yellow cushions and it was gorgeous so I am going to use that color scheme for my front porch this year and maybe some teal as well.

  16. so pretty! I have that exact milk glass compote. love milk glass in the spring.

  17. Happy Easter Kate. Your beautiful table is inspiring and creative. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

  18. I love yellow, I always put yellow on my table (except Christmas of course1), very fresh, nice job.

  19. YUM! I’d like to come to Easter dinner at your house!!

    Your table looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for listing the sources for everything.

    Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones!

  20. I would have to say yellow, so bright and cheery! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Easter!

  21. Still aqua, as in the Anthro ceramic berry basket! Have a blessed Easter!

  22. OMgoodness!! your Easter table looks amazing… like something from the magazine amazing!! I hope your family appreciates all your hard work!! great job and Happy Easter!

  23. Hi there! It sounds like several of us would like to beg you for a tablecloth tutorial! It is stunning! Happy Easter to all!

  24. What a beautiful table! I love the softness and cheeriness of all of your colors. Have a wonderful Easter.

  25. My favorite color to decorate this spring with is blue!!!!!

    Cool, refreshing, timeless!

  26. Soft and lovely. I love this. Thanks for sharing this. I have an anthropology store and think I’ll pick up a blue ceramic crate next time. Happy Easter!

  27. I love it! I almost bought the blue ceramic fruit basket from Anthro the other night. You’re is adorable! Maybe next year I’ll have my act together and get an Easter table setting. :)

  28. I LOVE the blue and green! The place card holders you made are so cute! The candies in the jar and the hydrangeas just make it all come together. Everything is so beautiful as always! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  29. Love it! Gorgeous as always!!! Love the fresh flowers and combo of the blues and greens! Way to score on those placemats! Hope you had a fun Easter!

  30. Table setting turned out beautiful (of course!). I loooove the choc bunny in the bowl .. It ‘completed’ the design …. Easter style love + fun!

  31. what do you normally do with the eggs after you’re done with them?

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