Spring Color Giveaway

By Kate Riley April 6, 2012

Greetings everyone and happy Friday!  If fresh spring color is what you crave, then you’ll love this weekend’s giveaway, brought to you by Apt2B!  Apt2B is a fantastic resource for chic home decor from sofas to bedding, kitchen and bath too.  They specialize in fashionable affordable products for small space dwellers.

Apt2B is offering one lucky winner a Spring Color prize package this weekend.  Winner will have their choice of two toss pillows from the Apt2B collection.

two toss pillows

One Jonathan Adler Pop Candle (four flavors available)

jonathan adler candle


One of any of the Spring Street floor mats (five choices available)

floor mat

A set of ice cream bowls, 6 set kitchen cooking tools, and a kitchen starter set.

ice cream bowls etc

What is spring without fresh flowers?  Winner’s choice of any one of these vase sets. 

cliffwood vases


Here’s a sample full prize package:

spring color prize package

Eligibility to win the full Spring Color Prize Package from Apt2B:

1) Answer this question: What color are you most loving for spring decorating this season?  Leave your answer in a comment on this post.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

One winner only, US only. Winner chosen at random. Giveaway ends Sunday April 8th at 8 p.m. PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Congratulations to #803: Kathryn Dillon, winner notified by email!




  1. My favorite color for spring and summer is definitely yellow. it’s so fresh and fun. just love it.

  2. To pick ONE color?? For YEARS I’ve loved turquoise and coral in springtime, but this year, I’m loving Grass Green and White! Really crisp fresh colors :)

  3. Fabulous giveaway! I’m totally digging light blue/aqua/turquoise this spring. Can’t get enough of it.

  4. I am lovng yellow and mint green this spring. I just can’t get enough.

  5. Canadian, [so not entering LOL] but yellow is my spring color and this is a fantastic cheer you up giveaway !

  6. I am drawn to everything and anything GREEN! All different shades, especially the brighter and more vibrant ones. My wedding colors are bright green and yellow, so maybe that is why this color is on the brain 24/7! Any why the heck not–the color is so springy and beautiful!


  7. I love turquoise as always, but this year I’m thinking of adding some pink…sorry hubby ;)

  8. Bright, happy yellow is my color for spring. I love having fresh yellow flowers in the house– daffodils, tulips, whatever!

    Great giveaway!

  9. I am loving blues, greens and teals this spring— feels fresh and brings the outdoors inside!

  10. I am still loving turquoise and aqua tones. They make me think of relaxing beach vacations and add a lot of much needed fun to my primarily boring beige house.

  11. My favorite color for Spring is “YELLOW”. It’s super pretty and fun!. Always help remind me of the fresh flowers :)

  12. I am loving yellow right now – bowls of lemons on the counter, yellow pots for herbs, yellow throw. I even bought a yellow tote :)

  13. For me, it’s always orange. Such a happy color. Doesn’t matter the season, it’s what I gravitate toward.

  14. Oh I love bright colors in spring! :) I been really been liking yellow this spring tho!

  15. I am loving anything bright! Teal and pinks are my favorite if I had to choose.

  16. Yellow! It’s an accent color in my dining room but I should add more for spring.

  17. Turquoise…past, present and future! (Okay…and fresh, limey/grassy green…and white…and coral. Can’t be just one. Too hard.)

    Wonderful giveaway. 1 in 37,342 chance probably…but I’m taking it! :)

  18. Thanks for the contest!

    I am loving up teal this spring. While I typically flock to orange, teal has really caught my eye this year.

  19. I would have to say Yellow like everyone else. But with the yellow I would do oranges and corals mixed in. I can’t wait to bring out my lawn furniture – complete with coral, white and yellow pillows! I especially can’t wait to relax and enjoy sipping a grapefruit margarita :)

  20. I’m loving coral right now. I’m thinking it’ll be the accent color for my gray craft room.

  21. Love this giveaway! Green will always be my favorite spring color. Can’t get enough of it, ever! :o)

  22. I always love to add yellow in spring, but this year I am also loving green!

  23. I cannot seem to get enough of aqua this spring! It coordinates well with a lot of different palettes, and is such a refreshing, bright color.

  24. For the first time ever I am loving YELLOW! I used to hate it and over the years it just started growing on me and now that I see it everywhere I just want to add it in my decor even more!

  25. I love fresh greens but have found myself sneaking in some of my summer turquoise/aqua!

  26. I am loving green…the color of the new hostas and fern fronds and all the new spring growth.

  27. I know Tangerine is all the rage now…but I have ALWAYS loved bright yellows! I haven’t yet taken the plunge to get that into my decor–but I hope this will be a start!

  28. I LOVE coral this year but yellow is a very close second! Those orange toss pillows are TO DIE FOR! I have the perfect couch home for them I swear!

  29. YELLOW! Citrus, lemon, citrine, school bus yellow – I’m throwing yellow all over my house, to match the huge patch of blooming yellow salvia out in my front garden (not to mention our ‘mellow yellow’ front door!).

  30. I am moving into my first apartment with my fiance next weekend, so all the colors are creating lots of inspiration!

  31. Yellow!! I have always been a blue girl and I am adding pops of yellow to my decore!

  32. I’m loving mint! I usually shy away from blues, but I am loving the beautiful light blue/green that is so in style this season!

  33. I’m breaking my no-blue rule and loving aqua and turquoise! And Tangerine Tango is mighty nice, too!

  34. I usually would say green, but this year, I love yellow! I don’t have anything yellow in my house so I’m trying to get creative and raid Goodwill!

  35. I can’t get enough aqua/turquoise! And pink. Oh, and minty green. I guess I’m on a color kick lately!

  36. i am always an aqua lover, so of course aqua, but this spring i am bringing some coral into the mix. i pretty much love all fun bright colors in the Spring!

  37. This week it’s grass green – next week probably coral – I just can’t pick one!

  38. Coral – I’ve already purchased three tops and a pair of shoes in coral!

  39. Green is always my favorite Spring color! All shades of green!!! Nothing better than the color of nature!

  40. I’ve always loved aqua – but this year I’m digging the mint trend even more!

  41. I’ve been feeling the need to add a nice glossy white into my decor and Spring seems like just the time to do it! :)

  42. I’ve been loving blue recently and realized I hardly have any in my house. Must correct that soon! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. I am loving turquoise! :) So pretty and compliments the green in my home.

  44. I am really drawn to a spring leaf green with some pops of a lemony yellow. Must have something to do with the daffodil clusters I see at Trader Joe’s.

  45. For me, yellow is where it’s at. Maybe because I’m planning for a wedding with yellow and gray-but all I see and want is yellow around!!

  46. Bright Yellow!! I just can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate it…

  47. If i have to pick one i’d say kelly green but really i’m big on so many bright colors right now!

  48. Apple green is one of my favorite colors anyway, but when spring rolls around it’s everywhere – in nature and in home decor! Love it! It’s so fresh and fun – and it is EVERYWHERE in my home!

  49. Green and turquoise. Perfect spring colors plus they remind me of my former island life. :)

  50. The color that calls to me at this time of year is yellow – baby chicks, forsythia blooms, and daffodils. I’m finally seeing more sunlight and longer days and feeling cheery warmer breezes…..ahhhhh spring!

  51. My favorite decorating colors right now are bright lemon yellow paired with Gray and White, and a bold Peacock Blue!

  52. I am painting with a lot of greens and even pink lately – jewel tones always seem to strike my fancy

  53. This spring i’m really into teal and all of the fresh blues that are popping up in everything. They remind me that summer is just around the corner!

  54. I am loving smokey teals and greys! But I am loving all the brights above, too! Awesome giveaway!

  55. I’m in love with the retro mint and cantaloupe/coral combo. So pretty and calming. Posted it on the book of face. Boom, two steps combined into one!

  56. Color in general is so fun to decorate with – right now I’m loving turquoise and lemony yellow pops of color!

  57. This Spring I am loving some hot pink! I can’t get enough of it!

  58. I love yellow in the spring! It’s fresh, bright and reminds me of the warm sunshine on my back when I’m working in the garden.

  59. I am loving anything blue for the Spring! I am looking for some new blue outdoor planters for the front porch :)

  60. I love citrus colors (lemon, lime and orange) in the spring- and a bright pop of turquoise.

  61. For some reason, yellow is my color this spring. I’ve never used it that much before, but I’m loving the freshness it’s bringing to my living room.

  62. Spring green oh course. My dear mothers home had every room painted a different shade of green — thought I’d never go there — but I love it!

  63. This spring I am completely obsessed with orange and teal. I’m putting it in out nursery, living room, outside, pretty much everywhere.

  64. I am loving green right now – probably because I’m about to paint my office green with turquoise accents.

  65. Coral is my color this spring. But I love anything bright, cheery, and fun!

  66. I am really into canary yellow for my outdoor decor. It really pops with all the greens of my very shady yard. I love bright red for inside. Nothing pops like a bit of red.

  67. what a fantastic giveaway- so generous! i’ve been using plenty of yellow this spring- makes everything feel warm & sweet! thanks for hosting this great giveaway! : )

  68. I’ve been loving green lately – it’s so fresh and I think it’s the perfect springtime color!

  69. Yellow is my new favorite! I’m moving into a new place and would LOVE to spruce it up with all of that fun color :)

  70. I’ve always been a bright multicolored decorator, and that has not changed this spring! Every color of the rainbow in bright hues finds its way into my house. I love those rugs!

  71. oooh such pretty colors. I would have to say bright green – chartreuse – I just love that color!
    Thanks for the beautiful gifts and the chance to win

  72. My color for spring is bright green! Just like my new couch. :) All it needs are some bright accents.

  73. Turquoise has become the love of my decorating life! Oh and bright green! :) What a fun giveaway!

  74. I have always and will always love blue. I’m really loving a nice, bright blue right now – like turquoise!

  75. Green is always a favorite of mine for spring! It’s so earthy and calming :)

  76. Great Giveaway! I am throwing in a lot of blues and greens- and even a couple pops of orange- love all this spring decorating!

  77. Mine would be blue: somewhere between Carolina and Bondi….. Funny since I’ve always been a green girl!

  78. My fav color for this spring is YELLOW! So bright, springy and HappY!!
    Can’t get enough of YELLOW!!

  79. Such a generous giveaway~~thank you for the opportunity to win some great prizes! I’m loving pale pink and sunshine yellow this spring!

  80. I am LOVING teal! It pairs well with neutrals like grays and bold colors like yellow and pink!

  81. I am loving all of the colors in that post…but if I HAD to pick one that I am using right now it is the bright blue/turquoise! Nothing says summer like the blues and greens of the sea!
    What a super giveaway…thanks for the chance to win such great SWAG!!

  82. I am loving green and yellow with small splashes of hot pink this spring!

  83. Blues and greens are my favorites this spring, although there’s something about orange that’s grabbing me too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. I’m loving golden yellow this spring. I bought a small, golden yellow, vintage ceramic planter and I was hooked on the color!

  85. Im all over the bright sunshine yellow & turquoise! So friendly and inviting to work with! :))

  86. Lime green I’m painting it on candle holders from the thrift shop.

  87. I love lime green, bright green, kelly green, chartuese … any bright happy shade of green is my favorite!

  88. My favorite color for spring decorating is yellow! It just screams spring!

  89. Hmm…I am loving bright greens and orange. The thought of a grapefruit candle made me hungry :)

  90. For a second entry, I tweeted about this giveaway @sheersparkle.


  91. Can I choose two? Chartreuse and all shades of blue — from aqua to navy!!!!

  92. I am loving yellow this spring — and have for a long, long time. Guess that means I need to go get some!

  93. Oh wow what a prize! I always love green, so in the spring it’s definitely soft, not-quite-pastel green for me. :)

  94. I am loving yellow….painting my front door yellow, pillows on bright blue bench in yellow….would be lovely!

  95. turquoise, fuchsia and yellow! Can’t stick with just one, these are all happy colors that brighten up a room after a dark, dreary winter!

  96. I love bright colors, right now I’m really into Benjamin Moore’s Summer Plum.

  97. I’ve always been a sucker for tangerine with a hot pink pop of color!

  98. Yellow is the color of spring – dandelions, daffodils, sunshine – it goes with anything and makes a big impact in a room

  99. Having just moved into a new Condo the beginning of March I have been having lots of fun decorating. My fun accent colors for spring have been Orange and Lime green! They are so much fun to play with!

  100. I am in love with bright yellow. I’m placing pops of it all over the main floor of my house!

  101. I’ve just moved to a house where everything is white, so I’m in need of a bit of color! Teal is one of my favourites.

  102. I’m still in love with all things teal or aqua and have it all over the house in small doses.

  103. I love the blue and green shown in the bird pillow sample. What a fabulous prize package! It would be like getting a mini decor makeover for spring. Beautiful colors in all the products:)

  104. I am in love with turquoise/aqua, as usual, but I’m also dying to try some tangerine. Such a trend follower, I guess.

  105. I am loving White and Tomato Red. I just repainted my dining table all white with little tomato red birdies in the corners as accents. It looks so fresh. Also linked to my
    FB (@rubybluemonkey)

  106. My all time favorite color is yellow, perfect for spring. Although I am currently obsessed with anything mint-colored.

  107. I’m always in love with turquoise, but green is in my head this spring, and I’m thinking I’m going to be painting my bathroom a nice bright/saturated green.

  108. I’ve loved lime green and blue for years. In the 70’s I had lime green walls and white furniture, blue and green shag carpeting in my bedroom. I have a lake home and those are the major colors. Some orange and yellow too and it’s been this way for a while! The colors do come back in style!!

  109. Yellow and orange cheer me up but I seem to be drawn to the calm of blue and green.

  110. I’m wild about turquoise. Earthy and a little bit modern at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Robin’s Egg Blue. I just love it! Thank you for the opportunity on your very generous giveaway. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter, Kate!

  112. Have to go with GREEN…it’s timeless in my opinion. Amazing prize package!

  113. yellow. well yellow and pink! loving both with grey actually:)
    awesome giveaway!
    Easter Blessings,Misti

  114. Robin’s egg blue and turpoise, as always, although I’m considering a jot of orange to punch up the cobalt on my outdoor veranda furniture.

  115. My favorite color to decorate as of now is coral. I can’t not buy coral colored objects!

  116. I’m really loving light blues and teals! Although I’m not sure that really counts, because I love them all the time, haha!

  117. I’ve got a seafoam obsession happening lately for some reason. ::crosses fingers::

  118. I am loving gray and mint green!!! Gray is so much a neutral color that you can do anything with and mint green adds a pop of color. ; )

  119. What color am I not digging? This is such a fun time of year. If I had to pick one, I’d go with the bright oranges.

  120. I am loving yellow, orange, and green…think citrus! throw in some pink and white..think azaleas. :-)

  121. I am loving yellow, orange, and green…think citrus! throw in some pink and white..think azaleas. :-)

  122. I am totally into turquoise. So is my almost 7 yr old daughter. We will be moving in the near future and she has already requested that I paint her room a light turquoise.

  123. I’m loving lavendar, orange and apple green. But not necessarily together.

  124. I love decorating with pops of celery colored accessories in the Spring time. It feels so fresh and fun!

  125. So hard to pick just one color but I think I’m most drawn to bright orange! That’s my youngest child’s fav color!

  126. Spring green!!!!!!!!!!
    Just in from Central Park and it’s crazy good.

  127. I am drawn to the orange/tangerine clothing this spring. It’s so bright and cheerful. Green works best inside and fortunately there is lots of it :)

  128. Loving hot pink! I know that sounds too intense, but just little bits of it are great!

  129. I’m totally loving green right now. Trying to pick out the perfect shade of green for my half bathroom right now!

  130. I’m really into tangerine this spring–goes well with my all-time favorite color, turquoise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I’d have to say vibrant bright green screams spring. Such a great way to brighten up most any space.

  132. I am absolutely in love with turquoise right now. My garden is decorated in apple green and white and I love to bring out some citrus yellow in my grey/white living room! As you can see, it’s hard to name just one favorite spring color. They all look fresh and very elegant paired with white or neutral colors.

  133. I love the bright lime greens, but I am also a long-time fan of orange.

  134. ooh…what a great prize. i am very into orange this spring. just did some repainting and everything seems to be headed that way in my house!!

  135. What an awesome and colorful giveaway! My favorite spring splash of color this spring has been bright pink tulips on our dark brown dining room table. They make me smile whenever I see them (and they make my 1-year old daughter squeal with joy too!)

  136. I just bought 2 kitchen items at Home Goods, one orange and one lime green. I love anything bright!

  137. I’m loving turquoise, purple and pinks this Spring! Now to figure out how to use them in my house without looking like Barbie lives there :)

  138. Wow what a great giveaway! I am loving Mustard or brite yellow,goes great with my chocolate leather……Hope this is my lucky day……My home needs a bit of sprucing up:)

  139. I am looooving aquas, turquoises, and really any blues and greens!

  140. Dark teals and yellow, plus metallics but I can’t narrow it down to one

  141. My favorite color for decorating this spring is Yellow! Love how it can brighten up and freshen any space!

  142. Purple, purple, purple! It is popping up in everything this spring with me. So many great shades and so many wonderful ways to pair it! Maybe some purple flowers in those fun vases?? :)

  143. I’m really looking forward to using pastels and whites this spring to brighten my new home!

  144. I’m using pear green this Spring. I love greens! Thanks for the chance to win.

  145. I am looking to find ways to add sunny yellow or a tangerine orange to my decor.

  146. I love turquoise! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize package.

  147. I am loving turquoise right now. Every thing I’ve bought recently seems to be blue!

  148. I was planning to paint a mural in my bathroom in greens, but I saw a beautiful Mediterranean blue in a magazine, so I have changed my mind.

  149. Turquoise ! or Bright green ! or turquoise AND bright green… how could i choose !? :)

  150. Definitely yellow! From fresh yellow spider mums, to a new yellow floral rug for the mudroom :)

  151. I’m loving yellow and robin’s egg blue right now. I adore all spring colors!

  152. I’m loving green! Not any particular shade-just green! It’s fresh and exudes the newness of everything in the Spring!

  153. Love tangerine, orange, coral…as long as it has some yellow and some red in it, I’m lovin’ it!

  154. turquoise and orange. i am contemplating painting my office turquoise with pops of orange!!

  155. I am absolutely loving aqua this spring, though it’s followed closely by kelly green. Yum! My goodness, even if I don’t win, those are some absolutely fantastic goodies to browse through. Great colors!

  156. I am just a color freak, so I’m happy with anything bright and cheery! I’m currently in love with aqua, coral and bright spring green! :)

  157. I love coral this spring! I am in love with the bright colors this season! Thanks for the chance to win

  158. I’ve been throwing some light blues in here and there, because it’s nice and spring-y but still works with our earthy color scheme (no brights or pastels here!).

  159. I am obsessed with neon, especially neon pink. (i want to sneak it into my decor but it might just end up in my wardrobe)

  160. I have been craving sunny yellow and cheerful orange in my house this spring, a bit of a departure for me but I am loving it!

  161. Oh snap! I’d say I’m just loving yellow (which I totally am) but then grey and chartruese would feel left out.

  162. Favorite colors for spring? I must name two. Bright green and clean white. :-)

  163. 1. I love navy and white! Doing my son’s room with this combo with touches of yellow, too. But I’m LOVING all things coral and Kelly green for clothes!