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By Kate Riley March 29, 2012

Hey all!  I spent the afternoon pulling together the design plan for the kids room for the Alma Project with Cristin of Simplified Bee, we’re so excited about the space taking shape and all the volunteers and vendors that have stepped forward to donate their time and products, thank you so much!  I’m so excited for the install and big reveal in a few short weeks.  (Still need more donations, so contribute what you can by clicking on the link in the sidebar!)

While online, I was shopping for artwork for the walls on Etsy and we’ve narrowed it down to a favorite series (can’t wait to show you!), but I couldn’t help but notice so many other amazing artists over there, I could be lost for hours.  I just had to share a few I stumbled across – some of these might look great on your walls or as part of your collection. 

I love Eva Juliet from Montreal, Canada.  Her shop is filled with whimsical illustrations from constellations to cupcakes, but I’m particularly fond of the culinary series, perfect framed in a grid on a kitchen wall or dining nook.

eva juliet culinary prints


Who knows a dude who loves Star Wars? Oh, you’re all raising your hands.  Well check out the pop art series over at The Decorium Studio of Laguna Beach, California.  I want my little boy wants one too.

x wing pop art


Visit Monorail Studio of Austin, Texas for some very fun and fresh quotable screenprints.  They are “printmakers by blood and artists by trade, ink in one hand and coffee in the other.”  I love that so much.  

monrail prints


Have you seen Quill and Fox?  You should, this shop from Portland, Oregon offers sweet paper goods in the form of seasonal and other post cards, my favorite it this terrarium series, send two to friends, then frame the others on your gallery wall.

terrarium post cards quill and fox


Parada Creations of Bridgeport, Connecticut is another favorite for the whimsical illustration and excellent use of color, don’t miss the series of passion love prints!

parada designs etsy


Watercolor is en vogue again, and Jessica Durrant of Atlanta, Georgia does exceptional work.  I’m especially drawn to her series of multicolored world maps.

jessica illustration watercolors


Traveled to a major city and fallen in love with its architecture?  You’ll love the colorful series of city prints by Laura Amiss of Amstelveen, Netherlands.

laura miss etsy


Hop on over to browse the art on Etsy and get lost like I did, there are so many talented artists over there.  Who’s your latest favorite? 




  1. Amazing! thank you for sharing. I love to look at Etsy but I often leave feeling overwhelmed by all the shops.

  2. Love this post – the terrarium postcard set is my favorite (finally, a terrarium that won’t die under the care of my black thumb!). I was on etsy yesterday looking for art for my girls’ rooms and fell in love with the fun prints on Coco de Paris – you may to check those out too! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the Laura Amiss prints! I think those are my favorites. If I had an office of my own, they’d be hanging on one of my walls!!!!

  4. Oh Etsy how I love thee! I could get lost for days shopping for stuff. So many talented artist. I love the ones you have chosen, such a nice variety.

    I know it isn’t fun to ask for donations, but thanks for the reminder, it reminded me to make mine. I am more than happy to help such a great cause! Can’t wait to see what you have done, I am sure it is going to be awesome.

  5. I bought a stitched canvas from Laura Amiss in January. I’m planning my daughter’s nursery, and I only have two things: that amazing embroidery piece and an vintage tufted bed I’ll be reupholstering. Both are beautiful ! I’ve had a huge success walking in stores with my canvas to match paint colors to the canvas. No, I’m not selling it !

  6. I love QuietStorytellers. Her handwoven and knitted items are beautiful.

  7. Coming from Quebec, Canada, im happy to see a fellow canadian in your post, and all the artists you picked do amazing work. It makes me realize we don’t buy art work often enough! I did buy some last year from Yellena James, and my favorite is this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/62254435/morning-print
    I kept it just for me, on my bedroom wall :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites – I never know what I’m looking for, but then suddenly do when I see suggestions like these! Laura Amiss has the cutest stuff. We have lived in Paris, London, and NY, and my family is from near San Francisco, so her city prints are right up our alley. I just ordered a set of three for our world-travel-themed family room!

  9. Thanks so much for posting these recommendations! I find it really hard to shop on Etsy because sometimes there’s too much junk to filter through and other times, there’s too many good ones to choose from!

    So I always love when bloggers link up their favourites.

  10. This post has derailed a perfectly productive morning by sending me all over Etsy!

    Ok it wasn’t that productive. I wrote “find inspiration” on my list so I could read blogs for an hour…But hey IT WORKS!

  11. Thank you!!! I just placed an order with ‘Quill and Fox’, I can hardly wait to get the cards to frame for my home. I love the idea’s you share.

  12. Thanks so much for posting this! I have a baby on the way and a nursery I’m trying to decorate, and thanks to you, I think I will have some Jessica Durrant watercolors gracing the walls of my little one’s room now!! I love your blog – keep up the good work! You have inspired me many times over!! <3

  13. Gotta love Etsy for artwork! Love your picks.

    So thrilled to be working with you too on the Alma House playroom. Going to be fabulous!!! The kids and families deserve every inch of love we are pouring into it. A BIG thank you to your readers for donating their time and money to this project.


  14. What a great post! Art is one of my favorite things to search on Etsy! A few of my current favorites are: Rebekka Seale – http://www.etsy.com/shop/Rebekkaseale (think I found her on a blog…maybe it was here?) , Katie Daisy – http://www.etsy.com/people/thewheatfield and my newest find: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DraggyART (Lesli actually lives not too far from me, though I found her on House of Turquoise, so I’m close enough to attend her show when it opens this weekend – how fun!)

  15. Fabulous picks, Kate! My faves are definitely the Monorail Studios and Parada Creations.

    Love me some whimsy!

    I know how long it takes to round up posts like this, so I appreciate your doing the work for us, but I imagine the “research” is still pretty fun. : )

  16. You had to go and show me more fabulous art from Etsy sellers! I just spent the last two months purchasing art on Etsy as late as this weekend! I cannot keep myself from Etsy for anything. It seems to be my go-to shopping place for anything and everything interesting these days. I finally purchased a sweet piece from Fifi Flowers! Love her adorable art with a Parisian flair. I bought an original from her, not just a print. So excited to be getting it. I also purchased ten block art prints from this Seller, http://www.etsy.com/shop/amyleeweeks that we installed about the red iron bed in our guest room. Love her work too! Also purchased several surfer photographs from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JimAmosPhotos22 and here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MaggieMarsek?page=1, and a piece from this Seller: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87004518/the-landing-open-edition-print. And I fell in love with this artist’s map art here: http://www.etsy.com/transaction/77095595.

    Can you tell I’m a sucker for art from Etsy sellers? Now I have to go back and view the artists you just shared. Help me!

  17. Forgive me….had to share these artists that I purchased from too. All of the artists were a pleasure to work with on these purchases with my questions and issues. Purchased three of these city heart art blocks: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67929428/chicago-art-city-heart-map-8×10-art. And this artist: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67929428/chicago-art-city-heart-map-8×10-art. And subway art from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/redletterwords.

    Okay, my name is Victoria. I am addicted to art on Etsy.

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