Eye Spy: 2012 Letterpress Calendars

By Kate Riley January 4, 2012

So I just decided the other day I was going to start a new series this year about things I’m noticing here and there and it’s sort of like the the “I Spy” game but instead I’ll say “Eye Spy:…” because sometimes I like to think I’m so clever.  :)  This week’s obsession is letterpress calendars, and I’ve been bookmarking several for this brand new year. 

I always always forget what the date is. I mean, I know what day it is most of the time, but I’m terrible with remembering the actual date. I like to keep a little calendar in front of me at my desk to keep myself informed. I suppose I could just look at my phone or get up and go look at the big calendar in the kitchen or click over and check my Google calendar.  But I prefer the idea of a small calendar to keep me in the know and also because some talented artist took the time to sketch and create and press something completely lovely on beautiful paper to represent the year and I find them irresistible.

Last year I bought one from 1Canoe2 and here is their 2012 version.  Playful illustrations that change from month to month, and I love that the desktop calendar sits in its own wood stump.  Talk about clever.

1 canoe 2 calendar 2012

1 canoe 2 calendar


Here’s an intricate Old School Letterpress calendar available at Paper Source, each month is a hand drawn seasonal scene.  Also available at Old School Press.

old school 2 letterpress calendar papersource

old school letterpress calendar papersource


This Desk Calendar by Two Hand Design features bold colors and combines both animal and botanical motifs. Also comes with a handy stand. 

two hand design letterpress calendar


Those who love ombre and soft watercolors will love this dip dyed letterpress calendar at Parrott Design Studios.

dip dyed ombre letterpress calendar


Charming turn of the century images appear in this calendar by Missing Q Press with exquisite detail.

missing q press letterpress calendar


This whimsical calendar by Linda & Harriet can be repurposed as postcards, how fun are these prints?

linda and harriet months

linda and harriet letterpress calendar


Quilters and lovers of geometric patterns will love this Quilt Letterpress Calendar by 4th Year.

quilt pattern letterpress calendar


This Studio Carta Letterpress Calendar is one of my favorites in the shop at Angela Liguori , such pretty repeating patterns and soft colors.

angela liguori letterpress calendar


And this is the one I finally settled on for myself: the floral hanging calendar by Silhouette Blue.  I love the simplicity and the bright colorful botanicals.

pretty floral calendar

silhouette blue etsy calendar

Those pretty floral prints can be repurposed as greeting cards at the end of the month, or would be sweet framed in a series in my little girl’s room too.

More Eye Spy features to come this year. . .  Meanwhile, tell me, are you as drawn to letterpress stationery as I am?  Do you buy yourself a pretty desk calendar or stylish organizer every year?   Do share. 

Oh and the Growing Your Blog series continues this week.  Did you catch Nester’s post on Authenticity and Sarah’s post on Monetizing? Jen’s is coming up today, she’ll be focusing on Community & Social Media, I hope you’ll follow along.  :) 




  1. Love all of those calendars! I actually don’t use paper calendars anymore, I just use my phone – but these are definitely more gorgeous to look at – especially the one with the owl. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are really cute. I’ve been thinking I want one of those desk calendars so I can better plan my week for blogging. Like spread out topics better and keep track of what I post about that day week etc.

  3. When everything seems to be going digital it is so nice to see these gorgeous colors and images. What a great way to spruce up a space.

  4. Those are all so pretty! I too am a hard-copy calendar lover – even if it’s something small – but that’s right there when I look over (without having to pull it up on my phone or computer!). Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  5. I love these calendars. Even though I would be lost without my iPhone telling me what to do, nothing beats having a calendar that has scribbled down events and reminders all over it (and it if looks pretty, BONUS!) :) thanks for sharing!

  6. I have been in the paper business my entire life and have developed a love of letterpress. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of it. And these calendars are special in my opinion because with all of our electronic gadgets today , they seem like a novelty.

  7. I must confess to being a calendar-addict! Although I am not sure I have ever had a “letterpress” one, these are beautiful. I always buy multiples every year… one for the kitchen, a desktop one for my home office where I spend my work life…plus a wall calendar and a desk blotter calendar… all colorful because I need that while working!! :-)… an upstairs bedroom calendar, and a calendar in the piano room.. You just never know when you will need a calendar!! I am going to look into one of these for next year! Thanks for teaching me something today!

  8. Nice prints and patterns and pretty calendars! I am more of a paper-person when it comes to things like these than using e-calendar or e-notes, etc.
    Though I like colorful stuff, I make my own very plain & simple calendar – each month on an A4 sheet, with equal spacing for days & dates divided in blocks, with only the days of week written on them and nothing else. And then I photocopy it in multiple sheets to last me forever.
    Handwritten months, years & dates – along with events, birthdays/anniversaries go in the blocks of the particular dates, and that’s exactly why I use this style. Because it gives me ample space to write important details for the dates.
    I stick the present & the next month (to plan ahead) sheets on my refrigerator, and sometimes it doubles up as my diary as well – especially when I have to quickly write down on which date my husband fought with me, etc :P

  9. I love Old School Letterpess (yah fellow portlanders!) and bought there 2012 calendar this year. It’s even more beautiful in person than in pictures :)

  10. ever since I planned my wedding in 2003, I have been a lover of letterpress. I use a wall calendar at my office (I’m a lawyer by day, blogger by night/weekend/early morning), and I love having something lovely to look at. I get Susy Jack’s calendar every single year. Her calendar reminds me a lot of the one you purchased, but it’s not letterpress. Gorgeous, frame-worthy designs each month!

  11. I’m with you – I still love to have a hard copy calendar on my desk to the date within easy reach. I’m also a fan of letterpress. Here in Australia, I know a very talented letterpresser (is that a word?!) called Amy who runs a boutique letterpress business called Saint Gertrude. Check it out for inspiring designs and invitations. http://www.saintgertrude.com.au

  12. Love your blog! I just discovered it and I am excited to reach each post everyday. These letterpress calendars are gorgeous. My favorite DIY baby gift lately is to take a pretty calendar month of the baby’s birthdate and put a heart/circle/stamp around the date on the calendar then frame the pretty page. My husband and I also did this with larger pages for our wedding date.

  13. I love all letterpress! I’m a bit nutsy about calendars and the start of a new year…it’s the whole fresh new beginning thing. AND, it is so important that my surroundings are inspiring…these little letterpress calendars are perfect!
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Happy 5th day of the new year!

  14. I think I like the one you choose the best..I must have a calendar to write down appointments, etc. or my aging brain gets confused..lol

  15. I have that floral calendar from Silhouette Blue. I LOVE IT! It is such high quality and beautiful to look at!

  16. I have always been curious to know how to Letterpress. I am so eager to learn and will invest in that type of printer that make it. Does any one have a clue or name of a blog who shows one how to letterpress or maybe an online tutorial such as Lynda.com or some sort?

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