2012: Bring It!

By Kate Riley December 31, 2011

Today is the day, the very last of 2011.  We will say our farewells to this year tonight with friends, sharing in some sweet desserts, champagne, and a few rounds of high stakes poker at our place. OK, not high stakes, more like free chips on the house for auld lang syne, but it will be very fun and someone will be declared the Annual Poker Champion sometime after midnight while the wee ones slumber into the night having fallen asleep on the fold out sofa in front of a movie.

for auld lang syne

2011 has been quite a year, and I can honestly say, one of my favorites if not most favorite ever. The ability to create, build, and write about what I love is a dream come true for me, and the list of people to thank who have made it possible is a mile long so I shall save it for more personal correspondence. 

But I cannot say goodbye to 2011 without publicly thanking all of you who visit and subscribe, who link and comment, who tweet and share your projects and stories with me. It means more than you know when you connect with me the way you do, whether it’s on Facebook, through link parties or comments, or in private emails. I cannot get enough of a marvelous DIY project, great makeover, or stylish creation and witnessing all the amazingness that is out there among this talented DIY and home decorating community literally keeps me up at night. I look forward to continuing this crazy fun blogging journey in the new year with all of you and I can assure you it brings much excitement!   diy pink party horns for matthew mead


So tonight let’s toast to all of the success, health, happiness, and harmony that 2012 will bring to us all.  To kick off the new year, I’m excited to be a part of this great series starting on Monday featuring some of your favorite bloggers.




The Blog Hop will begin on Monday at Nester’s place and the five of us mentioned will be sharing our insight through the week on topics from monetization to photography to finding balance. The series continues on Tuesday with Sarah, Wednesday with Jen, Thursday with Marian, and Friday with me, I know you’ll love it! 

Wishing you all very Happy New Year !!

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  1. Happy New Year Kate! I love and look forward to your blog everyday, thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  2. Happy New Year to one of my very top favorite bloggers! :) I am very excited about your new series. The whole growing my blog thing seems to elude me–I am looking forward to learning from some pros. :) Have a fun celebration tonight!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family Kate!! Wishing you a fun filled night with lots of luck on the poker front. lol And of course all the best in the year ahead!

    I’m really looking forward to the series next week! My blog was growing slow, but steady and then back in November my computer broke. I’ve really missed blogging and hope I can afford a new computer in February. I need to get back out there among the amazingly talented woman of blogland. It’s funny how much I miss the interaction with other bloggers. People at home don’t appreciate my craftiness quite the same as you all. Know what I mean? =)

    ~ Catie

  4. Bring It!!! Wishing you a bright and healthy New Year, Kate. I’m so looking forward to this new series. Soaking it all up ~ as a brand new blogger. Thanks for the inspiration, not to mention taking the time to share your experience. That’s awesome!

  5. Happy new year to you too. In our house the candles are lit, food is being prepared and champagne drunk. I hope 2012 is as wonderful as 2011 has been for you.

    I can’t wait for your blogging series, I need all the help I can get in finding new readers and engaging with them better.

  6. Kate,

    Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration in 2011. Truly, I would not have started my blog if it wasn’t for you.

    I’m very excited about the series next week! Can’t wait to hear all the great advice from my favorite blog “role models.”

    Wishing you and your family the happiest of New Year’s!


  7. since I am a newbie-ish blogger let me say thanks in advance for that upcoming series-:)

    Happy 2012-the year of the Dragon :)

  8. not really THANK YOU! for a year of inspiration and great projects! Can’t wait to hear all about the new series ^_^ and all the centsasional projects 2012 will bring! Cheers!

  9. Holy awesome, Centsational Girl! I am so excited for the blogging series!
    Thank you for all that you give back to the blogging community!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  10. Kate, I just want to thank you for inspiring me! I’ve been a faithful reader for years, always hesitant to comment. Now I’m a blogger and have a whole new perspective on comments! Anyway, I’m so looking forward this series, and all there is to learn in the blogging world. May you hold royal flush tonight!

  11. Amen to the person who said we don’t get as much enthusiasm at home regarding our crafting. LOL. This DIY site, among others I have found over recent months, is simply astounding. I didn’t realize the blog community was so vast…so informative….so inspirational! Here’s to all of our blogs being as cool as Centsational Girl’s blog come 2012. :-)

  12. Kate, You ring in the new Year in your blog space as beautiful as you did the whole year through in 2011. What a nice way to look into the New Year. Thanks

  13. You have so inspired me. I write a food blog and my world has been the food blog community until just recently when I found your blog. In a prior life, I was a faux finisher, a do it yourselfer, etc. and you have opened a new world for me. I want to start a new blog and I’ve purchased the domain name for the day I am ready. It will be called Kiss the Nook. I just finished a recent project using the paint brushes I won here. I thank you for your fabulous work and drive, and for reigniting that other creative part of me outside of the kitchen. You are truly a rock star blogger because it’s not just what you do, it’s also how you connect with lots of warmth to your readers. (I’ve seen gorgeous blogs with no people connection and after a while I don’t return). Even though I read hundreds of blogs when I see a post from you in my mailbox, I get excited, because you “bring it.”

    • Well Anglea, those are just about the kindest words I’ve read all year (hee hee….)
      Seriously, I was *warmed* by this and I will keep it stored in my favorites file for those days I need a pick me up!
      And send me the link to your projects when you’re done, I can’t wait to see them!
      You see I have an addiction to all things DIY….

      and thank you everyone else for your encouraging words and kind wishes!

  14. Well, it looks like great excitement and inspiration is just around the corner for all of us…yippee! I am getting ready to go through more of your files and see what might inspire me to incorporate in my house (my son is moving out and I live with my hubby in his house/our home ) …after my daughter transplants to loveable, sweet big dogs to her new home in Marietta, Ga. And if you followed that mess of an explanation you are really good! Oopps…I already know you are really crafty in your world!

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