Get Organized! A Giveaway

By Kate Riley December 29, 2011

We like to get away for a few days after Christmas and year after year, we end up heading to Lake Tahoe.  We left Christmas Day to have dinner with my sister and her family then ended up at the lake the next day.  Lake Tahoe is always a beautiful destination, where you can take in views of the majestic lake and breathe the crisp of the mountain air.  (Every time we visit, I dream of a having a little log cabin there someday, filled with rustic beams, pine armoires, a stone covered fireplace, and plaid sheets!)  If you ever get a chance to visit Lake Tahoe, you’ll love it. Here’s a snowy winter tour from last year, and a fall tour from the year before.   

We came home from our getaway last night to the comforts of home, but also the leftover remnants of Christmas. And as much as I love (and need) that Christmas scent, at season’s end it’s always dried to a crisp. Then comes that moment (I know you feel this too) when the need for clean hits and you simply cannot rest until ever last twig and needle leaves the premises. It happened last night. 

I couldn’t rest until (two hours later) all of it was deposited in the bin outside and I was left sweating, broom in hand, having rid the house of anything that was once a swag of an evergreen. Today I’ll be packing up the rest of the decor for next year, and for me there’s not much more that’s as satisfying as getting organized in anticipation of the new year. 

Yes, it’s almost January, and don’t you love what it brings? The promise of fresh start.

organized basket under bed


Organization increases productivity, decreases anxiety, and allows one to think more clearly and creatively. Organization is a time saver when you don’t waste precious minutes searching for things ~ when all your stuff is in its intended place. 

organized craft room via

I have a lot of housekeeping to do in the next few days, here on the ol’ blog and at home too, because I’m craving that clean slate for the start of 2012. 

Aren’t you?

organized storage mud room bhg


Sooooo…… how perfectly timed is today’s giveaway, brought to you you by my long time sponsor Simplify 101.  Two lucky readers will win a free spot in their Organizing 101 Online Workshop which begins in early January.  Your instructor is professional organizer Aby Garvey, founder of Simplify 101, and recently featured in the January issue of Better Homes & Gardens (check out page 37!) . In this workshop, you’ll learn how to declutter your home using simple yet effective organizing principles for a space of any size.  The material is presented in bite size pieces in six lessons over six weeks, which allows you to digest the information and reasonably put it into action. 

Don’t you want to start changing the way you live? 

If you run into any stumbling blocks along the way, you have direct access to Aby, so you can get unstuck and get going again.  You’ll learn basic organizing concepts, a simple, step-by-step organizing process, and start to set compelling goals for your future organizing projects to create the organized home you’ve always dreamed of. 

Eligibility to win one of two spots in the Organizing 101 Workshop ($79 value):

1. Leave a comment telling where you most need organization in your life. 

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).  

3. For a third chance to win, sign up to receive the free Mini Guide for creating a command central binder, then leave third comment stating “I’m signed up”. 

Two winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Sunday January 1, 2012 at 8 p.m. PST.

Bonus: Simplify 101 is offering CG readers 15% off enrollment of any of their current workshops and instant downloads.  To take advantage of this offer, enter CG15 during checkout. This offer is good through Friday, January 6, 2012, (and can’t be combined with any other offer).  Also, if you’ve got organizational questions, you can live chat with Aby on the BH&G Facebook page on January 5th between 2 and 4 CST.


winners:  # 398  Janna and # 554 Audra, congratulations!

Winners received an email from me.



  1. Ummm… where do I start? Kids’ toys!!!, Craft stuff, socks, random kitchen drawers stuffed with items that I might need some day. My recipes…. I could go on and on. Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  2. I need help organizing/ decluttering my upstairs in particular. I have hung on to too much stuff for too long, and am having a hard time knowing where to start!

  3. I actually feel really organized, but maybe its because I try to get as much organization info as possible? The one area that needs help in my home is our master bedroom, I always seem to have a million things on the side table, and end up sweeping it all into the drawer and making a mess. That and my cabinets in my kitchen where all my cleaning supplies are. Thanks for sharing your giveaway!

  4. where DON’T i need organization in my life??? seriously though, we are going to work on our playroom- it’s a disaster with just nowhere to put things. after moving to a new house we had to reconfigure furniture and such and that room needs help.

  5. I need helped EVERYWHERE but where I need it the most is in my basement, and I need to do something with all my daily clutter such as bills, the kids’ homework etc. Cant tell you how many times important stuff has been lost or not turned in.

  6. our upstairs sitting room/office… we just recently moved and this room is nothing but a bunch of boxes laying haphazardly all over the room… we need help!!!

  7. I consider myself fairly organized, but our lower level family room slash craft area slash my office slash storage space is out of control. Help!

  8. I live in a house that was built in the 1930s. Closet space – especially in my kids rooms that are oddly sized and shaped is where I need the most help. Actually, the kids rooms in general.

  9. I need organization help everywhere especially as I prepare for baby #2 in April! Would love to be simplified before the chaos begins with a newborn!

  10. I think I most need organization in my bedroom. I’m living with my parents so the only space that is currently “mine” is the bedroom. I feel like I’m constantly trying to cram my whole life into a burea, armoire, and closet (my life is very full so it doesn’t seem to fit well).

    I’m dying to go in there with a huge trash can and just purge, but I’m terrified. I think this class might be just the thing I need to light a fire under my bum in time for the new year.

    Thanks for brining us this giveaway!

  11. oh my this class would be so helpful…I have stuff everywhere and no matter how hard I try to get organized I never really feel that it is! If I had to pick a place to start it would be my office/craft room…it is just crazy!

  12. I need HELP!!! I have stuff I don’t need but can’t get rid of it because I’m too sentimental. The old playroom is now a dumping ground, my pantry and kitchen cabinets are a mess and every closet in the house is packed to the gills with who knows what….out of sight, out of mind. I need a swift kick in the pants and think this might just be the thing! Please pick me!!

  13. I need the most organizing in my home. I will be having a baby soon, and I need to stop procrastinating!

  14. I need help with my kids rooms. I have 5 kids in 3 rooms plus a newwborn in mine. I need help simplifying my daily systems and theirs to make life easier.

  15. I *so* need ogranization! My daugher’s room is overflowing with toys, clothes, books, etc. We can’t even get into her closet. My fiancee has kept everything that our daughter has ever worn, made, played with, and it’s getting out of control!

  16. YES!!!! The number one place we need organization is with all the daily “stuff.” (Shoes, jackets, bookbags, keys, mail, paperwork, etc.) Especially with my husband’s work items. He brings home loads of paperwork, documents, books everyday from work–some important, some not. They land all over the house and I gather them up into big baskets until he has time to sort through and either file, return, or shred them. We can fill up every available surface in the living area in a matter of days–its amazing! I need a better method of dealing with the daily clutter!

  17. I desperately need help organizing our Play Room and our Master Bedroom! We don’t have a closet in our bedroom, and clothes just PILE up on the dressers (rather than in them, of course)! The playroom is has makeshift storage (a book shelf with some bins) but is truly a mess!

    Thanks for considering our family!!!

  18. That is so funny about the anxiety that comes after christmas to get it cleaned up! My tree & any thing that could drop needles left on Tuesday :) I need to get my craft/office stuff organized and in a central location. I don’t have an extra room so I am somehow going to try and incorporate into the family room or adjoining sitting room. ugh.

  19. Paper is my enemy! I can’t seem to get rid of the stacks… on my kitchen counter, in the office, in my craft room…. you get the idea! Would so love to win this.

  20. Well, I need a little help all over the house, but mt basement is the worst! It’s where “everything” ultimately ends up!

  21. Litterly my entire house needs a lot of help. In 3rd grade my teacher sent a note home saying that I needed to work on my organization skills. Unfortunately, I still haven’t mastered any. I read everything I can about the subject but just get overwhelmed by the mess! Thank you for the chance to win!! :)

  22. Where don’t I need organization would be the shorter answer. Having moved 5 months ago, I’m still trying to figure the organization routine out in this house. I mostly need organization in my office/craft room. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. As soon as the last present has been unwrapped, I’m itching to start packing away the Christmas stuff and start clearing out! I used to be so organised and tidy, but then 3 men entered my life. My husband and 2 sons. Now the whole house is bursting at the seams – I need help please!

  24. I need the most help in my daughter’s room and in the bathrooms. (and in the kitchen, and my closet…:))

  25. I’m signed up. Thanks again for the great giveaway. I’ve got the organization itch this year and can’t wait to get some things whipped into shape.

  26. I need organization in my entire house! I’ve never been a super neat person but I really want to begin fresh in 2012 with a clean, neat and organized home!

  27. Our home office is an absolute disaster and with my husband trying to run his business from home and me doing my scrapbooking and crafting, plus the kids having a desk in there as well…UGH! We could use some serious help!!

  28. My small Master Bedroom is impossible to organize. I need help! Thanks for the chance to win

  29. At 35 I’m just learning some major organizing skills. Our master bedroom, office and our daughter’s closet all need major help. Probably my daughter’s closet (which still has my wedding dress hanging in it!) would be number 1. :)

  30. I need help organizing my beach towels, extra sheets, kids’ extra sheets, pillow cases….. I have the stuff everywhere……

  31. I need this so bad because we are house sitting for 6 months and are living out of boxes with no organization what so ever! O_O

  32. I never thought this would be so hard to pick one area! I would have to say that the area I need the most help with is basement of my home. We have the large room broken down into 4 sections. (Office/Kids Area/TV viewing area/table area) It is always a hot mess. The table is always a catch all. Because there are no walls things get dragged everywhere! If company is coming everything is moved behind the door. Christmas day that area was so packed I prayed no one would open the door and see our “not so little” secret. Clutter!

    I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. We most need organization in my life in our bedroom. Between clothes, mementos with no place to go, lack of closet space, being on two floors (half loft) and a lack of furniture outside college dorm room plastic bins, the bedroom has just become a dumping ground! We were just married in October so we’d like to clean things up and showcase some of those wedding photos :)

  34. I would have to say I need help with bills and what papers to keep or toss. They end up everywhere and I have never found a storage/ file cabinet that I love.

  35. I absolutely love Aby and have got to figure out a way to get a handle on my paper!!!!!!!!

  36. My basement! Our entire basement is devoted to storage, laundry, my craft/workspace and it’s all jumbled together in 1 big mess! My New Year’s resolution this year is definately to get it organized.

  37. For me, the biggest place I need organizing is my bedroom! I love books and magazines so they’re strewn about next to all the single socks that never seem to find a match.

  38. Legos & random papers! We just moved and, while unpacking, I found I still possess old phone bill statements from 1997. That’s not right!

  39. I need organization in every room of my home. I want to simplify and organize in 2012!

  40. I moved in September and my office is a disaster. I work at home, so I see it every single day but I have no idea what to do with it all! My old house had a 3rd bedroom that I used for storage so I’ve been giving things away and trying to make it all work but it’s hard!

  41. I really need help in my daughters room. She’s 3, so there are toys everywhere, and the clothes! She has more than one person could ever wear. I just need to buckle down, and tackle it head on!

  42. I would love to get more organized in our basement/mudroom. I have built in cubbies for jackets and shoes which are great, but I still feel as though we need a spot down by the entry for random papers, mail, etc to keep it all organized and uncluttered!

  43. i need help with the entry closet and the laundry closet. we live in a small town home, so everything gets dumped in those two places if it doesn’t have a place in the house. probably need more shelving, but any tips would help.

  44. I moved in to my first apartment in July and am on a super tight budget. Every single room in the place (all 3 of them) could use major help being organized!! I am a hoarder of books, magazines, and photographs in particular. Help!! :)

  45. I need major help organizing the paper in my life. My kids bring home so much info I can’t find a good place for it all.

  46. The office in our house needs a lot of help. Too much paper and it is the place to stash things when company is coming.

  47. I need help organizing my office space, to create a space that is functional for bill paying and paper processing.

  48. This sounds like exactly what I need! My entire home needs to be more organized but the room that needs it the most is my bedroom/office/craft area! With one room serving so many purposes it really needs some organizational help!

  49. In dire need of organization!!!! My office is in our bedroom due to no other space. It’s a disaster! Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me and so forth!

  50. I need organizational help with just the miscellaneous things in my house—knick knacks, movies/cds, papers….little things that I need, but have no idea where to put.

  51. I need to organize my kitchen and my sewing “area”. There really isn’t a great place to put my sewing machine & accessories so I need to carve out a space SOMEWHERE!

  52. I need this to help organize my mail/hall closet/kitchen junk drawers. I start out with good intentions of keeping everything in it’s home and then it slowly starts to get unorganized.

    Help! :)

  53. Everything needs organization… I think my crafting stuff is the worst of it though!

  54. Kind of embarrassing to admit I need organization in nearly every area of mt life (and house).

  55. I’m constantly trying to organize every area of my house but unfortunately don’t always have the right tools to do so. Main areas that need help are our office and our garage.

  56. I recently was married, stared my own photography business, and my husband and I are about to tackle converting our home office into our future nursery! The nursery/office relocation is where I. Oils use the most help with organization!

  57. We’ve recently been presented with a fantastic opportunity. Our home is busting at the seams with 6 members. It’s a 1920, 1400 sq ft cape cod that we’ve been giving loads of DIY updating & remodeling TLC ever since we moved in nearly 10 yrs ago. It’s time to wrap up the last of open ended projects and super organize the space so we can put it on the market (hopefully come late spring). The opportunity is purchasing/moving to my parents home in a nearby town with better schools. It’s more than twice the square footage of our current home and in need of only cosmetic updating. However I also want to start off on the right organized foot in our new space. So an organizing course sounds like the perfect way to get things started off with a bang!

  58. I most need organization in my bedroom/closet! I have clothes all over and can never find the top or skirt I want to wear :(

  59. I really need to take control of our office. Unfortunately it’s a space I share with my husband so I have to tread lightly with getting rid of stuff.

  60. Definitely need help in our study. It’s a total disaster zone. That is the room which has the door that is always shut!

  61. Our main level houses our kitchen, dining and living area, so it’s always a cluttery mess. The most pressing issues are: housing all our cookware/entertaining ware; dealing with mail/keys/just walked in the door detritus and movie, remote and book storage. We also recently finished our basement and have a whole ‘nother level of the house to occupy, but I can’t seem to get our belongings organized in the space so I feel like we’re spread out and not crammed in.

  62. I need help in many areas of my home, but the number one would be the bedroom. I am signing up for the mini guide.

  63. Love your blog. I need lots of organization in my house, but to have an organized sewing area would be great!

  64. I’m pretty good at organizing my work ‘stuff’, but my home ‘stuff’, i.e., papers, needs some help. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am a winner!

  65. I need help! To organize my studio/office and the crawl space in our relatively new home, where I have boxes that have not been looked at in the last 10 years, maybe longer.

  66. I LOVE Simplify101, and this giveaway is incredible. I would love to win this opportunity to attend the workshop! The area in my house that I need it the most is Office…….and, learning helpful ways to stay focused on a project. I also would love to learn about helpful tips to keeping my home organized as well.

  67. I need help in my basement. I have resolved for several years now that this will be the year I get it organized and cleaned up and it has yet to happen!!!

  68. We live in a two-bedroom, one bath house. We have 7- and 3-year-old sons and I’m expecting our third (and final!) child in late March. There is not one inch of our house that is not crying and begging for organization… We need room for this baby! Help!

  69. Impressive, Kate! Usually after Christmas and a trip I am wiped out and need a day off (did nothing all day Tuesday!) But not you, already cleaned up from Christmas! That is probably the first organizing tip, don’t be lazy and get er done! I need help with my master closet!

  70. General housekeeping-our kitchen and living room seems to be a catch-all and we’re not home very often to deal with it, but when we are-it’s a nightmare. I need to get organized so everything has a place-maybe learn some strategic tips to make that possible!

  71. I really need to get my sons closet organized. We moved to a new place and the closets are tiny. Also my kitchen needs some help.

  72. Does everywhere count? My husband says I need to be more organized in our closet and office most.

  73. My kitchen and pantry area need to be rescued! Especially without a mail/to do center, this part of my house is always full of clutter….

  74. Our master bedroom closet is more like a giant junk drawer, but with a hanging rack and hamper to hold extra junk. It really needs a major makeover!

  75. oh my goodness, is this right up my alley! I start getting the organizing bug every year at this time! I really need help on my master closet! Pls. pick me! If you saw my closet, you would feel for me! :) xoxo, Melaine

  76. I need organization EVERYWHERE in my life. :) I am a bit overwhelmed by living in a pretty small space with a two (almost three) year old who seems to have everything and can’t figure out how to put anything away on her own yet…Please, please help!

  77. We’ve moved so many times in the last ten years, I still seem to have things in boxes. My living room bookcase is a catchall for all the leftovers, so that’s the place I think I need the most help. Thanks.

  78. I need help organizing random things like accessories I change out, art work, frames, etc…do I store in the attic or in the room for which they are being used? Somehow everything gathers in a tub in my room and I’m over it!

  79. My bedroom is probably most in need of organization. We have a small house, so it doubles as an office. My husband also insists on keeping his two guitars there. Did I mention it’s only 12×12? It’s a mess.

  80. I’m a paper hoarder. I’m constantly moving my piles of paper around! I also need help in my craft room. It’s bad!

  81. I need to organize my clothing storage (aka….the closet that won’t close!) I hate trying to figure out what to wear each day because my closet is a nightmare!!!!!

  82. “Organization increases productivity, decreases anxiety” So true! I have been working on organizing but my office seems to be my black hole. Because it’s in a multipurpose room, it’s very important I don’t have clutter for everyone to see. I would love to attend the workshop!

  83. While I just downsized my life and moved cross country, unpacking what is left of my belongings (and blending two households) has me wanting to curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb. My soon-to-be-home-office/guest room are giving me the most angst. Please help!

  84. I shared not only my pitiful existance on organizing but also how fabulous your website is on Facebook.

  85. I’m ALWAYS working on organizational systems that don’t seem to work for our family of four. I would LOVE help with a system that fits our family needs and styles.

  86. Our whole house needs revamping but the office could definately need an overhaul in fact today I am going to attempt some order.

  87. My sewing room/laundry room are in desperate need of help. There is too much in there and no place to put it. I would love to do a workshop to help put it in order.

  88. Our office is a nightmare…it’s my scrapbook room and our office for our businesses. Can we say clutter!!! Living in a duplex there isn’t much space and any organizational help is much appreciated!

  89. I really need help organizing me teaching materials. They are scattered throughout the house & piled in the garage. Help!!!

  90. I won this giveaway last time and loved the workshop. It has lots of easy, practical advice for getting your house in order.

  91. Perhaps a better question is where DON’T I need organization? We recently moved, are trying to find new places for the gifts our son’s received, and just get our house in shape!

  92. Beauty Junkie here. I really need to get my bathroom and all of my product organized. Seems like a small task, but with boxes and bins of moisturizers, serums, lipsticks and hair products scattered throughout my bathroom I’m overwhelmed and long for an simple, organized space.

  93. I need it Everywhere!!! But the area I need better organization would be my basement storage room. It is a disaster and in need of major help!

  94. I definitely need it in our family room and our kitchen. Both get overtaken by the purposes of the other! It is a real hassle getting out of the house efficiently in the morning.

  95. I need to stage a command center on the mini desk in our kitchen. Always is a mess now, and I need to organize how my girls’ homework there, along w/ all our family “in process” items.

  96. I need help everywhere… this house is a disaster. every room needs some help. A few rooms aren’t bad, but the rest drive me crazy

  97. I need help with my closets and pantry. I also need help with the stack of papers on my counter. I never know when it is safe to throw/shred documents so they just keep stacking up!!

  98. I am definitely feeling the need to be organized! My home office needs it the most. I’d love to win!

  99. Probably my walk-in closet. It’s a little bit of a mess right now and I have trouble storing everything neatly.

  100. Pretty much everywhere, but REALLY in my home office and general storage for books, music, etc… well, again.. everywhere! LOL..

  101. I am trying to get my 4 year olds playroom set up so she can play with everything and learn to put it away. Not even sure how to get started! Would love to get it organized!

  102. My office, closet, mudroom, and junk drawer are pits of organization despair. My DH would be eternally grateful if I could get any of those under control!

  103. My biggest problem area is the kitchen/dinningroom/dump zone. We have a raised ranch that had a great room additon put on six years ago when we were caring for my mother-in-law. Since that time the old living room, dinning room and kitchen area has become a dump zone. We have the orginal kitchen with a half wall between the old dinning room and kitchen. Anyway. we have adopted four children since my mother died and have a total of seven or eight people living in the house at any one time. The area always has someone’s toy, clothes, mail, left over food, dishes etc lying around. The food prep space is at a minimum and the storage is also at a minimum. Would love any ideas.

    Thanks, Beth

  104. I need help organizing so my husband doesn’t keep picking up after me! Drives me NUTS!!!

  105. I need help with important papers and where to keep them. I’m taking over more of my parents’ affairs and I’m drowning in paper. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. I need to create some sort of home office, so that I can organize a home office. Paper, mail, recycle, oh my!!!

  107. I need organization in all of my closets. It makes me stressed out thinking about how stuffed with junk they are!

  108. My biggest need for organization is my sewing room. I would get more accomplished if I didn’t have to search for everything until I lose interest in my project.

  109. I need help with the paper clutter, trying to set up a studio; drawer & closet organization in my bedrooms would also be wonderful! Thank you ever so very much.

  110. I desperately need help with my guest bedroom…Between the outgrown baby clothes, the craft supplies and the unfinished projects, you wouldn’t even know that there is a bed in there!!!

  111. Being the wife of an injured soldier has made organizing alittle hard. We moved after he was injured, only to have never have the time to fully unpack-that was nearly a year ago. I am not able to work, as I am his caregiver now. So basically my life needs organization ;)

  112. Thank you for this giveaway, I would love to win! I need help with all the paper – mail, kids’ papers, etc.

  113. I need help in my entire house! I have a very tiny house, so we need to purge and organize everything. We have started slowly but surely started organizing but it’s going to take awhile because it is expensive!

  114. I’m always looking for some great organizing tips. I would love to get my office closet in order.

  115. I definitely need more organization in my life! It’s hard to narrow it down, because it seems like my whole house is constantly over run by STUFF no matter how much I clean and purge! If I had to just pick one area, though, it’d definitely be paperwork and scheduling.

  116. I signed up for the free mini guide! Can’t wait to read it for some much needed tips.

  117. I need to get my children’s school paperwork under control- I’ve held on to way too much for too long, and kids are in/ nearing high school!

  118. We have 2 large closets in our house that become a catch-all and they could really use some organization.

  119. If I had to choose just one area/facet of our home, it would be our “guest room,” which is supposed to be my office for me 2nd, home-based job, my sewing room, the room where we have the file cabinet, etc. The paper is killing us, if we don’t know what do with an item we toss it into this room, I can’t find clothes, I can’t find jewelry, I can’t get to the sewing machine – you get the picture. Desperate!

  120. Oh, definitely the next-to-the-door area where there is a mountain of shoes, another mountain of mail, and 50 other things that have nowhere else to be!

  121. My entire house needs organization…we had new flooring installed throughout the entire house and it’s been pure chaos ever since. Nothing is where it belongs and it’s driving me insane. Insane, I tell you! We used to have a place for everything and everything in its place but we can’t seem to get back to that. If I had a penny for every minute i’ve wasted looking for something I “just” saw, I could retire.

  122. My one job this week was to reorganize my craft room and it doesn’t seem to be happening. I think I’m stalled as to what to do. Put my name in the draw too – obviously I need it!

  123. I need help with my office/craft room/guest room. I’d say that’s a tie with each of my kid’s rooms. Every time I think I have a place for everything in their rooms, it seems to break down and not work and their rooms end up a cluttery mess.

  124. To choose just one area that I need help with??? ummm….. MY WHOLE HOUSE!! but my craft closets and laundry room !!

  125. I am currently in the process of combining my partner and his 2 sons into my house. This alone poses organization questions for every room in the place. Additionaly I have a son of my own plus a roommate in my 1600 (ish) square foot home. I think I really need some help with this one!

  126. I need organization in every part of my home!! We purchased our fixer-upper and gutted it in March of last year. We have slowly been putting it back together all while living in the chaos. I’m determined that 2012 will be my year of organizing and getting my life together!

  127. I think I would say my daughters’ room. The 2 share a pretty small space and have lots of toys and clothes and it is just always cluttered and too busy looking.

  128. Closets, Closets, all of them! I am expecting first baby in June and I am attempting to organize them all its daunting!!

  129. My basement storage needs an overhaul in the worst way! We also have an unfinished basement area that’s currently serving as Wii Central but we’re not using the space efficiently. I know it can be awesome but need some help to get there!

  130. I need major help with my office. The paperwork is overwhelming.
    Great Giveaway,

  131. I’ve been trying to get organized at home with some time off work this week, but it seems like an uphill battle. The help of this giveaway would be awesome!

  132. My playroom totally needs some attention. There is no door so it’s difficult to ignore the problem

  133. I need home organization most in my laundry, but our storage areas and panties are pretty scary too!

  134. Choose one place I need organization? Really? I suppose my closet. It’s a tight space with too many clothes because my weight bounces.
    Or my office. I am in charge of the financial aspects of our lives. But I’m also a writer. My office is overwhelmed with handling both. Office! So I can get back to writing.

  135. Need Help with All my closets, and reorganizing the offices and storage space….I have a lot, and it’s so unorganized, I don’t know where to start.

  136. oh i so need organization! we just moved into a new house before the holidays and our 3rd baby is due in just under 3 months! needless to say…there is lots to be done!

  137. My craft room needs organization the mosty!
    But then there’s the day-to-day paperwork, too!

  138. My whole house needs to be organized. We need help storing books, crafts stuff, and kitchen items. I love organizing but have been lacking money and motivation to do so. It would be a dream to have some help and resources to get our act together in 2012. Thanks!

  139. The area I need the most help with organization is my craft/office area! I am thinking lots of happy winning thoughts for this giveaway. THANK YOU!

  140. My craft room is in some serious need of getting organized. its like everything has thrown up and is all over the place.

  141. I need help with our library (a.k.a. home office). The paper is ridiculous, and we seriously have enough books for a library! I need a good system to corral the messes that keep appearing beside our computers and then flows onto the bookshelves and other areas (like a VIRUS!) but that doesn’t lose the “feel” of a 1920’s home. Please Help!

  142. Our family office needs the most help. It tends to acquire items that don’t have a home.

  143. And…I’m signed up for the Command Central Binder guide (which, actually will help me with the overwhelming issue in the other post). Thanks!!!

  144. My husband is attending grad school in New York, so when we moved here we had to downsize to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. I feel like all of it needs help. There isn’t one room that could do without organization.

  145. I have a few baskets & bins, but they are a messy pile of tossed scarves & gloves or paperclips & stamps or toys & books, with no rhyme or reason (or organization!). Certainly not the neat little bins of perfection I’d like them to be. And to guess what is inside each of them is a cruel little game…

  146. My Kitchen pantry is a disaster! It currently holds all the pots, pans & lids, food items, dish towels and coolers. I’m afraid all the pots are going to tumble out when I open the door!

  147. I would love to finally finish off my office and make it an inspiring and efficient space!

  148. My scrapbooking room is so disorganized. I sometimes think ‘wait!! not a hoarder room in my house’

  149. My office is in desperate need of organization! I am dreading having to go in there next month to start the taxes!

  150. I need serious help with organizing all of my paper clutter. I avoid it because it drives me crazy and then when I do try to tackle it, it’s too overwhelming to deal with.

  151. I need to organize my sewing/craft closet! It is a small closet in our dining room and it houses all the kids art supplies, my art supplies and my sewing supplies. It’s out of control. I would also like to tackle the other closets in our house as I know they are not being utilized to their fullest potential. Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. My home office!!! I have my Home papers, my kids are using it and leaving HUGE amounts of clutter. I am a CPA who works out of my home office and tax season is just around the corner. HELP!!

  153. JUST had this convo with my husband: NEED organization! #1 Kids’ bedroom; #2 Kids’ playroom; #3 Office. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy New Year!

  154. I would like to create a space to organize my seasonal/occasional items, as I just throw them all in random places in our basement. I would also like to add some storage for crafting and our guest room closet.

  155. closets!!! especially upstairs what’s supposed to be linen closet but the door barely closes

  156. Wow, what a giveaway!!! I seem to miss out on lots of giveaways because I live in Australia but this is something I could be part of. Please count me in because I’m scared that when I die my kids will have a fit when they see the things I have accumulated!!!LOL.

  157. It would be great to walk in a room and have it be the way I want instead of the having so much stuff out and about. I look at decorating magazines and books and yearn for having the peace and contentment of a place that reflects me rather than things. Having a system of containers and processing the paper coming into my home would help tremendously. Mostly, it’s starting on a project that overwhelms my sense of what I can do.
    I signed up for the free mini-guide and look forward to the email.

  158. Oh my! Everything in my house is disorganized! My husband always tell me how disorganized I am. My bill/paperwork/mail area needs the most help! Also, my girls closet could use some help too!

  159. It’s hard to find one specific place I really need to get organized! I like many others apparently would love to have a perfectly organized closet :)

  160. One place? just one? Well we live in a small house in an inner-city neighborhood (we work in inner-city ministry) and we have this one “bookcase/office” that’s in the middle of our kitchen – we both work from home . . . it’s a disaster

  161. What a wonderful giveaway! Without hesitation, our guest room/craft area is the area that I most need help with. Our home is tiny and our one guest room is also a space for me to store craft supplies. It’s a mess! I have attempted several times to organize/declutter but somehow it never lasts. Would love any help with “once and for all” organizing and simplifying this multi-functional space! :)

  162. oh my goodness, I seriously need help with my whole house. I am home most all day with my 1 year old, so I feel like the clutter and mess is caving in on me, but the room that needs the most help is the playroom, and then second up would be the office. I have a 6 year old too, so when she comes home she is in the playroom and it is easily turned into a tornado, and nothing I seem to be doing is working to make things have a home. I try to get them organized but can’t seem to make anything work, so I am not doing something right. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway, and I would love to see some posts on this is January since I need lots of help with this. Thanks so much!

  163. Drawers! I have an issue with drawers and tossing stuff in them.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  164. I reeeeallly need help organizing our play/homeschool/craft room! I’ve tried several different ways of corralling it all and can’t get it just right!

  165. Just one area eh….it’s so hard to choose, I’m in need of a lot of organization! But I guess mostly our bedroom is in need! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  166. I can’t pick one room! We just moved to a new house 6 months ago. I had good intensions of finding everything a home….but things are now strung all over…I need to get on track and figure out ho to organize!

  167. It’s a toss up between paperwork (financial, estate, work, school, letters, etc) and craft supplies (mine and the kids’). Both are taking over my spare bedroom, and it’s impossible to find anything!

  168. I work on average 70 hours a week. I work from home, so I’m in the mess all day every day. Any free time I get goes to attempting to get organized, but I never can find the right system so it always ends up going back to a mess. Must figure this out ASAP! :(

  169. We moved into our house in April and the only room I can’t seem to get organized is the kid’s playroom. HELP!!!

  170. I am what you call Organizationally Challenged….There isn’t one space in my house that doesn’t NEED organization. I guess one way to say it is my life is what needs organizing. I would LOVE this!

  171. I need help organizing the paper clutter!! I try and try and then end up loosing important papers trying to get rid of the clutter!

  172. I need help organizing the papers!! I try and try and then end up loosing important papers trying to get rid of the clutter!

  173. I need help organizing papers! Every time I try to get organized, it seems that a week later I have piles of papers back on my desk, kitchen counter and elsewhere around the house! I could also do with some help getting the kids toys sorted!!

  174. I need to declutter my storage closet….and I definitely could use help!! I know I don’t need most of it, but what I do need, I’d love to have beautifully organized!

  175. No surprise– I need help organizing my craft supplies. I’m guilty of buying things I already have just to find them later.

  176. I need help with my home office and my closet (my shoes and clothing are devouring any space I have!)

  177. I need organization with my time and in my garage and pantry! Oh, and my craft room could use some love more frequently!

  178. I need to organise my home office / craft room. Its a disaster area which does nothing to get the creative juices flowing or even inspire some office work to get done @

  179. I am a piler. Every receipt I ever received for the last three years is in a corner of my bedroom between the dresser and the wall. I need a better system.

  180. Well we just moved to a smaller home in a different state so really I could use organization all over. We have had to downsize and it’s hard to when you don’t have as much storage as you did before.

  181. I could definitely use organization in my sewing room. I’m a quilter, knitter, embroider; and my room is tiny. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  182. OMG – This New Year my goal is to get organized. I have been living in my town home for 12 years and really, really want to have clutter reduction and increased peace in my home. PLEASE HELP!

  183. Generally, I am pretty much organized. (just don’t ask my kids and husband this, as they have a different answer)…BUT…I am constantly trying my darndest…to organized my craft area(s)…i almost get there…then BOOM!…I try again and again…maybe this will work….maybe that will work…I am alway dreaming of having an awesome craft room …even at age 60…i keep that HOPE…DREAM…HELP!!!!!

  184. I am a disaster with a capital D! I am a wife and mother of two little girls with a part time work from home sales job. I am so disorganized that I can’t seem to get anything done. I have a tiny little home office that is so cluttered I have to step over a box or two and sit on a stack in my chair to get to my computer. In this economy I can’t begin to imagine how helpful it would be for me to bring in some extra income but I can’t seem to focus because of the disorganization. To say that I NEED this workshop is just an understatement. Fingers crossed that I win!!

  185. This year I decided to organize my whole house. I started back in June and worked on it every morning for a few hours. It is looking and feeling better but I need to learn how to let go of the old and precious memories stuff that I own. :)
    thank you for the opportunity to win a prize!

  186. Two main areas I just can not figure out how to organize: kids’ rooms and closets. I’ve got 4 young kids in two tiny rooms with two tiny closets and I can’t figure out how to fit furniture, clothes, toys and personal items all in in any kind of order other than, “go find a spot someone hasn’t taken.” I sure would love this workshop! :)

  187. I’d say our worst areas in our house are the kitchen and office. Both could use a major organizing redo!

  188. I need to seriously organize ALL of my “raccoon nests” as my husband’s call them. lol! I leave little piles just about everywhere throughout my house, and am constantly putting things in “safe places” and then having absolutely no idea where that place is later when I go to find my item. I seriously make myself crazy and would LOVE to be organized in 2012! It would be a blessing right about now for me… :)

  189. I need to organize my kids rooms and closets, laundry room, memorabilia, the garage, and my desk. And keep it that way! With 5 children ages 10 and under and another on the way, we need a very organized home and life, and I find myself often lost as to how to do it, and how to keep things organized. I know it would change our lives if we could achieve that.

  190. I need the most help organizing my accessories — shoes, jewelry, scarves, hangbags. The problem is that when I store them away or try to organize them, I end up not being able to easily see them, and thus forget what I have and never use them. I always just reach for what’s in sight.

  191. I have lots of cabinet space that divide my kitchen from living room. They r a mess and I need organization solutions!

  192. I have lots of cabinets that separate my kitchen from living room. They r a mess and I need solutions!

  193. My husband and I are pretty organized overall but for some reason our garage is a disaster. I am ashamed to go in there. We do so many DIY projects that all of the remnants end up in there and have no where else to go. Would love some help to get it back to normal. Thanks.

  194. I need desperate organization help in my bonus room which is part toy room, part sewing/craft room. Also could use help in all closet spaces.

  195. I need desperate organization help in my bonus room which is part toy room, part sewing/craft room. Also could use help in all closet spaces.

  196. Wow, cool giveaway! My whole house needs organized!! I think my biggest problem is too many clothes and too many things I collect that I probably should purge.

  197. Oh how I so need to win this giveaway! I desperately need organization in our pantry and pretty much any space that has a door on it where I can stuff items inside. I’m notorious for keeping our house neat and tidy, but please don’t open any of my closets :-) Thank you for hosting. What a great giveaway at the beginning of a year! Happy New Year to you! Laura XOXO

  198. After losing my mother and grandmother I inherited boxes and boxes of photos and memorabilia. I just don’t know where to start with these things. Also, we are a homeschool family. We would all benefit from personal organization tools, planning a more efficient system and permanent storage for records. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway!

  199. My whole house could use a boost of organization! Especially my craft/junk room and my child’s room.

  200. The “pit of despair” in my house is our basement. Someday, I fear that I’ll go down there and disappear forever in the piles. I try to make the space usable for ORGANIZED storage, but it just never seems to look any better. Hmmm, do we have a pool table under that stuff…………?

  201. The area of my life that most needs organization is the kitchen desk area a.k.a. “the black hole.” I actually already downloaded the Command Central Binder and am happy to say it is nearly complete. It definitely has helped me locate things quickly!

  202. Just before the holidays, I actually downloaded the Command Central Binder, and it is nearly complete! Great system and easy to complete in a few hours.

  203. I design & fabricate draperies, bedding, etc & my workroom has gotten over crowded. I have done some organizing, but am at a standstill. I would love some help figuring out the rest!

  204. I could use some OVERALL organization in my house! We live in a small condo, my husband & I, with our puggle. We are expecting our 1st child in June. Lots of people think we’re crazy to stay living where we are, but we aren’t ready to move out of the city yet! I’d love some help simplifying and de-cluttering and finding space for all of the baby gear I know we’ll be receiving! I’m trying not to stress about it, and I’m sure Aby would be a savior!!

    Thanks for the offer!

  205. I really need to organize my art/craft/sewing room. I haven’t been able to create much because of the mess and I’m going crazy.

  206. I need help with orginaztion in my Craft room. My husband had a man cave that he never did anything with, so he gave it to me for all my crafts. I am in the process of the painting the walls. So far one wall is green and have not painted the other three walls yet there beautiful gold cream color. I have tons of crafts, scrapbbooking, etc., just no where to put any of it. I don’t know where to begin. I did also register for the free mini guide. I think that could become very helpful for me as well. Thanks for this wonderful givaway.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  207. I would love to get my craft room more organized so that I can utilize (and learn) more things like my sewing machine!

  208. I would love the chance to win!! My son and I just moved in with my fiance and his son. We live in a 900 square foot home and we need help organizing!! The garage and kids’ rooms need help desperately!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  209. My garage/creative studio… oh, I dream of the day when I’m not having to constantly reorganize a thousand times before I find the perfect spot for something, only to bring in more stuff that needs a new home and so the “reorg” continues.

  210. We just moved and I’m having trouble organizing all the bits and pieces in this new space.

  211. My main area that needs organization is our homeschool/ craft room area. It is not very big, but I believe it is adequate space if organized properly to hold all our stuff!! :) I would love to be able to do my scrapbooking and crafting after school hours!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  212. Where do I need it most? Um… is that a trick question?! I need help w/the overflowing stuff that comes into my world… mostly paper stuff. But it accumulates and drives me nuts!

  213. We just purchased a new home and the closet spaces are very small. We could definitely use some help organizing our closets and my husbands office, as he works from home and is very unorganized!! :)

  214. Need organization in my kitchen. It is small and I feel overwhelmed with all the “stuff”. I love to cook but in an unorganized kitchen – it is not much fun! Please help!

  215. More than one space; office room, craft room and more organized clothes closets:( I could use the help!

  216. The worst place in my house right now is our basement. it is unfinished currently and where EVERYTHING goes when we don’t know what to do with it. it is pathetic!

  217. Where don’t I need organization? I just can’t seen to get out from under the piles around my house and it drives me crazy! It seems like every time I get one area under control another falls apart. My biggest challenge is actually my bedroom/office. I just have too much stuff! Thanks for the chance!

  218. what needs to be organized? My DEN!!! The kids like to have some toys upstairs and not all in the basement – but it needs help! and my one kitchen counter where they all dump their school notes, mail, and their junk. would love to win this one!

  219. I need the most help in my sewing room and in my laundry room. If she can help with those two areas, I will be in heaven!

  220. I want organization help in my clutter and in being able to find something, anything, when I need it!!

  221. Oh my goodness… we just moved and I need to organize every single room. The kitchen is probably the most needy though.

  222. I need organization help in my laundry room! We store all of our tools in there, as well as extra vases, candlesticks, candles, coolers, paper towels, etc. It’s an everything room, and I need help!

  223. I need help organizing my tools! Power tools like my miter saw, table saw, circular saws, reciprocating saw, air compressor, drills, plus the accompanying accessories like electrical and plumbing supplies, lots and lots of wood, etc. We don’t have a garage, so there’s no really good place to store everything. I spent an hour this morning looking for my receptacle tester, it’s really disappeared. Now I’ll have to go to the store to get another one. :(


  224. I need organization in my craft studio / playroom. I’m about 80% organized in there, but I’m down to all the random items that just don’t seem to easily find a home. Plus, we just got a very large octagon-shaped train table for my son for Christmas and now the whole space just looks off balance…help!

  225. This is a constant struggle for me in my craft room and garage workshop!!! I declutter and it all comes right back! I also have a problem giving things a permanent home!!! I could defnitely beneft from this giveaway!

  226. Ummmm… HOW ABOUT MY HOUSE?? That’s a where right? LOL! Seriously though, there’s no way I could pick just one room!

  227. I signed up for the command central guide! Hopefully, it will allow me to get all that dang paperwork in one easy to locate place!

  228. The kids’ school papers!! I’ve tried a few different strategies, but I still have counters full of them!

  229. HELP! My whole house needs organization. There is soooo much clutter it is stressful and overwhelming. I do not know where to start.

  230. First, my purse. It is a nightmare; just ask the people behind me in line at any checkout counter. Forever searching for keys, badges, debit card, check book, insurance cards, money, etc. The second area where I need help is my laundry room and closet. I won’t even mention our home office.

  231. First, I TOTALLY love the relaxing atmosphere of Lake Tahoe! My parents have a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe and I could kick myself for not going more often (we only go about once every 3 years!!!) Thank you for reminding me that we need to take time to get to a relaxing destination to recharge!

    Okay, my problem area is PAPER CLUTTER! It’s everywhere and my “filing system” is clearly not working. Thanks for the chance :)

  232. As I have been recovering from cancer and chemo most of 2011, pretty much my whole home needs organization, especially the kitchen…no wait…my studio….my closets and drawers…..

  233. Gosh, I need help all over. Craft supplies, toys, and papers seem to be taking over the house.

  234. I really need help organizing all my crafts. I love to read all your posts. AMAZING!!!

  235. My fourth and youngest child started school this year and I can’t seem to find an organizational system to help me with all of the paperwork/homework/newsletters that come home from school each day with each of the kids!! ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much for this opportunity and Happy New Year!

  236. I need organization with my three children’s art and craft things. Also, with my office and paperwork stuff. Third, in my closets!! and laundry room cabinets.

  237. I’d like to organize my craft room or maybe my laundry room. Who am I kidding … my closets are also in need of help.

  238. Where to pick, where to pick..probably my closets are the most in need of organization. We have plenty of storage, but are not utilizing it well.


  239. I need a whole-home makeover! I’m considering a career change that would take me away for 2 – 4 months this next year and I need a clean slate both my husband and I can agree on!

  240. Sorry it took me so long to post…I had to unearth myself from the mounds of paper that seem to consume my life. Help!

  241. There is not an area in my home that is not in need of some organization, so this class would be a lifesaver.

  242. I need help organizing my bedroom so it’s a refuge from the craziness of my life. I want serenity!

  243. If I had to pick just one spot, it’s my office/craft space. Every flat space seems to be a magnet for clutter!

  244. We are in the process of looking for a bigger home. So, I need to start organizing for when we are ready to move.

  245. My papers – it’s always my papers – they’re everywhere and I have no clue how to organize them.
    Wanted to get into the coupon deal, but cringe to think about all of the paper involved there, so I’ve avoided that as well. We moved into a MUCH smaller home this year and I just have so many projects to organize and get done…help!

  246. Well I have been progressively organizing my home, my life and the area that needs the most work is my ATTIC! I go up there often enough that it is starting to drive me (my husband really) crazy.

  247. My closet, laundry room, craft room, or my kitchen are all in desperate need of organization….

  248. My kitchen needs help the most! We laid hardwood floors in the back half of the house over the holidays so I had to reorganize all of that already!

  249. My biggest organizational challenge is following through of getting rid of stuff

  250. I need help everywhere – but especially in my kitchen and laundry/craft room. My home usually looks neat, but I don’t have good organization for my storage and sometimes spend way too much time trying to find where I put something! Thanks for this opportunity, I love your blog!

  251. Oh my where to begin. I need help all over. With two kids requiring attention most of the time and not alot of storage it has gotten out of control. I NEED HELP :-)

  252. My greatest organizational challenge is knowing what to keep and what to toss AND creating areas of semi organization (ie bins for toys but the toys don’t have to be perfect).

  253. I need help with my apartment – especially my closets. With a new baby and not enough space this apartment is a disaster.

  254. Storage……I am overflowing…even when I toss….it still seems a big mess… husband is threatening to just start shoveling the basement out……help!!!

  255. I need help in my kitchen…it is the most used part of our house and always seems cluttered! HELP!!

  256. Help – my office/craft room is out of control. i am buried under a mountain of memories that need to be scrapped and piles of paper that need to be, um … I don’t even know anymore.

  257. my paper mountains grow all around the house, but most crazily in my home office ( i only run a home, not a business!) where mountains of crafts, gifts, cards, old pictures, my sewing machine,books, wrapping paper, ideas, and other random bits and bops end up. oh yeah, and my husband’s home office, that he actually works at once a week.

  258. My biggest challenge is dealing with paper in all form – kid schoolwork, personal finance papers, cards, notes, books, magazines, mail … and too much “stuff” in general.

  259. I need the most organization in my craft room. Unfortunately, m y parents grew up durimg the Great Depression 7 taught me to keep things — it might be useful someday! — AND I’m a craft supply collector. I just have too much stuff and no idea where to begin.

  260. What does not need to be organized in my life. I just moved out of my dads house for the first time and all I had for furnature was a bookcase, a bed, a dresser and a bedstand. Right now everything is still in plastic rubbermaids in the livingroom hoping that as I save money the contents can find a home

  261. There are two main areas of my life that I really need help in getting organized. The first one is of photographs, memories and sentimental things. My son was diagnosed with leukemia when he was three, which has been almost four years ago, and we lived in and out of hospitals for more than three years. We have made the most of every moment in life, and have lots of fun memories. If we were stuck in a hospital room, we would make it into a spaceship, a zoo, the beach, etc. We did a million art projects and took almost that many photographs. I have boxes of stuff, and boxes of books to organize it in. My goal for 2012 is to create a project area and a workstation where I can store this stuff and pull it together in memory books. Most of things are items that I just can’t get rid of. They remind us how much we have survived and the memory books will be something that Conner will treasure forever.

    The other major problem that I have is that I need to create a space where we put our “stuff” when we come in each day. We have developed bad habits of sitting things at the front door and have all promised for that to be different in 2012. I am interested in your products and offerings and hope to win the contest. Thank you for the opportunity.


  262. My guest bedroom has been the catch-all for all things without a home. It’s an embarrassing mess.

  263. I need organization help in the kitchen/living areas… and help with my girls’ rooms! Keeping up with kid clutter! :)
    …I found your site through IHeart Organizing…

  264. At this point, I could pick any room in my house! We just moved in a month ago and NOTHING is sitting in its final destination! Biggest pains- the office and playroom!

  265. I need organization in the home ! Please help !!!! Hubby is mad !! X my fingers that I win !!!!!!!!!!!

  266. Just turned my closet in the guest room into an office, but it is mess and needs some organizational help!!

  267. I could use a little help almost everywhere, but the playroom is my big challenge for the new year!