DIY Cuffed Stocking {how to sew}

By Kate Riley December 1, 2011

One of the most popular symbols of this season is the Christmas stocking.  Stockings are like Santa, candy canes, and fruitcake, they make their appearance every December (some more welcome than others!) I had never sewn a stocking before until the day before yesterday but I’ve had this project on my “Christmas DIY To Do List” for years.  I finally managed to stitch one together with some apple green velvet ~ here is my little cuffed creation.  

cg diy cuffed stocking


Sewing a simple stocking couldn’t be easier if you can sew a straight line (and around the little curved boot) on a sewing machine.  Of course I had to complicate matters and add batting for thickness, piping for contrast, and a decorative cuff, but in the end I’m glad I decided on those little extras. 

If you’d like to sew your own cuffed creation, here’s what you’ll need:  1.  ½ yard stocking fabric  2.  ½ yard liner fabric  3.  ½ yard cuff fabric (only for bias cut piping, otherwise just a scrap)  4. batting (optional)  5. thread  6. stocking template  7. piping cord (optional)  8. scissors and pins.    

 stocking supplies


To start, create a template of the approximate size stocking you want with paper or thin cardstock.  My template was about 16” tall x 12” across the boot (but I cut it to more like 18” x 12”).  Next cut your stocking and liner fabric to the size of your stocking, allowing ½ inch excess fabric for seam.  

template step one and two

Adding a layer of quilt batting between the outside fabric and liner is optional, but I think it makes for a more substantial stocking so I added it. Layer the batting between the liner and stocking fabric and pin it, then sew together with sewing machine.  Note, if you skip the layer of batting, you can go right to sewing the liner and outside fabric together (inside out) without sewing each side of the stocking individually.

layer of batting

Another optional step is to add decorative piping in the same color as the cuff for contrast.  Make sure your fabric is cut on the bias, then stitch together your cord in the casing. (Here’s a how-to I wrote on piping and double welt cord).  It’s best to use your zipper foot for this step.

sewing piping

Slowly and carefully stitch your two sides of your stocking together (inside out), fitting the piping in between.

piping between

*sorry for the lame pic, I was sewing late at night.

For the cuff, cut a long piece of fabric sufficient enough to wrap around the top.  Since my stocking was about 7” wide on each side, I winged it and cut a rectangular strip 16” long (allowing extra for seams) x 10” tall then folded it over with a layer of batting in between to form a 4” cuff.  Keep your stocking inside out, then stitch to the top of your stocking. Fold over to reveal contrasting cuff.  

cuff fabric

For your loop hook, take a long strip of stocking fabric, sew it together (inside out) to form a long strip then use a safety pin to turn it right side out.  Hand or machine stitch it to the inside of your stocking.

loop fabric


Embellish with trim (think pom pom, ric rac, or lace) or a simple ornament and fill it with gifts!

diy velvet cuffed stocking


More decking of the halls continues this weekend and the Holiday Link Parties start next week.  In the mood to party some more?  Over 30 Holiday Themed Link Parties listed here

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… can’t wait!





  1. I love the apple green! I wish I had read this yesterday…I was making mine (going off a deconstructed stocking as my pattern) and couldn’t figure out the cuff. It finally came to me in the middle of the night, while tending to a crying baby! Now, I can just go here for the tips, so thanks! I really like the idea of hanging an ornament from it–that adds such a nice touch!

  2. What an adorable and elegant stocking. Love your color choice and the piping just takes it all over the top. Going to make some of these (probably without piping as it sounds hard to this non-sewer (bias is a word that scares me).
    Pinning this one.
    xo bj

  3. Thank you for posting this! I have been searching all over looking for stockings to match my Christmas decor and can’t find anything! I was just beginning to think about how to make my own and now I don’t have to!

  4. Love your stocking! I did a stocking post today too. You will have to come over and check it out. I love the colors you chose..very fresh and clean. Wished I could sew!!! You are inspiring me to try…so thank you!

  5. Love the color combo and fabric choice! I sewed some stockings for a friend a couple years back and it was one of my first experiences sewing. After much toil, and becoming one with my seam ripper, they turned out nice. But I sure could have used this tutorial back then :-). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Apple green is a favorite of mine! Velvet is another favorite of mine, especially at this time of the year. Love your stocking, Kate! I think you need to have a little Etsy shop and sell these because I want one! I struggle with stockings for some reason. I keep telling myself, progress not perfection. Your stocking is perfection! Have a good weekend.

  7. I am so totally sewing challenged that I’m just in awe of how easy you made this look. It is beginning to look like Christmas!

    I know you have your own blog parties going on; however we’d love for you to share this or any other Christmas post at our 24 Days of Christmas blog party going on now. Happy Holidays :o)

  8. WOW, I love this. You have me convinced I should whip out my sewing machine and give it a try!! Jessica

  9. I wanted to make my daughter one out of an old holiday sweater. But then knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down and sew, and happened upon a cute one at Target :) Gotta pick your battles!

  10. I love that stocking. I especially like ho you added the extra lining on the inside to give it the professional look and make it durable. Very Creative!!

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