Personalized Stamp Giveaway

By Kate Riley October 7, 2011

Hello all, the sun is shining, and the forecast is for a perfect fall weekend, yes! The hub and I are headed to the City by the Bay on Sunday with great seats at the 49er football game, I’m so excited!! I haven’t been to a professional football game in so many years, we’re going to have a ball while the kids are home with a babysitter, woo hoo!!  

The winners of the Waverly Fabric Giveaway are #1,344 Anneke of RustiChic and #2,053 Jenny of DIY Newlyweds. The Matthew Mead Tiered Stand goes to #8 Kathy Ellis, congratulations ladies, I sent you all an email.

This weekend’s giveaway is brought to you by Purple Lemon Designs, an Etsy shop filled with delightful personalized products from customized stamps to stationery.

purple lemon banner

personalized stamp giveaway

Five free personalized stamps are up for grabs this weekend, just in time for the upcoming holiday mailings!  Pick an everyday or Christmas version, winners choice!

purple lemon stamp samples

Purple Lemon Designs is also offering all of you a 10% discount when you shop – simply use the code CG2011.

Eligibility to win one of five free personalized stamps from Purple Lemon Designs

1) Hop on over to Purple Lemon Designs and pick your favorite stamp, then leave your choice in a comment.

2)  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

3.  For a third chance to win, Like Purple Lemon on Facebook, leave another comment here.

Five winners chosen at random, free shipping, US and Canada only. Giveaway ends Monday October 10th, 8 p.m. PST. 


Five winners:  #12 Anne, #210, Amanda S., #349 Cynthia, #405 Penelope, #651 Sunday.  Winners all notified via email!





  1. I love the rectangle self inking stamp! And I just put find these on my list of things to do this month. Thanks for the help. :)

  2. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp! This just makes me even more obsessed with monogramming everything! Such a great idea! I ‘liked’ Purple Lemon on FB (should have long before now!) and retweeted the giveaway to my followers! woot woot! :)

  3. I think the Medium Celebration Wreath Stamp is adorable. Perfect for all those Christmas cards!

  4. I love ALL the products…but one of my favorites might be “peaks and valleys” — lovely to enhance a boring envelope!

  5. I could eat them all up! I love the Fleur de Lis and the Flourishes Christmas tree. They’re all so cute. I will certainly give some LOVE to Purple Lemon on Facebook.

  6. What an awesome giveaway!
    This is a great etsy shop I’d never seen. Marked as a favorite etsy shop.

    Like them all, seriously, but would love the versatile Medium SELF INKING Circles N Circles Stamp — great for all year long.

  7. LOVE ALL of them…but I wouod either have to pick the cute dottie address stamp or the handmade by stamp!

  8. I like the small customized bookplate. I live in an apartment, so an address stamp isn’t practical. I could go crazy with a book plate stamp!! Thanks for hosting all these great giveaways!

  9. The Grinchy Christmas Tree one is my favorite! But, since it can’t really be used year round I’d say the Triple Circles would be the one I’d choose.

  10. I love the Medium Wrought Iron Scroll and the Medium Spiral! But…since I live in NYC frequently, the Medium Scrolling Bookplate is probably MUCH more practical…

  11. I would definitely go for a Christms-themed stamp, although its hard to choose. Maybe the handrawn ornament or the round flourishes.

  12. I love the Wrought Iron Scroll! Gorgeous! I linked to facebook, and liked them on facebook! :)

  13. I adore the Medium Heart Monogram stamp; and it would look beautiful on our wedding invitations envelopes that we’ll be mailing shortly!!

  14. Linked to the giveaway on Facebook. I hope I win, we are moving into our first house and these would be perfect for our Christmas cards!

  15. My favorite stamp is the Skelton Key Customized Address Stamp, So super cute!!

  16. This would be right on time for me, because I’m throwing my first ever Holiday party this year!! I would love the Magic of Christmas Customized Address Stamp!

  17. I like Purple Lemon Designs on Facebook too :) I think everyone needs a personalized address stamp. That way people would write letters more often. I think actual letters on paper, written by hand are so much more personal and meaningful. I love getting letters and cards in the mail! (It’s a nice break from the bills too ;P )

  18. I like Purple Lemon Designs on Facebook too :) I think everyone needs a personalized address stamp. That way people would write letters more often. I think actual letters on paper, written by hand are so much more personal and meaningful. I love getting letters and cards in the mail! (It’s a nice break from the bills too ;P )

  19. My favorite stamp is the ‘Medium Triple Circles Customized Address Stamp’ so simple yet a bit of whimsy.

  20. I really like the Round Initial Customized Address Stamp – Medium! Such wonderful designs. :)

  21. So many cute ones to pick from, but I think I like the Medium Circles N Circles. Great prices too!

  22. What perfect timing, my husband and I JUST closed on our first place earlier this week!
    I would get the small triple circles customized address stamp

  23. I love the Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp!! It’s just so cute and formal all at once!!

  24. Soo many beautiful choices, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one!! However, I love the Medium Celebration Wreath Address Stamp … perfect for all those Christmas cards we mail out.

  25. I’ve been meaning to get one of these for a while. So lovely! I like the small round one.

    Enjoy the game!

  26. Linked this giveaway on Twitter and “Liked” Purple Lemon Designs on Facebook.

  27. How fun!!!!! We just moved and need one of these!

    So many choices, but I love the spiral and the wrought iron scroll!!!!!

  28. Would love the medium self-inking stamp. I’ve been wanting one of these forever!

  29. So many great things! My favorite is the Christmas Tree swirl stamp…so festive and fun!

  30. I love Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp…perfect for all those Christmas mailings on the horizon.

  31. Love the customized circle dottie address stamp. It can come live with me anytime!

  32. I liked Purple Lemons\ Designs on FB because I really do like Purple Lemon Designs!

  33. I really like the Medium Family Circle Customized Address Stamp, but all the designs are lovely!

  34. My favorite (and it was a hard choice) is the Medium Circles N Circles. Probably because I’m more of a traditional girl … altho there were many cute designs! Thanks for the give away!

  35. I really like the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp. It’s fun & classy.

  36. I’m starting a business and I love the small customized handmade rubber Stamp!

  37. I love the Medium Round Customized Stamp (the one with the initial in the middle)– Stamps are the new address label! :-)

  38. OOh I really like the Medium Round Dottie stamp. I’ve been meaning to order one of these for months. Will definitely order with discount….if I don’t win!

  39. What great stamps and things they have!!! I like the Medium Dotted Scroll stamp.

  40. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp in font 3…perfect for everyday use!

  41. What a great giveaway! I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp… and we are moving soon so it would be perfect!

  42. I love the Small Square Customized Address Stamp, would definitely help with mailing out all of those Christmas cards!

  43. I really like the simplicity of the Round Initial stamp. Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!

  44. I would *really* have to think hard to choose between the skeleton key & the medium wrought (or as they like to say on craigslist, “rot”) iron scroll.

  45. Love the skeleton key stamp! My niece and nephew just bought their first home, I think I’ll have to order them a stamp for Christmas. Thanks for hosting!

  46. Awesome giveaway, thanks for the intro. If I don’t win…..I will probably buy from them anyway, great line!! I love the med. dottle with the single initial. Just beautiful!!

  47. The Medium Round Dottie Customized Address Stamp is so cute and practical; love polka dots!

  48. I love the medium round personalized stamp. I have been wanting a stamp like this for some time. 10% off–time for christmas shopping.

  49. I “liked” Purple lemon designs on facebook. Thanks for another chance to win.

  50. the medium monogrammed type stamp is my fave for basic use, but I love the flouishes christmas tree for christmas!

  51. I love them all! My fave is the mediom dottie scroll stamp, cute and classic! :)

  52. What a hard choice, lots of eye candy. WOW! I finally chose Peaks and Valley’s. Thanks for the intro to such a great site.;->

  53. I love the Small Circles N Circles Customized Address Stamp – it’s both classic and modern

  54. I love the medium round customized address stamp. I’ve always wanted an address stamp and it would be perfect to win one since we’re currently moving into our new-to-us home. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. What a great giveaway!! I love the small customized stamp where it has the monogrammed letter in the middle.


  56. We just moved, so this perfect! I think I’d go with the medium round customized .

  57. I totally like all the address ones but as a teacher the Small Customized Flowery Bookplate Rubber Stamp wins my vote. How nice that would be to have when my new book orders come in.

  58. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages and I was just admiring one on a piece of mail I received today. :) Love the medium Christmas is Coming stamp.

  59. I’m loving the medium square dottie stamp, it would look very nice on the Christmas cards!

  60. I love the polka-dot one. So cute. Might go with a Christmas ornament as a close second!

  61. All the stamps are so pretty. It’s hard to pick just one. I do love the Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp!

  62. I like the hand drawn Christmas ornament, although the zebra one was pretty fun as well!

  63. I am in love with the medium “hey y’all” customized address stamp.
    My fiance and I are moving to Texas next week from Canada. I come from a big card-giving family and with Christmas and our wedding this year, this stamp (with the adorable ‘southern’ theme) will definitely be put to use…

  64. my absolute fave is the skeleton key address stamp! awesome designs all over that site! lovely!

  65. they are all so cute. i think i love the Medium Round Dottie Customized Address Stamp.

  66. annnnnd finally…… i totally shared the link on FB! i really want to win one of these stamps.. we just moved and it has been on my wish list for a hot minute!

  67. I LOVE LOVE the Medium Peaks and Valleys Customized Address Stamp!! So Whimsical!

  68. I really like the medium round customized address or the medium square…TOUGH CHOICE!

  69. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp! :) So cute! I really need one of these!

  70. Medium Ornamental Address Stamp – perfect for holiday cards (has that shiny brite ornament shape) but could be used year round!

  71. I love the skeleton key stamp and the fleur de lis stamp. Both are super cute!

  72. Hi- I would love to win the Fleur de lis address stamp! It’s my logo for my furniture. I may buy it anyway…
    I live in australia but if i win could you ship this to my friend in California for me! They are coming to visit in November.
    Thanks for hosting. love your blog.
    cheers Fiona

  73. just liked purple lemon designs on FB and linked to this contest on twitter! thanks!

  74. First, I immediately ordered one of these for my soon to be daughter-in-law – the wedding is next Saturday. Won’t it be perfect for all those thank you notes?
    I would be happy with any of the designs, but like the medium dottie scroll best.

  75. How hard it is to choose. I think I like the wrought iron scroll stamp that could be used forever, but I also like the flourishes Christmas tree. What a great giveaway.

  76. There’s so many cute designs to choose from…the medium round with the initial in the middle seems like a good all purpose design.

  77. I’m stuck between 2! I’m really liking the simplicity of the small round with initial (with the R font), but I’m liking the shape of the medium dottie scroll too. Would be a hard choice :)

  78. They are so so cute but I like the Medium SELF INKING Circles N Circles Stamp. Thanks for a chance to win!

  79. I like the monogrammed circle but think it would be fun to have a Christmas one as well

  80. I like them all. Some of the Christmas ones are very cute! But I would probably be practical and pick one I could use year round. I love the Medium Self Inking Circles N Circles Customized stamp. Thanks!

  81. I’m getting ready to move to Louisville and recently learned that the Fleur de Lis is a symbol for Louisville. So the medium Fleur de Lis would definitely be my favorite right now!

  82. Love the Medium Square Customized Address Stamp. The Bible covers are really cool too! Overall, a ton of great gift ideas.

  83. I like the small snowflake address stamp best but it was a near thing over that super cute whale stamp

  84. LOVE THESE! LOVE ETSY! I love the Skeleton Key Customized Address Stamp Rectangle. Haven’t seen anything like this before. By the way-I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Follow it everyday! Such an inspiration! Thanks for what you do!

  85. I Love all the stamps, but my favorite would have to be the Medium Polka Dots Around Customized Address Stamp

  86. Wow so many choices to choose from! I think I like the medium square custom address stamp.

  87. I like the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp. But they are all so lovely!

  88. I’m in love with the dottie stamp! Just in time too. We are in Attorney Review after 2.5 yrs of searching!!!!

  89. I’m in love with the medium dottie scroll stamp! Just in time too. We are in Attorney Review after 2.5 yrs of searching!!!!

  90. Love the Merry Merry Christmas Stocking, Jumbo of Christmas Ornaments, and Magic of Christmas stamps – hard to choose one!

  91. OOh I really need one of these stamps!!! I’ve been thinking of getting one, and I really need to but of course I’d love to win one. I want anything with a circle shaped design, so I can use it on the back of cards I make. :-)

  92. I love the Medium Wrought Iron Scroll stamp! The round ones are lovely, but the wrought iron is totally my style! thanks!

  93. I love the handdrawn Christmas stamp. They are all super cute…and I think I’ll be doing some of their DIY printables too!

  94. I love this company. Basically anything they make is fab! I am liking the square in square design.

  95. Medium Grinchy Christmas Tree Stamp is my favorite. Please pick me….I love your blog and read it every day for ideas….I am hooked on blogging but have not started one myself, but seriously thinking about it.

  96. I would get the Medium Wedding Monogram Address Stamp because we’re getting married in a year and I just moved to NYC so my previous stamp is no longer appropriate!

  97. I love the medium circle, the medium spiral and the medium polka dots!!! so hard to choose!

  98. I love the small round self-inking address stamp. However, the “hey y’all” round address stamp just cracked me up.

  99. I love the medium round customized address stamp with the monogram in the middle! Great giveaway!

  100. I like the Flourishes Christmas tree stamp for Christmas cards. Although, if I won, I’d probably pick one for everyday use!! I guess I’m no fun :)

  101. I like the medium round customized stamp! Yes, these would be perfect for sending all the holiday mail!

  102. Oh my goodness, I love these! My favorite is the Medium Scroll Customized Address Stamp. Just got married and moved in to a new house – WE NEED A STAMP!

  103. Oh I have been wanting one of these stamps. I especially like the Medium Round Customized. Thank you!

  104. I would love the simple Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp. I hope I win!

  105. Hey! I love the Medium Celebration Wreath for my Christmas cards! Thanks so much!

  106. I LOVE THESE!!!! too many to choose from, but since they are at a great price, i might get 2!!!
    LOVE the medium wrought iron scroll, medium grinchy christmas, and medium round customized. great site!!!

  107. I luv animal prints. Since she doesn’t have a cheetah stamp, I’d have to go with the Medium Zebra Print address stamp.

    Great giveaway!

  108. I would love the Grinchy Xmas Tree stamp for the holidays or the Rectangle address stamp for everyday use. So handy!

  109. The medium custom teacher stamp would be my first choice! It would be really special to have my very own personalized stamp (:

  110. I love the medium custom round stamp. I’m getting married and will need a new stamp with my new last name. They have such cute stamps, thanks for introducing them to me.

  111. I love the skelton key for every day but it would also be fun to have one for Christmas cards too.
    Thank you!

  112. I would love to have the skelton key customized address stamp. I would be the perfect motivator to get back into writing letters to family and friends. Enjoy your weekend and the 49ers game! :)

  113. Medium Square Customized Address Stamp is one that I’d love to add to my collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp! Would be a perfect wedding gift; just add some stationary and some stamps. Cute!

  115. Would love the Medium Grinchy Christmas Tree address stamp…so cute for Christmas cards!

  116. I would love the one with the key! I am really into them right ow for some reason… )

  117. I love, love, love the medium spiral customized address stamp. Would love to have this for my holiday greeting cards :)

  118. Oh gosh…you mean we have to narrow it down to just *one* that we like? Well, after cruising around I have to say that I like the traditional “Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp.”

  119. They are all so creative, but my first pick would be the classic small round customized stamp.

  120. If you make lemonade with Purple Lemons, does it taste like grape? Designs were great, my fav was the ASL “I love you”. Whale and key were close seconds… No time for tweeting or FB :(

  121. My favorite is the medium circles N because it is classic and can be used any time of the year.

  122. I LOVE the customized Pennant stamp. I have wanted a return address stamp for so long! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  123. All of the stamps are super cute. My favorite is the wrought iron scroll stamp, but Id probably choose the small round one to get because it is so classic and versatile.

  124. Thanks for this opportunity to win one of these very classy address stamps! I would love the medium round stamp. Soooo classy!

  125. I love the Medium Dottie Scroll stamp. There are so many beautiful designs!

  126. It was hard to choose but I like the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp!

  127. I like the medium custom stamp with the monogram in the middle. I’m such a sucker for monograms! I also think it would be fun to use the rectangular one to make a library stamp rather than an address.

  128. I think my favorite would have to be the Medium Wrought Iron Scrollwork stamp….so my style!!

  129. We just got married – I’d pick the Medium Round customized rubber stamp with the initial S inside. Cute!

  130. I’d love to have the medium square polka dot stamp. Would make Christmas Cards so much easier. Thanks!

  131. I liked Purple Lemon Designs on Facebook! Would love to win a Purple Lemon Designs customized stamp!

  132. All of them are awesome and great ideas. I’d probably pick the Medium Wrought Iron Scrollwork customized stamp!

  133. I like the medium scroll stamp best. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kate @

  134. I was recently thinking of getting a custom address stamp…loving the ‘medium frills around’ stamp.

  135. Love Love Love medium square polka dot stamps…. I’m admittedly a little addicted to all things black/white polka dots (even my wedding followed that theme!) Thanks for turning me onto Purple Lemon Designs. Super cute stuff!!

  136. The celebration wreath is so fun!! For everyday use I might need a skeleton key or wrought iron one!

  137. I love the Medium Square Polka Dot Address Stamp! Thanks for pointing out a great Etsy shop!

  138. Almost too hard to choose … but love the triple circle in the medium size. Thanks for the chance!

  139. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp. Nothing like speed with style! Or should it be style with speed? Quick and cute? Fast and fresh?

  140. I like any of the round with the initial (seem like there’s 10 options there!) What an adorable giveaway, and they’re reasonably priced too! Thanks for hosting!

  141. I would love to add the Floursihes Christmas Tree stamp to our holiday cards! Thanks for the chance on your giveaway.

  142. The two I like best are the one with the heart (with the initials — DH will *not* think its as cute as I do) and the simple one with the large initial in the center. I would like to start with the basics, then get every single option for every single holiday!!!

  143. I love the Medium Dottie Scroll stamp. Plus we just moved into a new home, so this would be a great way to celebrate! Thanks!!

  144. i LOVE the medium peaks and valleys. its great and totally looks like ironwork like it says! we just got our first house, and would love to get some awesome stamps for the holidays! thanks!

  145. aah! delete my first comment? i changed my mind! i didnt see this gorgeous one. i love this one more and would love to win it. the Medium Dottie Scroll!

  146. I love the Medium Triple Circles Customized Address Stamp. I’ve been looking for a stamp like this for so long!

  147. I love these!!! And there are just TOO many fabulous designs to select from :-) If I had to pick just one, I’d go with the Round Initial Customized Address Stamp in “W” for our last name in that amazingly wonderful font that the “D” in the listing was created in – LOVE it!!! Crossing my fingers for this giveaway :-) Thanks!

  148. I love a lot of these-But I think my favorite is the Medium Scroll Stamp. It looks a bit like a clover. Great giveaway!

  149. I love these! What a great idea :o) My favorite one is the Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp–it would be great all year long!