Yay! Purdy Paintbrush Giveaway

By Kate Riley September 2, 2011

Hey all, thanks so much for all of your commentary on the “Should You or Shouldn’t You Paint” post from yesterday.  I love reading all of your opinions and personal experiences, and it seems there are so many of us with a passion for revamping old things with paint.  So how timely is this weekend’s giveaway?  Very. 

Y’all know I loooooove Purdy brushes, they’re the best!  I’ve got a dozen or so sitting in my DIY closet and consider them an essential tool for any DIYer, from novice to pro. 

Do you wanna know what my favorite thing is about Purdy brushes?  It’s simple.  You’ll never find a fiber or hair in your paint with a Purdy.  Yes, they cost a few dollars more, but they’re worth it for two reasons.  You avoid the headache of picking paintbrush fibers or hairs out of your fresh wet paint (that stinks), and they last a very long time if you take care of them and clean them properly.   

purdy paintbrush


Guess what gang?  Purdy is giving away a three pack of their high quality paint brushes to five lucky winners!  Woot! purdy brushes 3 pack

Five lucky winners get these three brushes:  1 inch angled; 1 ½ inch angled and 2 inch flat XL Series Nylon/Polyester brushes for all paints.  Awesome.

If you’ve got questions about painting projects, Purdy has answered so many of them on their “Ask Purdy” page so hop over and take a peek. 

Eligibility to win one of five 3 Packs of Purdy Paintbrushes:

1.  Simply leave a comment telling me your next painting project.

2. For a second chance to win, either link to this giveaway on Twitter or on Facebook, then leave a comment stating where you linked (FB or Twitter).

3. .  For a third chance to win, Like Purdy” on Facebook, then leave and additional comment stating you did. 

Five winners chosen by Random.org.  Giveaway ends Monday September 5th at 8 p.m. PST. 


Winners announced here.




  1. Would love to win these….my next painting project is a collection of frames to hang my baby boy’s photos in.

  2. I will actually be painting this weekend… finishing up the walls in the kitchen, touching up (I hope just touching up… ceiling paint, please match what’s already up there, thankyouinadvance), painting some shelves and possibly painting the doors, too! Gotta love my Purdy brushes!

  3. I LOVE Purdy brushes! I’d love this new set to help me tackle the 3 pieces of furniture (a credenza, dining table, and picnic table) that are waiting for me to paint/refinish them before cold weather comes.

  4. I have a desk for my daughters room we are re-doing…I have used a Purdy brush before and had great results but they are a little pricey!

  5. I LOVE Purdy brushes. I only have one right now, and my husband and I are in the process of painting all the trim and doors in our house. It’s a big project! Once the weather cools, I will given an old desk a make-over. :o)

  6. after i finish my current painting project of painting/re-shelf-papering/organizing the closets in the house i am going to begin on the kitchen pantry!!

  7. Only use Purdy for my projects! I’ve been painting my entire house for weeks. Next up: dining room.

  8. I am in the middle of painting some dining room chairs! Mismatched old wooden ones–given new life with the same color paint. WOo hoo!

  9. I’m in the midst of one painting project (a double Adirondack chair), but new brushes would come in handy for my next: painting a king-sized bed my husband building from Ana White plans. I can’t wait!

  10. I’m right in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and picking the paint color and finishing the walls will be the last step!! Whoo hoo!

  11. Yay…I heart purdy brushes. “like” and “link” on facebook. I am going to be painting a headboard for my guestroom…some wild and funky fun color.

  12. I would love to try these brushes! My next project is a curved arm chair that I will also have to re-upholster. After that, a bunch of mirrors.

    Thank you for doing all of these fun giveaways!

  13. We are in the middle of painting the exterior of our house. We are finishing up the trim. These purdy brushes would be perfect to help us out! I plan to start with the interior once we’re done.

  14. my next painting project is going to be revamping a sofa table we have. going to paint it white, and distress it, for a beachy look

  15. I will be painting all of the doors and molding in my house a nice chocolate brown to give the whole place a facelift. We have already done one door to test it out and it is going to look AMAZING!

  16. My dad swears by Purdy brushes, neither of us will use anything else! My next project is painting my back hallway, which has wooden clapboard siding because that wall used to be on the outside of my 75 year old house!!

  17. We only ever buy Purdy brushes. This weekend we are either painting our new tv cabinet or the exterior trim and doors of our house. It all depends on the weather.

  18. I love Purdy brushes! I would love a new set for painting the thrift store pair of mid century nightstands that is next on my list.

  19. I love Purdy brushes! I would love a new set for painting the thrift store pair of mid century nightstands that is next on my list.

  20. My next painting project is a kitchen table I got on Craigslist for $30 and am going to turn lacquered black with white chairs. Need some new brushes!

  21. I haven’t started on it yet, but my next paining project is going to be a dresser! I’m excited because I’ve never done such a big piece of furniture before!

  22. I have been on the hunt for a dresser that needs revamping to use as a change table. That is my next painting project as well as painting some old shutters to use for storing mail.

  23. Repainting my bedroom ceiling. I painted it sky blue but it’s a bit too dark so I want to do a lighter blue…

  24. My next project is a buffet. i am using Rustoleum’s cabinet transformations kit…wish me lucj!

  25. I’m finally getting to my craiglist hutch. Today I took it apart including the hardware. But then my 2 yr old stepped on a door and broke the glass. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt! I’m used to setbacks!!!

  26. My next project is painting my powder room… then a dresser…. then my kitchen… then maybe even my cabinets.. and then… I have a lot of projects lined up!

  27. I wish I could say I was painting something fun but that was last weekend. My next project is painting an office at work. We manage temporary office space and have to paint a lot. We use Purdy brushes every time!

  28. My next project is to paint ALL of my kitchen cabinets (and there are a lot) and my daughter’s bathroom vanity.

  29. I’ve got a yucky laminate cabinet in the kitchen, super useful – gonna chalk paint it up.

  30. I love Purdy brushes, too…they’re the best!

    My next project will likely be painting the trim work around our new front door. BORING! But after that’s finished, I’m working on Silhouette/wall art project that I’m really excited for!

  31. Next up on my painting list is the built-in bookshelves in my family room! These brushes would be great to use!

  32. I don’t paint very often….especially walls/ceilings….but your creations are inspiring. I want to paint my back door. It desperately needs it and I really need those Purdy brushes. Here’s hoping…..

  33. My Dining set is begging me to paint it :) I have tagged it a September Project . . .

  34. I love Purdy brushes! We have lots of doors and trim to paint (we wonder if they were ever repainted since the house was built in 1939)!

  35. I just painted my boys bedrooms and took your advice and purchased the Purdy paintbrushes. WOW, did they work great!! I can’t see a brush stroke anywhere. In the past I always bought the cheapest brush there was. Well, no more! I will spend a couple extra dollars for a Purdy brush.

  36. I bought my first furniture piece on Craiglist, which I’m planning on painting using your fabulous tips!

  37. Ugh… What in my house doesn’t need to be painted? I just moved in May and I still have to: finish the Dining Room paint and trim, finish the Living Room paint and trim, start the walls and trim in the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, finished basement… Arg. Just thinking about it has me feeling like I’m gonna break out in hives!

  38. bathroom cabinets! we have been putting off this project for way too long now! everytime i go in there im reminded of my procrastination!

  39. I have a big, beautiful china cabinet that my husband recently relented on and gave me permission to paint!

  40. My next painting project will be to touch up our white trim throughout the house. I’d love to use a Purdy!

  41. This giveaway is just in time! We are painting our kitchen cabinets at the end of September…please can I win?! :)

  42. It seems like I’m never done painting. I’m sure my next project is the upstairs bathroom…. or more touch ups on the exterior paint I had done last month. Quality brushes would be amazing!

  43. My next painting project is a wooden lateral file cabinet that will become a dresser in my son’s closet.

  44. Purdy brushes are my favorite! I never use anything else. I’ve been planning a mural project on a big wall in my living room (big graphic lines), so these brushes would be incredibly handy for me!

  45. I’ll be painting a dresser very soon. Gosh, these would help!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. The next project is painting some wide stripes on the wall between the living room and the hallway. It’s going to look sweet!

  47. We’re getting ready to re-paint our living room…could definitely use some Purdy brushes.

  48. My (first!) painting project is going to be a small nightstand. These would be great! :)

  49. I have an antique shelfing unit I bought a long time ago at an antique mall. It’s dark wood and is actually still in really good shape, but I have SO much cherry wood furniture and I think I’m going to paint it! I’m pretty excited about it!

  50. Our next project(s) are to sand down and paint our front porch furniture and then to sand down and paint a yard sale steal table.

  51. I have a new house and about 15 rooms that need painted not to mention kitchen cabinets bathroom cabinets etc…Oh boy! I could REALLY use some nice brushes! :)

  52. We have lots of doors and trim to paint – we wonder if they were ever repainted since the house was built in 1939? Lots of fun!

  53. Great giveaway. Just bought a new house so the list goes from cabinets, to walls, to dressers, on and on of things I could paint with these!

  54. My next project(s) is the dining room table, chairs and hutch. Just picked up more Annie Sloan paint from my local stockist (love it) and I am needing a bigger Purdy brush. Only have a 2″ and love, love, love that brush compared to the other high end brushes I have.

  55. Oohh I could always use more paint brushes…and hey I want to thank you for turning me on to the Hierloom White Rust-Oleum spray paint! I went out and bought some and have been using it like a crazy person. I mentioned you in my review too! I love it :) And thank you for the how to paint furniture posts because they also helped me take on a piece I have been dying to paint but didn’t know how. Next up: going to buy the chalk paint!
    Thanks again,

    You can find the review here:

  56. I am painting my laundry closet this weekend and hopefully some frames for my family room as well.

  57. We just bought an old fixer so not sure if our first painting project will be the walls, the trim, the doors, the cabinets, the built-ins….the list goes on and on! :)

  58. Next up on the ‘Need To Paint’ list is the kitchen cabinets – Can’t wait to have them done!

  59. My next paint project in my old childhood dresser. I’m painting it a light grey-blue & doing some distressing on it to bring it up to date for our bedroom! Very excited!

  60. We’re just starting a large addition on our house, so we have A LOT of painting in our future. Would love to win these! Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. YES PLEASE! I just bought the paint to start painting a dresser for my entryway! I LOVE Purdy… they’re all I use.

  62. YES PLEASE! I just bought the paint to start painting a dresser for my entryway! I LOVE Purdy… they’re all I use.

  63. We brought back a small wooden bedside table that is nothing special, so I am thinking a coat of blue paint will make it special!

  64. I’ll be painting a coffee table and two end tables thanks to new inspirations from centsational girl : )

  65. I’m thinking about the blanket chest in my living room that is not a family heirloom and would look terrific if I covered up its terrible scratches with paint. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world!!!

  66. I’m painting my basement today but after that I have a kids table and chairs product to do!

  67. My next painting project is 2 nightstands that I purchased on Craigslist for $10 each. I will stain the tops Dark Walnut and paint the bottoms white.

  68. Painting the basement ceiling. Should be fun =) I LOVE PURDY. Seriously. It’s all I buy for our painting projects.

  69. An antique foldable bench for a charity auction. Then a music cabinet, a grandfather clock, a huge armoire…

  70. I’ve been on a furniture sprucing kick lately…or I might use it to paint our dining room that we are completely redoing.

  71. My next project will be my grandmother’s solid oak hutch…. yesterday’s post gave the guts to do it, and the ammo to overrule my husband!!! Yayyyyy!

  72. I will be painting either my living room (fun!) or trim (ugh). New brushes would help with either project!

  73. I’m going to repaint part of my bedroom next. I wanted a gray-ish green but the paint they mixed was not as gray as the sample chart so I’m doing the largest wall in just gray to play down the pastel feeling.

  74. I have an old dresser that I’ve been wanting to paint for awhile now but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  75. My next painting project is a wood twin bed I got from that boy Craig and his list. When I went to pick it up for a few dollars, the lady gave it to me for free. Score!

  76. So many painting projects on the to do list so these would be awesome. I already have the
    1 1/2 ” angled Purdy and love it! They really do last since mine is about 5 years old and I take good care of it.

  77. I literally (like 20 min. ago) bought an amazing frame for a chalkboard project that I want to work on and I was just thinking — I think all our paintbrushes are in our old home (we recently moved) and we won’t get them for some time. Talk about good timing!!

  78. Love these paintbrushes!!! I am always doing projects around the house and can think of a million uses for them. The first being refurbishing a dresser!

  79. love purdy….have a few…could always use a few more. next project will be the window boxes for the front of the house!

  80. We bought a fixer-upper and have only painted 1/4 of it so far… so we have a looong way to go still. The living room is up next. D’oh! Then onto the hallway, and bedrooms… and then the bathroom, & garage!! Eeeps!

  81. I’m currently knee deep in a nursery mural for our church. Let’s just say I bit off a little more than I anticipated with this project! And yes, I have had to pick paintbrush hairs out of my mural this week so your post struck a nerve with me!

  82. We are going to begin on my niece’s bedroom this weekend. So painting is definately on the books!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  83. I will be painting my bedroom furniture. ALL of it! So I will definitely need some good brushes! (I liked Purdy on FB.)

  84. So many painting projects, so few hands! We have a lengthy list of painting projects on deck, but first on that list is repainting our front door a perfect plum or lively green.

  85. We are planning to tackle our living room soon, and these brushes would be perfect for all of our edging and trim work! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  86. Lot’s & Lot’s of painting projects ahead!!! First off – my daughter’s antique bedroom furniture. Baseboards & window trim in her room, as I am doing a total makeover with all the fixin’s! Next up the red dining room is going cream shabby chic! My buffet, dining room chairs… etc…. All in the next couple months! Love your site!
    Liked Purdy on facebook & linking on facebook! Thanks!!!

  87. I’m going to re-paint an armoire I got on the side of the road a few years ago– It had a happy former life in someone’s chicken coop!?! It’s gorgeous, but I painted it two shades of pink back in 2005, going for something more “me” now.

  88. Our kitchen … Or maybe the bathroom!! either way wall paper from the 90s has gotttta go!!!

  89. My next painting project….I will be refinishing a couple of dining room chairs, or a pair of bedside tables.

  90. I’ve got a great wood chair that I want to paint white for my office, and a set of old shutter-style closet door I want to turn into a brightly colored room divider.

  91. I looove Purdy brushes! They’re the only brand we use, too.

    Our next painting project isn’t set in stone yet, but it’s between the laundry room, the kitchen, or the family room. I’m itching for a change in each room. As for small projects, that would be the headboards from the 70s I have for the boys once we are ready to have them share a room.

  92. OoooOOOoooh! I’d love to win. I just got my old bedroom set from my Momma! It’s from… eh, 1993. White-ish, a little beaten up, but nothing a good sanding and an awesome paint job couldn’t fix! :) Here’s to hoping! :)

  93. My next project is painting an old sideboard, haven’t decided the color yet. Such a hard decision! I bought my first Purdy brush just recently. It was really cute seeing a sticker on the brush with the name of the person who made it.

  94. I just bought a new (to me) desk off Craigslist that is begging to be my next painting project…I even have the paint already waiting for it – I just need paint brushes!

  95. I have tons of projects on my to-do list! Revamp an Armoire and an old bureau from craiglist, and painting my front room! Just to name a few :)

  96. my next painting project will need some new brushes for sure!!!! I will be upcycling an antique coffee table for my living room, and i am also painting/ glazing a dresser…and did i mention painting my office and office furniture.

  97. I just put up Board and Batten in my entry and up the stairwell. I built a lovely storage bench and now am needing to paint the BB and the upper parts of the walls!!! So excited, I could totally use some new brushes!!!

  98. My next painting project is painting the dated oak kitchen cabinets white. You and other DIY bloggers have given me the confidence to try it!

  99. My master bedroom currently has test splotches ALL over the wall. I would love to get some new brushes to finally tackle the big job!

  100. My next project is a a buffet that I found at Goodwill. I also need to paint every room in our house.

  101. Would love to win the paintbrushes. That is the only brand I use and am currently needing to start a Chalk paint project, and hey would be great to have.

  102. My mom brought over an old wooden chair that one of her renters left just yesterday. It looks like someone might have possibly come to their demise in this poor thing. I plan on sanding it down and painting it teal this weekend (along with giving it a nice new pad and fabric cover)! I love Purdy brushes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Cool! Coincidentally, I got one of my Purdy brushes out today in hopes that I can make time to paint my living room!

  104. My next project will be our girls bathroom, which is also the guest bathroom. Can’t stand the color it is now… pink!

  105. I just bought a home and haven’t even started painting it! I would love a set of Purdy brushes to get me started on all that fun trim work :)

  106. Next painting project – bathroom, office, bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen. (Aka, everything but the spare bedroom….) Lots to do! I would love the extra supplies.

  107. My next big project is my dining room-living room-entry-hallway mega giant wall combo. Those rooms have so much trim, I would adore having new brushes to tackle it with!

  108. I just bought my first home and haven’t started painting any of my rooms yet! I would love a set of Purdy brushes to get me started on all that trim work :)

  109. We still need to finish painting all the trim and doors white. Currently they’re a weird yellow-beige. Good brushes are a must!

  110. I need to paint an old nightstand (hand-me-down from my parents!) I am moving into a new apartment and finally have the space :)

  111. My next project is a beautiful coffee table that desperately needs a new paint job! I’m in love with purdy brushes- this is a great giveaway :)

  112. I really want to paint two short wood dressers and use them as nightstands. I’m new to this whole painting the furniture thing! Maybe this would get me over the fear! On a related topic – how do you decide what to spray paint and what to paint with regular latex? I’m also thinking of painting a cheapo fake wrought iron headboard. ideas?

  113. I’m actually planning on painting a chalkboard onto our pantry door this weekend. We can never seem to keep our shopping lists in one spot so there is always something we have to run back to the store to get.

  114. We love Purdy brushes around here! My next project is painting our guest room–and some Purdy brushes would sure help with painting all that trim!

  115. My next painting project is bedside tables for our guest room! I am thinking aqua of some shade!

  116. I want to sand and paint down my dining room table and chairs a crisp white and redo the seats. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. We just bought a new-to-us house, so our next painting project is pretty huge! Ceilings, walls, trim, doors!

  118. Way too many paint projects lined up! We’re currently working on our exterior trim. I’ve got rooms a plenty to paint, a door, and a dresser. Thanks!

  119. Perfect timing! Next weekend we are transitioning our two daughters’ room from little-girl princessy to tween-girl funky, and that means painting EVERYTHING- baseboards, beadboard, walls, ceiling, beds, dressers, bookshelves, ceiling fan, closet organizer— EVERYTHING!! New brushes would be fab!

  120. I’m hoping our living room, dining room, stairwell, and mudroom. All on continous wall so it’s going to be a big job!

  121. I have a whole house to paint! We just finished adding insulation and drywall to the study, so that’s first on the list. We’ll be painting that room with Behr’s Verdigris, can’t wait!

  122. Thanks for this opportunity, Kate! I’m going to paint the bathroom cabinet a classic navy.

  123. The next painting project is either finally finishing a small cabinet or taking on a larger stencil project in the living room. hopefully they both eventually get done!

  124. I love purdy’s brushes! I’ve got two little table waiting for me in the garage– I think winning some new brushes is what I need to kick start the painting!!

  125. My next painting project is the dresser in our bedroom! Just picked it up from Craigslist for free and I love it! Still thinking about a color though.

    I love Purdy brushes too – always buy them, they are worth the extra $$, since I still have brushes from years ago. I still use a Purdy brush that my dog chewed the handle off of when she was a puppy – and now she’s 5! But the bristles are still going strong :)

  126. My next paint project (in keeping with yesterday’s theme) is painting or re-staining an old Drexel stereo cabinet we picked up at a yard sale. It has great lines, but the finish is destroyed. Haven’t decided which way to go yet….

  127. I have so many painting projects lined up. My kitchen is probably next. Or my master bathroom. Or perhaps, yes, perhaps my dining room sideboard!!

  128. Hmmm…I am 7 months pregnant, so I am waiting to do any painting projects, but I am itching to do a better job on our coffee table and give it another coat.

  129. Well, let’s see. I have the laundry room to paint and the bathroom cabinets and the powder room. I love Purdy brushes. Only kind I buy.

  130. I just finished a painting project. A dresser to put in my girls room. I used a cheap brush and had to constantly pick out the hairs. Made me so mad! Now I know to use Purdy next time. Thank you!

  131. My next painting project is yellow stripes on my ceiling… I’m doing that today! and after that I want to paint the cabinets in my bathroom.

  132. I just got a bookshelf for free and it is ugly…so I am looking forward to painting that piece! Thanks!

  133. My next painting project is happening this weekend: all the trim and baseboards in my house. I haven’t repainted anything since moving into the house, so there’s tons more after that . . .

  134. I love my Purdy brushes, and I won’t let anyone else use them. I plan on painting an old bench in my entry hall. I already bought the new pillows.

  135. Full Length Storage Mirror on a hinge that my husband is in the midst of building for me, can’t wait!

  136. I am spiffing up a room for my 7 yr old daughter. With a new paint job coming these new brushes would be very helpful!

  137. We don’t get Purdy brushes in South Africa :(
    I am currently painting a chest of drawers I picked up for about $20, from a friend who was moving house.

  138. I’m about to paint my first piece of furniture for a friend and have been eyeballing some Purdy brushes. I would love to win the three pack!!

  139. Next project is to paint my living room. We’ve been battling with leaking flashing and hopefully the worst is behind us. Since we have to repair dry wall etc, might as well do a change-up, right?

  140. I discovered Purdy brushes when I was painting my kitchen cabinets…they’re the best! My next project will most likely be painting my kitchen table. Now if I could only decided what color to paint it!

  141. I’m in the middle of painting our front door right now (currently waiting for coat 2 to dry). I have a few Purdy brushes, and I agree that they’re awesome. I could always use more. Thank you!

  142. I love Purdy brushes and rollers and won’t paint with anything else! My favorite Purdy brush is the 1 1/2″ angled and I will be using it this weekend to cut in when we paint our kitchen!

  143. My next painting project is actually an ongoing project. We have been painting a few of my mother in laws rental apartments and it’s taking forever! I have been using my only Purdy brush for all the trim work though and I love it!

  144. Hubby gone riding motorcycle in the mountains give me the perfect time to paint our bathroom.
    Always use our Purdy Brushes.

  145. I’m in the middle of refinishing both the metal and the wood on a preschool sized table and chair set from the 40’s or 50’s. The table has classic metal legs and a wood cubby underneath and the chairs have metals legs also with wood seats and back rests (the seats have little tushie indentations! :)

    Would love to win these brushes! Have heard great things about them.

  146. How exciting! I was seriously holding up swatches to a dresser I’m going to paint in my dining room MINUTES ago! I actually hopped on the computer to see older projects of yours to get some ideas!! Ironic, much?

  147. I am helping my daughter and son-in-law paint their family room of dark paneling – going light and bright!

  148. Would love this! Thanks for the great giveaway. I have an old 1946 record player … patina is ruined from water damage, so I don’t feel horrible painting it! Can’t wait until the weather is good to do it outside (my best spot as of now) – it’s just been too stinking hot.

    Thanks again!

  149. Next painting project? Psh…I’m in the middle of 3 painting projects. Cutie chairs, side table and a giant piece of abstract art!

  150. We’ll be painting a cute little dresser someone gave us to go in our nursery for our little girl. Expected arrival at the end of October.

  151. Kate this is an amazing Giveaway. I love Purdy Brushes and could use a new one.

    I am getting ready to finish a table in an antique white!

    Art by Karena

  152. My next project would be painting the vanity in the master bath. These brushes would come in handy!

  153. I am an evangelist of Purdy brushes. I loaned some out to friends for a project and you would have thought I was loaning them one of my children … “now, only dip the paint HALF way up the brush, rinse them out immediately and use the bristle comb …” I am about to paint my living room, kitchen and my daughter’s room, including a craigslist find sewing table I’m refinishing for her first sewing machine that I got her as a birthday gift. Would LOVE a set of brushes!

  154. Wow – just what I need….I am embarking on painting my dining room table and chairs!

  155. What a great giveaway! I am just embarking on an overhaul of my downstairs- these would be a huge help!

  156. My project .. I shall call my 1st .. I am new to the diy world. I am planning on painting a frame and attached chicken wire to make me a chicken wire memo board … it looks easy enough .. something easy for my 1st project :)

  157. Ooooh, awesome! We are about to undertake painting both the master bedroom and master bathroom. Both are darker colors and I am craving more grayish-blue, lighter and more tranquil colors. Thanks for the amazing opportunity to snag some fantastic loot. :)

  158. Now that I finished painting my dining table and chairs, I’m going to be painting the shelves in my bedroom and the dresser that we converted into shelves (works a lot better than drawers that constantly fall off the track!

  159. Great timing! The boyfriend and I are just beginning to refinish a piece of my mom’s for the office. It would be beyond fab to have some Purdy brushes for the paint job (the color has not yet been chosen). Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. my next painting project is my son’s desk. I picked a colour from a sample and painted the desk in the garage. Big mistake. When I put it in his room the colour was all wrong…completely wrong. So now I have to do redo it all over again. Learnt a big lesson to look at a large sample in the room before painting an entire piece of furniture. Thanks for the great giveaway. I agree a good brush is so important!

  161. Ooooh! I LOVE my Purdy brushes. I now have 2. One is pink, and that keeps my husbands hands off :) My next painting project is a small cabinet in my craft room. It will be going from oak (laminate) to a fresh white. Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. I am currently painting my white counter tops AND using Purdy brushes! It’s the ONLY brand I buy! I always need more!

  163. We are just a few months into our new house. Still need to paint one bathroom and some bathroom cabinets. Then the fun can begin with painting bookshelves, toy box, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. My next painting project is working on a wood chair I recently inherited that my great-grandfather built. Its spindles and beautiful seat are itching for some dark red paint, I just know it. :)

  165. I LOVE Purdy brushes. They are all I will use anymore EVER. My next project(s) is to tackle a few props I bought for my newborn shoots. :)

  166. I will be painting my office and redoing a wood dresser for the first time. I’m so excited and could definitely use these brushes.

  167. This is a great giveaway. My next project is to find a thrifted dresser for my bedroom and paint it. I would love a nice curvy piece with deep drawers. Fingers crossed! :-)

  168. This would be great! My next painting project will be a big one…our entire house! Moving in to a new house soon and the previous owner had an…interesting style regarding paint colors.

  169. I’m soon painting my 5 year old son’s dresser “yukon gold” … his request! Would love some Purdy brushes!

  170. Purdy’s the best. I’m painting our front door next. Or maybe the kids’ bathroom. Or maybe the kitchen.

  171. I have one Purdy brush and I love it! My next painting project will be to paint these dining chairs that we picked up from craigslist!

  172. My next project will be refinishing/repainting a buffet for our son who is due in November. I got it on Craigslist for $20 and have been putting off refinishing it for a month now. It’s my first big piece and I’m torn on color! It’s already been painted white so I’m stuck – do I slap a fresh coat of white primer and paint on it or do I do something wild like green or bright blue?

    Oh, and I”m in my third trimester so energy is hard to come by right now. :)

  173. My next project will be refinishing/repainting a buffet for our son who is due in November. I got it on Craigslist for $20 and have been putting off refinishing it for a month now. It’s my first big piece and I’m torn on color! It’s already been painted white so I’m stuck – do I slap a fresh coat of white primer and paint on it or do I do something wild like green or bright blue?

    Oh, and I”m in my third trimester so energy is hard to come by right now. :)

  174. Since we painted the living and dining rooms, the color in the kitchen no longer works. At all. So the kitchen is next!

  175. My next project is repainting a china cabinet I just got done painting! I decided even though I loved the color, it just didn’t go well with the rest of my house. So, I am biting the bullet and re-doing it. It’s that, or repaint my entire house!

  176. I’m actually going to do re-finish my new coffee table I found at a thrift store yesterday this weekend. And then I bought a sander. And paint. I’ve been so inspired by your site that I want to try it too! :)

  177. Oh my goodness! I could soooo use these! I’m always working on some project or another, but I’m seriously contemplating redoing my kitchen cabinets, and obviously a good set of brushes would be fantastic.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  178. I’m refinishing a dresser!!! Your style galleries have inspired me! These would be great for all the little projects now floating through my mind.

  179. I have to go up and paint the cabinets in my kids bathroom where the laminate has all peeled off. Purdy paintbrushes make the job soooo much more pleasant—I love them!

  180. I have a lot of painting projects planned, but first up is my bathroom cabinets! They are dingy!

  181. I’m making over a chair… and kind of ruined my paintbrush on my last project from not cleaning it well enough, so I could use some new ones!

  182. i too am a fan of purdy paint brushes, thery’re the only brand i use. as a matter of fact i’m heading to my garage to start on a small french prov. chest

  183. What am I not painting? haha! We just got rid of our drop ceilings in all rooms of the house (YAY!) And now we have four ceilings to paint, plus walls, plus trim. I could use some more brushes =)

  184. My next painting project is to refinish the wall of my half-bath. They have two layers of peeling wall paper, with paint on top, tons of nail holes. So far, I’ve applied a coat of Guarz (problem surface sealant), and puttied all the holes. the next step is to apply some wall texture then PAINT! I will be so nice when this room doesn’t look like a tornado hit it anymore.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. I would love to win these brushes! They are indeed the best and I don’t have some of those sizes!

  186. I found a small end table at the closest Goodwill that needs a fresh coat of paint before it can proudly take the place of the boxes I stacked on top of each other.

  187. Where do I begin?! Painting my mudroom, whitewashing a table, painting a dresser and an end table. So much for rest for the weary on Labor Day!

  188. Over Labor Day weekend I plan on painting trim in our new condo and painting a secretary desk – (an idea I got from CG!) thanks for the giveaway.

  189. I will painting our basement and then a few random things such as trim and touch up work

  190. literally, MY WHOLE HOUSE! seriously… coming up this fall we need to start painting. none of my walls have paint on them beside the junky builders grade paint. eeek! =)
    also i have to stain some vintage furniture we bought… sure could use these brushes!! ;)

  191. My next painting project will be our office – lots of cutting in! These brushes would be perfect. Thanks!

  192. I’m on the lookout for a dresser to paint for our bedrrom. I already painted the walls and completly agree that the only brush to use is a Purdy one

  193. I have a wooden bench on my front porch that I am planning to refinish and paint black. These would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. My next painting project is my dining room chairs! They’re currently a very ugly orange colored wood with speckles of paint, and restaining isn’t an option as the middle ornamental piece is plastic (classy no?), so paint it is!

  195. I have had a dining table for a while now (I actually asked for your advice back in March). It got hot very early down here in Texas! As soon as that fall weather hits, I will be painting away! I also have a sideboard that I have been wanting to freshen up with some peacock blue maybe!!

  196. Hopefully it will be the bathroom of the house we have an offer in on (our first place!). But if that falls though maybe our landlord will let me re-paint the ugly front door of our rental.

  197. Thanks! My next painting project will probably be the dining room – it’s way past due!

  198. My mom and I are helping my aunt completely redo her bedroom! We’ve got a wooden lamp and a side table we’ll be working on this weekend, and a lot more to come after that!

  199. um . . . my living room walls, the armoire that has been in my garage for months, or the corner desk that my son has been begging me do redo for the last year. Probably my walls will get done first because it’s to hot to work outside on the others.

  200. I love Purdy brushes–I always use them! I have a huge list of paint projects to tackle this fall, but I’m starting with my son’s room. He’s outgrown his “baby” room and wants it to look older. He’s 8, so I guess he’s old enough to be considered a big boy! :)

  201. My master bedroom! I’m so tired of it! We haven’t done anything to it since we moved in 4 years ago. It’s time for a change!

  202. My next project is to repaint our bathroom vanity counter. We have a strange little house in which nothing fits today’s products. When we tried to replace our counter top years ago, we found it is at the most 2/3 the size deep as today’s counter tops! I painted it then and I’m going to do it again! I love purdy brushes. They stand the test of time and they load, hold and release the paint evenly and easily.

  203. Oh I LOVE my Purdy paint brushes! I have a couple but it’s time for some new ones! I am trying to find an old buffet to paint black to put in our dining to store craft project supplies for the kiddos. And I’m currently painting the interior of our home. I love, love, love to paint!!

  204. Great timing. I’m about to start (maybe) repainting a table that I decided to spray paint in 110 degree weather, which turned out awful! Thanks for the chance.

  205. My dining room needs to be painted. Love Purdy paint brushes they feel great in your hands!

  206. I have THREE projects on hold because the paint brushes that I chose were horrible!!!
    1. Done priming and sanding, now painting a Twin bed frame, head & foot board a crisp white for my youngest daughter
    2. Done priming, still have to sand and then painting a bookcase for my eldest daughter’s room
    3. Transforming a crib into a chalkboard table/workstation for my daycare darlings like: http://alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com/2011/08/repurposed-cot.html?spref=fb

    I “shared” this link on my FB page.


  207. Yay! I’m currently pulling about 50 decorative nails from a table I got on Craigslist. Then I have to remove some glued down canvas. THEN I can sand and paint it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. We are picking up 2 nightstands for our bedroom this weekend and they definitely need a new paint job!

  209. Love your blog!

    I will be painting my bathroom next, – the bath needs to go from primer to yellow – to continue the color up the wall of the yellow and black vintage 50s tile. I would do grey for a total wow look – but the neighbors behind me did and far be it from me to steal their thunder.

  210. I’m currently repainting the ENTIRE house! Hallways, kitchen, living room, breakfast room, entry. Just about everything is getting a fresh new look. This would help!

  211. The entire interior of my house. Or at least the family room, dining room, living room, master bath, 2 of the boys’ rooms.

  212. I’m not sure what I’ll be painting next, but I’m planning to stain some outdoor rockers next week. Does that count?

  213. We’re repainting the ‘neutral’ color of our entire house! The previous owners had painted every single wall a sort of yellowish cream color, and we’re redoing it all in a lovely pale gray. Lots of painting ahead, I’d love to win a set of these brushes!

  214. I would love to win one of those brush sets……they’ll make my projects so purdy!!! My next project is a sideboard that has been sitting in my kitchen forevvaaa….need to get it done so I can sell it.

  215. Actually, I have several pieces of furniture that will be getting painted as soon as our Florida temps drop a few degrees. Probably the first one I tackle will be a “wood” settee style bench I’m using in the bedroom.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love Purdy brushes. I just have one and I guard it with my life! :)

  216. oh – i could sooo use this!! i am going to re=paint my cabinets and i am soo scared!! :)

  217. I Love these brushes! I have mine hid in a secret spot so my husband can’t find it. He is horrible with brushes. Never cleans them properly! I would love to have more than my one.

  218. Doors & trim!! The Purdy brush I bought several months ago has won my heart – so a few more would certainly make me a happy, happy girl!!

  219. I have a project I am very nervous to start! I bought 2 vintage chairs off craigs list and and planning on painting them black with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. It is my first ever chalk paint experience! I love these chairs so much, I don’t want to screw them up!

  220. I’ve been wanting some Purdy brushes! My next project is a neat piece of furniture I got from Craigslist. I am painting it black and then adding a white bird on a branch that goes on the right front door around to the right side of the piece. This will go in my sunroom as a side table.

  221. I’ve never had a purdy brush – looking forward to it.
    Am currently painting furniture, and also stripping and polyeurathaning (is this a word) an old cedar chest.

  222. I have an inherited dresser that has already been painted white. I’m going to paint it red red for my son’s room. I can’t wait! Weather is cooling down. Maybe this weekend!

  223. YAY is right…I love me some Purdy brishes- they are simply the best!!! My next project…hmmm..it will most likely be this lovely little telephone table I scored at a tag sale in the spring for 2$. thanks so much!!!

  224. Lots of small projects, but the only one that requires a paintbrush is my kitchen shelving.

  225. An Old nightstand that was left in our former apartment… good bones but terrible finish!

  226. My daughter is just about ready to ditch the crib so i am pulling my childhood victorian style bedroom set out from storage and giving them a fresh coat of paint for her new bedroom.

    The question is do i go white or risk it all with a bold color?

    I’ve heard great things about Purdy Paintbrushes!

  227. Hopefully the walls of my home. We are still waiting on permits, so it may be a little while, but a girl has always got to be prepared for anything!

  228. I have a few projects on my list, the first being to repaint my son’s red room as soon as I get back from taking him back to college (I was going to do this last year but decided to be nice and give him one more year in that dark cave).

  229. I have a rocker my DoDad made for me when I was young. I am going to spruce it up with my new Purdy brushes!

  230. I would paint my cabinets in the laundry room, or my dresser in the master bedroom!!

  231. I have so many painting projects on the horizon! First up the new wood on my coffered ceiling! I LOVE purdy brushes and could use new ones! Mine are at least 10 years old.

  232. I think I might finally start a nursery for my baby boy (4 months)…. so I need to repaint the walls :)

  233. There isn’t enough room on here for my list of painting projects…but I’ve had my eye on painting my bathroom and an old end table for my guestroom.

  234. 3 rooms down and 9 to go! Next if I have my way is the master bath. If my husband gets his way the garage. I may have to give in. ;)

  235. Hopefully my next project will be an island I am going to build for my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  236. My next painting project is likely going to be my father-in-law’s old workbench that I am turning into an outdoor buffet table/potting bench.

  237. I’ve started painting on canvas, so more canvas paintings to come. I also want to repaint the mirror frame, from orange to venetian gold.

  238. My next painting project will be the bench I’m building – if I ever finish it. Currently I have pieces and sandpaper, and wood putty laying around my great room. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  239. I would love these paint brushes! I am soon to embark on my first furniture painting project: a cool, little side table/cabinet/book holder.

  240. I have lots of paint projects lined up! Exterior of the house (just a bit of alumnimum siding) and front door, guest bedroom (ceilings, walls, AND trim!), and kitchen (ceiling, walls, trim, doors, AND cabinets)

  241. I would use the paintbrushes for my kitchen painting project…they will be perfect for all the spots around my cabinets.

  242. I am very anxious to repaint our dated oak kitchen cabinets. I want them to look just like the ones Kate redid in her guest house!

  243. I’m painting shelving for a corner in my master bedroom. I love books and beautiful bottles…they need a home. :)

  244. My next painting project is out builder-white walls. We’ve been here 3 years, and still haven’t painted. These brushes would be great for ALL the edging I’m going to be doing.

  245. My next project is to paint a natural stained cabinet black to match my new gray living room. I’m a little scared because I’ve never painted wood before, but I got a lot of advice here! Thanks!

  246. My next project needs Purdy Brushes! Two night stands painted in golden green… they’re going to look fabulous! BTW Kate, I LOVE you blog! :)

  247. These paintbrushes look great! We really need to paint our downstairs bathroom, so that’s definitely next on my list.

  248. My next project will be my dining room buffet. It has a gorgeous bow front and beading detail but has seen better days. I’m still new to painting furniture so this should be an adventure!

  249. My next painting project will a mirror for my bedroom and then a small table for my living room.

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  250. Up next for me is baby boy’s dresser. I’m thinking either navy blue or lime green–I can’t decide! Probably navy, though the lime is calling to me . . .

  251. I’m refinishing my Grandma’s old hutch and my childhood piano when they arrive in the next month or so! I will definitely be painting the hutch and re-staining the piano.

  252. Oh, if I could have given “love” to Purdy on Facebook, I would have! Instead, I “liked” them. My next painting project? The entire apartment! I’m fed up with “renter’s dingy beige” and I’m ready to rock out some paint.

  253. I just got done painting my daughter’s bed and nightstand (hand-me-downs from my grandmother) and next I will be painting her dresser (hand-me-down from my mother in law) to match. Now the bed is purple and the rest is white with purple drawers to match, which perfectly matches her room and personality. Next I will be painting my old mismatched bedroom furniture as soon as I find the perfect shade of pale yellow.

  254. What a great giveaway!!! I love Purdy paint brushes…wouldn’t use any other brand. We have quite a few paint projects waiting to be started. First off is my daughter’s bedroom.

  255. I’ve been staring at an old dresser that needs repainting, and your site has given me courage to tackle it.

  256. Oooh I just love your giveaways!!! My next paint project is my 2 wooden nightstands. I stained them about 5 years ago but they are just way toooooo dark!! Need to lighten them up with some fresh white paint…I think I’m going to try Annie Sloan’s chalk paint…can’t wait!!! Hopefully I’ll have some nice new Purdy’s too!!! Thanks Kate!

  257. My next painting project will be the baseboards in the nursery (already did the walls). The brushes would be great for that!

  258. I LOVE my Purdy brushes! Next painting project is the entire basement, and a a few tables to go in it, and these would come in handy!

    Thanks for the chance to win these!!!

  259. Will be painting 2 large thrift store medallions to go over a bed. Love your projects!

  260. As for my next projects. I have many, I am in the middle of stripping and repainting interior doors, I have a front door to do too. I have 5 chairs to refinish and a cabinet to go from wood to painted. thats all I can think of right now that involves paint but there is much more going on. Just bought a house!

  261. Finished painting our bedroom a week ago….three more big rooms and 2 hallways to go. Makes me tired thinking of all of the work :)

  262. I have so many painting projects lined up right now (we just bought our first house), but the next in line is a couple chairs for my craft room. I love Purdy brushes!

  263. I wish that my next painting project would be to paint all the rooms in our house…. I will have to settle with only painting the trims for a new window and a new door frame.

  264. getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets. would love to win these. they are the best!!!

  265. Oh these would be so helpful for a noob like me! :) My project this weekend is to take a red metal drawer unit to white…wish me luck!

  266. My next painting project is actually a project I started and then stopped because it was so messy and time consuming (working 40+ hrs a week doens’t leave much me/project time). I’ve started taking all of the original doors in our home off their hinges and stripping the 5+ layers of paint so that I have a fresh start to paint them all the same and replace all the hardware. It’s been a long slow process but I can’t wait until they’re done!

  267. We just bought a new house, so I have LOTS of painting projects on my horizon. This weekend I’m hoping to tackle a guest room and the dining room. Next weekend will hopefully be the master bedroom.

  268. I want to get another chance for the Purdy brushes, so I am posting and leaving a comment. Thanks..

  269. My next project is my hutch & buffet. It’s going from it’s long time brown color to a nice creamy white.

  270. I need to touch up my dining room soon. I love Purdy brushes. IMO, there isn’t a better brand.

  271. I have a bunch of current projects so this is perfect! Entry walls, stairway walls, plant stands, etc. Thanks for the chance!

  272. Just bought some chairs I’m itching to paint! A new brush that doesn’t leave hairs — Heaven!!

  273. I’ve always heard wonderful things about purdy paintbrushes, but have never tried them. I will be tackling out master bedroom in the next month or so, these would help tremendously!

  274. Ooo…I have no idea what my next project will be but because I’m an art major, I’m SURE I’ll use them at some point!

  275. I love Purdy brushes! The next project? Maybe one of the two children’s’ rocking chairs, floating shelves for the laundry room, shelves for the grandkids’ room, or the kids’ folding step stool…so hard to choose!

  276. Our next paint project – the kitchen. It’s large and those Purdy brushes will come in handy when it comes to cutting. :-)

  277. We are building our new home, so I’m sure there will be many painting opportunities which I would love new paintbrushes.

  278. My next project is probably going to be a long dresser I have in our room. It is just a bad color of wood and it needs help!