Simple Cork Photo Wreath

By Kate Riley September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend all!  We’re spending it with my folks hanging out by their swimming pool, doing a lot of relaxing in the sun.  BOTB will return next weekend, meanwhile I’m popping in to say hello and link up with Nester’s wreath party tonight.  

Like all grandmoms, my mom loves pics of her grandkids, so I crafted a simple photo wreath with a cork base for her to to hang above her desk.  


I saw a photo wreath online somewhere many months ago and absolutely loved the idea. This version has a cork back to make it easy for Mom to change out the images as the grandkids grow and change.  This is crazy easy to make, here are the simple steps:


Layer the cardboard circle over the cork layer and cut out your cork with a sharp blade on a cutting board.  Carefully peel back the cork you won’t use.  Repeat and cut a second layer.        .

Use an adhesive that works for porous surfaces, and apply two layers of cork to the cardboard circle.  

  Attach a ribbon and secure your pictures with push pins.


Couldn’t be easier.  

 Great for Christmas cards, party invitations, photos, whatever!

I’m headed back to the pool, hope you all are enjoying your weekend too, and if you’ve made a wreath and written about it, be sure to link up to Nester’s party.   Over and out.







  1. What a fun idea! It looks wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family, Kate.

  2. Oh, I am so doing this!! What a simple, but cute idea!! For the cardboard, did you just use like an old cardboard box or something??

  3. ♥ this- what a great idea for a birthday party, special occasion, etc.

    I may just make one for my classroom with pix of all the kids!

  4. Your mom is going to love this! This would also be cute in a kitchen for recipes to try or used to display pretty invitations.

  5. What a fabulous way to display photos or cards. I love this idea and THINK I might be able to make it. I’ll try.

  6. Could one also paint the cardboard wreath with magnetic paint and add the photos using those tiny magnets? That way you could still easily swap out photos and also avoid making tiny holes in your prints.

  7. I would love to make this for my family and friends. Any one who made them where did you find the wreath?

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