Outdoor Bliss

By Kate Riley June 10, 2011

The weather has been so amazing the last few days, so we’re definitely planning on a relaxing weekend.  No obligations, no schedules, no projects, just a weekend of outdoor bliss.  We’ll be taking full advantage of summer and packing up some gourmet goodies in our picnic basket, off in search of adventure. 

We haven’t decided where we will go yet, maybe Sonoma, perhaps Healdsburg, maybe even the beach, who knows, but our destination will surely be a place where we can lounge for hours and watch the kiddies play as the sun sets on a lazy evening. 

We’ll be looking for something that feels like these images . . .

picnic on lawn


pickup picnic

suitcase picnic

beach picnic

picnic to go

Yep, the pursuit of outdoor bliss is my only goal this weekend.

All images via Pinterest, click on the image for the source.  You can find much more inspiration in my Outdoor Bliss board. 

Monday I’m hosting one of four remaining Fair Weather Forum link parties, this time the topic is Picnic and BBQ Ideas!  Join me on Monday with your recipes, tips, tablescapes, favorite tools, sauces and marinades, or simply an inspiration filled post.  

Monday June 13th Link Party


Finally, a big thank you to Beth for including me in her fun and informative series ‘How to Decorate for the DIYer’.  You can catch my contribution titled Five Ways to Make a Statement with a Second Hand Piece at Beth’s blog Home Stories A to Z

Happy weekend friends, relax and enjoy ! 






  1. Oh that looks so relaxing! The back of the pickup truck reminds me of the time my husband and I went to the drive-in movie theater. I had the back of the truck lined with pillows and blanket…so fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The beach photo makes me want to dig my toes into the sand! Hope you find that Outdoor Bliss this weekend. :) I have the perfect recipe to share on Monday! Will your linky go up on Monday or on Sunday night?

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    Here’s my problem: if I tried doing an outdoor picnic of any sort here we’d be quickly overwhelmed by the massive number of gnats and mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects (oh! wasps and flies!). I wish there was a way to be outside without the bugs! (DEET doesn’t seem to work on the gnats either.sigh)

  4. Sigh. What dreamy pictures! Our weather has been unbearably hot and the weekend will be rainy so I’ll live vicariously through you ;). Thanks for guest posting and for the shout it! Have a wonderful weekend girl.

  5. mmk jealous that you even have ALL those options! and I want to jump in that truck bed! Can’t wait for the BBQ/picnic linky!

  6. Isn’t the weather fantastic, Kate! Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

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