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By Kate Riley June 11, 2011

We spent our Saturday dedicated to one small goal: to catch a fish!   When you have little ones, and it’s their first fishing experience, you want to guarantee a result.  We’re so lucky, there is a place close by where you can go fishing, where the trout are plentiful, and they clean the fish for you once they’re caught.  Hagemann Ranch is a trout farm on the way to Bodega Bay, no fishing license is required, and they also supply the bait and poles if ya need ‘em! 

Here’s a glimpse through the lens of my recently discovered iPhone app called CameraBag.  I discovered it a few weeks ago and I’ve been having so much fun with it!  CameraBag gives you a variety of different filters, ranging from ‘Italiano’ to ‘Instant’ (like a Polaroid) to ‘1974’.   Here’s a look at our family friendly adventure through the lens of these CameraBag filters.

colorcross filter

ColorCross filter

Walk the dock at Hagemann’s and you’re guaranteed a good time, simply bring or rent bait and poles.  This pond is filled with rainbow trout just waiting to be caught. 

magazine shot

Magazine filter



We equipped our kids with a proper pole for their first time fishing.

italiano filter

Italiano filter


A night crawler on a hook is all it takes to catch yourself a trout.

plastic filter

Plastic filter


I asked my boy how big of a fish he caught today.

Me:  “How big was the fish you caught Buddy?”

Boy:  “This big Mama!” 

mono filter

Mono filter

Is it something about that Y chromosome that lends itself to exaggeration?  Me thinks it so.   My girl was excited she caught one, but a little too scared at first to handle it, even after it was cleaned. 

helga filter

Helga filter

if you’re in the area, take note, Hagemann Ranch is also a great stop for kids to stretch their legs, since the entire lake is surrounded by rolling hills and a grove of eucalyptus trees swaying in the coastal breeze.  Bring a picnic or a BBQ if you’re inclined to stay a few hours, they have tables and grills! 

cinema filter 

Cinema filter

We stopped in Valley Forge on our way home and snapped a quick pic.  I think this is my favorite filter: 1974, or it could be just the craziness of this moment. 


1974 filter

Once we got home, we put the fish on ice.  The munchkins were so proud of their catch, and thankfully they didn’t develop an attachment as kids often do!  How cool is the Polaroid style filter?

instant filter

Instant filter


I coated the trout in bread crumbs and fresh sage, and fried it in a pan in olive oil and butter ~ what a delightful evening feast!

lolo filter

Lolo filter

CameraBag is a great photography app, and it gives you a combination of many nostalgic filters.  If you have kids and are touring the region, we recommend Hagemann Ranch for an afternoon of fun and good eating! 

Another round of BOTB coming up next, be sure to check back later this afternoon!


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  1. Kate, Isn’t it satisfying to take the kids to a fish farm for fishing. Instant gratification We took our four year old grandson to a trout farm when he was visiting from Florida a few years back. It was the same trout farm we had taken his mother(our daughter) and our son to when they were both in preschool.. And the fish tasted so fresh. What a great treat for your kids. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories for me.

  2. sounds like a wonderful day. reminds me of when my kids were young. Enjoy, they grow up so fast.

  3. Awwww…your kids are so cute. Your daughter is your Mini Me!

    Gorgeous photos. You do everything with such style Kate.

  4. Great photos. I love fishing. It looks like you all had a great time:) I also love the last photo makes the day even more relaxing with the catch of the day and a nice glass of vino- Cheers!

  5. Love the photos! After seeing them I popped right over to CameraBag and purchased it for my PC.

  6. What a fun day~I’m 50 and still have the look your daughter had about handling a fish! But I no problem eating them! I’ll be so glad when my current cell phone contract is up, so I can get an iphone! I just hope I remember this app! Thanks for sharing your fishing trip!

  7. Hi Kate-
    What a great day spent with your munchkins. Your photos came out great, but with such cuteness in each shot -how could they not come out perfectly wonderful. It is nice that now they can look back when they are older to see just how big that first fish they caught really was.

    My best- Diane

  8. How fun! We took our boys to a local fishing derby this weekend and they didn’t catch a thing in a overly stocked lake! It was a real bummer but they still had a great time. The fish weren’t biting because of the weather is what the “experts” were saying. Glad you had better luck than us. Looks like a fun day!

  9. That looks like a very fun day. I used to go fishing all the time as a kid.

    CameraBag looks like a very versatile program.

  10. Yet another reason why I wish I could upgrade my 1984 cell to an iPhone. ;) Love the 1974 feature, and the cinema shot is cool too. My girls got to fish last month at their great-grandma’s house and had the best time…they weren’t too sure about touching their catch either. ;) Your dinner looks tasty!

  11. Wow – you really make me want to trade in my Blackberry for an iPhone so I can have that cool Camerabag app!! I love your pictures. It looks like you had a really fun day with your family.

  12. Okay, I think I’m hungry. My mouth is literally watering. Yum!! I will HAVE to try that app out! Thanks for sharing!! :)


  13. LOVED your pics…ended up picking up my iPhone and buying the app about 2 minutes later! I see an afternoon of iPhone pics and CameraBag filters in my near future :) Thanks for sharing!!

  14. We just moved to CA about 2 weeks ago and I’m so enjoying posts like these! We live near Santa Rosa and it’s wonderful to have a few references on places to see while we find our way around. My hubby and his sister went to Matanzas winery and after seeing pictures they brought back (I was unable to go) I thought “Hey, that place looks extremely familiar!”. As horrible as my memory is I remembered you posting about it and the pictures of lavender fields. I can’t wait to go visit soon since it’s about 10 minutes from us. Hubby has been dying to do some fishing and I can’t wait to tell him about Hagemann’s!

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