Four Favorite Finds

By Kate Riley March 6, 2011

I discovered a miracle in a Nashville hotel, the most genius invention for any gal’s feet, I had to share.  I’ve been carrying these around in my purse for weeks now.  J’adore does not begin to describe.  Have you spied these?  Foldable ballet flats that fit in a pouch. 

I’m a shorty, so I’m always putting on heels when I travel or go out and about.  These little flats have saved my feet time and again, like on airplanes or at last night’s school auction.  You can pick them up for $15 in different colors here.  I’ve even started wearing them around the house instead of my typical bare feet, and to hide my chipping toenail polish.  Stylish.  Metallic.  Genius! 

sidekicks flats


swirl snip


I don’t know why I’ve never made or purchased a camera strap cover before, but this just arrived in my mailbox and I am in love !

zipcoverz ruffles

Charming fabric, perfect pleats, thank you Valerie! 

Many more designs available at Zipcoverz on Etsy


swirl snip


Last weekend I came across these sassy notecards in a tasting room.  They are made by Whimsy Press, and they are so funny.  

ego boosters whimsy press

I hopped over to their website to explore, and I just love their witty story.  I also love their rebellious nature.  With sentiments from sweet to snarky, their cards are worth a looky loo.  

whimsy press cards

Plus they have some of the most beautiful wrapping papers in the biz.   whimsy press papers


swirl snip


The final favorite in this love fest are Sarah Jane’s illustrations.  Sarah Jane is one of my newest sponsors, and I am so amazed by her artwork.  Oh to be able to draw like Sarah Jane.  Sigh. 

winter cheer

just right

I adore her illustrations so much, I had to order this one for my boy’s room. 

sarah jane print


Her prints are that sweet combination of simplicity and whimsy, perfect for any child’s room or nursery.  Sarah Jane offers journals, note cards, and bookplates too!

No affiliate links here, these are just four of my latest favorite finds that I wanted to share with you.   What’s your latest favorite find?




  1. Love the ballet slippers, which I’ve been doing some time but am so grateful they figured out how to get them discretely in the bag. They are my go to chasing after 3 little ones in hilly San Francisco!

  2. I am in the market for a pair of comfy and cute flats! Thanks for sharing these. Sarah Jane’s illustrations are adorable. Hope you’re enjoying your rainy day Sunday, Kate. It’s a good day to cozy up inside and do projects and baking.

  3. I agree the flats to go are a life saver!!!! Now, I am off to check out more of your goodies, especially since I need some new note cards.

  4. Sarah Jane’s work is perfect for a nursery… I’m in the middle of putting together a nursery for our soon to be first born (due June 18th). One of her prints would look quite nicely in there…

  5. what a great post! so many new things i need :) i must agree on the fold up flats – my pair from the gap have saved me more than once and i love that they can hide in my purse until i need them.

  6. Love the flats– someone’s genius moment! My Fave thing right now is my glass of Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. :) Cheers!

  7. Love those slippers, saw some at Macy’s. When I went back to purchase they had sold out of the color I wanted. : (

  8. Just love those drawings. I’ve just ordered the girl reading for my daughter and the dinosaur for my son. We’re in the process of doing up their rooms (we’re copying your art gallery over a desk for my daughter’s room) and they will be perfect. I was so excited to see she ships to Australia so I don’t have to bother with sending them to my Mom and having her forward them to me Down Under. Thanks!

  9. These favourite finds are adorable! Now I have one I’d like to share with you… I’ve posted on The Spring today about an Australian designer/shop owner/blogger whom I just LOVE, and I think you’d really like her too… lots of inspiration for DIY, and fabulous textiles, all rolled into one visually stunning package! Do check out the feature at!

    Have a great week!

    – Catherine at The Spring

  10. Kate what amazing finds and I am going to otder the ballet flats asap!! Thank you!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  11. Those Sidekicks are genius! My mother-in-law gave them to me for Christmas, and I didn’t really understand the true value of them then. Now I know.
    I throw them in my car/purse every time I wear heels “just in case.” I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to have them near by. And my feet have told me they were puurty grateful too.

  12. My favorite find is for my older son (and me, and our new home.) My 5 year old Domenico loves Dinosaurs. I have an affection for Captain America.

    Someone had the brilliance to merge the two!

    We ordered the first set, and the fine artwork will adorn our lofted area in our new home in late May!

    I may have to order those ballet shoes you mention for my missus!

  13. You’ve got me curious. Which hotel? Opryland? I’m a Nashvillian, myself, and I might be able to go snag a pair …

  14. Andrea, it was Opryland! I was there for a conference in late January, and those ballet flats came in handy for my travels! Look for them in the Magnolia wing.

  15. Foldy shoes are the worlds best invention. Mine have a little bag to pop your heels into after a long night. Hoping that someone in the uk starts selling them in colours other than black though.

  16. I bought a pair of fold up flats in Nashville too! My shoes gave me huge blisters during the conference day. I knew that I couldn’t wear them or my heels and expect to survive the following day. Those little shoes are a lifesaver.

  17. Love the camera strap! I just graduated to my very first digital SLR, so I’ll be ordering one. Are they custom made and is there a long lead time?

  18. Love these items! I have seen those foldable ballet flats in the foot care aisle at the local Fred Meyer/Kroger/ect. Too cute and tiny enough for the cutest clutch!

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