Cabinet Transformations GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley March 4, 2011

Greetings all, TGIF!  The sun popped out and all of a sudden and I’m soooo wanting to visit the garden department this weekend to fill up some planters.  Spring fever has definitely set in! 

1306Announcing the winner of last weekend’s Campbell Hausfeld giveaway.  Over 1,500 entries, wow you peeps love power tools!  Guess who gets to choose either the brad nailer/compressor combo or a big bad 2 ½” finish nailer?  #1,306Mom in High Heels.  Congratulations!

Also, there’s a new blog I think you’ll love: Favorite Paint Colors.  I met Kristin in Nashville when this site was just getting started, and now she has a gallery with paint colors from rooms all across blog land.  It’s so helpful to see colors on real walls in real homes!

Hey, speaking of spring fever, are you in the mood for a DIY makeover in your own home?  Remember a few weeks back how I reviewed the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit?  Several of you have used this kit already (like Mallory and Sarah and Debbie) with fantastic results.  And so many more mentioned how you’d seen it at your local Home Depot or Lowes and really wanted to use it in your own homes. 

Here’s your chance to get your hands on one!

rustoleum cabinet transformations kits

The kind folks over at Rust-Oleum have offered to give away not one but two of these kits!  You can choose either the small Cabinet Transformations kit ($79 retail) or the large Cabinet Transformations kit ($149 retail). 

Rust-Oleum will tint it for you in your color of choice, or you can take it to your local Home Depot or Lowes and have them tint it for you to whatever color you love.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it later this spring for my hall bathroom cabinets!



Want the skinny on how easily this product works?  Read my full review.  

Some Home Depot employees recently tried it out, see their video here

And of course you can visit the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations website for full details, including their how to guide and instructional video

The kit is designed for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but can also be used on other furniture, cool right? 

rustoleum additional product usage


Eligibility to win one of two Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kits:

1) Leave a comment telling where you’d use it.  Do your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need refreshing?  Perhaps a piece of furniture needs a fresh coat of color?  Name in a comment where you’d use this product, that’s all.

2) For additional chances to win, you can link to this giveaway on Twitter and/or link to it on Facebook, then leave an additional comment telling where you mentioned this Rust-Oleum giveaway (FB and/or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday March 7, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST.  Two winners chosen by  USA only due to shipping restrictions. 


Have a great weekend! 




  1. I would use this in our main bathroom. The vanity is outdated and in need of some TLC!

  2. I can’t WAIT to share my before and after pictures – I am finishing up a project using Cabinet Transformations to completely refinish a set of bedroom furniture (two dressers, a large mirror and two night stands). I can’t wait to use another kit to transform my (very, very ugly) golden oak bathroom cabinets.

    Just a question, though – are you giving away the light or dark color kits?

  3. I would use this to refinish a dining room buffet that I just bought at a local thrift store. Sounds really cool, would love to try it out.

  4. I would love to use this product on my kitchen cabinets. They are the same honey oak as seen in many homes in the Midwest and I would love to update them.

  5. i have done all i can do to my two bathrooms… paint, decor, blinds, etc… but the cabinets are truly in need of updating ~ big time. I would chose to use it to update my bathroom cabinets ~Thank you!!!

  6. I am in the middle of remodeling our kitchen! I would use this in there!!!

  7. I would SO use this in our bathroom. I saw this product at Home Depot and have considered using it for our bathroom remodel. It would be much cheapier to revamp the cabinets than purchasing new ones.

  8. Oh pick me! pick me! I would love to try this product on ALL the cabinetry in my house!

  9. I’d use it on an old curio I have but want to transform. It could look so cute if it was spruced up.

  10. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re doing this and I really hope I win! I’ve been trying to convince my mom for months to let me redo her upper kitchen cabinets and island. That’s where I would use this if I won!

  11. I NEVER win these giveaways, but I would sooooo love to try out this new product. We just bought our first home and we are decorating on a shoes string a little at a time. I want to try it on our builder special laminate kitchen cabinets and also was thinking maybe I could do a cherry look on my sons pine colored bed. Heres to keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)

  12. I really really really really need this for the cabinet in my master bath!! It’s currently brown and I want to change it to black with nickel brushed vertical pulls! I’m trying to go for the GLAM look!

  13. I got a 1970’s console stereo for a valentines day gift. (The BF knows I love refinishing!).

    I think Cabinet Transformation would look great on it.

  14. We would use it in our kitchen to redo our oak cabinets. We want to remodel the kitchen “someday”, but a cabinet refinish would tide us over and help coordinate better with other improvements we’ve been making :) I love the idea of using it on furniture, too!

  15. We just bought a house and I can’t wait to make progress on updating the kitchen. It’s so funny because I JUST posted in my blog about how I think painting the kitchen cabinets white or cream would look great. I think this product would be awesome for that project!

  16. This is awesome, my husband and I had plans to go check this out at Lowe’s tonight (exciting Friday)! Of course it would be nicer to win it than actually buy it :) Both our kitchen and bathroom cabinets need updating, so that’s where we’d use it!

  17. I would definitely like to try this in my guest bathroom. Although I’m not sure how it would work. The cabinets are currently a black laminate. :-(

  18. We would use it on out Kitchen … we have the 90s oak … great wood but just looks so dated … and the rest of the kitchen is updated ….

  19. We’d be thrilled to get this to use on the ugly bathroom vanities in our house. Or possibly on our boring oak kitchen cabinets . . . lots of possibilities here!

  20. I would love to use it on the cabinetry in our master bath. Our house was built in the early 80’s, and the cabinets are still the same reddish-brown funky stain that they’ve been since day 1. I am absolutely dying to re-do them!!

  21. We would use it on out Kitchen … we have the 90s oak … great wood but just looks so dated … and the rest of the kitchen is updated …. so exciting!

  22. I have been wanting to try this! We have very sad looking kitchen cabinets right now, I think this may be just the fix that we need.

  23. I would love to use this on the cabinets in our kitchen–80s style all the way!!

  24. Lovely. You have so many give aways, I love it. I would DEFINITELY use this in my kitchen…I love the endless color options too!

  25. I have been wanting to try this product since I saw it on your blog. All of my cabinets could use an update, but in particular, my kitchen cabinets are HORRIBLE. The previous owners probably never cleaned them so they are grimy and dirty and could use some MAJOR refreshing! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  26. This would be great! I’d use it to refinish the cabinets in my laundry room as a test run, but I’d also like to do the vanities in all of our bathrooms, as well as the island in our kitchen.

  27. I think I’d do my kitchen cabinets. Oooh! I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities!

  28. I would love to win this and do my kitchen cabinets. I am currently working my way through layers and layers of wallpaper/paint in my kitchen and my countertops and cabinets are next on my agenda!

  29. I’m in the middle of remodeling my master bath and next on the list is tackling the old cabinet – I’d love to dust off my DIY skills

  30. I just was given an antique vanity table with large round mirror! It has been sitting in my garage! Would love to try this product for this project!!

  31. I really want to try this product on our kitchen cabinets (which have an awkward pink tint) but I’m thinking I would most likely gift this kit to my mother in law. Her oak cabinets are in dire need of a face lift and I am confident this kit would do just the trick. Easy on the wallet with just a bit of elbow grease involved. p.s. Love the blog Kate!

  32. I have drooled over these at Home Depot and have even already informed my husband that this is how we are going to transform our kitchen from plain jane hickory to dreamy white. He would have no room for arguement if I won this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I would use this to do something with our kitchen cabinets:) it would make me HAPPY to see the very orange oak turn into another color!!!

  34. So cool! I have never seen this product before & would love to use it in my kitchen. I have dark cabinets & mulberry-ish counter tops. I think this would be a great DIY project.

  35. After I read your review I really want this product! I would use it in my kitchen and bathrooms (I don’t have to pick just one spot do I?!) Our cabinets are worn and need some love. I’ve been wanting to do something with them for a long time now but can’t afford the complete kitchen redo.

  36. I have been trying to figure out what to do with my kitchen cabinets. I was so happy to see your review of this product. It seems like the answer I was looking for. Thanks!!!

  37. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets. I have spent the last few week removing old wallpaper and getting my kitchen ready for repainting of the walls and cabinets. I don’t have the paint yet but, can’t wait to make my kitchen lighter with a cleaner feel!

  38. I’d definitely use this on the kitchen cabinets…or maybe the bathroom cabinets?…nah, we’ll go Kitchen!

  39. Ooh! Winning would be a dream come true! My new-to-me house has the original 1985 bathroom cabinets – let me tell you, they have not aged well! My budget is stretched five ways til Sunday, so any help would be so great!

  40. I’d use this in my kitchen! I’ve thought of repainting but the idea of sanding everything gives me fits.

  41. I’d use this in my kitchen! I’ve thought of repainting but the idea of sanding everything gives me fits.

  42. I’d love to use this on a friend’s kitchen cabs! I’m helping him freshen up the very dated look in there and this would be wonderful!

  43. Bathroom cabinets for sure. They’re cheap and ugly and in need of either paint or demolition.

  44. I would love to redo the dark cabinets in my kids bathroom white or my kitchen white! I have a teensy obsession with white cabients :)

  45. This would help so much to update my bathroom! Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. I posted a link to the giveaway on Twitter too. I want to try this in my kitchen!

  47. I would like to do my kitchen cabinets, they are nice but damaged due to age.

  48. This could be the answer for my dining room furniture! The table and chairs definitely need a re-do!

  49. I have a bathroom vanity that isn’t hideous enough to remove but it isn’t special either. That’s where I would start and then…the kitchen! Pick me please!!! :)

  50. This product would do wonders on my SIL’s kitchen cabinets! Such a great project!

  51. We are doing a small makeover in our kitchen. Cabinets all remain, but since they were here when we bought the home they are not the color I would have chosen. We have decided to paint the island for a contrast to the wall cabinets. If we like the end result enough, we may even do the wall cabinets in a color as opposed to the wood stain they are currently. Have been discussing this project a great deal and this product would be a great way to get started.

  52. Just doing a little DIY on our kitchen and would love this product!!

  53. My bathroom cabinets are TRASHED! They look like garage utility units. I’d paint the heck out of them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  54. We just moved into a home with lots of 80s oak. We painted cabs at our last house but I’d love to try this product in our current house. I’m planning to start in our laundry room (right off the kitchen) as the cabinets are the same there as in the kitchen . That way I can get a better feel for whether I want to commit to the kitchen at that point.

    I’d loooove to give it a whirl, having already tried the typical painting route (which is doable and looked great, but I’d love to try this!)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. Oh my – we soooo need this for out kitchen cabinets! They’re that light 80’s oak, while the rest of the house is vintage 1928 :-( I would love to transform them into a lovely deep wood color – perhaps dark cherry….

  56. No question, I’d do our laundry / half bath cabinets. They are dark and positively awful. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I would use it to refinish my kitchen cabinets. They are a light oak color, but I’ve recently installed cherry laminate throughout the kitchen so they are in need of an upgrade!

  58. I would love to use this in our guest bathroom. I would love to do the kitchen cabs but I would want to try it out on a smaller project first. Crossing my fingers!

  59. After reading the original blog posting I’ve been wanting to try it out in my kitchen but my hall bathroom could definitly use it as well.

  60. All of my kitchen and bath cabinets are in deperate need of some paint but I’d have to say I would do my kitchen first.

  61. Howly cowza…I would love to get this to update my ugly 80s bathroom vanities!!

  62. I’d love to find a used hutch for our dining room and use this to refinish it!

  63. kitchen & both bathrooms need makeovers. not sure where I’d start first!

  64. I would definitely use it to transform my builder standard bathroom vanity! It needs a makeover!!

  65. I would love to do my kitchen cabinets (or laundry room or bathroom!) They are all the same honey oak color from the 80s and I am over it. It is owned by our church (dh is a pastor) and the church has no money for updates. I would love to do this as an easier update. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  66. I would totally use it on my kitchen cabinets. I want to do a whole new kitchen remodel and this would go perfectly with it!

  67. I would use this in my kids’ bathroom. The cabinets really need it, but I’ve always been chicken to tackle them!

  68. I would jazz up an oak dresser with a fun accent color! I also have an ornate mirror that I think would look great in green.

  69. I would love to get my hands on this kit. We are in the process of updating our bathroom and I am going to be painting the cabinets myself. This kit would come in very handy. So the room I will use it in is my bathroom for the cabinets.

  70. o.m.g.

    ever since i saw this on your site its been at the top of our to-buy list. our kitchen REALLY needs a pick-me-up and since we’re on a shoe string budget this is such a wonderful choice! Fingers super crossed!

  71. I am hooked on blogs and have 2 great pieces in the garage in need of a makeover. The one I cannot wait to astart on is the cabinet with the grill work in the doors. Just waiting for warmer tempature to get started on them!!

  72. I will definetly use that on our bathroom cabinets, they are oak and now have that greenish color to it, yuck!!!!

  73. I would love to makeover my kitchen for “FREE” if I won the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit and be a true CENTSational Girl follower ! Love your blog so much !

  74. I’m planning to redo my kitchen; I already have the paint for the walls, but have been dragging my feet on what/how to paint the cabinets. I would LOVE to try this system!

  75. ALL my cabinets need to be done, but right now I would settle for my 80’s oak cabinets have some magic happen to them!

    I have replaced all the applicances, put in Stainless…added granite countertops – my kitchen is beautiful…except for those oak cabinets. I would LOVE to try this product!!!



  76. I would use this on my kitchen cabinets, they’re white and I’d like them to stay white…but maybe not SO white. They’re in pretty bad shape. I also need to figure out how to take care of some nicks in the edges of the doors, too…any ideas, ladies?

    Thanks for the giveaway, CG!

  77. My kitchen and bathroom cabinets are original to house which was build in 1967. They aren’t in great shape and should be replaced BUT I can’t replace them right now. Maybe in a few years. Refreshing them with the Cabinet Transformations kit would make me soooooo happy.

  78. I WANT THIS!!!! LOL If I won the small one, I would use it in the bathroom. If I won the large one, in the kitchen. I would take either!

    I am working on one room a month at my house and this would just be perfect!

    [email protected]

  79. We moved into our house a little over a year ago. We are constantly making small improvements (can’t afford to do all at once! haha) as it was a foreclosure home that definitely has room for repair and improvement. The house has light wood cabinets that I would love to match with our dark wood dining room set and other furniture.

  80. I would definitely use this on our ugly oak bathroom cabinets! Goodbye orangey wavy stripes. Hello! beautiful cabinet. Thank you for the opportunity!

  81. What a great product – I love the glazing look and it looks like it might be doable for even a new DIY person like myself! I would use this in our children’s bathroom to bring some life back to the old cabinets there. Thanks for reviewing such a cool new product. I doubt I’ll win the prize, but at least I know what to look for when we get to that project!

  82. I actually planning on repainting my kitchen cabinets this summer so this would be very handy! I would obviously use the big kit> they are an ugly yellowish brown that I am SSOOOO sick of.

  83. Ooh! I have just the piece of furniture in mind. It’s loooong overdue for a makeover, and this product would be perfect.

  84. This is awesome. I would def have to use it on my kitchen cabinets since my kitchen opens up to the entry and living area.

  85. I would use this at my sister-in-law’s house. She REALLY wants to re-do her kitchen cabinets. thank you for the giveaway.

  86. I would use it in the kitchen–we just tiled the backsplash and floor. A cabinet makeover would be wonderful!

  87. i’d love to win this! we just moved into a house where the landlords gave us free reign to do anything we want, except knocking down walls. the kitchen cabinets desperately need a face lift.

  88. In the kitchen in the house we have for sale. It’s been up for sale for nearly a year, maybe pretty cabinets would make it sell! Thanks!

  89. I’d love to give this to my parents as a gift for their master bath–pretty much nothing has been updated in our house since I was born almost 25 years ago, and I think they deserve a little pampering. They’ll love this since they can reuse their current cabinets instead of feeling guilty for getting something new!!

  90. I would use it in my kitchen. I have wanted to paint my cabinets for a long time – this would be the perfect product to try! Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. I have been wanting to try this for a long time… If I got 2 I would give one to my MIL who would like to redo her kitchen cabinets and I would use one for a few pieces of random furniture that needs an update! THANK YOU!!!

  92. I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets white. They are builder’s grade oak – nothing exciting. But, I have MANY cabinets in my kitchen, which is why I have resisted taking the plunge!

  93. My sweet sister has been dying to redo her cabinets, but with a baby on the way it has been put on hold. If I won this giveaway, I would definitely use the kit to redo her cabinets for her! Thanks, CG!

  94. Rustoleum is coming out with some AMAZING products! If this baby became mine, I would use it in our master bathroom vanity cabinet. Its the only room in our new house that we left untouched. I would love to bring that room to full glory with the rest of our newly remodeled home!
    Thanks for the chance :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  95. I have had the pamphlet hanging on my kitchen cabinets for a couple months and I can’t seem to pick a color, but they desperately need it!

  96. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets. Right now they are builder-oak and UGLY! Even without winning they are the next to go!

  97. Totally my kitchen… we had been talking about brightening up the space with white or cream, but I love some of the grey tones they have.

  98. I would want to try the bathrooms first then give the kitchen a shot. The kitchen might need two of the large kits so a practice with the bathroom would be great first. :) Thanks Kate and Rustoleum for this great offer.

  99. Oh my kitchen cabinets sooooo need this!! Right now they are a pale-creamy-once-upon-a-time-white on the front and the sides are a faded, purple-ish blue, faux driftwood color…definitely in need of help,

  100. I would so use this on my kitchen cabinets, they are so in need of an update!!!

  101. My kitchen is so in need of a makeover! We bought our house from a couple that were 94 and 88 years old. They left everything original from 1960, except for the 1979 Magic Chef oven. We have been dying to paint the cabinets white, but have been afraid we won’t do a good job.

  102. Oh that is fabulous! I’ve been wanting to change my builder master bath cabinets and this would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance!

  103. Our kitchen cabinets have a glossy finish that is wearing off in several places and the finish needs to be redone. I am very excited about this kit because I know if we had to sand them down we would never attempt it. Also, I don’t want them stained but would rather have them painted in a warm color. I would love to have a chance to try this kit. Thank you!.

  104. I would love to do the cabinets in my kitchen! I got my center island done but unsure of what to do with the rest!

  105. I have been dreaming of re-doing my kitchen cabinets since we moved into our house. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  106. I want to win this giveaway more than I’ve wanted to win anything since the big Silhouette giveaway months ago!! My kitchen cabinets are begging to be made over. My fingers are crossed!!

  107. I would use these on a desk and filing cabinet in our office area.

  108. I just got online to find reviews for Cabinet Transformations after picking up a pamplet at Home Depot yesterday. Our Kitchen could be fantastic with updated cabinets. My only decision is to go lighter (Quilter’s White?) or darker (Chocolate?). After pricing new cabinets. I’m excited to find out I can still afford a “new” kitchen!

  109. I am dying to refurbish our kitchen cabinets and this would be just the thing! Great giveaway!

  110. I absolutely would use this to update my kitchen cabinets asap! When I saw your post about testing this stuff out I was instantly hooked- I’ve been wanting to fix up the cabinets since we moved in two years ago but couldn’t get over the thought of having to sand/clean/etc. before even attempting to start painting!

  111. I am hooked on blogs and have 2 great pieces in the garage in need of a makeover. The one I cannot wait to a start on is the cabinet with the grill work in the doors. Just waiting for warmer temperature to get started on them!!

  112. I would start by using it in our master bathroom. I’m so ready to get ready of the builder grade looking cabinets. If all goes well, I head to the kitchen to redo the cabinets.

  113. Hi, I am going to start out using it on my laundry room cabinets and if I like the results, I am going to do the rest of the kitchen with it. I would love to win this. Thanks for doing this! I love your blog – yours is the first one I have ever subscribed to on daily basis.

  114. I would use it for our kitchen. I have plans to paint the cabinets a pretty white!

  115. I would love, love, love to do my kitchen cabinets! I’ve been working slowly on one project at a time to make my kitchen look better. This would help me out a ton!

  116. I have three pieces of furniture waiting for spring temps for their face-lifts. Or I could do the cabinet’s in my parents’ condo that they use as a rental now, depending on how generous I’m feeling :)

  117. I was so excited to read about this product after your visit with Rustoleum. And of course, I trust your review, and want to give it a try. I would redo my children’s bathroom. The builder white cabinets turned yellow LONG ago!

  118. I’m torn between whether I would use it in our master bathroom, or on these shelves/cabinets we have in our home office. They both need to be redone badly! I would love to be forced into making a decision, though :)

  119. My upstairs bathroom is SO in need of a pick me up! I’ve been eyeing this product up ever since you posted the bathroom remodel pics that had the vanity painted a greyish color. Pick me pick me pick me!

  120. I am redo-ing my master bath. I had never thought about painting over the cabinets, but painting them would give the bath the extra “pop” it needs! Your post on how easy it is to use makes me want to go ahead and take the plunge. It makes a cabinet makeover seem a lot less overwhelming!

  121. I want to do my kitchen cabinets AND my bathroom. I would probably start with the kitchen!

  122. I love refinishing furniture but if I win, I may give it to my sister-in-law who is wanting to redo her kitchen cabinets….if I’m feeling very generous, I’ll help her use it! :)

  123. My 17 year old kitchen desperately needs to be redone. My husband just brought home a brochure on this product yesterday!!! Thanks for your helpful information :)

  124. I was just telling my neighbor about seeing this product and reading about it on your blog. I would love to try it out in my mission to update our home.

  125. Yea! I am already planning on using this product, thanks to your blog, in my laundry room, and three bathrooms. It is the perfect solution and I hope I win one!

  126. I would love to try this on my son’s dresser for his new “big boy” room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. I have been dying to paint my kitchen cabinets for years now! i would love to give it a go with the Rustoleum Cabinet transformation kit! The kit makes it seem so easy! love your blog, lady!

  128. Our bathroom is looking dated. This is just the product we’ve been waiting for!!

  129. I read earlier on your blog of the Rustoleum Cabinet transformation and then the countertops as well. I will be transforming both in the basement of my log home. We have had college girls renting from us for 15 years and this year we have “re-claimed” the space as our own. I actually am reclaiming and redesigning as a little cottage getaway. Would love to win the large box to refinish the cabinets!! I posted on Twitter and Facebook as well!

    Great product! Thanks Rustoleum! I love you!

  130. I would love to use it to redo my kitchen cabinets. They are that ugly light oak color. Some paint would really update the whole kitchen…thanks!!!!

  131. I’d tackle my kitchen cabinets first and foremost since the dated wood look overwhelms my tiny kitchen. Then,I’d resurface my bathrooms next. -thanks for the opportunity!

  132. A few months ago, maybe even a year ago, I tried to stain my bathroom cabinets but did not realize they were maple. Obviously, the stain didn’t take and they look horrible. I’ve been living with them for a while and would love to paint them white or dark espresso (to be closer to the stain I wanted). This product sounds awesome for that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. My kitchen cabinets are layered with ugly white paint. I didn’t do it, it was like that when we moved in. I would looooove to re-do them!

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  135. This is my GREATEST home desire – I want white cabinets! Maybe this would be the final push to get DH to agree!!! Hope I win (though I never do!)


  136. I would use it to redo my Kitchen cabinet. And if I had any left over I would use it on additional furniture pieces!!!

  137. My kitchen cabinets are in dire need! They have taken a major beating with five kids and a dog. Thanks, Kate for hosting!

  138. I really need this! I would re-do the kitchen cabinets for sure and I would also like to my hutch and buffet.

  139. Oh I’d love to win this it’s not available in Canada yet!!!! I would use is on my daughters bed.

  140. I am dying to do my kitchen cabinets! I have 80’s-fabulous oak, and I can’t stand it. I want to paint them an ivory color to brighten up the space and hopefully make it look a bit less dated.

  141. My Guest Bedroom furniture needs to leave the 80’s, and I think this is just the kit to help it out!

  142. I’d use it on our coffee table and end tables. They’ve been in the garage for a year and a half just waiting to be painted!

  143. My master bath with those builder special, ugly and old cabinets would be a perfect place to give this a shot!

  144. I’ve been planning to paint my kitchen cabinets this spring! This would be perfect!! If I’m not the lucky winner, I’m definitely purchasing this kit.

  145. Ooooh! I never enter these competitions but I could really use this! I’d transform my fugly oak cabinets I have in my kitchen! So I’d want the big one :)

  146. I have a laminate dresser that I would love to redo but I wasn’t sure if I could make it work. Win or lose I think I will still try this product!

  147. Our bathroom cabinets so terribly need an update! This is would be great. Congratulations to Mom in High Heels. Have a lovely weekend, Kate.

  148. Definitely my kitchen cabinets! They are so ugly, dirty and old. Hope I win! If not I might just have to buy the stuff anyway.

  149. My kitchen and cabinets in both bathrooms need to be redone. I’m not sure they’ve been touched since the house was built in 1978. Poor cabinets…

  150. I would have to go yard saling & find the dresser or buffet I have been dreaming to refurbish ! :)

  151. I was just looking at a brochure for this product this morning and holding it up to my kitchen cabinets trying to figure out which color would go best in the room!

  152. Kitchen Cabinets! They are the original builders-grade cabinets that are really due for an update!

  153. I soo want to update my bathroom cabinets to somehting dark. Then if that works I would even consider doing my kitchen!

  154. I would use this to repaint my china cabinet or living room armoire!

  155. My bathroom is in serious need of a makeover. I’d definitely use it in there! :)

  156. Oh, my, goodness! I didn’t know such a thing existed! I so need this for my kitchen!

  157. Hi I soooooo need this kit for my ugly brown 1970’s kitchen cabinets!!

  158. I would repaint my kitchen cabinets. I did them with normal cabinet white paint and they are not holding up very well.. thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  159. How exciting – I’d love to redo my kitchen table and chairs. The wood is cherry, and the finish on the table top is damaged. I’ve been living with a table cloth covering the damage, but I prefer no cloth, so painting the set would be the perfect solution!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!


  160. Ohh, my kitchen cabinets are tingling with excitement at the thought of a refresh. ;)

  161. Oooh- I would love to win this! We are planning on using the small kit to redo the cabinet in my boys bathroom soon! We’re thinking of using either the Seaside or the Cottage Blue.

  162. I would love to do my kitchen! My cabinets are a dark walnut color and my countertops are blue tile with a THICK gray/black grout line. Its awful! If my cabinets were a lighter color, I think it would help the over all look until I’m able to put in granite. Hope I win! :)

  163. I would use it on the old furniture we’re inheriting from my fiance’s grandparents.

  164. I would definitely use it on my kitchen cabinets. Those poor things haven’t been updated since the 60s!

  165. oh what fun giveaways. . I am going to keep entering until I win :)
    I would use this product on some furniture. . .I want to do my dresser in the master bedroom a turquoisey blue. And I want to do the dresser in the guest room lime green. This would be a fun product to try out.

  166. This would force me to actually attempt a project I keep thinking about and keep chickening out…painting my lovely wood but dated kitchen cabinets.

  167. Oh! I have a bunch of cabinets that I got at the Habitat ReStore that are dying for a new color … I’ve been eyeing up this product on a bunch of blogs and would love to try it!

  168. I would use this for my moms kitchen cabinets. She has been wanting to paint them for awhile, but she is too nervous.

  169. our kitchen is mostly high cabinets that are crying out for some refreshing.

  170. Oh my ugly blonde wood cabinets could use a dose of this. Bright white would be nice! Fingers crossed that a new cabinet color would lead to new counter tops!

  171. Kitchen cabinets definitely! My hubby chimes in and says “tell her you have kitchen cabinets out of a Stephen King movie.” yup they’re scary… seriously.

  172. Thank you for offering up this giveaway. Intriguing. I would redo our kitchen cabinets.

  173. my kitchen cabinets need this so bad!! thanks for doing the giveaway!

  174. I’d use it on our kitchen cabinets (which are from 2 different cabinet manufacturers using 2 different types of wood…ugh) AND one of our bathrooms (where we used a hand-me-down oak cabinet from someone that was getting rid of it). Both rooms are in serious need of a redo.

  175. I would redo our bathroom cabinets. I kind of hate the color they are now, this would be perfect!

  176. In my kitchen, absolutely. I already have the Rustoleum countertop paint (the one without the speckles) and am just waiting for warmer weather to try it out. Thanks for your review of the cabinet paint!

  177. I could use this in the kitchen, bath, or laundry room. They all need some help! I am leaning toward the kitchen as a great update option!

  178. Oh my Gosh…just taking a break from stripping a small side table and was doing a little “blog surfing…” didn’t even know this existed!!! Have lived in 90 year old house for the last 7 years, and it is a work in progress…bathroom is upcoming which has a full wall of top to bottom cabinets (uncommon for an old house like ours, but a conversation piece) that need some TLC and would be much too costly to replace…now I have the “product” to use. This is good!!!

  179. kitchen AND baths could use a redo but I’d start in the kitchen for sure!

  180. OMG! This is where I first heard of this product. We just moved into our house and I would love to use it in the kitchen!

  181. Kitchen cabinets in our FIRST HOME! :) I’d like them to be lighter like my floors!! :)

  182. I’ve got a dresser in my shed that is waiting for a diy treatment. This would be perfect!

  183. I would use it on the bathroom cabinets. They are in definite need of a transformation!

  184. I have a million places to use this! My ugly kitchen, all 3 bathrooms and the cabinets in my laundry room. Then there’s the ugly cabinet sat in the corner….I could go on.

  185. I would definitely use it on my dark wooden kitchen cabinets. I had already your article and I am extremely interested in both the cabinet and countertop kits.

  186. HMMM, so many decisions. I would start with the 1980 builders grade laminate with the wood strip bathroom vanity. Then I would move on to my other bathroom with the 1980 Bob Villa wood look cabinet – it’s so icky – I’ve cleaned with TSP several times just to get the ickies off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  187. I’d surprise my wonderful Mother and paint her kitchen cabinets with it. =)

  188. I have just the project for this. My bathroom cabinets are in dire need of updating!!! Good wood underneath, just needs a new stain/paint :)

    Would LOVE to win this!!!


  189. I would start with the bathroom with the 1980’s builders grade laminate with the oak wood strip vanity and then move on the other bathroom vanity from the Saturday Night Fever era. Both need serious updating but our budget is zero. Thanks so much for hosting a give a way

  190. Orange oak cabinets!! Tired of hearing, “But they’re wood.” from my hubby! (:

  191. On my 80s-riffic oak kitchen cabinets! I am dying to paint those bad boys!

  192. I would def. we using this on our island in our kitchen! But we just bought a house so I am sure that I could change my mind if I win and use it on one of the many projects I have brewing in my head!

  193. I would LOVE to use this on my kitchen cabinets and cover up the orange wood tones! Fingers crossed!

  194. i would love, LOVE to redo our kitchen cabinets. with this handy tool it actually looks do-able!

  195. I would help my mom re-do her kitchen cabinets. Her’s are so outdated and she’s talked about having them redone, so I’d love to be able to “brighten” up the space for her :)

  196. We are buying a new house soon and it has the original 1960s cabinets in the kitchen. Needless to say I am planning on using it on them as soon as possible!

  197. I would SO love to win this for my Mother-In-Law’s kitchen. It’s 70s orange laminate countertops with dark wood cabinets and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can spiff it up for her without needing a huge budget. This would be so great!!

  198. I would love a chance to win a makeover for my kitchen cabinets. I have done them a few times but they never come out right. I have posted to facebook as well.

  199. Oh, I truly have too many places to use it. I need it in the kitchen and the bathooms. I need it for my Mom’s kitchen. I need it for the nightstands. I guess I would start in the kitchen first though. Thank you for the giveaway!

  200. Honestly, I am SO thrilled about the post you did on this product and your continued contest to win them. YOU ROCK! I am hoping I can use this great product to transform my bathroom cabinets. There are three bathrooms that could use some cabinet transformation magic. Plus it seems like it’s fairly easy to use and I would love to surprised my husband. I absolutely love your blog, thanks for keeping me motivated.

  201. My bathroom and kitchen cabinets could use this! I’m sure my husband would not let me do the kitchen cabinets because they really just need to be replaced, but both bathrooms could use an “upgrade!” I hope I win!

  202. I’ve already painted by kitchen cabinets. I would love to try this on a bathroom vanity.

  203. I would love to use this to transform my parent’s kitchen cabinets for them. They need an update, but there isn’t extra money in the budget for new ones, and the pickled finish just isn’t looking good any more.

  204. My kitchen is old and outdated!! It’s in a desperate need of an update!

  205. I was just calling my local Lowes and Home Depot today to ask about this product because I have been researching about it. It would be so cool if I win this giveaway – as I already have it in my head to use this in our kitchen for our cabinets. So excited!

  206. We move into our new house in July and I would love to paint the kitchen cupboards! They are an awful light wood colour and I want to paint them white so badly. They are also without pulls, so I can’t wait to add Fleur de lis pulls to them!

  207. I would use this on my kitchen cabinets!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  208. Our bathroom AND kitchen cabinetry are in sad shape, but I think I would start with a bathroom freshen-up!

  209. I need this done on all of my bathrooms! Maybe I’ll start with the kids’ bathroom, then see how I do before moving to the master bath. I can’t wait to try this product.

  210. i would love this in my kitchen for my currently awful, cheap builder grade cabinets!

  211. Our master bath needs an update. I would use it there, and update everything else too.

  212. I really want to use it on my kitchen, which was just redone by the previous owners a few months ago..perfect cherry cabinets that I can’t stand!!! but my hubby won’t let me touch. So if I won it I would try it out on my laundry room cabinets and try to win him over :)

  213. I so would LOVE to update my kitchen cabinets!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  214. OOOOHHHH! I would L.O.V.E. to win! I’ve been looking and looking…and looking at this everytime I go to the store. So ready to redo the kitchen cabinets, but a bit afraid to “pull the trigger”. This would be just the push I need! Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. I have original 1950s cabinets in my kitchen, and they could SO use a nice refinishing until we replace the entire kitchen! Love this giveaway!

  216. Awesome giveaway ! I would definitely use it in my master bath….I am so over the dated wood cabinets in there. They could use a little updating, and this would be perfect!

  217. Ohhhhh! I want this product so much! I have been thinking about splurging and buying it for myself for my birthday on…..March 7th! It would be great to win it on my birthday!

  218. Tweeted your contest – hope I can get my hands on this tranformative miracle!!

  219. I just mentioned your blog post reviewing this product to my mom tonight. I plan on trying it on my master bathroom cabinets, whether I win or not. :)

  220. We actually looked at buying the kit this weekend. We decided to wait till it warmed up and we could get adequate ventilation. Whether we win or not we are going to be using this kit to redo our heinous kitchen cabinets!

  221. OMGosh, when I read your review on this stuff, I was dying to try it. Bought an old house and a friend showed up with a “heavy duty cleaner” to use on the kitchen cabinets. Turned out she brought paint thinner and needless to say – the cabinets are a mess. Confession: that was 6 months ago & I still haven’t done anything about it. Can’t decide whether to finish stripping them down and restain them or prime & paint them. I would love to give this a try!

  222. My husband and I will settle at the end of April on our first home and I cannot wait to begin our transition and our homes transformation! Our kitchen cabinets are ready for a new life and I think this kit would be great to start to the improvements in our new home.

  223. I have two bathrooms that I so want to redo. Thanks for the great give away.

  224. i would love to try this on my kitchen cabinets! the builders’ oak has worn out it’s welcome!

  225. I’d use this in my master bathroom…I’ve love to get rid of the cherry cabinets and have something brighter!

  226. I’d use this in my master bathroom…I’ve love to get rid of the cherry cabinets and have something brighter!

  227. I have been eyeing the Rust-oleum set at HD for about a month now to redo my master bathroom. I was particularly interested in it because the products are water-based. As I am six months pregnant, I was worried about fumes in oil-based products. I love all the color choices.

  228. Oh – my dream… white kitchen cabinets!!
    Our kitchen redo budget has been significantly parred down due to the early arrival of our sweet baby girl (and the hospital bills from her early arrival!). This kit would be a HUGE help in still getting the results we dream about on a smaller budget.

  229. I just bought my first home, and need to redo the cabinets in all 3 of the bathrooms, so this would be awesome!

  230. My hubby and I are moving into our first house Wednesday! I plan to redo all the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry! :) Thanks for this giveaway. :)

  231. Saw this at lowes when shopping for new faucets!! SSSSOOOOOO want to try this in my master bathroom where we are slowly starting to makeover!

  232. My guest bath cabinets are in horrible shape, as are the master bath. My biggest issue would be figuring out which place to use the kit!

  233. We are closing on our next house on April 15th and it’s filled with light oak cabinets just begging me to give this product a try. I’m thinking of starting in our master bathroom to get the hang of it.

  234. I would love to spiff up my kitchen. My cabinets are really looking dingy.

  235. Im in the process of doing a L O W budget renovation of my kitchen. I was blessed with getting the old walnut butcher block counter tops out of my grandparents homes. I would definitely use this to transform my kitchen cabinets!

  236. I would love to win one of these and I would use it to start the transformation on our kitchen cabinets.

  237. I would use it to re-do my bed! It needs an update from the 80’s oak.

  238. After 40 years of marriage, our bedroom is still the last to decorate. I need to paint the dressers and shelves so they match. An almond color and glaze is my dream.

  239. After 40 years of marriage, our bedroom is still the last to decorate. I need to paint the dressers and shelves so they match. An almond color and glaze is my dream.

  240. 11 yrs, 3 children, 1 dog, 1 husband, innumerable friends and family, and lots of love have transformed my kitchen into a project! Help! Looks like this could help get the job done.

  241. First time entering! I am desperate for a kit! I recently painted our cabinets The Right White from Restoration Hardware but left the island & hall cabinets in the kitchen the yucky 80s oak because I wanted those to be a dark espresso tone. This kit would finish a long project!

  242. I can use this in my kitchen and bathrooms. We have lots of builder grade oak cabinets.

  243. Bottom kitchen cabinets, and I am pretty interested to see the difference between this, and the old fashioned routine ;)

  244. i have a 26×16 kitchen with tons of cabinets that i’m going to attempt on my own.

  245. I would redo the kitchen cabinets. I still have the original cabinets and they are looking pretty shabby.

  246. I love our kitchen countertops, but hate the color of our cabinets and am dying to use it in there!!

  247. I would LOVE to win this for my mom. She is in a house that was built in the 70s. It has never been updated. Her kitchen cabinets just look…well, old. This is just what she needs to liven them up. Thank you for the giveaway!

  248. Tough choice between kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Both are builder grade oak cabinets and I really want to add some color to these spaces!

  249. I’m trying to talk my brother into painting his 1980’s kitchen in his Houston condo. He has great style and taste, but the kitchen is blucky! I have offered to fly down from Seattle to help him. Help me spur him on!

  250. I would SO redo my kitchen cabinets with this, if I won it! Whoohoo!

  251. I would love to use this on our kitchen cabinets! We just moved into our first house and I’ve been working on multiple projects to make this house our home, cozy and livable. Our kitchen would look amazing with freshly painted white cabinets, instead of the dark outdated walnut that it is today. Crossing my fingers!

  252. All of my bathrooms need it!! I’ve been really interested in your posts about these products so I was excited to see the giveaway. I’d love to try it.

  253. My kitchen is very over due for a makeover :)! Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  254. I would use it to transform the tired, outdated vanity in my master bath!!

  255. We are itching to do something new and brighter with our too dark kitchen cabinets. We know we can’t afford to replace them and I keep bringing up the kit idea to the hubby to see if he’ll want to change them as much as I.

  256. Time to get rid of the 1980’s bleached oak kitchen cabinets. Want to go white!

  257. We need to redo all the cabinetry in the house. But, the kitchen is up first! Bye bye old oak grained cabinets – hello creamy white!

  258. I would use this for my bathroom and kitchen cabinets. I already used it for the hallway cabinets and loved it!

  259. I would definitely use it in my master bathroom. We are in the process of finally updating it.

  260. Why oh why do builders still put oak cabinets in their homes? Mama needs a new white kitchen!

  261. I would use this in my kitchen! Without a doubt, that’s the one place I would definitely use it first. My cabinets are TWO different colors!

  262. I’ve been wanting to paint the old sewing table I use as an all-purpose table. If I win, I’ll have no excuse not to transform it once and for all.

  263. Wow after 25 years in this house – yes it’s our anniversary next month, I would use this on our kitchen cabinets! Already know what color now just need to win the product! Thanks for doing this and also never miss your blog!

  264. We just closed on a short sale two weeks ago… complete with the cheap 1980s oak cabinets and would love to win a “makeover” – even if that was my labor and a free Rust-o-leum Paint kit.

  265. I would use it in my kitchen! We just bought our first home and the kitchen cabinets are a HORRID 70’s hollow core, ugly “wood” grain and I can’t afford to replace them so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! Also, I want to do all my doors (same pattern) and bathrooms (poorly stained) as well!

  266. I would start in one of my small bathrooms and then move onto the kitchen! I need to win this product!!

  267. The kitchen cabinets and both bathrooms’ vanities are builder oak and totally not my style. Would love this product for these items!

  268. Just made my self “house poor” buying a fixer upper. Would love to make the kitchen look brand new for my wife. She has already expressed an interest in this product. Thank you for the opportunity.

  269. My family just became “house poor” with our new fixer upper home. I would love to bless my wife and make our kitchen cabinets look like new. She has mentioned the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations before and expressed an interest. Thank you for the opportunity!

  270. I would use it to repaint the horrifying golden oak vanity in our main bath.

  271. Bathroom cabinets for sure…would love to stain them dark instead of the builder’s white that they are now! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  272. How wow is this??? I would totally use it to surprise my daughter and re-do her kitchen cabinets for her! She has a new baby boy (along with a 4 year old and 2 year old) and I’d absolutely LOVE to transform her kitchen for her, since she spends so much time in it.

  273. I would love to use the product on my out-dated oak kitchen cabinets. Love to go white. Great giveaway!

  274. I would use this to transform my builder-basic oak cabinets in the rental we’re in. Big time kudos for us with the landlord, and a great pick-me-up for me. I have eight of us to feed, and spend a LOT of time in there! :o)

  275. I think I’d like to try it in my bathroom first before tackling my kitchen cabinets!

  276. I was on their website..Awesome…I would so use this on our Kitchen Cabinets so that finally our home can feel like ours and not past owner.. Andalso would use on my sons dressers…: )

  277. Oh my goodness… I NEED this giveaway! I have oak all over my house that desperately needs to be painted. Right now both of my bathroom cabinets and my kitchen cabinets are on my to-do list. I think I would start with the bathrooms, then if I decide I love the product, I’ll buy more for the kitchen!

  278. i would love to use this on a a moire i just bought to re-finish! thanks!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  279. I would adore using this product on my kitchen cabinets! I love refinishing furniture and am very curious to try this product on my cabinets. Will link to facebook too. Thanks so much!

  280. OH LORDY-BE! I need this on my outdated 80s oak kitchen cabinets. We are quickly losing money on this house and our toddler is helping us outgrow it quickly. Our only hope is to do some inexpensive upgrades that pack a big punch to get out from under this place. As a new stay at home momma, money is definitely tight. I would LOVE to win!

  281. My honey oak cabinets in my kitchen (well all throughout my house, really) are like a horrible zit that cover up just won’t even help. You know the kind. I’ve tried to make it better with new hardware. We even just got a new stove and microwave. And it helps, a little. But those cabinets are STILL THERE in all their honey oak glory! I really need this product. Like, NEED!

  282. Oh, oh, oh we are just in the process of buying a 20 year old house with kitchen cabinets that are sorely showing their age. This kit would surely be the answer on what to do with them.

  283. Oh my goodness! Where wouldn’t I use this! I might start in my master bathroom where the yellow oak cabinets scream against my green and black counter tops….or perhaps in the kitchen where my golden oak demands to be updated…or perhaps in my girl’s bathroom…… or on the furniture that needs updating….

    OH my goodness… my imagine is running wild!

  284. I am linking this on my facebook page.

    I’d also do my twitter, but I can’t remember my password and I can’t figure Twitter out!

    FAcebook it will have to be! :)

  285. We have an oak bedroom set older than most of you!
    Seriously, I think we bought it in ’74 or ’75.
    Do I need this terrific give-away prize for a bedroom make-over? You bet I do!

  286. I would use this on two dressers we have that have seen better days and could use a facelift!

  287. I would totally use this on my kitchen cabinets! I’ve been wanting to turn them white for the LONGEST time!

  288. I would love to redo my dark wood kitchen cabinets as well as my bedroom furniture it would be a great way to get that mix match of wood dressers to all look like one matching set.

  289. I MUST have this for my kitchen! Oh, and my master bath.. and the kids bath… and the laundry room….

  290. Definitely on my kitchen cabinets! I did the traditional strip-sand-prime-paint on my bathroom cabinets and it took FOREVER. I would love to try this new technique in the kitchen.

  291. I would use it on an old wooden dining room table to give it a fresh look.

  292. I will definitely try this on my kitchen cabinets and master bath cabinets :)

  293. Um, yes please! I would use this in my kitchen and on my hall cabinets. I’d love to stain them to a deep cherry wood color!
    Jennifer B.

  294. I would love a white kitchen or maybe I’d start with the master vanity. Too many projects……
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  295. My kitchen cabinets of course!! I dream of painting them all time.

  296. Been trying to convince my GF to redo our cabinets for the last couple of weeks. We have transformed the rest of our “builders special” kitchen…this would be the last step in the makeover!


  298. I would use the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit to transform my kitchen cabinets. My husband painted them with an oil based almond colored paint years ago, and they are they WORST-but that’s our secret okay? ;)

  299. My parents recently had a water pipe burst in their home and they weren’t able to afford a complete remodel. This product would be great to help spruce up the kitchen cabinets and give a fresh new outlook for them.

  300. How exciting! a paint that actually covers and looks professional!
    I have three IKEA Bar Stools that of course are spiffy and look great. Well, look OK. Ok, they don’t match anything! They need Bright Happy Color! so I will use this spiffy kit on them!

  301. My bathroom cabinets are a terrible pickled oak that looks more baby pink than anything. I would update both bathrooms!

  302. Great giveaway. I loved your review when it posted. I’d definitely use it on all my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Carol L
    [email protected]

  303. Winning the large cabinet kit would give me enough motivation to do something about our DESPERATE kitchen cabinets. Thank you for all the ways you encourage other moms to make their homes a pleasant place to be.
    Dawn N.

  304. I never thought about using this on furniture. I have some stacking tables that could really use some attention. Also my 1950’s original plywood kitchen cabinets need help.

  305. Our new home was built in the 50’s and IT SHOWS! I would LOVE to use this product on the kitchen cabinets, and the bathroom cabinets, and the guest room built in desk, and the knotty pine basement cabinets, and……

  306. I’ve been ogling this kit since I first saw it posted a few weeks ago. I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets white and the bathroom vanities chocolate or espresso. Not that I don’t love oak, but honey oak is well past its prime at this point.

  307. My husband and I are planning a kitchen redo and have been looking at this product since you reviewed it! We love the Cabernet stain and are planning to start the project next week!!!

  308. Great post! I have been dying to gut my kids’ bathroom, but that is NOT AT ALL an option right now! They are ages 6, 8 and 10. The bathroom is on the first floor and circa 1981 – I cringe 50x I day as I walk by it! The sinks and counter and floor are dated but not too bad, but the cabinets look like we found the piece at the dump. I cannot wait to give this a try, I am going to imagine colors right now!!! Thanks for the help!!

  309. I had not heard of this product until I read your review but it is the perfect solution to my bathroom cabinets!

  310. I have been wanting to redo the vanity in my master bath… but too scared to do it! I saw this product the other day and, after reading reviews, think it would actually make the process painless. Maybe I can get hubby on board for the project if I win this givewaway! :o)

  311. I have a tiny laundry room that I’d love to paint the cabinets black! My next project!! This would be great!

  312. I have a set of old dining room chairs that I picked up at a yard sale that I am awaiting spring to refinish. They are in desperate need of a new coat of paint and looks like this would do the trick!

  313. Wow! What Luck! I read your review a few weeks ago and thought I had found the answer for my kitchen cupboards. Haven’t even had time to mention it to my husband, yet here I have a chance to win it! Thank you so much! Come on random number generator…. :)

  314. WOW! This would be an awesome win for me. I already have the Countertop Restoration kit, but I’ve been putting off using it because my cabinets look so wretched. Hoping the random number generator chooses ME!

  315. OH YEAH BABY! awesome giveaway. I loved this when you reviewed it recently. I would paint my kitchend cabinets creamy white!

  316. Our kitchen really needs a cabinet redo and this product looks like it’s fairly easy to use. From the pics I’ve seen, the results are remarkable. Thanks for this giveaway!

  317. O wow! My Mom’s condo is in serious need of a kitchen update. I painted the cabinets last year and a new countertop color would really finish the look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  318. I would definitely use it in my kitchen. I’m aching for a change there! Thanks for the chance to win!

  319. I’ve been wanting to paint my hideous brown kitchen cabinets and teal counters for a while, but lacked the motivation to sand, prime, sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint. I’d love to have creamy white cabinets and, eventually, dark gray counters. This giveaway would go a long way toward helping me achieve the look I’d like to have on an extremely limited budget. Thanks Kate, and thanks to Rust-Oleum, for this fantastic giveaway.

  320. I’ve been eyeballing this kit ever since I first saw it in the blogosphere. My kitchen cabinets are awful (hello, ’70s knotty pine) and in need of updating. This seems like a great option seeing as we can’t afford new cabinets yet. Thanks for this giveaway – fingers crossed!

  321. oooohhhh……how perfect this would be. my husband and i just moved a dresser out from a bedroom into a prominent place in our loft. i want it to be an antique yellow. would love to use the product on that.

  322. I have a lovely large standing jewelry box with Queen Anne legs that I’d love to transform!

  323. I would use this product to redo the bedroom furniture we are using in our bedroom. It was my husbands when he was little so it is very outdated. He doesn’t trust me to do it all by myslef but with a kit like this the results would be awesome.

  324. One of the desks in our apartment DESPERATELY needs some updating! I believe this could help us accomplish that project! ;)

  325. Love this concept! This is the answer to my kitchen cabinet dilemma! Enjoyed your feature of this product and visiting the Rustoleum website.

  326. I would use it on my laundry room cabinets and my downstairs powder room vanity!

  327. We are planning to redo our kitchen cabinets this summer. I was so excited to see this product as I think it will be perfect for what we want to do.

  328. I would definitely use it on my kitchen cabinets! Maybe then I could get around to replacing that floral tile backsplash and the stove from 1960….

  329. I’ve seen this kit get a lot of ‘talk’ in blogland lately and would LOVE to try it out in my master bath. I’m so OVER the honey oak cabinets and want to transform them into a darker color!

  330. We’re moving to a home with some seriously dated oak cabinets. Just what we need!

  331. I would use this on my kitchen cabinets. I had been dreaming of a kitchen makeover when I saw your post on this product. Thanks for the chance to win!

  332. Oh man we just put in new countertops in our kitchen and they look awesome but now the cabinets look outdated and too scratched up for me. I was looking for something easy like this! How awesome that you posted this! Thanks so much for the opportunity! :)

  333. Oh man, my grainy oak kitchen cabinets are dyyyyyyying for a dose of Rust-Oleum love!

  334. This product would be great for updating a cherry armoire to a heirloom white in my living room!

  335. Holy cow! I am actually redoing my dining room and kitchen cabinets right now. Our home has cheap cabinetry, and since I can’t afford a total redo right now, I have been following your basic guidelines (oil-based primer, two coats of semi-gloss with a brush) and I completed the lower dining room cabinets.

    I think that I’m going to hold off on the upper doors and kitchen cabinets until the winners are announced. ;)

    Okay, *crossing my fingers* now.

  336. Would really like to try this for my bathroom cabinet. My husband and I have just finished painting our kitchen cabinets (Lots of work but so worth it). This kit which includes everything you need would sure make the process so much easier!

  337. Oooo…I could do this to any of my bathroom vanities that I’m ready to rip out! It might actually save me some money and a lot of work! Would love to try it out:) Can’t wait to see who wins it.

  338. Being the wife of a carpenter, our house is always last on the list. Our little cottage has some good quality Woodmode cabinets but boy are they dated! I have been putting a little bird in my husband’s ear about just freshening up the kitchen by painting the cabinets. Of course, as with all things, if I start it then it will get done. This kit would help get the ball rolling!

  339. Ohh love this product! What a great idea! Were planning on adding some new cabinets to our laundry room this summer and this would be great!!

  340. The evil “occupants” who we bought our house from tried to destroy kitchen cabinets with brown and navy blue paint!! We need that out of here!

  341. I would use this in our kitchen!! We are trying to decide what colors to paint the walls and cabinets right now. Thanks so much!!

  342. I would use the kit for my kitchen. I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets for two years now (since we moved in) and have not been brave enough to just do it. Now with this kit maybe I would finally get it done!

  343. We are planning to paint our orange-y oak cabinets white sometime in the next year. I’m so interested in trying this product! Hope I win. :)

  344. This would be just the push I need to attempt painting my golden oak kitchen cabinets a fresh new color. Keep trying to freshen them up with polish, new hardware, but really would love to add bead board over the laminated wood end pieces and paint everything a nice soothing color. Would completely change my house as it’s a very open floor plan.

  345. I’d use it in my kitchen. We have great cabinets, just a boring off-white color!

  346. Our 1957 kitchen cabinets would get the much needed makeover. Thanks for this opportunity.

  347. I just saw this in the store last weekend and brought home the brochure! So where would I use it? Where would I use it FIRST would be a better question! Kitchen cabinets, on some old furniture, on and on and on… love!!

  348. We call our kitchen the ‘mullet’ of the house! This product would really help fix that!

  349. Every since I have heard about this product I have been thinking this could be the answer to what I need for my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity. The cost savings would be so much instead of replacing everything. Can’t wait to try it out.

  350. This would be awesome to use on some bookcases that I want to use in my kitchen!

  351. I would use the kit to refinish cabinets in our 100 year old farmhouse!

  352. Love it for a bookcase (or two) and a desk my hubby made eons ago that needs some refreshing!

  353. I will love to get this product. I was inspired by your blog and have started redecorating my house. I’ve been really thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets & countertops and this would just be excellent.

  354. The kids’ bathroom has a honey oak cabinet that definitely needs an overhaul.

  355. I would use it in my half bath – it’s next on the list of DIY transformations

  356. My mom just bought a new house and we have been working so hard on it…despite every attempt to make the kitchen cuter we cant get past these terrible cabinets! It would totally transform her kitchen and make her so happy!!!!!! I would love to win this so i could suprise her with the fix she has been waiting for to complete her house before she hosts the housewarming party!

  357. I would use this bad boy in my kitchen!!! 2001 oak cabinets need to be refreshed!!! I have been wanting to go get it but if I could win one this would be great!!!!!

  358. Our kitchen cabinets are in need of some refreshing…maybe a cream color or something slightly darker. I would love to start some home projects in our condo!

  359. We are moving into a new home with some u-g-l-y kitchen cabinets! This product would do the trick.

  360. I cannot afford a new kitchen, and honestly, quite like my white painted solid wood cabinets. They need to be updated, though, perhaps with a fresh new color, instead of white. I would also use this product on the built-ins in my living room surrounding the fireplace. I’ve been wanting to paint them for years, but haven’t had the guts to do so yet …
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  361. I have a rental house that is in desperate need of new kitchen cabinets, but can’t afford to do so just yet. This would be a great solution to fix them up! Thank you Rust-Oleum & CG!

  362. I would love to use it on our kitchen/bathroom cabinets, but alas, we rent… so….

    I have furniture that has needed a paint job for a few years now! (Dresser, bed, chest of drawers, armoire, etc) :D

  363. I have so many cabinets to redo in my house it is hard to know where I would start first. I think the bathroom would be the winner though.

  364. I would redo my kitchen cabnits. They are painted dark brown and look like they are from the sevenities.


  365. I would love to win this! I am wanting to refinish my kitchen cabinets!!!

  366. This is a popular one, but I am dying to transform my honey oak kitchen cabinets into a beautiful white!

  367. I would love to win…I am looking to refinish my laundry cabinets…they are now white. I want a more artistic look…

  368. I would transform the oak linen cabinet I have at the top of my stairs…it is an eye sore.

  369. Every single cabinet in my house could use it, but I would focus first on my 80’s oak kitchen cabinets that drive me crazy every time I enter the room.

  370. I’m excited there is a product out there that can give me the look of custom cabinets. I’d use it on our upstairs bathroom cabinets which would complete that room for our guests.

  371. My old oak kitchen could really use this product! I’ve been highly intrigued since reading your review. Now I just need to get the husband on board :-)

  372. This kit looks amazing. I’d love to try it out! We would change our kitchen cabinets so we can hopefully sell the house!

  373. Hmmm…to buy or win? Win, please! I’d be doing both sets of bathroom cabinets, my bedroom armoire and my stair railings. Already checked it out at my local Home Depot.

  374. I would use this to transform my orangey-red stained kitchen cabinets into the fresh white I’ve always wanted!

  375. I really need to redo my kitchen cabinets….and this product would be perfect! Hope I get lucky!

  376. I would love to use this kit to redo a pine armoire that I have had in my bedroom for almost 17 years. I am so tired of looking at the armoire and I really want to do something different to it!!

  377. I would use this in two places. My now project would be my repurposed cabinet I use as an entertainment center. My future project would be the kitchen in my future home. We will be buying a house and from what I’ve seen in our price range, we’ll be doing a lot of work, so the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit would really help!

  378. That is so cool. I close on a fixer-upper next week and all the cabinets need to be done. Like, all forty-million of them…..this is such a great product. Can’t wait to use it.