Wall Stencil GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley February 8, 2011

Midweek greetings!  I’m on my way to New Orleans today to meet with some of the fantastic folks at RustOleum, and can’t wait to see what they have prepared for a few of us bloggers in attendance!  I always think about regional food when I travel to a new place, and I’m really hoping to savor some good jambalaya while I’m there.  Got any recommendations?  Thankfully this is the last trip across the country for quite some time, whew !

Announcing the winner of the Geezees custom canvas giveaway: #201 Emily C. !    Emily, I’ve emailed your information to the company, expect a contact shortly to start customizing your canvas.

Today, I have another fabulous giveaway, and definitely one that is right on trend.  In the mood to introduce some pattern to your walls?  Well then time to get your hands on a stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils!

Remember last week’s article offering up tips from bloggers on successful stenciling?  Now’s your chance to put all their advice to good use!

Here’s a peek at just a few of the many patterns and styles available:

allover stencil

allover pattern and flower

damask kerry

crysanthemum and acanthus

damask stencil

So many design possibilities!

Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away to three winners a $50 store credit to their shop (that’s enough to purchase most of their stencils!)  Woot!

Eligibility to win one of three $50 shop credits to Cutting Edge Stencils:

1) Hop on over to Cutting Edge Stencils and pick a favorite from their shop, then name it in a comment!

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook, or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (with a link) and then leave a comment telling where you mentioned it (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Sunday February 13th, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST.  Three winners chosen at random.

Good luck everyone, be back very soon!



  1. I’d love the Casablanca Allover Stencil…I’d use it on the back of my built-in bookshelf! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love the Chrysanthemum Twist stencil! I would put it above the chair rail in my dining room. Have fun in NO! You must stop by Commander’s Palace for a delicious meal and get some cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde, of course.

  3. I think I would choose the Moroccan Dream stencil for my living room… LOVE it! I’ve been looking for something like this to distinguish my desk area from the rest of the room.

  4. I love the Rabat Allover LG Scale stencil. It is perfect for our master bedroom remodel

  5. I second the motion to stop at Cafe du Monde! You might even get to catch a Mardi Gras parade while you are there! I am thinking of stenciling our foyer so making a decision will take some thought… Enjoy New Orleans (my hometown)!

  6. I love the Casablanca in the Damask/Allover catagory. I just woke up the other morning thinking about that pattern so it’d be trippy if I won!

  7. I would pick out the Zagora Allover Stencil. I love it on the grey wall that they had shown!

  8. Definitely the Casablanca all over stencil. The trick would be deciding what room to apply it to!

  9. I LOVE the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil. Doing my girls’ room country garden and it would be so beautiful in there.

  10. I am in love with Cutting Edge Stencils. And we’re in the process of buying our first house so this would be perfect timing! I’d chose the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  11. I purused this website earlier in the week after reading the stencil blog and I am in LOVE with the “Demask Rose” and decided I want to use it to do a feature wall in my living room in greys.

  12. I would love the zagora allover stencil! I would put it on a focal wall in my bedroom!

  13. I’m loving the Casablanca all over stencil! It would be really cool to put it in my small bathroom. What a visual effect that would be!

  14. I am loving the Casablanca stencil! I have been wanting to make over the accent wall in our sitting room and this would give me the perfect excuse to get started on it! Thanks!!!

  15. With baby on the way I’d love to do a stencil wall in the nursery. There are so many that I love it’s hard to choose. The Large Fruit Tree would be cute but also the Freedom one. What a great giveaway…Thanks!

  16. I love the Zagora and the Rabat stencils. Either would look great on living room wall in grey!

  17. Weeping Cherry Wall Stencil , just seems so spring-y when it is soooo cold here. Would look GREAT in my funky bathroom

  18. My fave is the Moroccan Dream Stencil. I think it would look really cool on my dining room ceiling, although my neck might not think so!

  19. Greetings from New Orleans!
    If you want Jambalaya, try Coop’s place on Decatur St. in the French Quarter
    It’s pretty close to Cafe du Monde which is always a good place stop.

    Sadly, Mardi Gras day (Fat Tuesday) is one month from today so no parades yet, but you should pick up a King Cake while you’re here!

  20. I’ve been looking for a chrysanthemum stencil for a while and the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil would work really well. Love all the different styles!

  21. I’ve been wanting to stencil some drop cloths to make curtains for my family room. Damask Nadya SM scale would be perfect!!

  22. Wow, you’re right – SO many great options! I’m in love with the Poppy Allover Stencil & would use this in my downstairs bathroom to add a bit of drama… after all, most of my guests would get to see it, so yea!

    As for restaurant suggestions in the Big Easy (My birthplace; that’s right I’m a ragin’ Cajun!) – you’ve got to stop by Napoleon’s for their signature Pimm’s Cup cocktail & I’ve heard the jambalaya is pretty good too, although I thoroughly enjoyed the shrimp pesto pasta salad :-) Story behind this place… It was supposed to be Napoleon’s (yes, THE Napoleon) residence, but unfortunately he died before he could move to NO & enjoy it. Cafe du Monde for cafe au lait & beginets is a must as well as Mother’s for a GREAT po’ boy & hole-in-the-wall atmosphere! Central Grocery is also a classic stop, as they created the “original” muffaletta & Acme for oysters & beer is fantastic :-) Visit the Court of Two Sisters for brunch if you have an opportunity too! Wow… Think I gave you enough recommendations for at least two trips, ha! Enjoy!!!

  23. I LOVE the Casablanca Allover Stencil. That would be just the thing to jazz up my office.

  24. I have been coveting the “Butterfly Dance” for my daughter’s room. She is SOOO in love with butterflies right now!

  25. I love the Large Fruit Tree Stencil, I have visions of putting it my dining room. I also would love to use one of damask patterns for the the top of my craft desk to dress it up. How fun! Thanks for an awesome chance to win one! :)

  26. I love the diamond damask stencil. I’d love to use it on the wall behind the bed in our master bedroom.

  27. I have been eyeing the Geisha Garden Wall for awhile now. I have a big blank wall in my living room that needs some pizzaz!

  28. I love the Zagora Allover Stencil. I can think of so many ways I would use it in my home!

  29. There are so many of these stencils that I love – but I think the “iron gate” stencil would suit my current needs perfectly (behind my grand-grandmother’s china cab in my dining room)!

  30. I’ve been wanting to purchase a stencil for a project I’m thinking about taking on!!!! So many lovelies to choose from :-) but I think the Diamond Damask Stencil (sku:DA010) would be perfect!!
    Thanks for this chance to win a stencil… and commit to my project idea!! :-)
    Off to tweet now!

  31. I would love to try the Lilly Scroll stencil. This would be pretty in our guest bath. Have fun in New Orleans, Kate! I hope you get to enjoy some of the great music and food!

  32. I NEED these stencils for some projects I have planned. I think the Casablanca is my favorite, but I love the Damask Gabrielle, too.

  33. I love the Casablanca all over stencil. It would make for an awesome accent wall in my living room.

  34. I have been looking to do this stencil..Damask Kerry SM scale. Love it. My master bedroom walls are begging for this..:)

  35. Oh my gosh, I have been poring over the site since you first posted the link and have pretty much decided to stencil my entire house!!! I am for sure going to get the Chrysanthemum Grande, though!

  36. I’ve been eyeing the Birch Forest Allover Stencil (DA015) for a while now. I’d love it behind my bed, but I think it’d also look great int he forest-themed nursery I’m doing for my BFF!

    Also: In New Orleans, you’ve GOT to have the alligator & grilled veggies at Mulate’s (right across the street from the convention center). It’s the only place to go!

  37. I love the Damask Stencil Verde! And the allium and parsley too. It’s so hard to choose! LOVED y

  38. Very hard choice! Love them all…would have to pick the fossil stencil for my bathroom.

  39. I’d love the poppy field stencil for the nursery if we get a girl and for my bathroom if it turns out to be a boy!

  40. I love the Trellis stencil! It’s just what my bedroom needs!

    Oh, and my mom makes an amazing jambalaya…she lives about 45 min outside of New Orleans, I’ll come pick you up! ;)

  41. I would love to do our guest room with Rachel’s Garden Stencil. OR maybe Katie’s Brocade Stencil. Love these and really would like to try one in a small area first. :-)

  42. Yes, I too love the Casablanca Allover Stencil! We just bought a house, so I can’t wait to liven up the place with some pattern and color! :)

  43. SQUEAL!!! I want to stencil so bad after seeing your amazing posts! I would LOVE to have the Damask/all over stencil for my bedroom and bathroom!! :)

  44. I love the Zagora! Would look amazing in my home office, the bare white walls need some serious TLC!

  45. Easy peasy! I went over after you posted and picked one for my entry and one for my guest bathroom. We just bought a house and have been remodeling painting and everything! Rabat allover sm scale for the bathroom and Zagora allover for the entry. So fun! I don’t want to tell anyone else on Facebook because I want it to be new when they see it for the first time at my house :)

  46. Love the Damask Anna, I think I’d make a floor cloth or use it on a plain fabric. I love stenciling,I used to do a lot of it in the 90s.

  47. I would LOVE to win this. I want to do some stenciling in our bedroom, bathroom, and possibly kitchen. :)

    I love this pattern, Damask Gabrielle.

  48. I love the poppy allover all stencil … that would probably be my choice. I have the wall picked out for it already!

  49. I’m lovin’ the Moroccan Dream stencil! Lately I’ve been itching to stencil a ceiling…maybe our bedroom or bathroom ceiling?

  50. wow, that’s really hard to pick a favorite, but i would love to try one of these. perhaps moroccan dream.

  51. I love them all! I think the Zinnia one is my favorite though – so fun! Although, the Chrysanthemum one is a close runner up. Can’t decide!

  52. It would take me quite a while to actually pick one favorite, but I would probably have to say it would be one of the damask patterns. So versitile!

  53. Oh my. I love all the damask ones but might have to settle on something more like Zagora for my husband’s tastes! So pretty!

  54. I’d love to redo my laundry room and the Moroccan Dream Overall Stencil would work great . Thanks for a chance to win!

  55. What a great idea… I like the Sakura and Butterflies Wall Stencil or the Damask Gabriella. They are so pretty. I’d probably use it in my little girls room :)

  56. I LOVE the Casablanca Allover stencil! It will be perfect for the bathroom remodel I’m doing for my mom for her birthday! :)

  57. Well, this was harder than I imagined, but I would go with the Zagora Allover Stencil [and I’d pick up the clip on level too]! Great giveaway! This is exactly what my bedroom needs!

  58. I LOVE the Damask Gabrielle. I’ve been looking for something different for my office and this would be perfect!! I soooo hope I win!

  59. My husband and I just decided this weekend to do an allover stencil in the hallway! I really hope we win this!! My favorite was the Entwined pattern you featured here; I also like the Hourglass.

  60. I absolutely ADORE the Dahlia Allover stencil. They have so many I could see myself using! Great giveaway!

  61. I LOVE the Trellis Allover stencil! I’ve been looking for something like this to use in my front hallway!

  62. Wow…so hard to pick just one! I love the damask/allover stencils. I’d have to choose the Missing Link, Damask Gabrielle, Damask Nadya, or Casablanca. All so lovely!

  63. Love the Morrocan Dream for my bedroom. I am definitley going to find a stencil to use on my steps!

  64. Perfect timing for this giveaway, I’ve got to tackle our main bathroom in the next few weeks and a stencil would be a nice touch. I think I’d go with Rabat Allover, but there were so many others that’d be fun too.

    Have fun in N.O.! I can’t wait to see what design tips you come back with–from either the folks at Rustoleum or from the town itself!

  65. Love. Love. Love these…I think I would choose the Damask Harmony Stencil (to start with :)

  66. You really expect me to pick just one??? I guess if I must I’ll go with Allium Twins Flower Stencil. But really. It’s so not fair of you to make me pick.

  67. The Diamond Damask Stencil is my fave…I have been looking for stencils to redo my craft room, and I haven’t been able to find the right one…This would definitely be perfect! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  68. I love the Bon Appetit stencil and know EXACTLY where I’d put it!

    Oh, and I visit NOLA 3-5 times a year (we’re in Alabama, about a 7 hour drive away). We named our baby girl Nola Jean. You must, must, MUST eat at Coop’s Place on Decatur street. They have THE BEST jambalaya. Plus it’s a local-yokel type place which is always fun.

  69. I just ordered one, but I lurve me some Casablanca! Would be happy to win another ;)

  70. OOOhhhh…I love them all, but if I had to pick, I like the peony, any of the damasks, or the tree wall murals…I know just where I would put one…please CHOOSE ME!!!
    Stacey Of Embracing Change

  71. Hourglass Allover stencil is my favorite and I’ve had my eye on this for my master bedroom redo ever since you posted about this stencil company. It will go perfect with my new West Elm bedding I got last week!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Enjoy New Orleans!

  72. Oh! My husband and I are planning to paint our long and boring hallway, and my eyes totally bugged out when I saw these. I’m dying for a geometric pattern, and in some kind of tone-on-tone in pink. It’s the Rabat Allover LG Scale in particular that’s calling out to me…. Love it.

  73. I also facebooked this giveaway! (Again I would love the Whispering Elms Wall Pattern Kit!!)

  74. There are so many great patterns, it’s hard to choose! I love the Moroccan Dream or the Casablanca, either for our bedroom or living room, so cute! I’m also dying for the Zinnia in the nursery!

  75. Hmmm.. this is hard because they are all so unique. I am going to have to pick Damask Kerry (love both the large and small) because of the versatility of the design. I can change it up in a number of ways.

  76. I love soooo many of these!! But I think the Iron Gate Allover is my favorite…such a hard decision!

  77. I LOVEEEEE the Rabat Lg Scale stencil. I was actually just looking at their etsy shop last night since I am too scared to attempt to wallpaper my room!

  78. I like the Rabat Allover LG stencil- I love large patterns… Ooooh and the Rachel’s Brocade! What a great selection of stencils! Trellis! pretty

  79. This giveaway comes at the perfect time! After your post last week I haven’t stopped thinking about doing this. I even painted the base color in my foyer over the weekend! It’s b/w
    Entwined Allover Stencil and Missing Link Allover Stencil and Trellis Allover Stencil


  80. Love the Rabat Allover SM scale stencil. . .can already picture it in my guest bedroom!

  81. OMG love the damask prints, but I really love the ceiling medallions! What a great give away, thanks!

  82. I have been wanting to win a stencil for forever, so thanks for the giveaway! I am still in love with the iron gate all over stencil but the casablanca is mighty tempting too…I need to do something with my bedroom but just don’t have room in the budget to do it right now…fingers crossed!!

  83. I love the birch forest stencil. Birch trees are my favorite and I really miss them from my childhood home in NH. And since I can’t plant them down south, it would be nice to bring them into my home on the walls.

  84. At the risk of following the crowd, Rabat Allover and Casablanca are beautiful. They would be snazzy in a very boring bathroom I need to love!

  85. Acacia is my favorite, I am trying to gather the courage to buy it, so winning it would be the best!!

  86. I LOVE the Rabat allover LG scale! I would love to use that on the wall behind my media center!

  87. I love the Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil. It is exactly what I’m looking for to do a mural above our bed in the master bedroom.

  88. Love, love, love their single damask design. I would love to use it in a tone on tone print in my sewing room. I’m also crazy for a trellis. I’d like to do an allover, shiny print in my bathroom to liven it up a little.

  89. I would love to try the Casablanca stencil in my bedroom! I’ve used Cutting Edge Stencils to do birds in my kitchen and they are really nice!

  90. I never thought I would be able to dress up my foyer — it’s little more than a hallway — but the Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil would be a great way to add some interest to an otherwise empty space! I’m picturing it in a metallic paint to really add some style!

  91. Oh my gosh! They have exactly the one I’ve been looking for! I loved your trellis that you did, but it just wasn’t “Me”; I found “Lilly Scroll” that is PERFECT!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  92. Funny, I was just on their site not even two hours ago eying the Chrysanthemum Grande stencil. I’m stuck in military housing and our master bedroom layout leaves little to be desired, as we look at our closet doors while laying in bed. I was thinking about stenciling the doors to bring them some life and the Chrysanthemum Grande goes perfectly with our bedding!

  93. I love the Zegora All Over Stencil. I’ve been wanting to do something like that in my family room and this would definitely be the incentive.

  94. My two favorites are the Zagora Allover Stencil and the Casablanca Allover Stencil. We’re closing on our first house next week, and I’d love to use a stencil in one of our rooms!

  95. I so want to try the Casablanca All Over stencil in my bedroom I’m redoing. It would be so exciting to win!!!

  96. The Hermitage Acanthus Coffer Stencil is just gorgeous. And I love the Hourglass Stencil and the Lily Scroll Stencil. Actually, they are all beautiful.

  97. Oh. Em. Gee. How to choose?!? I really love any of the Moroccan styles, but I think my favorite is Moroccan Dream. I would love to do a monochromatic wall behind my bed using it. Ahhh…love.

  98. I love the hourglass stencil! I really want to do a stencil on the wall behind our bed once we remodel our master bedroom/bathroom.

  99. Ahh..these are not your Mother’s stencils……I really love Zagora & Rabat stencils….eiher would be awesome or both for different rooms! Is that to much?!!

  100. My favorite is the Iron Gate stencil. But since I already have the Irongate and the Allover Peony stencil, I would go for Rabat Allover LG scale. I just used the Irongate on my wall this weekend. Check out my website above if you want to see pictures.

  101. So many to pick from, but the first thing I would do would be our powder room in either the Broken Links or Casablanca. So pretty!

  102. Shared on Facebook – and promptly told my friends if they enter and win they need to fork over the prize to me. ;)

  103. I love the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil. I think it would look fun in a teen girl’s room!

  104. So many to choose from…my mood right now is like the Allium Gladiator Flower Stencil.

  105. Wow, there are so many to choose from! So pretty. I really like the Damask Rose as well as the Lilly Scroll. One of the Damask ones might be just what my daugther’s room needs…will have to give it some thought.

  106. Yay! I have a wall in my dining room that I have been planning to stencil for months. The Brocade#1 would be PERFECT, so please pick me! ;)

  107. Loving the Rabat Allover LG scale stencil. Would love to try something new in the entry way!

  108. I love Casablanca. I have been price comparing for the last couple weeks and this is the best price I’ve found. My living room is going to look amazing with this. I have a whole other plan for my baby girl’s room that involves Damask Gabrielle. I hope I win, so I can do it sooner rather than later.

  109. LOVE LOVE the Zagora allover! We move into a new (old) house this month, and I’m ready to get that renovation going! Wahoo!

  110. oh great giveaway! i have been trying to find the hourglass pattern for drapes but maybe the way to go is a stenciled wall and neutral drapes! thanks for the chance!!

  111. Go have the poboy sliders at Stanley in New Orleans. They are a delicious but unique sampling of the local cuisine and Stanley overlooks Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral right in the muddle of the French Quarter!

  112. I would love this stencil pattern painted on my front door (inside and out): Damask Anastasia

  113. I would love the Rabat Stencil- It would look absolutly lovely in my Dining room!!!

  114. Oh my! These are all gorgeous. I’d have to go with the Rabat All Over Lg Scale for the large empty wall in my living room that I have waited and waited to finish with just the right thing, and this could be it!

  115. I really love the Casablanca stencil. It would be quite the upgrade for my powder roonm.

  116. SO many gorgeous ones to choose from. I love the Birch Forrest allover stencil and the Poppy allover stencil. The poppy one is exactly the same as the print i used on my wedding invitations! LOVE!!

    Have posted to my facebook


  117. So hard to pick just one favorite! I’m thinking the Casablanca stencil would look great on the walls in my home office (you’ve inspired me to finally finish the room, Kate!). The damask stencil would look fabulous in my dining room.

  118. I need to win this, I was thinking about trying to paint a pattern like Casablanca by hand :) The stencil would be a lot faster! lol!

  119. I love these… absolutely gorgeous. I’d go for the Rabat Allover LG scale and would love to have on my accent wall in the living room.

  120. There is so much loveliness on that site.. I think the funky wheel stencil might be my favorite, but there are so many to choose from!

  121. I love the All over Damask. I’ve actually been looking for a stencil for my living room. Awesome!

  122. They are all so gorgeous!! I really love the Casablanca Allover Stencil. So classic and stunning!

  123. I would love the agora allover stencil for our master bedroom, which is in great need of an update! Thanks for this giveaway!

  124. I absolutely love the Damask Kerry SM scale! I have a Damask fettish and have done a few decorating and upholstering with it. My master bedroom is in need of some Damask on the luscious chocolate walls that I already have! I WOULD LOOOOOOOOOOVE it if you pick me!!! : )

  125. It’s so hard to choose a favorite! I love the birch forest, casablanca, and chrysanthemum grande. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  126. I’ve been drooling over the Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils for MONTHS! I would absolutely love to win! I also posted about the give-a-way on my Facebook as well. Two entries for me please =)

  127. Oh Gosh! I’m torn between the Zegora and the Casablanca! I have BIG plans for the master bedroom!!

  128. I really love the Rabat Allover stencil- such a classy detail, without be over-bearing!

  129. I just last week decided that what one of the walls in my living room needed was a stenciled accent. For reals! I’m leaning towards the Rabat Allover SM stencil. Fingers crossed!

  130. My husband actually wants wallpaper but I am fighting it. I bet I could talk him into a wall stencil like Acacia Allover Stencil.

  131. Definitely the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I’ve been planning on starting the stenciling and was thinking of making one out of cardboard. Unpleasant task! I would LOVE to win and have a real stencil :)

  132. I am loving the wall damask LG and I love the way they used it in the pic on the web!!

  133. I am dooling over the Moroccan Dream Stencil!! It would be perfect for my powder room:)

  134. I have been eyeing the Large Rabat Pattern for my bedroom for a long time! I also love the Apsen pattern but haven’t picked a place for it yet.

  135. I love the Rabat Allover SM scale but also the Casablanca Allover stencil. I’ve been looking at these lately and have been wanting to try one.

  136. The Aladdin Allover stencil will look great on my blank white walls along with my souvenirs I brought back from a recent trip to India!

  137. Any of the Damask Stencils would do—but I am leaning towards the Gabrielle just for a dramatic look in our master bedroom! What a great giveaway!

  138. “Weeping cherry wall” stencil is my favorite. But I might need someone to help me pick the paint color!

  139. Oh my- to choose, to choose…….I’ll go with the Houndstooth Allover! Come to mama, baby!!! I can picture you on my hall ceiling!

  140. Ohhh, soo many to choose, if I can only pick one, I would go with the Casablance Allover Stencil.

  141. I would clearly choose Casablanca infact”I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”!!!

  142. Too many awesome ones to choose from! I guess I have to go with Casablanca Allover. I think it would look great in my bathroom.

  143. I’ve been looking at their stencils for quite some time now, can never quite choose THE ONE. Right now, I would say the Casablanca Allover stencil, but every time I look, I change my mind! :)

  144. I love the Damask Nadya pattern. There are also a few trellis patterns I love as well. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  145. So many pretty choices. Having never stenciled before I would have to keep it safe and go for the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil. I think it would be perfect to use in my daughter’s bedroom.

  146. I love the Moroccan stencil or Casablanca one! They’d look great on the blank wall in my dining room! :)

  147. Wow, I love so many of their stencils, but the chrysanthemum grande is my current favorite. Not sure I’m gutsy enough to use it, but it’s really cool!

  148. I love the Rabat Allover LG Scale stencil!! I’ve been waiting to do this on the wall of my master bedroom!! Just got the paint, now all I need is this stencil.

  149. There are so many to choose from, but I really like the Floral Filigree Wall Art Stencil! I hope I win :)

  150. I’ve been itching to stencil a pretty pattern inside my pantry, and the Casablanca allover stencil would be perfect!

  151. Love the Damask Stencil Anna for my master closet and Rabat Allover LG scale for my entry way. Thanks!

  152. Love the Casablanca. I have been thinking about ordering it to stencil a rug on my back porch. I need some pattern and oomph in that bland area. Thanks so much to you and Cutting Edge Stencils for doing this giveavay!!!

  153. I seriously can’t decide between the Casablanca Allover Stencil or the Zagora Allover Stencil, however, either would look divine when we finish the lower level to our home!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  154. I love the Rachel’s Garden Stencil. I want to paint one wall in my bedroom a rich plum purple. Then i would use this stencil and a khaki/linen paint, which is the same color as the rest of my bedroom walls. I think in the adjoining bathroom, i would reverse this. Khaki/linen wall with plum purple stencil on top. Now how to implement this in the walk in closet?

  155. It would have to be the Diamond Damask for my dining room, but I love the Zagora allover for my master bathroom! How is a girl to decide? Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway– their site is a fantastic resource!

  156. I adore the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I can’t get enough of it. And I love Rust-Oleum. I’m so jealous that you get to hang with them!

  157. LOVING the Zagora! Don’t know if I could manage that precision, but would love to try!

  158. This is something I’ve been wanting to do!!! And, oh my goodness… what a tough decision. I’m really drawn to the Irongate All Over Stencil.

  159. I loved to have 3 of them for my home: Birds on a Branch Wall Art Stencil, Chandelier, and Brocade No. 1 stencil! I shared the link on FB!

  160. I love Damask Stencil Anna, Casablanca Allover Stencil, Moroccan Dream Stencil……. There’s so many gorgeous ones!!!

  161. I am LOVING the Casablanca Allover Stencil. l have a slight lattice print obsession….

    Also, in New Orleans go to Stanley on Jackson Square. Best. Breakfast. Ever.

    NOLA is my favorite city so much art, character and awesome cuisine.

  162. I love the Peony Dream Wall Pattern Kit or the Damask Kerry LG scale! So many great ones!

  163. Love the Flying Birds stencil. Would look so great on a ceiling in a nursey. I am getting other ideas for other rooms as well.

  164. LOVE the Casablanca stencil! And it’s probably the only thing I haven’t used in my ever-changing guest room.

  165. I am all over the Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil! I would also LOVE to do the entire length of my living & dining in the Entwined all over Stencil. LOVE!

  166. Oh, wow. This is so great! I love quite a few of them. Entwined Allover & Rabat Allover LG & Damask Kerry are my three overall favorites. If I HAD to pick one, gaaaaa, I’d choose Entwined.

  167. I have recently become addicted to all over wall stencils. I would love the Trellis stencil for my bathroom, and the whole house ;)

  168. i have been drooling over the casablanca allover stencil for months… kristinmik at gmail

  169. I <3 the Damask Nadya!

    Wow! How jazzy!

    I'm preparing for a baby shower as we speak & that is her exact nursery print! Oh how I'd love to surprise her with that!!!

  170. I love the Casablance allover stencil. I’m thinking- I would like to do the stencil in the guest bathroom. It’s a little boring in there currently and needs a kick without to much clutter.

  171. I love the Spring Songbirds stencil. It would be perfect for a little girl’s nursery!

  172. It’s a toss up of either the Casablanca all over stencil or the Damask Kerry small scale….or maybe the large scale…to many choices they are all fabulous!

  173. So many great choices! Like many I finally decided that the Casablanca allover is my favorite = but the Moroccan Dream is nice as well! :)

  174. i want stencil happiness on my walls!!!
    my fav is the Chrysanthemum Grande stencil. gorgeous.
    new to your blog…it’s wonderful :)

  175. I would love to use the Bon Appetit stencil on a large canvas for the dining room! Great selection of beautiful stencils.

  176. Ive been watching these since you first mentioned them. I like the zagora as well as the poppies – great in a powder room!

  177. Fav. has to be the Moroccan inspired allover stencil “Casablanca”. simple but not!

  178. There are so many beautiful stencils to choose from–the peonies, the bird stencils, so many all over stencils I love…

  179. The Casablanca stencil is my favorite — graphic elegance. I’d love to use it to give my sad powder room some interest!

  180. I have considered stenciling the kick portion of stairs – a black or creamy white stencil on stained wood. Love so many, but I think I would choose the Arabesque Striped Wall Stencil!

  181. I love love love Rabat Allover LG scale. It would make my bedroom walls look amAzing!!

  182. I LOVE the Rabat Allover LG Scale stencil!! I’m thinking my master bedroom would look so much better with a face lift! :)

  183. I was literally just looking at these wall stencils! love them! and was thinking about using some on some canvas for wall art!

  184. I’m thinking any of the branches with birds would be perfect for my avian themed guest bedroom. They are beautiful!

  185. Zagora allover for me! Seeing these all over blogland has me itching to do it in my living room.

  186. What a great giveaway! My favorite is either the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil or the Spring Songbirds wall stencil. Beautiful!

  187. I absolutely love many of the allover stencils. My faves are: Casablanca, Moroccan Dream, and Rabat Allover. Great giveaway, thanks! :-)

  188. I love, love, love the Zagora all over stencil. I’ve been eyeing it for some time! In fact, even if I don’t win I’m going to purchase it!

  189. what amazing choices! HGTV has been all about wall stencils lately, funny this site should be brought to my attention? Hmmm… we just painted the office to be more manly, and my Man just happens to love the birch trees… I would have to go with the Birch Stencil. It would look awesome!

  190. I love them ALL, but if I had to choose ONE, it would be the Chrysanthemum Grande Stencil. It would look amazing in my living room!

  191. I would LOVE to win this – I REALLY would love to stencil my powder room. I’d pick the Hourglass Allover stencil. Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. I hae been lusting over the medium sari paisley for my bathroom. Blue gray walls with a muted cream stencil. I can see it now! Thanks

  193. I love the Damask Anna and Danielle stencil, I am going to redo my daughters room from her nursery to her big girls room and totally would love to do a stencil… Great giveaway!!!!

  194. I love the Zagora Allover Stencil! I want to stencil my bedroom so bad! I love you blog too!

  195. I love the rabat. The post on wall patterns got me so inspired, i would love this!!!

  196. I still have an accent wall to paint in our living room and I love the Entwined Allover Stencil. But then I always go back to the Casablanca!

  197. I really like the Amazon allover stencil. It would look great over our mantle, maybe with a faux frame made from trim! Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. Help a poor teacher out!!! I am LOVING the Entwined and Moroccan Allover Stencil as an accent wall in my office.

  199. I absolutely LOVE Aladdin Allover! It’s amazing and could be used in so many colors and areas! I

  200. Oooohhh the damask or brocade I cant decide they are all so appealing. All I know is I have my wall painted and ready to go!!! Hahaha just have to pick a stencil. Thanks for the giveaway.

  201. They could all be beautiful… it is so hard to pick one!! I would love the Zagora pattern for my mini mud room.

  202. I am totally in love with the Poppy Allover Stencil. So many beautiful ones to choose from. Thanks for the chance to win.

  203. hard decision – i think either the damsk kerry smale scale or the rabat allover large scale. decisions!

  204. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Moraccan Dream Stencil. I am inspired by the colors they chose in the stock photo!

  205. I see why everyone is having a hard time deciding! I really like the Rabat Allover LG scale. Beautiful in the gray they used too! Would love to use this in my bedroom.

  206. Oh, that’s an easy one– the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I’ll have a pantry soon, and I want it to look like Shelley’s from House of Smiths!

  207. I can’t choose just one. Looking for something to do in my girls’ room & maybe my dinning room. Love Nadya SM scale, Rabat Sm scale & the Zinnia grande flower!!! Decisions, decisions!

  208. Thank you for the chance to win one of these great stencils! I would love the Damask Anna.

  209. Love the Virginia Creeper Wall Art Stencil. Absolutely beautiful for my new sewing room !! :)

  210. I love the rabat allover stencil! I was just saying earlier today that my fireplace would pop even more with a metallic design on it!!!

  211. I love the Casablanca Allover stencil! It reminds me of the one you did in your master bedroom.
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  212. I shared the stencil giveaway on my facebook page, i think these stencils are a great addition to any room and clutter free!!

  213. I love the Scroll Alessa SM or the Casablanca Allover Scroll! I love them all!

  214. So hard to choose a favorite, but like so many others, I love the Casablanca Allover stencil.

  215. Morrocan Dream would be beautiful on my entryway wall. We just bought our “dream home” fixer up and can’t believe all of the wonderful things you have accomplished. Thank you for showing me anything can be done. :-)

  216. I’ve been planning to create a Mom Cave with an accent wall. The Damask Gabrielle would be the perfect alternative to wallpaper!

  217. The Chrysanthemum Twist (14 inch) would be completely awesome in the powder room! We’ve been looking for something to give it a little pop! Although if my my geologist husband gets a look at those fossil stencils we might end up with a different look entirely, lol!

  218. My mind is cranking full speed at all the wonderful uses I can get out these wonderful stencils. I have some plans for a dresser and a wall involving the Houndstooth Large Scale Allover Stencil.
    So many possibilities so little time!