Sour Cream Enchiladas

By Kate Riley February 8, 2011

There was a time I was forbidden to make these.  I used to make them every now and then, but my husband complained that he couldn’t stop eating them, so I was asked not make them ever again.  Never never never.  When it comes to these favorites, I don’t listen very well.  

I love these enchiladas, they make me happy.  Whenever a friend has a baby, this is my go to recipe, I whip up a large batch!  They are my go to recipe whenever a friend comes home from the hospital, like our good friend Mike last weekend.  They are my go to recipe when we watch the Superbowl.  And always whenever I crave comfort food, and don’t care about the effects on my waistline. 

This is my mother’s recipe, given to me when I left home.  You are free to thank her for the tastiness inside, and also blame her for any pounds that creep up after eating them.   

green enchiladas on plate


Simple Sour Cream Enchiladas


4 chicken breasts, fully cooked & shredded

2 dozen white corn tortillas

1 16 oz. can green enchilada sauce

2 ounces additional green chiles

14 oz. sour cream

4 cups shredded cheese (Jack or Mexican blend)

*using nonfat sour cream and lowfat cheese will decrease the calories!


Mix all ingredients together, reserving 1.5 cup cheese, 2 ounces green chile sauce, and 3 ounces sour cream for topping.  Heat corn tortillas 4 or 5 at a time in microwave on high for 30 seconds, then spoon 3 tablespoons of the mixture into the heated tortillas.  (Heating them helps avoid cracking when you roll them up!)  

enchilada mix

Spray a large Pyrex or glass dish with cooking spray (you may need an extra dish), then align enchiladas in a row inside.  Blend remaining sour cream and green chile sauce together and spoon over enchiladas.  Top with remaining shredded cheese.

sour cream sauce

Cover with aluminum foil and bake in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. 

  Makes 20-24 enchiladas.

Garnish with fresh cilantro (which I didn’t have) and if you like spice, extra green sauce.

Easy peasy, and oh so yummy.

green enchiladas on plate






  1. Thank you, Kate’s mom. ;) I loooove enchiladas. I really just love good Mexican food. :) I don’t get to make many cheesy recipes b/c my husband (weirdo!) doesn’t like cheese. :( Your recipe looks absolutely yummy!! I posted a recipe for spinach artichoke dip today…stop by if you have a chance. :)

  2. You are so right…add some sweet cornbread and maybe a little spanish rice = pure comfort food!!!!

    This recipe looks like a real keeper…thanks for sharing!

    Janet xox

  3. Oh those look so yummy! thank you so much for sharing. We always have a mexican dinner on Sundays. I am going to make this for sundays dinner with mexican rice and chips with queso!


  4. Wow these look great. I have some leftover pork roast that I will use instead of chicken and I am sure it will be de-lish! Having them tonight! Thanks! p.s. I am a blog stalker coming out of hiding! :)

  5. I make the same thing but we’ve always used cream of ______ soup instead of the green enchilada sauce. I’m going to have to try that next time!

  6. I think you just gave me my dinner for tonight. I happen to have all of the ingredients and two avocados to make some guacamole to go with it. Yummy…thanks. BTW I am having my second ever blog party. The link opens up tonight at 8pm EST. I would love for you to stop by and join in for the fun. Thanks.

  7. Ole’, indeed! These look divine!

    Would you believe I never once had an enchilada when I was growing up? Not until I was an adult did I discover the yumminess of enchiladas. That’s probably a good thing; I was a chubby teenager as it was. One more delicious thing might have been too much for me to handle!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Oh my word! Those look and sound amazing, I will have to give them a try. I have a feeling my husband will have the same reaction as yours! ;)

  9. Yum! This is nearly identical to my green chile chicken enchilada recipe… I do add green onions, tabasco and some Worchestershire to my chicken mixture (worchestershire in enchilada… I’m all about breakin’ rules). Anything with sour cream is A-OK in my book :)

  10. My friend gave me almost this exact recipe 10 years ago. It is so easy but this method is even easier!
    I boil a chicken and shread the meat. Then saute onions and 2 cans of green chiles(it gets the chiles to release quite a bit of liquid to drain off) and mix with the chicken.
    I never thought of nonfat sour cream and low fat cheese but I will substitute those too because the green sauce has so much flavor it probably won’t matter.
    My kids both decided they like (healthy!) green chile sauce and enjoy it in other dishes as a condiment because of this dish. That is great because we live in San Diego,CA near the Mexican border where there are taco shops with delicious mexican food everywhere :)

  11. I used to make something similar to this in college, but for the same reason as your husband I haven’t made them for years. I can tell right away this recipe is MUCH BETTER. Thank you for the inspiration – I’m going to be making some of these next week!

  12. Speaking of Tortillas – If you have Safeway near you, I checking to see if your location has the white corn / flour tortilla (they are not a national brand, I can’t remember the name), but if you’re not gluten free, they are my favorite!

  13. Yum! I make a different version which my family loves and which we happen to be having tonight. Basically, shredded or cubed cooked chicken, sauteed bell peppers, onion, garlic, jalapeno, few shakes of chili powder, salt & pepper, shredded cheddar or mexican blend cheese. Then the sauce is a can of cream of chicken soup (light is fine), mixed with 8 oz of sour cream (light is fine), and about a 1/4-1/2 cup of milk heated up in a sauce pan. Mix about a 1/2 cup of sauce into the mixture. Fill the soft tacos (flour or corn), roll, dump the rest over the top of enchiladas in a 9×12. Bake 30 min. then top with more cheese, and then bake uncovered 10 min more. Yummy goodness. I like that you can adjust the spiciness for your audience. My kids don’t mind spicy but some do.

  14. That looks wonderful! And it is gluten free, so we can have it! Thanks so much for the recipe! :)

  15. My mother-in-law has a recipe that is similar, only her sour cream is warmed with chicken broth and poured over the top. When we were dating, she made it for dinner. I remember looking at the pale enchiladas and the white chicken broth mixture and thinking I couldn’t possilby eat that…but my boyfriend’s mother made it, so I tried it. Loved it. It is such a great combination of flavors and gooey cheese. I actually like your recipe better as it is a bit easier. We will be having these soon!

  16. Looks DIVINE!!!! I make a version like this passed down from my grandma but can’t wait to prepare your recipe!!!! YUMMY!

  17. I used to hate enchiladas until I had them like this. Now I can’t make these too often for the same reason as your husband says- they’re TOO good!

  18. So funny…I just said to someone the other day…I want to know how to make enchilada’s…and whala! here is your post!!!! Thank you!!! =)

  19. love, love, love this blog! one of my absolute favorites. stunning images – beautiful layouts – amazing inspirations. keep up the amazing work!

    please check out my new blog & follow if you’d like :)


  20. Really this isn’t so bad; I added up all the calories and a serving of two enchiladas is only 330 calories and if you use reduced fat, it comes out to be about 280 for two. That’s not a lot of calories if this is your main dish (or unless you eat several servings!).

  21. And now officially forbidden to post pictures of these. Must have this NOW! I’m making sour cream enchiladas from the Better Homes recipes tonight – making chicken ahead of time in the crock pot. Your picture made me REALLY EXCITED to make dinner tonight (when does THAT happen?)

    Also officially switched from XIM primer to Zinnser per your fabulous renovations. Love it!

  22. So I just made this for dinner and YUM! My husband will now be requesting this every week, I can tell you already!

  23. I made these for dinner tonight and all three of my kids (and hubby!) inhaled them! I added a small package of cream cheese (I know! I know!). Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  24. Oh boy do I love enchiladas! I have wanted to make them for years, but have that a waistline problem to think about. Maybe I will just go for it!

  25. White enchiladas Sounds so yummy!!! I have alwaysmade them with red sauce but I think I have had something similar but with crabmeat instead and served on a bed of black beans. I am def giving this recipe a try!!

  26. This is a go to recipe in my house as well, only I use a jar of salsa instead of the green enchilada sauce. Yours look so creamy and lovely. I think I have to try this for a variation. They look so good!

  27. yum! I totally make these with spinach and sauteed onions added in (and mushrooms if no one is picky that way). I love sour cream enchiladas way more than tomato ones. My mom gave me the recipe too.

  28. I make these almost exactly like you do except I use my crock pot! I put chix breast in the crock pot with a jar of salsa. Let it cook all day and then it comes out all nice and shredded. I use lf cream cheese instead of sour cream! So delish!!!

  29. Omg….this looks so good. I’ve never made enchiladas before. I’m definitely going to try it now. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  30. I made these tonight; they were yummy! I live in Boston and didn’t find green enchilada sauce (I used green taco sauce) but I don’t think it made much of a difference. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  31. I made these for dinner last night and made enough to share a pan with my new mama friend who is coming home from the hospital. I picked up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and shredded that. What a quick, delicious meal, thanks for sharing. I’ll be making these again!!!

  32. I know how you feel when you eat sourcream enchiladas. My mom has a recipe that has cream of chicken, sour cream, cream of celery and a can of diced chillis and I could prob. eat a whole casserole dish full of this stuff! I could eat it without the tortillas! haha I’m thinking about doing this dish your way for mothers day dinner though :)

    I hope she loves it like you do!

  33. Have you ever put these in the freezer to cook at later time? Wondering if they are as good as freshly prepared and cooked. I’m trying to stock my freezer with after baby delivery meals.

  34. So i’ve had this book marked FOR EV ER but i finally made them last night, and can I just say WOW. We LOVED them! I’ve never made enchiladas before, and I was thrilled with how good they were. Thanks for sharing!

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