Inspired by the Blossoms

By Kate Riley February 22, 2011

One of the things I love about seasons are those moments when they reveal themselves.  Like when the leaves turn in fall, or when that first snow falls in winter.  Sure, winter is magical during the holidays, and even through January.  Then comes that longing for warmer weather, so we wait and wait for the deciduous trees to come back to life and show us a sign that spring is near. 

Well looky loo, look at you, so nice to see you again.  

blossoms with house


Spring is still technically several weeks away, but the first way it reveals itself around here is when the cherry and plum trees blossom.  You’re driving around, still wearing your winter clothes, bemoaning the dreariness, thinking you just can’t take it anymore.  Then all of a sudden, there’s a sea of pink blossoms around town in late February and it’s spectacular. 

I’m not the only one to stop and smell them, I spy my neighbors pausing to appreciate them too.  I’m sure you must stop and smell them too when they bloom in your state. 

blossom branches


Cherry and plum tree blossoms are one of my most favorite shows in nature, but unfortunately there’s a big storm headed our way, which means we will lose most of the blooms.  No fair spring, you’re such a tease.

I was inspired by the brief show this year, so I thought to preserve it by painting a simple sprig on a candle for my bathroom with some ceramic paints.

blossom candle


I had this set of Folk Art paints in my stash, leftover from my monogrammed plate experiment, so I decided to get crafty with an inexpensive candle.  You can use any kind of glass container, I chose a skinny prayer candle.   

paint for glass


I freehanded the branch and the blossoms ~ two layers of paint works best. 

pink blossom


I discovered the best tool for correcting the design is waiting ten minutes for your first layer to dry somewhat, then using a small flat head screwdriver to scrape any unwanted paint. 

flat head screwdriver etching

Ceramic paints cure fully in a few weeks (or after baking in the oven, but ya can’t be doin’ that with a candle!)


Just a little detail added inside the blooms . . .



. . . and that’s my sweet but simple blossom candle.

blossom candle


A whimsical expression that will last a bit longer than these . . .

blossoms in vase


Spring spring spring! 

It’s almost here, can you feel it? 




  1. That is so awesome – I want one!!! Can you do a little Etsy shop :)

    Thanks for sharing a taste of spring – what state are you in (I know, confusion right? old joke I know)? Here in Virginia we’re just seeing a small outcropping of daffodils breaking through the soil. Sooo glad to see those signs of spring. I’ve already decorated my mantle for spring. Sorry. Just couldn’t wait!

  2. Those blossoms just blessed my heart. I let out a “ooooooh”. That first photo is just perfect-it is picturesque, makes me long for spring, and brought back wonderful memories of home.

  3. I live for the coming of spring! But I won’t see blossoms until maybe the April or May! :'( When you live in the north, spring comes late. We’ll be having snow storms still in March! Your photos are beautiful though, it gives me something to look forward to.

  4. The cherry and plum blossoms right now are just beautiful! I was soaking them all in yesterday on my walk with our dog. I was praying our storm passes by so that we can enjoy the blossoms longer. Your candle is beautiful and a gorgeous photo with your new camera!

  5. This is so refreshing! Your neighborhood reminds me of some of our old houses here, altho’ we’re not near ready for our blossoms to pop out yet. Very lovely, where you live.
    It just occurred to my friends and I–wouldn’t a lighted candle help to cure that paint? Or would it make it bubble with too much heat? That particular kind of candle canact like a chimney. Thay get very hot in a short time once lit!
    Rose & Friends

  6. This is so refreshing! Your neighborhood reminds me of some of our old houses here, altho’ we’re not near ready for our blossoms to pop out yet. Very lovely, where you live.
    It just occurred to my friends and I–wouldn’t a lighted candle help to cure that paint? Or would it make it bubble with too much heat? That particular kind of candle can act like a chimney. They get very hot in a short time once lit!
    Rose & Friends

  7. One more month ’til the National Cherry Blossom Festival, but I think the show in our neighborhood is far more spectacular than the one a few minutes away in DC. I’m not quite ready though since the festival was accompanied by 90+ degree temps that lasted for waaaaay too long last year.

  8. We’re having another snowstorm this morning, so no, I can’t feel spring yet. I made the mistake of wandering through the gardening section at Walmart last night and got myself all excited for planting and decorating the yard. Then I walked outside to wind chills of -30C.

  9. Oh for that breath of fresh air, so to speak! I love what you did with the candle — so crisp and pretty against your white bathroom. Great little pick-me-ip inspiration. :)

  10. That is a beautiful idea! Every time I see cherry blossoms, I think back to our wedding day…we had them on our cake and it was my favorite part of our wedding. I just recently found your website and now have about a million ideas to keep myself occupied while my hubby is deployed next year!

  11. Seeing those photos of the blossoms made me want to kiss the computer screen! I’m so excited my husband finally decided we can move back to our home state of California. It’s been a very long 7 years and I sooooo can’t wait to be HOME! I don’t last very long in the winter, so I need the mild, short winters of California!! :)

  12. Thanks Kate, I needed to see something other than this white crap we have on the ground here! We got TEN INCHES of snow last night. BBBBOOOOOO!!!!!!! I can not wait for spring. And that’s coming from a girl who loves winter! :)

  13. I’m with Paula and Paige – we got 3-4 inches more inches of snow last night in Alberta. Spring is months away for this girl…

  14. For us it’s spring when the crocuses poke their heads up through the snow. Yes, snow. Loads and loads of it here in Michigan. In fact my nephews have their second snow day in a row today. I look forward to when the wild Dogwood trees start to bloom — that’s a sure sign that warmer weather is finally around the corner.

  15. OMG! You already have blossoms? I am sooo jealous. DC just had a light dusting of snow after a nice weekend of fairly warm weather (50’s – 70’s). The blossoms are gorgeous.

  16. Spring IS a tease! We had 60 degree weather last week, and woke up to ice this morning. :) I love cherry blossoms! You recreated the blooms very nicely. Love that you used a candle…b/c it will definitely last longer! I Stumbled your post. :)

  17. I’m so jealous that your cherry blossoms are starting to come out! They are my favorite part of spring… most of the neighborhoods and roads around here are lined with them, so when thye bloom, its just gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing the pics of them- it’s making me super excited to have them start popping up around here soon!

  18. oh i am so envious of those beautiful branches! i can’t wait to see something flowering around here. but we just got snow last night, so don’t think that will happen too soon. love the glass candle holder- it looks so bright and lovely!

  19. So pretty. Cherry blossoms just make me think of a Japanese tea house. Ultimate zen.
    Too bad we just got another bout of snow here … we won’t see cherry blossoms for another 5-6 weeks

  20. Beautiful!! Ugh, I so wish that things were starting to blossom, but here in seacoast New Hampshire we still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground. It’s not unlikely for us to get snowstorms through March and early April. Send some of your Spring this way, please!! :)

  21. OMG! I’m so jealous right now. I could use a burst of color like that to boost my mood…dreary Iowa day here and word on the street is more snow…ugh. I’ll be visiting this post over and over until I see green grass here, I’m just sayin’.

    Have a great day!

  22. I do love cherry blossoms. Could I paint them?…probably not. But, your candle is lovely.
    Lila Ferraro

  23. I love the bright pink blooms. We get can always tell spring is coming where I live by the Redbud and Bradford Pear trees. It’s always so refreshing to know that sunshine and warm breezes are near!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I am soooo ready for spring!

  24. Wow, those blooms are beautiful! Like others I am also waiting patiently for Spring to come in the Northeast… unfortunately it will be quite a while!

  25. Oh beautiful cheery blossom how I love you! You are so right, there is just something special about the tree in bloom when your not looking for it. Your candle turned out so very cute. Such a great idea.

  26. Gorgeous! I love the first pink cherry blossoms… just a taste of spring is so delectable! Your candle is a lovely touch!

  27. Sorry to all of the Middle and East coasters snowed out….I am in So. California and I am very much enjoying the pink and white blossoms on the trees. I love your cute idea…Thx for the inspiration!

  28. So pretty! Only a few more months of rain over in Sacramento Valley. I sure liked that spring teaser we had a couple of weeks ago.

  29. Really Beautiful! Hard to beleive a storm is on the way. Expecting one here this weekend too in SoCal, but today is warm and beautiful, Enjoy!

  30. beautiful blossoms! thank you for sharing these, i also posted some hints of spring from my neck of the nation. enjoy the pretties while they last!

  31. Unfortunately we have to wait until September when we see blossoms again. As we go into Autumn, I’m looking forward to experiencing spring again with all the blogs I follow!

  32. Oh, I know, I’m so ready for spring too! I was so excited the other day when I noticed that my tulips are starting to push through the dirt! Spring is near, I can feel it too!!

  33. I use to live in Petaluma also and thought it was such a beautiful town. THank you for sharing those beautiful trees with us. Now we live in Hawaii and I miss those changes in seasons!

  34. These photos are so beautiful. I am in New England so will have to wait for April for these beautiful trees. My absolute favorite time of the year is watching these bloom. A feast for the eyes. Great idea with your candle. Wonderful job.

  35. I just forwarded this article to my hubby and told him I REALLY want to plant one of these in our yard! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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