Happenings and Thoughts

By Kate Riley February 21, 2011

Hello hello, happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  There’s a lot going on this week around here.  Wish I had a ‘finished’ project to reveal today, but nope, just a whole lotta ‘works in progress’.   I have a fun craft to show you tomorrow, but today is a holiday, a slow Monday, a day to sit around in my pajamas with my kiddos.  Here’s just a few tidbits, musings, and thoughts from the past weeks.

First, I must share, I’m really enjoying this book with my morning coffee.  Don’t you love the cover?  And the teaser?  “An encyclopedia of forgotten yet delightful chic, useful, curious and otherwise commendable things from times gone by.” 

It’s filled with all those nostalgic things we treasure from the good ol’ days and hunt for at flea markets, plus the novelties we spy in old movies and hear about from our grandparents. 

lets bring back


Why yes think we should bring back braids, car tail fins, double features, kitten heels, pocket watches, and wicker baskets on bicycles ! 


Next, the sad and happy news.  A tragedy occurred in our household a few weeks ago.  My Nikon D60 clicked its last.  I was snapping away.  Click!  Click!  Click!  Then all of a sudden I heard this. 

Cah-click.  Cah-click.  Cah…… 

Then nothing. 




This has happened once before, and a professional repair solved the problem.  But this “Error” message was happening once again.  I’m thinking with all the pictures I’ve snapped with paint residue on my hands, I must have clogged up her parts.  Long story short, after much research, but also four faithful years and probably 50,000 pics, I had to retire my D60 for now.  To replace her, I invested in a Nikon D90. 

Thankfully, I only had to buy the body, all my existing lenses fit.  Even better, my local camera shop agreed to match the best internet deal I could find!  I’m still getting to know the D90, but so far things are lookin’ good, like these pretty Valentine roses.   



A few years ago, I ran a half marathon, and I’m seriously thinking about training for another one.  Someone either talk me out of it, or convince me to do it.  I’m on the fence. 



I don’t care if Honeysuckle is ‘Color of the Year’, I’m still so very much in love with turquoise. 

turquoise favorites

via here and here


Lately, I’m making more egg dishes, inspired by these gourmet preparations. 

egg dishes

pancetta & egg salad; ham & egg crepe squares; cuddled eggs with bacon



The other day my baby turned seven. 

seven year old

It happened overnight while I was sleeping.  I am not prepared for this. 

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me he planned to put me in the ‘shrink box’ because I was growing up to fast.  At the time, I was confused, but now I know what he meant.  Hey Dad, could I please borrow that ‘shrink box’?  Tell me you have it in storage somewhere, I really really need it right now. 


I signed my little darling up for Daisies last year, which means as part of the Girl Scout organization, I have several cases of these in my kitchen.

girl scout cookie cartons


We’re supposed to sell them.  In truth I know I am contractually bound to support the Troop, which I interpret as this:   

girl scout cookies

If you have a daughter in Girl Scouts, you will also find in the fine print that you are legally required to consume your fair share of Thin Mints and Samoas. 


My little boy’s room looks like this. 

boys room

We’re in the middle of a board and batten project.   The mister wanted to chase the Sunday sunshine and wait till next weekend, but then I reminded him that until this project is done, the lad will be crashing in our bedroom at night.  Funny how that motivated him to get back on the job . . . 

But it might have been PW’s Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas I made for him, with extra goat’s milk cheddar.  Heavenly!  

spinach and mushroom quesadillas


We made a lot of progress on the lad’s room, hoping to reveal soon!  That’s where I am this week.   What’s new with you? 

Started any good books or fun projects lately?




  1. Morning Kate!

    That book definitely looks like one I’d enjoy.

    Yay for a new camera. I might have to make mine do that so I can upgrade ;)

    I don’t know if you saw I ran my first 1/2 marathon last week – I loved it so I vote you do it again!

    Happy Monday.


  2. A. I would love that book–where do I get that?
    B. I love baskets on bikes and I wish I could motivate around town in that fashion.
    C. Go for the marathon….I say that without myself having to run it too :)
    D. The comment about the hubs getting right to the project after you say your son will be shacking up in your bedroom until it’s done made me laugh out loud this morning.
    E. The Board and Batten project in my foyer that was completley inspired by you is getting painted today (the walls that is…) and I cannot wait to see it complete! So pumped! Thanks again for your inspirations!!

  3. In the middle of my office project…making curtains…then heading over to Ikea in search of some storage pieces. But, it’s school vacation week and I know that I will be taking it easy…things will get done eventually!

  4. I want a D90 soooo bad! My D40 is great and all, but I’m super jealous!

    Run the half marathon for sure. I do one a year (the Indy Mini Marathon) just to keep myself reasonably in shape (although that gets pretty questionable around the holidays). It’s fun to finish and you’ll be proud of yourself!

  5. What am I up to? I’m getting back in the “redecorating saddle” after a hiatus of the most wonderful kind…. adopting a daughter.

  6. My weekend project involved turning a large plastic flower pot into something that looked like a concrete planter. How do you think I did?


    I know we’ll all be benefiting from your new camera. Put the old one in that shrink box and maybe it will get young again.

    I vote for marathon running as long as we readers aren’t deprived of more of your project-reports.

    Enjoy your week!

  7. You’re scaring me — I’ve had my D60 for 3 years now……..no problems whatsoever to this point. Four years & 50,000 pics you say? No – say it isn’t so!!!!???!!!!

  8. Great stuff, Kate!
    Your little girl is looking more like you everyday! Precious. :)

    Do the half-marathon. It’s so rewarding. Not that I’ve done one. hee.hee. But I did do my first 5k last summer and I am running in a 10-miler the first of April. I know I will be so glad I did it. Then I’m going to do a half-marathon. My hubby is going to train to do a full marathon. Woohoo!

    Can’t wait to see your boys’ room. We were going to do board and batten in Adam’s room, but we have put it on hold for now to see if the house sells.

    I’ve got a lot to do this week, but I really just want to play. :)

    Have a great week!

  9. You had me at Samoas.

    I was training for a half-marathon last October and had to abandon my training (with 3 weeks to go) due to a broken rib. So my feeling is…go for it! :)

  10. Oh…and the kids ‘growing’ thing….UGH. I asking my MacGyver husband to reprogram the pause button on the TV remote to work on the kids. No such luck. They are 5 and 6 now and I just don’t know where the time went! Happy Birthday to your pretty Little Lady!

  11. Happy holiday Monday to you! Here in Ontario it’s our holiday Family Day – so I am sitting here in my PJ’s (at 9:12 in the morning!!) drinking my tea and reading your delightful blog! I am so envious of your sunshine – currently its -15 degrees Celsius, ummmmmmm thinking that might be about 5 F. Which makes that an extra lazy holiday Monday for me!! As for your half marathon – to quote Nike, which you’re sporting on your hat – JUST DO IT!! And lucky you for having access to those amazing cookies!! Our girl guides/brownies usually only sell plain jane vanilla and chocolate cookies. Can you ship to Canada?! lol
    Enjoy your holiday Monday, and I look forward to seeing your son’s room with the board and batten!!

  12. That book looks right up my alley, actually! We ought to start that libations before literature book club online and just change the “libations” to coffee so we can type in a straight line. ;) ;)

    My oldest turned 5 in Dec. and I think the shrink box is an excellent idea. Let me know when you have one patented! It IS fun to have an older “preschooler” though b/c she can go to ballet, play games, get dressed by herself!!

    I am impressed by anyone who can run farther than me, which is down the length of my short driveway to the street. My sis and her hubby just ran a 1/2 marathon in Austin, and she’s really into it. I would need to start slow…as in going up the stairs without getting winded. ;)

    I like little glimpses like this into bloggers’ lives. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Hi Kate, Glad I’m not the only one “in progress” with nothing complete. :)

    My big boy turned 6 last week, I cried! Where does the time go?! Besides, we are not old enough to have 6 and 7 year olds, right!? ;)

    We’re having a fun lazy Monday around here, hope you do too! xo

  14. Just recently found your blog, and I love it. :)

    Thin Mints and Samoas are by far my favorite, also. I found an at-home recipe for Samoas…unfortunately they didn’t taste even close.

  15. run the marathon! I always try and think of myself at 90 years old and looking back on my life…what will i wish i did that I’m not doing now…I think running marathons will be one of those “I wish I did” things…
    Plus…you will inspire all of us readers! Go for it!

  16. So SO sorry about your camera! I did chuckle a bit when I realized I’m not the only one to call my baby…I mean, camera…a “she.” Good luck with the new one!

    I’ve been on a mission to “prettify” simple, little things that I notice more lately because I’m cooped up inside! I am so over this long, frigid winter (yikes!) but at least my house is getting some fab treatment. It’s somewhat comforting to know others are knee deep in the middle of projects, too, ha!

  17. Your dishes always look sooo yummy! I was out of town Saturday and when I returned late that night I found that the hubster had ripped up the carpet on the stairs. Hooray! Can’t wait to get them painted after he makes some repairs.

  18. I just ran my first 1/2 marathon in December. Had an AWESOME experience because I ran it with my Dad, hubby, and a good friend. The thing I hated was the training :) haha…mostly the Saturday morning runs because I couldn’t sleep in OR go to yard sales. bummer. But, it was such an awesome experience, I would totally do it again.

    So…I say, go for it. If nothing else, it will warrant you eating more samoas. :)

  19. Sorry to hear about your camera’s untimely passing, but it sounds like it had a good life. ;-) I have a D90 and LOVE it! I’m sure you will too.

    As for the half marathon, I say DO IT! I’m training for one as well, and am hoping to get my running mojo back. I’ve run full marathons as well, but the last one really beat my body up, big time. I think the half distance is perfect.

    I’m looking forward to your board and batten reveal, as I love board and batten in all forms! I’m working on a fun paneled headboard wall in my daughter’s room, and like you, was hoping to have a nice reveal today, but it’s not quite ready! A work in progress, indeed!

  20. Do the half-marathon you will be so happy you did. 1) It will make for an excellent post 2) I remember as a kid watching my dad, brother, grandpa relay a marathon so it will be a great memory for them 3) i’m running one of those warrior dashes so if I can face mud you can face 13.2 miles 4) training for a marathon gives you an excuse to eat more samoas (you need the protein).
    Good luck

  21. I say go for the half! I just started running in October and I really love it! Given I only plan on doing 5k’s maybe a 10k if I get ambitious lol. As for the babies growing I hear ya. As we speak Im helping my 6 year old read and write when did this happen?! LOVE your blog!

  22. I totally think you should run another Half! It’s so much fun! I’m on hold for another half until I have re-built my base mileage back up but I do have plenty of 5Ks, 8Ks and Fun Runs on the books for the next couple of months. The first one is on March 5 – which is less than 2 weeks away. Yikes!

    While I don’t have any little people, I do have a dog who is turning 7, or 49. She’s my “baby” and yes, I wish I could put her in the “shrink box”. Of course, I also have my little people in Sunday school that I would totally love to keep little. But, watching them grow is so amazing.

    Can’t wait to see some of those works-in-progress as finished pieces.

    Run on.

  23. Well my Monday started off hectic, got stuck in the snow twice, now its a little more cozy, working and “blog catching up” from a coffee house instead of facing the roads to the office again.

    I recently moved back in with my parents after 4 years on my own at college….my project, turning my miniature room into my own oasis and making it more apartment looking. I’m going to be here a while I think. Aside from that, getting my blog up and running :)


    Happy Monday everyone!

  24. oh my your life looks a lot like mine! Girl Scout cookie boxes opened, that are supposed to be sold! Projects in work. Cooking for a tired man to keep him encouraged :) We just finished board and batten in my little guy’s room and he loves it (or really I love it, he is 3 and doesn’t really know the difference) :)

  25. I vote for the half marathon! I ran my first 10k last fall. I’m running another in the spring and plan on my first half in October. I’m addicted!

  26. I vote do the half marathon!! My husband and I are training right now to do our first one! I’ve never been much of a runner but have slowly been working up my miles and I’m hoping just to finish!

    How did your first one go? Any tips?

  27. Those quesadillas, followed by a Thin Mint or two, are surely a balanced and healthy meal?! :)

    Thrilled to see so many folks above me egging you on to do another half marathon. You know you’ll love it when you cross the line, and the training isn’t too bad. I’m signed up for the Napa Valley Marathon (yes, all 26.2 of it) in 2 week’s time, which I guess is practically in your back yard. But after that, I’m definitely dropping back down to halves: they’re a lot more fun and a lot more do-able!

  28. I agree! Go for that half marathon. :). I am not a marathon runner myself, but my kids and I go to my husband’s marathon runs (yep, 26.2) and it’s such an amazing thing. I love that my kids not only love cheering him on, but they cheer everyone on, giving encouragement for all to finish.
    I need to look into that book you have, I love the things of the past and wish we could also bring them back… As for braids, I still put one in my hair every spring, summer, and fall; just the bangs and off to the side. Every once-in-a-while my daughter will also let me put one in her hair.
    I don’t have the Nikon, but my mother does and the same has happened to her… She was also heart-broken.
    Thin Mints are my favorite! If I didnt live so far away tithe north of you, I’d buy many boxes. Which is why I’m now steering clear of the stores today an all the girl scouts, and headed right for the gym.

  29. My baby’s due at the end of March, and my goal is to complete at least a 5K before the end of the year. I’m hoping to surpass that and get at least a 10K done, but we’ll see. I want to do the Napa Valley 1/2 marathon next year! I’ve never been to Napa and it would be fun to see the countryside that way. Plus, running is the only time I have to clear my head.

  30. Well, I am going to sign up to do a 10K to see if I like it before I forge ahead for a half marathon. I understand your dilemma, so I say just go for it! :)

  31. sorry to hear about your camera. That is never a good day when it goes kaput.
    I think I saw that book in Country Living before the holidays! I’d love to read it. I have brought back a couple of those things you mentioned…I do have a wicker basket on my bike, and tried the braids, but my hair is too short and thick. ;)
    Good luck on your kiddos bedroom makeover! My house is in a state of inbetween-ness and unfortunately it’s MY bedroom that kinda looks pulled apart.

  32. I LOVE my D90!!! Run the half!!! I ran my first half last year and training for a few more this year including my first full marathon in November! I also did my first sprint triathlon, it was a blast!!! I’ll continue doing the tri every year!

  33. A. Those quesadillas look amazing! There’s pretty much nothing I love more than mushrooms with cheese, so I’ll have to make them soon.
    B. I will never love anything more than turquoise. Although teal is close. And aqua. and peacock.
    C. Looking at the pretty photos on blogs has had me wanting to invest in a good camera. I just have a cheap digital point and shoot, which I almost never use. Maybe if I could take gorgeous photos though, I’d use it! ..okay, I’m rationalizing.

  34. That book looks right up my alley I will have to see if I can find myself a copy. I would love a bicycle with a basket on it. I had one when I was a kid and I used to put barrettes in my baby chicken’s head fuzz, sit them in my little basket and ride around with them. Poor things.
    Now it would be a little less animal cruelty and a little more flowers for my sick neighbor.

    And I think I’m now inspired to braid my hair today. :)

    I hate camera malfunctions! I’m having trouble with my old camera and my new one (which was a gift) is completely sub-par. Colors are wrong, macro doesn’t function as well as my old one…blah.

    And I’m right with you on turquoise – my wardrobe is full of it (even my nail polish is turquoise) and I’m thinking my bedroom dresser might have to now be turquoise.

    Also those egg and crepe squares look amazing and I now want to host a breakfast just so I can make those.

  35. Congrats on your new toy, sorry about the Nikon equivalent of the blue-screen-of-death on your old one. That quesadilla looks to die for, I’m 100% with ya on the honeysuckle/turquoise thing, and you should definitely train for another half marathon! I did one last August and I’m doing it again this year… fun stuff ;) Except it wasn”t, at least for me, until I got a good hour between me and the finish line. THEN I decided it was fun and I wanted to try it again.

    As for projects. I’m working on something for above my headboard that is literally making me giddy, and I’m in the process of making over the basement stairwell from the pits of hell. Can I say hell? I just did ;) Good luck with your son’s board and batten!

  36. I just ordered that book from my library. Thanks for the recommendation.

    You know I’m not a big crafty kind of girl. If I can get my undercabinet lights to work again I’ll consider that a huge accomplishment! Off to Radio Shack for a fuse. Sigh.

  37. Kate–
    Seejanerun.com half-marathon in Alameda on June 5th. They serve chocolate and champagne at the finish line. See you there!

  38. Kitten heals are back! And, I do have a basket on the front of my old yard sale bike :) Samoas are so sinfully good, and thin mints with vanilla ice cream is pure heaven! I’m not sure on the half marathon but that’s probably because I hate to run. I run because it’s “good for me” but I hate every minute of it :)

  39. Definitely run another half-marathon! I already admire you for completing one but two? That’s fantastic! My boyfriend is training for one right now and I’ve decided to make it one of my goals to complete in the year 2011. The most I’ve EVER run is a 10K so a half-marathon is a big jump for me. I’m looking at late spring/early summer races because I hate running in the cold. DO IT!!!! :)

  40. I’m a lurker, never a poster until now. I love your blog, just love it.

    Anyway, YES, run the 1/2 marathon!!!!! I did my first one when I was 4 months pregnant with my child (now 22 months old) and I’m also planning to start training for another one. Such an accomplishment. But, girl, you know the time investment so you know what you are getting into with that commitment.

    Good luck with all that you have going on!

  41. So sorry about your camera!

    And I have been ordering my kiddo to quit growing too. Forward me that Shrink Box when you find it, k?

    (Funny, my mom never complained about this… but I didn’t reach five feet tall until I hit college, ha! :)

    The eggs look yummilicious! And the photos of your girl – le sigh! :)

  42. Thank you for your inspiration. I just love your web site, Nate and you have changed my life…doing things I have never tried with a great results……

  43. Kate,
    How about looking into a road trip to run a Half? The Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim is on Sunday Sept 4th and wouldn’t it make a great experience? I ran it last year and it was such an amazing experience!! I got a Cheer Squad package for my family and we all just loved it!!! Hope you think about it, as I really think it’s worth it!!!

    Best wishes!!

  44. I am doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon THIS WEEKEND! And then the Disneyland Half in September…so I say GO FOR IT…and come join us in September!

  45. I would be the only one to say not to run… I enjoyed training and running the half several years ago, and when I finished, checked it off my list of things to do and moved on to others. I ended up pulling a muscle in front of my hip and it hasn’t healed properly. There are lots of things I want to do and can’t do them if I have preventable injuries! I still exercise, but choose activities less taxing on my body than running. I love my Nikon D5000 and appreciate your tips! Both my girls are in GS and there are Thin Mints and Samoas staring at me right now begging to be eaten… will power, don’t fail me now!

  46. Yes, do the half marathon. Yes, eat more eggs. :)
    My last baby turns 7 tomorrow. Can I borrow the shrink box when you’re done?
    Also, last Tuesday night, no one was home so I ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints, straight from the freezer. That was my dinner. It paired nicely with a Pinot Noir.

  47. I say go for the half marathon. You will feel great once you have completed it; very rewarding. Cheers to a lazy Monday morning with the kiddos. You deserve it :)

  48. I’m so with you on the turquoise thing.

    Happy Birthday to your girl. I’m in the market for a shrink box too. But I find solace in remembering that I’ve loved every, single age and stage and I will love this one too.

  49. I always love when someone gets a new camera – even if it isn’t me! lol! Have fun with your new toy. And that book is on my amazon list – glad to hear you like it. Finally, let me borrow that shrink box? ‘Cause my baby turned TEN! waaahhh!

  50. Speaking of bringing back things from times passed, you’ll like this funny story. My friends just bought an apartment in my building here in New York City. Well, the building is quite old and they were laughing when they told my husband that he might want to talk to the board about updating the building’s contract. When we asked why, they said there was a clause in there that said “parking your VELOCIPEDE in the lobby is forbidden.” We were like “what the heck is a velocipede?” Go do a google image search and you will crack up!

  51. That book looks like it will be a perfect gift for my nostalgic mother on Mother’s Day! Have fun with the new camera! We just got a new Nikon, too. The compatible lenses were what sold us. Sorry to hear about the old, but in with the new! LOVE turquoise. Definitely do that half-marathon. I wish I had your motivation…and endurance! Those egg dishes look incredible. I only recently started eating eggs so those pictures give me some great ideas for easing into this new menu item. And finally, those quesadillas look delicious! I made my own twist on quesadillas this weekend, Mediterranean style! I posted the recipe on my blog. I just started reading Nothing to Envy about life in North Korea…not quirky and amusing, but intriguing to say the least! Love your blog! Have a great week!

  52. I love your post today. I am sorry to hear about your camera. I wish mine would die so I could get a new one :)….it’s soo old. Definitely run the 1/2 marathon. My husband completed his first quadrathalon this weekend and now I want to do something challenging. All of the work is worth it. Have a great week.

  53. I say run the marathon. The little I’ve learned about u thru here, I’m certain u’ll pull it off with flying colors! The shrink box story made me tear. I look at my 9 month old and think, what happened and when did this happen? What I’ve been up to lately is being in complete denial that I’m back from my brother’s wedding in India and what i’m been working on is trying to recover from the fun we had :)

  54. I don’t care much for the color of the year either (for wearing, yes- for decorating, eh not so much).

    Thanks so much for the book recommendation! I’m ordering it now! I think it’s lovely that you read a book with your morning coffee. What a great quiet way to start the day. I usually go straight to the computer.

  55. Love this post Kate, it just gives a real insight on you, I enjoyed it so much it motivated me to be “real” on my post today. I think for sure you should run the marathon! I could never do one, so I live through my daughter who is preparing for one. Thin mints rock! SO good with coffee in the morning.

  56. Ooh, how exciting about your new camera! I think mine is on its way out as well. I’m torn between wanting it to die so I’ll be free to get a new one and wanting it to last so I’m not forced to shell out the money.

    Ugh, they grow up waaaayyy too fast, don’t they? I’m getting ready to register my oldest for kindergarten – and this morning he lost his first tooth. I keep wondering where my baby went!

    Yes! Run your half marathon! You can inspire us! :)


    P.S. I can’t wait to see how your son’s room turns out! Right now we’re trying to decide whether to have our two boys (5 and 3) share a room or stay in their own rooms. Either way, we’ll be embarking on at least one bedroom makeover very soon. I’m counting on you to provide inspiration!

  57. Good for you for supporting your local camera shop! That was a great idea to go in and see if they would price match. It’s so important to keep our small businesses around. Imagine our world if it consisted of big box retailers only – ugh. And I agree on the turquoise love. I loved it before it became color of the year and will love it for many years to come. And I also agree on the girl scout cookies. I am sad that my boys are gone because now if I buy GS cookies they will be eaten solely by me – the hub doesn’t eat sugar (I know, c-r-a-z-y) – and that would not be pretty. Have you ever made thin mint hamburgers? I used to make them for my boys – actually still do when they are around. If you want the know-how e-mail me. Your kids will love them. And after reading my favorite blogs, I am contemplating beginning a chair slipcover that I prepped over a year ago. Talk about procrastination. Enjoy the sun. A new storm is on its way to California.

  58. I’m excited to see the boy’s room, all your projects are always flawless. Defiitely run another 1/2. My friend T (from morningt) ran Napa last year- my daughter was ill, so I had to cancel. She loved it so much, she’s running again this year. Wine & running, what’s not to love?

  59. That picture of the Samoas on the plate makes me want a box of girl scout cookies so badly! The new camera seems like it is taking beautiful pictures. Glad you were able to get a good deal on it!

  60. Go for the half marathon! You look very happy in the photo above, so I say go for it again :) I’ve gotten seriously out of shape lately and I’m planning to run one in June, its nice to know others are taking on the challenge as well.

    On that note, time to go eat some girl scout cookies! I don’t have any kids yet but I have cute little neighbors that are very convincing, I think I bought 8 boxes!

  61. Definitely run the half marathon! I’ve run 20 half marathons and am running my 3rd full marathon this weekend! The reward of finishing is definitely worth all the training!! You can do it!

  62. Funny you mention a half-marathon. I’m a reluctant runner but actually really like half-marathons. I’ve never had any desire to run a full marathon but (long story) ran one yesterday, and it was probably the most awful experience of my life (http://greenhousegoodlife.blogspot.com/2011/02/first-and-only-marathon-i-will-ever-run.html). So, if I get a vote, my vote is that you do another half-marathon and know that it’s waaaay less crazy, difficult, painful, etc. than a full. Good luck!

  63. I love the dresser in your little boy’s room… did you paint it yourself or were you lucky enough to find it in a shop {for a reasonable price} looking like that? Oh, and any day when you even think about running a marathon can’t count as ‘slow’!
    – Catherine at The Spring

  64. I am SO WITH YOU on the turquoise/honeysuckle thing! First of all, I always thought honeysuckle was a yellow shade? Doesn’t matter, I am in love with aqua, turquoise, robin’s egg, etc., and will continue to long for it in everything: clothing, home decor, kitchen accesories, etc.

  65. Absolutely train for a run. I love that runner’s high feeling you get even after a short run!!! I do love your blog, I think you and I must have been separated at birth. My hubby tells me I’m on thrift store “probation” because they all seriously know me by name. I just painted my master bedroom turquoise and have accesorized it in black and white… including making my own black padded headboard (which is how I ended up finding your blog in the first place). I often see the ugliest things at thrift stores and have to take them home to paint them… I think it’s an illness. I am also going to try all of your egg recipes. We just toured an egg farm that has a drive through egg store, that I fell in love with. The eggs they sell are laid on their farm the day that you buy them, you really can taste the difference in fresh eggs. Thanks for always posting such wonderful information on your blog, I read it daily!

  66. Umm, the egg dishes and the quesadilla look amazing! Yes, you should totally run another 1/2 marathon! I ran the Chicago full in 2008 and for some idiotic reason signed up to do it again this year. Last time, we had a baby 9 months after. Maybe baby this time, too?!

  67. Hi Kate, God Bless you and your lovely family! You’re little girl looks just like you! Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    You’re going to “lurvvvve” the D90! I have a friend that has it. I just got the D3100 because I’m a beginner.
    Take care & enjoy those cookies, you’re supporting a good cause!

    P.S. Yes, do the marathon again ;-) You’ll rock it out….just like you do everything else ;-))))

    Your Pal,


  68. I’m not a runner at all… but I love to encourage others to do so, lol! Check out “Girls on the Run”… it (almost) makes me want to take up running! Regarding the Girls Scout cookies… again, not a Scout mom, but a Scout friend/aunt/neighbor… and lover of Thin Mints. So this year to support my niece, I bought 6 boxes of cookies and promptly had them sent over to the troops… a win-win-win for everyone (or maybe win-win-lose, since I won’t be eating six boxes of Thin Mints myself.) Loved the entry today… :-)

  69. Loved the post!! Brings back Girl Scout memories……I always have to buy cookies when I see them…… Looking forward to tomorrows craft. Thanks

  70. Oh, can I ever relate to snapping pictures with all kinds of stuff on my fingers that probably should not get anywhere close to a camera!! I finally got a new camera and loving it, will keep this tale in mind! maybe…old habits are hard to break!

  71. Do the run, do the run! I’m doing my second triathlon and nothing gets you more motivated to get in shape than a race, so I say JUST DO IT! :-)

    Looking forward to the plans for the little guy’s room. I could use some inspiration, just when I think we have everything organized and decorated the little guy gets bigger and outgrows the changes I’ve made. (ie: firetrucks aren’t cool anymore.) :-)

    Happy Monday and I hope you enjoyed the day with the kids. :-)

  72. DO ANOTHER HALF!!!! Just finished one this past weekend and want to do another one!! You won’t regret it!!!!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    (happy mom of 2 and 46 yr old decorating and exercise nut!!)

  73. Run it! I am online right now to find a race so that I’m motivated to train. I have a coworker (she lives in NY, I live in Cali) that said if I run a half and then keep training for a full, she will fly wherever the full is and run it with me. That is motivating me to get going.

  74. I spent a big chunk of the weekend putting together and then installing a Norm 69 light in my dining room. After it was up, I think I bought it a size too big. Oopsie.

  75. Hi darlin’ Kate! I am so with you on the half marathon thinking….I ran one in 2006, and since then I have watching the scale rise and thinking I need to do another. Why does VA have to be so far from CA? We could do one together! So glad you were able to get a new camera…and those quesadillas look so good.

  76. We’re already down 4 boxes of GS cookies … Gotta find more. They’re like small pushers, lol.

    Have a wonderful weel –
    ~ Deanna

  77. I was going to tell you to run another half…but looks like someone, or several someones, beat me to it. My time running, alone, is time I cherish.

  78. My cookies should be arriving later this week. I can’t say no to the cute little neighbor girl plus I love the cookies. I’m anxiously awaiting them with a big cup of hot tea! Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter.

  79. I decided I needed to comment. My vote is to run the race. I just decided to train for a 5k- it’s no 13 miler, but still a race. You can’t beat doing something for yourself that is good for your health too.

  80. Last year I “ran” 3 half marathons. I use the term run very loosely because there was way more walking than running happening. But the last one was in September and since then I’ve reverted back into my slothlike ways. Never in a million years would I have thought I would say this, but I miss running. So on Saturday I’m starting a training class with a local running store that will help me run a 5k. My goal is to be able to run the entire time without stopping.

    So I say go for it!

  81. Oh-so-jealous you have actual Samoas! Around here, the scouts use a different baker and they are called something else, they are smaller, the coconut is not toasted and the chocolate is milk instead of dark. The good news is–I gave up on buying them! But I’m glad that there is hope of an actual honest-to-goodness Samoa crossing my lips again! (Do you have actual Tagalongs too, or are they called “Peanut Butter Patties” instead?)

  82. I grew up with my mom as the cookie mom in my Girl Scouts troop. That meant that for seven years, we always wound up with a bunch of boxes of extra cookies (we ended up buying quite a few leftovers from what didn’t sell at the cookie booth). To this day, I miss the cookie truck that would drop off dozens of cases of cookies into our garage for us to distribute.

  83. The Girl Scout cookie dilemma made me laugh. The other night as my hubby and I opened yet another box of chocolate covered peanut butter cookies he got really mad at me for having all these Girl Scout Cookies in the house. So I had to take what I had back to our troop leaders house for “safe keeping” until our booth sale. We already owe for about 20 boxes we ate ourselves!

  84. I’m new to your blog, and I love it! Recently discovered you while trying to find help to refurbish some thift store finds. Love reading your blog, you write so well!

  85. Oh you soooo have to do the half marathon again! I’m back in training for a sprint-tri (this will be my third). But, seriously, I haven’t done a thing since last years. Well, okay except swimming once a week. My 2 new running partners (Buddy the dog & Nike+) just joined me for my first jog since last year. It was tough, but it felt so good to get off my blogger butt!

    I know you can do it! You truly can do anything you put your mind to and then some. I’ve seen it in your projects!!!

    Have a great week.


  86. Ahh, the shrink box. With a 13 and 10 yr old I am in need of said device too. For a good book I recommend The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It comes with a wonderful side of perspective. Not home or design related but good nonetheless.

  87. Okay, this is a little off the path here…but I really love your mug in the first shot! I like to pick up pretty teacups and mugs for gift baskets.

  88. Just found you yesterday and I am in heaven. My husband wanted to know how I could sit at the computer for HOURS and just what was I reading? We are remodeling a 70’s ranch ourselves and we are a year in. Still a few projects to go and we will complete them as money/time allows. You have provided soooo much helpful information. Thank you for that. :)
    About the half marathon, I ran one in 2007 and loved every minute of it including the training. It does take time to train but what great “me time” that is. I say GO FOR IT!

  89. Oh how I long for seven! Remember that song “turn around and you’re a young woman walking out of the door” Time flies and my only baby just turned 23….I hate it. Enjoy seven because soon it will be 8 (which is still a lovely age) and then 18 (not so lovely). If you find that shrink box send it my way. BTW…if you have the time go for the marathon…then you can say you have run it twice and never have to do another one!

  90. I’ve loved reading your blog these past few months since I stumbled across it and have gotten some great ideas from you. I spied the Sterling winery wine bottle, and it made me so glad to know I’ll be able to visit it again next month when I take a trip with some girlfriends up to Calistoga. Yay!

  91. I love you site! Also, I just ran my first full marathon last weekend and everything about it was so fulfilling! I did the half last year, and it was less of a time committment(no 20 miles runs) but still so wonderful. By all means, do it! You will feel fantastic about yourself(not that you shouldn’t anyway!)
    Best Wishes, Brandi

  92. I love you site! Also, I just ran my first full marathon last weekend and everything about it was so fulfilling! I did the half last year, and it was less of a time committment(no 20 miles runs) but still so wonderful. By all means, do it! You will feel fantastic about yourself(not that you shouldn’t anyway!)
    Best Wishes, Brandi

  93. I have been saying no to every girl scout. I feel awful, but I must lose this baby weight. And if there in the house I will eat every one. Not sure what to do if my little one wants to be a girl scout : ) And your baby is adorable. Isn’t it amazing how time just keeps flying by…

  94. I was in Daisies growing up! I was so pleased to hear it again. Although it was part of Missionettes, instead of girl scouts (basically the same, apart from its biblical background). I am currently doing a Laundry Room makeover! The washer and dryer we inherited with our home finally went on the blink! So instead of getting a handy man over to fix it I convinced my husband to let me get a new set! I can’t possibly put my new beauties in such a dull boring room so make over it is! I agree with you 100% I see honey suckle every were, but turquoise and teal still hold my heart! Have a happy day, and I will look forward to seeing your finished projects!

  95. Oh! I love everything about this post. 1. Your daughter is beautiful. Mine is turning nine in May and i can hardly cope. So i am with you on this. Yikes! 2. Those eggs look absolutely amazing! Maybe i better learn to cook. Hard to look at delightful little numbers like those and know with complete certainty that i couldn’t make them even if offered a thousand dollars. 3. re:the half marathon. YES. you DEFINITELY should train for this and DO IT! Maybe you could choose your favorite cause, and run it for them? It will be so satisfying for you and there is no time like the future! GO GO GO! (ok, i hate running but my husband does marathons every year, so i am a great cheerleader!) But still DO IT! YES.

  96. I have to say, the turquoise still wins with me. I love whites and the colors of water, ie. blues and greens. Although, I’m not much into trends. I go for what I like, which is not necessarily the color of the day. Funny you should mention a marathon, because I swim laps at a YMCA every morning and once on weekends, so, 6 days a week. I ran into a guy who was considering entering a marathon, and I mentioned to my husband that that would be interesting, until he pointed out that my arthritis may be a slight hindering point. So, I think I will just stick to my half mile, working toward the 1 mile mark in the pool. And yes, I do have a “good read”. I’m just finishing a book titled “Bruchko And The Motilone Miracle”, subtitle “How Bruce Olson Brought A Stone Age Tribe Into The 21st Century”, authors Bruce Olson with James Lund. FASCINATING!

  97. Yes! Do the 1/2 Marathon! Actually, if you’re nervous about doing another 1/2, then look for a 10 mile race. I’ve done both and I love, love the 10 mile. There’s just something about that extra 3 miles that makes a 1/2 miserable. :) but, I’ll probably be doing another 1/2 marathon again in the fall. The Monster Dash in MN is SO FUN! over Halloween and everyone dresses in costumes. Yes, it’s only around 30 – 40 degrees out, but I am from MN. haha

  98. I have been on a blogging break and haven’t been reading any blog either. I am behind but I just wanted to know if you like your D90? I have a D40 (just the beginner one) and a D70 that my bil gave me. It has a very small screen and my 43 yr. old eyes can’t see it to well. Just wondering if you like it.

  99. I was thinking about this post this morning as I drove my son to preschool and thought about bringing back things of the past. I pictured someone riding by on a bicycle with a basket and thought it would be so charming, but then I thought, “What if that was commonplace? Would it still be charming?” I concluded that sometimes what makes items so charming is their attachment to days of yore and the fact that they are out of place in today’s world. :-)

  100. Hey! I have a question about your camera. I am going to be getting a new camera, and I am am wondering why you chose the Nikon D90 over the Canon T2i (550D), I am not sure if you did the research or not, but I am so torn! I don’t know any one who uses the Canon, and your the only one I know who has used the Nikon, so can you share some knowledge? Thanks!
    Oh, and I would definitely do the marathon!

  101. Hello, love your blog so much. I would love to use the brad nailer for several new chair cushions. Never tried this before but you make it sound so easy. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  102. You should definitely do the half marathon! Think of how great you’ll feel when you’ve achieved it, and the training will have its own positive effects too! Just make sure you leave enough time to blog – we’d miss you!

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