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By Kate Riley November 1, 2010

Greetings all, happy November, hope you had a fantastic weekend!   I’ve been wanting some fun colorful art for my office, so a few weeks ago, I bought a print from the shop of one of my favorite designers/bloggers, Jen of Made by Girl.

You can see her ‘LOVE’ print here in my office alongside my daughter’s watercolor painting and my new giant inspiration board (more on that later!)   Still loving that grasscloth wallpaper, ooh la la!

love print made by girl


Jen has an amazing shop, filled with prints that have been featured all over the design world.

made by girl prints

Blogs and Tea; Blogs and Coffee; Live What You Love; and candy colored LOVE

So guess what?

I asked Jen to pass some savings on to you, and she graciously agreed!  So if you want to purchase one of Jen’s fabulous original prints, she is offering CG Readers a 20% discount now through November 15th with the offer code CENT11.

Shop the entire collection of prints at Made by Girl right here!


Oh, and while we’re talking Jen, she was featured in Spain’s October publication of Glamour magazine, next to Chris of Just A Girl !

jen chris spanish glamour


I also saw someone else I recognize . . .

kate glamour spain

Hey, that’s me!   I had no idea until I saw it on Jen’s blog!

swirl snip

Finally, I’ve got a big announcement!

I’ve collaborated with some of my bloggy BFFs, and we’ve come up with a fantabulous way for all of us to celebrate the upcoming holidays and for YOU to strut your stuff!   Oh yeah, we’re talking the plethora of parties ~ please get yourselves ready for the Holiday Home Link Parties hosted by Layla, Rhoda, Sarah and little ol’ me.

It’s a bloggy link party extravaganza that you don’t want to miss!

holiday home banner

Mark you calendars cause it’s almost time to dust off your jingle bells, hang up those stockings, and get your home spruced up and lookin’ fine for the holidays.  Woot!

Layla is covering mantels on November 30th, Rhoda is hosting vignettes on December 2nd, I’m tackling Christmas ornaments and crafts on December 7th, and Ms. Sarah is queen of the annual Christmas tree party on December 9th.   

So get on up to your attic or down to your basement in the next few weeks and whip out that holiday decor to wow us all!  I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the season together.  All holidays welcome!

Also, I’m working my way through the ‘Mom Cave’ submissions this week, and I’m hoping to award some prizes soon, stay tuned!




  1. I love Jen’s prints, how adorable!
    I also love the upcoming link parties! I’ll have to dust off all my christmas stuff and get to sprucing!

  2. Totally awesome Kate! I might have some ladies who’ll be so stoked about your upcoming linking parties. I better spread the word so they can start decoratin’!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fabulous to be featured! Congratulations! I love how you put the “Love” print on that fun striped paper. Jen’s shop if fabulous, I’ve been eying her Chevron calling cards.

  4. What fun and whimsical pictures! And they look great against that grass cloth wall of yours! I’ve enjoyed your blog and looking forward to the link parties!

  5. Congratulations on your feature in Glamour Magazine, Kate! Very exciting! My niece is getting married in the spring and I think that Love print would be a fun shower gift. I am going to pop over to Made by Girl. May I ask where you found your fun striped paper? Nice framing job! I love your daughter’s watercolor. Kid’s art work is the best!

  6. Is it too late to change it to Holiday Party not a Christmas party? I think all the holidays should be able to participate. Bummer.

  7. Congrats on the magazine shout out! Ooh-la-la!
    I can’t wait for the linky parties! That will be tooo much fun!

  8. Congrats on your Glamour shot ;) Looking forward to the Christmas link parties because I’m bumming about the holidays already. My kids are grown and have moved all over the US so it’s hard to decorate when no one is around to see it…but now maybe I’ll get myself in the mood. Thanks for the motivation. Fondly, Roberta

  9. That was neat to be featured-what a nice surprise for you! Can’t wait for the holiday linky parties-talk about the heavy hitters throwing a big party and we’re all invited!YEA!

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