Master Bedroom: Mini Makeover

By Kate Riley July 22, 2010

Greetings friends, how about a peek at a few upgrades in our master bedroom ?  It all started with wanting to lighten the fabric on the headboard I made last year.  I also wanted to change the shape of the headboard, and paint the walls a deeper hue with Benjamin Moore’s ‘Nantucket Gray’. 

Rather than the expense of wallpaper behind the headboard, I decided to add this trellis pattern that I stenciled and hand painted  ~ I was inspired by Kristen’s hand painted wall I saw a few weeks ago. 

cg headboard


We still have the same chandelier, but the subtle shimmer from the painted pattern on the accent wall adds even more interest and glamour.  

cg bed wall  

I didn’t want the new window panels to compete with the detail on the wall, so I opted for simple store bought 95” linen blend curtains from BB&B.  Our bedroom faces east and gets dark later in the day, so I wanted something wispy and soft to allow for plenty of light. 

cg panels and urn

On the mister’s side, there was a need for storage but the space only allowed for a shallow piece of furniture because of his closet door, so we replaced his old dark bedside table with this bookcase from Home Decorators.  I mentioned the new lamps earlier this week. 

cg his side


The decorative ampersand is from Restoration Hardware, where I also purchased the Linen Quilt with a gift card.   The white shams with scroll detail I’ve had for several years, they used to live in our guest room, but I’ve reclaimed them for us!  Orchid pillow covers and lamb’s wool pillow both from West Elm.

cg lattice painted wall


I recut the shape of our old headboard with a jigsaw, then reupholstered the headboard in Robert Allen’s Textured Weave in ‘Snow’.   I also reused the same nailhead trim that was on the headboard before, it’s true!   I carefully pulled it out of the old headboard, then retacked it to the new shape after it was recovered in new fabric.   

On my side of the bed is the three drawer dresser I repainted last week. 

cg her side


I exchanged the green lacquer tray from West Elm for the more subtle gray. 

cg tray her side


That’s the one wall that got a mini makeover.  Someday I’ll tackle the rest of the room, but for now, I’m loving just the new paint and accent wall, the new headboard and linens, and the white nightstands. 

Next week, I’ll show you how I painted the accent wall.  I created my own stencil and then hand painted the detail ~ it took about 6 hours and cost me only a $2 dollar bottle of craft paint, I kid you not. 

I have a great giveaway tomorrow, plus I’ll announce the winners of the last giveaway.

  Have a great day ! 




  1. Your accent wall is simply stunning! I’m really looking forward to your tutorial. Not sure if I can squeeze in 6 hrs to paint it though, what with that pesky job and kids activities. Is this project an all or nothing deal or can you break it up into two days? The whole room looks beautiful.

  2. WOW! i am on LOVE with that wall- it looks phenomenal and so glamorous! it was worth all the time and effort.

  3. Gorgeous! I love it. Is that a queen or king bed? I’m considering getting a king and am worried it will look huge. Your bed looks perfect and I love the new shape.

  4. I saw Kristin’s original post a few weeks ago, and I must say I think your stenciled wall tops the original. It is absolutely stunning!

  5. that’s fabulous! I love painted walls much better than wallpaper anyway……it’s so much easier to change later on and it’s truly one of a kind. And I love your headboard. I made our padded headboard 20 years ago and still love it. The only thing I have changed on it over the years is the trim. Your room should be on the cover of a magazine. Your photos are great ! come for a visit if you have time ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  6. I am so loving the accent wall. Such a change and for almost nothing. Sure beats the price and hassle of wallpaper. I too just did an accent wall in my office with stripes and couldn’t be happier. I am amazed what one detail can do to the room.

  7. looks A M A Z I N G!! Can’t wait to see how you accomplished your accent wall. What dedication you have to change your headboard using the same nails – It’s very apparent you’ve got talent, girl!

  8. Love this room! I envision my master bedroom looking similar to this. You can’t go wrong with white bedding. Where did you get that headboard??

  9. You always have the most wonderful ideas. If only I had the patience to do this. You are amazing, keep up the fabulous work!

  10. I just found your blog and am in love! I have been wanting to do the painted trellis pattern myself and you have just inspired me to do so. THANKS!

  11. Do not make us wait long for the post on how you did that fab wall treatment! I can’t wait that long…it looks so soothing and peaceful and glamorous! Great job!

  12. Would never have guessed that was a stencil and not wallpaper. Beautiful job! Why have I not been reading your blog on a regular basis before now?!!

  13. Like a page out of magazine! The room is so serene & soothing, it’s just beautiful! I love that you used different kinds of furniture for the night stands, I need to get one for my hubby & rather than get him a matching one to mine, I’d like to get him something more unique. :-) Beautiful, beautiful re-do!

  14. WOW is all I can say. I cannot believe you hand painted the wall yourself as well as all the other DIY in your bedroom and the rest of your house. You are a crafty woman indeed! x

  15. Love love love! Any chance you would share the pattern for your new headboard?

  16. Beautiful!! I’ve been doing a similar stencil treatment in my entryway . . . for about 3 months now. At this rate it will be finished when my nonexistent children graduate from college. (In more likelihood, I’ll paint over it sometime soon because it looks crazy 1/4 completed). You are amazing at getting things done!

  17. Oh my goodness…how wonderful! It really is fabulous. The colors are so calming and I’m sure the rest of the room is not so bad. ;) I’m finishing my writing room and our color pallettes are very similar. We just finished building a daybed from the doors of my childhood home for the room and anyway, I’m rambling. Your room gives me great inspiration as I’m pulling together the details! Come check it out if you’d like!
    -shaunna :)

  18. I also saw Kristin’s handpainted wall a few weeks ago on YHL, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since and how I’m going to convince my husband that we NEED to do it in our master bedroom before baby #3 arrives. I can’t wait to see how you did it!

  19. Beautiful, as always. How does your husband feel about the throw pillows on the bed? Mine doesn’t understand that some pillows on beds can be for decoration purposes only and not sleeping on. :)

  20. love this! so pretty. It’s looks much more expensive. I want my hubs to make an upholstered headboard for me for Christmas.

  21. Ooooh so beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see the tutorial! I’m thinking of maybe doing it in a soft gold on my bedroom wall.

  22. Years ago I did alot of stenciling in my house. I’m talking every room. This was in my “primitive country period” I’m glade to see stenciling updated. It’s an inexpensive way to add alot of drama to a room and it’s easy to change when you get tired of it or your taste change. Great job!

  23. Excellent job! You’re an inspiration!! Any advice on the stencil if you aren’t confident in doing by ‘hand’?

  24. Gorgeous! I am so curious about what type of paint you used. I’m planning on doing this in my own bedroom and am considering using a clear gloss.

  25. beautiful! I LOVE the fluffy pillow.

    I love that your furniture isn’t matchy-matchy. I made that mistake when I bought ours ages ago and before I actually THOUGHT about what I wanted. Now, I feel like we’re stuck with it. :(

  26. Gorgeous room Kate! I love how you painted the accent wall, it turned out so pretty!
    Have a great day!

  27. WOW, Kate! You did a fabulous job, love the wall – can’t wait for the details. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  28. It’s beautiful. I definitely need to look into the making of a headboard. Our oldest daughter took her iron bed for her apartment, but needs a new one for when she does visit/stay here at home. She loves the upholstered look…I however, do not like the price! LOL

  29. I love the stenciled wall! I am not a huge fan of wallpaper because it is a pain to remove when you want to get rid of it someday. This seems like a great alternative, but requires a steady hand and lots of patience. Your bedroom looks so inviting.

  30. Kate, Your bedroom is stunning! I love your painted trellis. The colors you have chosen are so soothing and peaceful….a nice retreat! Really beautiful. Good choice on the white Belgian linen quilt! I have been eyeing those myself.

  31. Would you ever be interested in letting me rent your house for a “Stay-cation”? It’s seriously like a resort hotel and I get calm & relaxed just looking at all you’ve done. Definately some inspiration for me. Great job Kate!

  32. I’m sorry…

    Did you say you hand painted tha wall?


    I mean, it looks gorgeous! But that seems like a helluvalotta work. :D

    You go girl!

  33. It’s beautiful Kate! i can’t wait to see how you did it. I’m inspired!

  34. Gorgeous! I love how light and airy it looks! And I’m very impressed with you (and lots of others, it seems) hand stenciling a pattern on the wall! Such a great look!

  35. Wow! That’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how you did the wall. Love the beautiful, but soothing colors and textures in this room. I also love how you made storage space for your hubby so attractive!

  36. Love it! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, can’t wait to see, love the wall color, too!

  37. Fantastic mini makeover. I’ve been a fan of using bookcases as night stands for a long time. I had to google ampersand – thanks for teaching me a new word :).

    I’m looking very forward to your stencil project!


  38. I think that dresser next to your side was mine when I was a little girl….seriously looks like one I had! It eventually made it’s way into our garage as a workbench/tool holder, but that is cute what you did to it!

  39. It looks fabulous! I love the wall and your new bedding. The look is moedern, soft and peaceful. Great work, as always.

  40. That is amazing!! I love the stenciled wall. That must have taken some serious patience but well worth it!

  41. Stunning! I can’t wait to read the accent wall tutorial; there is so many beautiful things to love about this room but I think that wall is what pushed me over the edge.

  42. Kate – the walls look so beautiful. I cannot believe you hand painted the detail. I don’t have ambition like that. I would’ve cried halfway through the project. But it looks amazing!

  43. It looks beautiful, and love the pattern on the wall!

    Thanks so much for guest posting on JourneyChic today! I think tomorrow I’ll take the bambino to the farm stand for the first time to stock up on some fresh veggies, because that picture of carrots looks so delicious!!

  44. I thought your daughter’s room makeover was beautiful, but this one takes the cake. Thanks for the inspiration as I was contemplating painting my bedroom furniture white to lighten things up in my master, but couldn’t quite envision it. Now I just need to go to Lowe’s and pick out the paint.

  45. Love the accent wall!! Can’t wait to see how you did it. I’ve been drooling over some wallpaper but it’s SO pricey and then I’ll get sick of it after a year or 2 (if I’m lucky!) :) I’ll be watching for your stenciling tricks.

  46. You know, there are not many decorative walls that
    impress me, but this one, your design is simply
    beautiful… very nice job. Now if I could paint as
    well as you did it.. I’d like to so something the same…
    but I’ll be nice, and not copy your design.. love it
    [email protected]

  47. Hi

    Everything is quite lovely. Good job and perfect for a restful night.

    Please tell me where I can find a hand like, or similar, to the one on your bedside tray.

    Thanks, Ann

  48. You are absolutely amazing, you are,
    it’s not just the eye, the putting together of ideas, but also the ‘can do ‘ attitude-
    thank you!

  49. Kate you’re killing me! Your new wall has such flair! I’m just about ready, or so I thought I was, to paint a room. Then you come out with this fantastic wall stencil idea that now I’m wondering ONCE again have I made the right decision. :O)

    I’ll be back to see just how you worked with your stencil!! Gorgeous, Kate, abosolutely classy!

  50. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love that even though most of the things in the room are white, there’s still SO much texture and interest! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)

  51. Did you use a stencil for the wall? Can you tell me where you found it?? It looks absolutely stunning!! you have some talent!!!!

  52. I am in LOVE with your new bedroom! That shimmery stenciled trellis is the icing on the cake-it adds so much glamour and sophistication without being overly fussy. That pattern is beautiful! I love all of your details-the lamps, the lovely nailhead headboard, the decortive pieces on your nightstands. Perfect. I still remember the grown up bedroom you did for your daughter that I pointed my readers too. I’m going to have to do the same thing again. This is too good not to share! :)


  53. I love, love, love your accent wall! I’m moving to a new house on August 6th, so I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea.

    Can hardly wait for the tutorial. Gives me time to think of a pattern!

    Your bedroom is so calm and elegant. Well done.

  54. Gorgeous bedroom makeover! I love the little things, like the vases on the beside tables and the “&” accessory. This definitely feels spa-like and relaxing–perfect for a bedroom.

  55. What a fresh and fun mini make over. Love it! I am on the edge of my seat to see the tutorial on your wall treatment…looks really, really hard but sounds like you found a way to simplify it. Can’t wait.

  56. Looks like a huge amount of work for the stencil job. Lovely, serene, and very, very classy!

  57. I feel relaxed just looking at it. I can’t wait for the tutorial so I can steal the stencil idea for my bedroom!! :)

  58. I am soooo loving this wall! The whole room looks fab, but the wall is my fave.

  59. Oh wow! That is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I’m new to your blog, and just love it. A new follower for sure!!!

  60. your table…………….oh how i miss your ballard table! wanna sale it??

    i’m the one that LOVED your old bedroom posted in october, but just found you a few weeks ago! i’m trying to find that table but just can’t find a deal like you did!!!!

    i love the new look. .. but i LOVED the old look too!!!!!

  61. oooo! I can’t wait to see how you did the wall- I really want to do something like this to our bedroom, but I’m afraid Joe might freak out. Perhaps while he’s out of town…

  62. Looks great! I wish I had your measuring ability. I totally missed that day at school.

    I live further north in the valley and it hits up to 105 degrees in the summer.
    My husband insists that we keep the ceiling fan in the bedroom. I hate this fan with all of my heart. It shakes, makes a loud humming sound and in the middle of the night it makes a high pitched whining sound.

    You have a lovely chandelier and I want one too!

    Do you have any tips for cooling the room and ditching the fan? We have AC also, but don’t usually run it at night.

  63. I love this!!! I am actually in the middle if trying to find a paint like what you used for my stencil!! Where did you find your stencil! What kind of paint did you use for the stencil? So excited to find out!!! Thank you!!!!!

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