Stars and Stripes Party!

By Kate Riley June 29, 2010

Greetings everyone, welcome to the Stars & Stripes Party !

cg front porch fourth

Don’t you just love the Fourth of July ?

I do!  It’s truly one of my favorite holidays.  There’s something about the traditions of barbeques and fireworks, and all that red, white, and blue that gets me in the mood to celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave.

stars and stripes party button

This year, we’ve invited many of our friends over to our home for an evening BBQ.  Since all of the guests come right through the front door, and since we watch the city fireworks from our front yard, I thought I’d give our guests an extra special welcome by dolling up the porch with some patriotic pom poms, and my latest creation, this ticking stripe banner.

I hung it up this morning, and I’ve just gotta share . . we live on a somewhat busy street, and I’ve noticed all the neighbors are all slowing down to read it, and then smiling.  I love that !

cg porch banner


Here’s the quick tutorial on the Ticking Stripe Fabric Banner:

Supplies:  1.5 yards red ticking stripe; 1.5 yards navy ticking stripe; 2 yards cotton canvas lining (optional); rope or twine; 4 yards of ribbon; iron on transfers; sewing machine or stitch witchery.

Cut enough pieces of fabric in size 10” x 12” to create your individual banner flags.   Next, format your iron on letters on your computer, then print them in reverse (mirror).  Cut out the reverse letters with scissors, close to the edge of the bold font.

iron on letters

Iron on your letters to your individual 10” x 12” swatches of fabric.  Once they are completely cool, carefully remove your iron on backing.

iron on letters steps

Next, if you want to line the back of your flags, sew them inside out.  Fold over your individual flags over the rope and sew together.

sew banner flags


Tie ribbons in between the flags to keep them in place. 

Total time for this double banner: 3.5 hours.

Obviously a single banner will take much less time !   

     cg banner on porch


cg banner up close

I think the red ticking stripe would make a fantastic ‘peppermint’ themed banner at Christmas time, don’t you ?

Don’t forget Old Glory, proudly blowing in the breeze . . .

flag on fourth


Festive tissue paper pom poms are incredibly easy to make . . . I simply followed Martha’s tutorial.


rwb pom poms


tissue paper pom poms


Fireworks Pom Poms:

cg firecracker pom pom How do you make the blue paper’s edges white to look like fireworks ?

Simple !

Dip your edges in a bleach solution (one half water, one half chlorine bleach) up to an inch, and then let the edges dry for 24 hours.

Then follow the same tissue paper pom pom tutorial on Martha’s site.

Beware, it doesn’t work on the red tissue, I tried it, and the edges turned a very strange orange color.

But I bet you could achieve the same effect with the white tissue, and turn the edges any bright color you want with some Rit dye.




I even made this linen backed grain sack pillow out of a creative source from my local hardware store.

grain sack pillow


So there’s my oh-so-festive patriotic porch all decked out for the Fourth !

banner on porch


If you want a closer peek at the red, white, and blue plants and my other ticking stripe pillows on our porch, hop over to this Patriotic Porch post from a few weeks ago.

swirl snip

Now it’s your turn !! 

What inspires you this Fourth of July?

Anything related to the red, white, and blue will do !

Do you have a special craft, some fab decorations, or a scrumptious summer recipe?

Even your inspiration posts will work, and you blog veterans feel free to post something from last year.    Go ahead, link up and share!

stars and stripes party buttonPlease link up with your theme specific post, not your general blog address.

Also, please be so kind as to copy and paste this image to the right into your post, and link back to this party.  Much obliged!

The link party will be active until 9 p.m. PST (midnight EST) through Thursday July 1st.


Now let’s party peeps.




  1. I love the banner, but your whole porch looks fantastic. It’s so patriotic and inviting. I would love to be able to sit there and watch the fireworks. Have a great 4th!

  2. Thanks for hosting! Your porch looks fabulous – so festive! I am loving the ticking material banner – adorable. I really want to try the pompoms. The bleached blue is so clever. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Fourth! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Love your porch! Can’t wait to go through all the submissions and get some great ideas. It’s the patriotic music that gets to me…I tear up every time I sing those songs! Enjoy your party (blog and the BBQ). What are you serving to eat?

  4. Your porch has got to be the pride of your neighborhood! I love your banner, pom-pom flowers, new pillows, and all of your pretty plants. Enjoy your bbq on the 4th!

  5. Oh, I love the 4th as well. Your porch is perfection! Love that banner and how clever to bleach the edges of your pom poms! Am also laughing about the pillow’s thoughts :) Have a wonderful holiday weekend~Happy Birthday, America!

  6. Well, you weren’t kidding when you said you did a little more to your porch!!! I expected nothing less from you Kate!! It’s STUNNING!!!! The banner is such a fun touch!!

    Sorry I didn’t comment last night or link right, my computer was messing up and I was trying to get to bed…….I got up this morning to come leave a comment and realized I linked to myself instead of your party….all fixed now and added your party button too!!

    Enjoy your 4th and BBQ!! (your porch will be linked up on my post tomorrow evening! )

  7. Your banner is absolutely stunning!! I can see why neighbors would slow down as they passed. I wish I was your neighbor–the view must be great! :)

    Thank you so much for hosting! I like these theme specific parties. I’ll do some visiting this afternoon when we get home from our playdate. :)

  8. As usual Kate, you inspire me! If I had an ounce of sewing skills, I might actually attempt the banner, but I’ll just enjoy yours from here since I don’t! I’d love to enjoy the fireworks from your porch!!

  9. Oh my! This is so flippin’ cute! I rarely decorate for the 4th. You’ve got me re-thinking this decision though.

  10. How has Martha Stewart not come to California and kidnapped you? You are super awesome.

    Makes me miss my old house, though. We could walk to a park right up the hill and watch fireworks… *sniffle*

  11. amazing… the entire porch amazing. If I WAS DRIVING PAST, I WOULD TURN AROUND just to see it again. Your place is the party I want to be at. LOVE IT, JOB WELL DONE. love the banner too. P.S. I linked up my patriotic garland. Have a wonderful 4th of July. Jenn

  12. Your porch is stunning! I adore the pom poms; thanks for hosting such a great party. Have a terrific 4th!

    P.S. I love your new header!! It looks FAB!

  13. Kate, if I saw your porch in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t just slow down and drive by – I’d drive right in for the party! It’s so welcoming and festive! Beautiful!

    Thanks for the great party! I’m hosting one tonight (9 pm PST) Fab Finds for the Fourth. Would love to have you stop by!

  14. Amazing! I am so in love with your porch. The pom poms are adorable, and your banner is fabulous. thanks so much for the great tutorial.

  15. I featured your party over at my blog too @ Sassy Sites!!! Cute ideas…. and VERY sassy!! :)

  16. Jackpot! I was looking for 4th of July inspiration today and I found it. :D Thank you! Your entryway is charming and just BEAUTIFUL!

  17. GREAT post! I wish I had seen this last wknd prior to my Welcome Home party for my soldier:) Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!!

  18. What a beautiful inspiring post! I greatly enjoy all your holiday ideas and have attempted to incorporate my own version of them in my decor.

    I’m wondering if food coloring would work to dye the tissue paper edges, as an alternative to Rit dye. May be a good way to use it up/use what’s on hand. Has anyone tried this, and if so, what type of results did you get?

  19. Wow, so many awesome projects! Your porch looks great.
    I must admit, as a Brit, I tend to keep a low and respectful profile for this holiday. Although we did get invited to our neighborhood party, so I took that as a good sign :)

  20. What a great idea and terrific way to kick off the holiday! Linking this party to my blog as well!!!

  21. Hi Kate! I’m awfully late to the party–I think I’m #65!–but I’m here. And I’m so glad to be here! What a wonderful idea for a party.

    I have to say that I want to come to your house this weekend. Looks like you’re ready for a wonderful time! That ticking banner is really something, and I just love your red, white, and blue flowers–the real ones as well as the tissue paper ones.

    Happy Independence Day!

  22. I just found your blog in time for this fun party. I linked up quite a few ideas… I love the fourth! Thanks for hosting!


  23. OHHHH! I wish you were MY neighbor! Beautiful, thoughtful porch! I’m so glad I found your blog!

  24. your front porch is amazing! i wouldn’t just be slowing down to read the banner… i’d be pulling into the driveway and wandering on up the steps! beautiful! happy 4th :)

  25. WOW! What an amazing front porch. Love it! I too would stop and stare…and keep on staring and smiling :D
    So glad I stumbled upon your blog.
    Thanks for a lovely patriotic post!

  26. I love ticking stripe. There is something so casual but classic about it. Love the banner!
    My link (#88) is not officially ‘red, white and blue’. But it is patriotic, so I hope that counts? (would totally understand if you wanted to revoke my invite to the party!)

    Have a wonderful 4th!

  27. Happy Fourth of July! Sniff… I used to live in the US and loved celebrating with my neighbours. Being Canadian, I put on a Canada BBQ (July 1) and then enjoyed Independence Day a few days later! Love your banner, you never cease to amaze me. Do you ever sleep?

  28. I love your porch it’s so festive!! I wish I saw this blog weeks ago and all these other ideas. It’s too late now for some of these ideas. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy 4th of July everyone!!

  29. What a wonderful idea for a beautifl porch or scads of other places. Thanks for sharing this idea and a huge thank you for hosting your Stars & Stripes Party! I adore patriotic holidays! ~ Sarah

  30. OH, Kate;

    I just feel so happy! to come to your blog and find this beautiful tribute on your front porch…. what an awesome way to express this sentiment, and we all needed that reminder didn’t we? Yes, I would have to stop and come up to your door to say THANK YOU…… we are blessed to live in this great country of achievers, can-doers….. and people who look for the best in all of us! You, Kate, are a great American, and I know your neighbors applaud you.
    Have a wonderful day of celebration !

  31. Your porch is fantastic-what a welcome! Happy 4th!

  32. Kate, your porch is to die for!!! I LOVE it! Next year, I’m getting my act together and using your porch as my inspiration piece. Gorg girlfriend!

  33. thanks for hosting this great party.

    your porch looks amazing. whoops. that’s what nancy above said, but it’s true!. your porch is beautiful & inviting.

  34. I’m so excited to have discovered your blog today! I love your America banner, I love your porch, and I love your blog, so now I’m a follower! I’ve linked up to your Stars and Stripes Party. Can’t wait to visit everyone else, and look through your blog some more!
    Happy 4th!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage

  35. Wow I would slow down and look too! I am very impressed. I never even thought to decorate my porch. I love the pom poms.

  36. Hello there!
    I linked over from Anything Goes Here…what a gorgeous blog and your banner is fabulous! I have joined your party and posted a link to my blog…featuring some vintage 4th of July finds.
    Happy 4th!

  37. Recently became a new follower and so glad I found your lovely blog (: I look forward to coming back for future posts!

    These look wonderful and really are simple. Great suggestion!


  38. Love your banner and porch! thanks for hosting such a fun party…so many creative gals out there!

  39. Thank you so much for hosting this event! I have been searching all over the internet for fun stuff to make for the Fourth of July and I just hit the jackpot. I can’t wait to start going to everyone’s site. (I’m doing a happy dance!)

  40. Oh my gosh, you are AMAZING!!!! Your banner on your crisp white house and all of its folliage is simply spectacular!

  41. So you got placemats for the pillow at the hardware store? I must know because I want to make one! LOVE IT

  42. I adore your banner. And, I was totally thinking that the red ticking would be perfect for Christmas. I need to start on Christmas now to get to all the great ideas I’m finding. ;)

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