Happy Weekend!

By Kate Riley June 25, 2010

state fair

Hey everyone – it has sure been a crazy week around here, with all the big projects on the back burner for the last few days.  Ah, summer.  It’s supposed to feel relaxing, but I’ve been busier than eeeeeeever.   Between running the kids to their swim lessons each day, and the obligatory trips to the county fair, I’m already in need of a little vacay from my summer vacay, know what I mean ?

But it just isn’t summer until you feed your kids those healthy fair snacks like corn dogs and cotton candy and then strap them to the ‘Tilt a Whirl’. 

kids at fair

Er, I mean the carousel. 


I did manage to do some spray painting this week, hooray for warm weather !  A glossy white mirror and some new light fixtures will be installed in the living room tomorrow, just as soon as I finish painting the rest of the wainscoting . . . hopefully I’ll have some pics to show you come Monday.   It’s getting so puuurty in there, I’m loving it!

A big reminder that the Stars & Stripes par-tay is next week, so get your craft on, your summer recipes ready, and your red, white, and blue decor out on display, and be sure to link up next week.  

stars and stripes party button


Also, The CSI Project is having their Red, White & Blue challenge next week, so there’s your double incentive to create something spectacular for the Fourth of July. 

Have a fantastic weekend y’all, over and out !



  1. Those kids look so happy. Don’t let ’em run off with the carnies! ;)

    I have to come up with something for your party. I want to link up, so I’ll try to think up something this weekend. :) I think it will be fun!

  2. Your so right about summer getting busy. We have a long Summer bucket list and I think the kids keep throwing in new things to do this summer. Corn dogs and Tilt-a-Whirl… not a good combo. :-)

  3. Love the fair pictures- kids getting to just be kids, so nice! I wish I could participate in the stars and stripes party but we’re moving in 2 weeks so things are a little hectic around here:) I’ll just get to enjoy what everyone else did.

  4. p.s. I linked to your site the other day in my “Dreaming of a White Kitchen” post, (love your kitchen!) but I’m new to blogging so I didn’t know if it automatically notified you when someone linked to you (probably not) or if blogging “etiquette” requires you to notify someone when you link to them. I know you are definitely supposed to give credit where credit is due and I’m so happy to do so. There’s such great talent out there. Still figuring this thing out!

  5. My sewing machine is on overdrive as I try to finish a project in time for your party. I can’t wait!

    I wrote a post today in which I layed open my heart. I hope you will stop by and read it. If it moves you, please feel free to share the dream.

  6. Totally giggling at your “feed the kids fair food and strap ’em to the tilt-a-whirl” comment. I am always a little on edge once they feed themselves and THEN want more rides. So nice to meet you in person at the fair last week with Elise. I just love your blog! So inspiring me to go paint something!

  7. Uh…stinkin amazing blog. I wish that I had an ounce of your creativity! I have ideas, but really, really, really admire the follow through! Good for you! Thanks for all the sharing that you do!

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